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    SUPER FUN, bucket list type of ride. Smaller bikes, mostly dirt. until day 5, I was so worn out I did a day of slab, then back on easy dirt roads for day 6 and finished strong day 7 with some amazing dirt over mountains and along Sea of Cortez. Shipped bikes back to Tijuana and flew home..... And even caught Carnival in La Paz for a rest day, while giving the bikes time to reach the boarder. I love Mexico and felt safer and more welcome than can be imagined. The people are amazing and always helpful. From finding fuel from neighbors, throwing broken bikes in trucks etc. We hit some rain on day 3 day it was like a slippery snot day... turned into a 14hr day. Most days were 9-10hrs. (180 a day average) I'm going again ASAP.... maybe just a 4-5 day down and back trip. Or drive my truck down with Moto and camp and ride and drive back....
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    Well, after lots of good talk on this forum, I finally have my new bike for Adventure riding: an Aprilia Tuareg 660: I have a two-day training session with MotoVentures next week, then I shall be up for trying out those Noob-friendly trails!
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    Brilliant day accomplished what I set out to do. Challenge the course and myself. Old guy hard trails. Did all the BD and DBD trails. I was with a group at the start but my brain really needs to just go so I just went. There were some good sporting sections for sure. Traction was overall super good. One short DBD section had me working solo for a while and the only other real "stuck" was a deep rut to the left coming out of a flowing water stream bed ride down the rocky stream (which was super cool). I had to pull my bike outta that one , no real issue, but I did save 2 guys coming up behind me directing them to a better line out and up! I was a little careful at first and even a bit scared on the wet and muddy rocks, but as usual my tire choice (Michelin FIM Enduro Mediums) is best for all conditions and the older worn mousses helped as well. My tune setting (all my enduro performance off the shelf mods) on the GP Motorcycles Husqvarna TE300i are optimum as are my mixed suspension settings from top tier locals Suspension 101 (Shock full boat) and Crow Performance Suspension (Forks full boat)
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    Also applied to LE and FD. I'm a big fan of Klim. I have two full sets of adventure gear and one set of MX gear. I recently went down on the street (don't tell anyone) in my Klim Adventure gear, slid across two lanes of traffic and into a berm. Broke my thumb and banged up a couple of ribs and my hip. My Klim gear held up extremely well with just some minor scuffs on the pants and minor scuffs on the sleeve of my jacket, with a minimal amount of burn-through in the elbow area—no road rash for me. I think I'll order some more right now. To hell with the new water heater...
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    To those that might be thinking about attending, one of my neighbors is a long time sales rep for outdoor gear, she is going to put together a collection of base layers and shells that will be hanging on a rack. All of the stuff is brand new and just looking to move it, jackets would be like $40 (usually go for well over 100). Shirts would be like $20 for the long sleeve techy stuff for example. Everything will be pretty much 80+% off the original pricing so good opportunity for people that are looking to get gear to do so on the cheap. I have no idea on what will be there I am just going to have it all present to anyone that might benefit from it.
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    This video screams throwback fun. Watch Ricky Carmichael reconnect with legendary team owner and master 2 stroke tuner Mitch Payton along with suspension guru Bones for a reunion rip around the hills of Glen Helen. 125cc 2 stroke raw sounds
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    What gives? If it's good enough for the Hurricane, it's good enough for me @J5ive, @Bub_Hannah, @tubebender, @tntmo do you remember this guy ^^
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    The jacket found its home great having everyone over was a good turn out and glad people got something out of it, did a tire changing clinic later that day as well that was not planned for but fun regardless
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    Another informative and friendly get together at Dave's. I'm not a noob, but there's always something to learn when you're surrounded by like minded folks. Special shout out to @DSM8 and @KTMrad for gear advice and @shutterrev for first aid kit ideas. Oh, and I got some cool gear....cheap
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    Please take it ALL or none.... trying to free up space for more Motos!!! Mostly KTM 350 (2018) parts but some are universal and some may fit on other KTM's, not sure. I'm swamped moving so please come to Coronado to pick up. Cheers, Chris Tooggood 619-865-3334
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    TW200 is a cool bike but, 55mph max and under 50mph sustainable. I have one that I have geared up and still around 50mph sustainable. They are however like mountain goats.
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    Hey All, was great seeing everyone and meeting a couple new people. Dave DSM8 started off with a great talk about the 4 major types of riding gear setups, then it was great to hear everyone else's input too. Thanks to all who showed up and thanks to Dave for hosting ! I had a great time and thought it was a good day !
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    Got home in time to put more juice in the generator and enjoy this 1 bar of lte lol
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    I don’t personally own any Klim gear, but just recently found out that they offer a military discount….30%! That’s pretty substantial. Anyway, if you’re in the market for some Klim gear it would behoove you to take advantage of the deal.
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    Do I remember that guy..... holy crap, I idolized him. Bought all his products too. This be me at San Diego "Jack Murphy" stadium in 1983...amateur supecross.
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    I am currently running engine ice, But I just worked the bike too hard in the deep mud. I'm also 270lb. I will be adding the trail tech fan once I get the Ricky stator installed with dual batteries in parallel. I think we were all riding in our head, it was pretty involved out there. Lol
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    Me second in line waiting for 3 guys who are AFU on the hill to the left, by this time I was happy to have passed by many riders, most were stopped a few were trail passes. After this stop I did not see too many people just a few here and there. Most of the stoppages were 100% due to lack of basic skills ( Please go to ride schools!!) Not one of the hills up to this point had technical obstacles , these trails are 99% un-rocky, yes some were slick up and down, just needed to be in good position and smooth throttle. So many riders just spinning their wheels with weight in wrong position. just one quick tip your clutch is wet , slip it on accel and decel , RPM can be up in the torque range just modulate the clutch to feed power to the ground----smooth groove it. Slip clutch, change oil often no oil threads......buuuut since I've been using 80W Redline.....my entire drive train feels smoother. They have some foo foo additives that are brilliant.
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    If it gets any heavier he will need to add a gooseneck hitch. lol Bob modified a small dingy boat trailer I believe, tows it with his Prius. Gets far better gas mileage than his 2500 truck with an 8.1L Very resourceful guy for sure
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    This was by far some of the most challenging riding I have ever done. Ended up taking two of the BD/DBD trails, including that god-awful three quarter mile long uphill mud run. That overheated my bike twice and overheated myself at least twice. Luckily no lasting damage. I was about ready to call it after that but kept going. The first 15 miles were very challenging, very slick Hill climbs and downhills, ruts as deep as your foot pegs (actually got stuck once on my pegs). After that it was wonderful flowing single track that I wished would go on forever. According to my watch, the total course was 32 mi and average moving speed was 12.4mph and my average heart rate was 145 with a high of 190. did almost the whole course in first gear on my YZ450. Cannot wait for the next one! Does anyone know if there are similar rides to this in California or nearby? I need MORE!!!
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    Kind of like some fenced public trails in our own area. Cool pics. And stoked for your ride.
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    Again look at the bohn armor options
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    part 2 before the battery died
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