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    I couldn't go for my desert ride yesterday, so instead I took the DesertX for a ride on my "backyard" at Otay. Full video to come, but this is me mucking around with the drone.
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    I have been wanting to spend a day on the bike with my granddaughter for a long time. Our schedules finally came together and she came down from Orange County for the weekend. So this morning we got up, bundled up and decided to look for a great spot to have lunch. from La Mesa we went up wildcat Canyon. My low tire pressure warning was being extra annoying so I decided to run past Udo house in Ramona and say a quick hi while borrowing five psi of air. But, alas, no joy. Udo must be out, traveling some hidden corner of the country again, and we rolled on. Farmhouse 78 is always a win! Dutch Apple pie ala mode and French fries w hot coffee seemed perfect. she wanted to touch the snow, so I warned her we’d probably lose another 10° of warmth. She said she was kind of scared of getting too cold, and as soon as she said it, she knew she was doomed. I absolutely loathe the word scared. And my grandkids know that. If something scares you, you should run headlong straight into it as long as you know how to do it safely. Even though this was a very small paper tiger I just have a thing about people saying they’re scared. So we turned on the electrics and headed up through Julian to Mount Laguna. of course I had to pull over at inspiration point. This is a very special spot for me for many reasons, and it was great to snap a couple of pics and point off into the desert below with a few stories about places I’ve been and hope to take her to someday. Next stop Kwaaymii Point. Another meaningful view. I idled the bike for about seven minutes while she kept her hands on the heated grips. I don’t have nearly as good of women’s gear in the closet as I do men’s. Note to self, spend a little dough on my granddaughter, and get her some gear that will make riding Very comfortable. at this point, she’s asking me when it’s gonna get a little warmer and if we are going to have any trouble, encountering snow and ice on the road. I pointed to the snowflake on my dash and said, don’t worry honey, these BMWs have a special snow mode see, see here? I think she bought it. It was at this point that we started to encounter the endless massive throng of Californians driving up from the eight. We really didn’t have any trouble with traffic going south. But those poor suckers coming up from the freeway were stacked for miles and miles and miles, bumper-to-bumper barely creeping at all. There were easily over 1000 people in must’ve been at least 500 vehicles, come up to see the snow and make a small snowman. I knew better than to come at it from the eight, but didn’t realize how lucky we were to hit it clockwise. There was only one section at the most common area where traffic was stopped in both directions. This is where my granddaughter finally got to see the total awesomeness of motorcycle travel. Of course we were able to squeeze between the two lanes and putt putt past people, many of who had been sitting for hours, trying to eventually find a parking place. it was awesome! at Mount Lagūna we pulled over at the rest stop and you can imagine what a ---- show that was. A little parking lot was packed full of cars of which pretty much all were just stuck. Lauren got off to use the head and I politely told a few cars, what needed to be done to unstick the mess. It didn’t matter what direction cars were pointed, they were all just stuck, and nobody wanted to get out of their car and talk with the others to figure it out. Come on Lauren, let’s blow this pop Stand. The northbound tourons crept along between zero and 2 miles an hour for miles and miles. The lineup started for them just about 1 mile off of the eight. as we descended, the temperatures slowly climbed up from 36° back to 61 as we rolled past Alpine and into El Cajon. It was a great and special time with my granddaughter. We both learned she’s a little bit tougher than she thought she was. The next day trip with her will be to La Bufadora and then back on Viada Guadalupe through Tecate. a great introduction to Baja. You gotta love living in San Diego County. It’s such a buffet of unique experiences. Ride on brothers and sisters!
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    May 28, 2023 Section 7 is one of the most beautiful sections of the CABDR. Starting with an amazing view of the sunrise bathing the Sierra mountains from the Alabama Hills campground, we took Movie Road, where several movies were filmed, including the first Iron Man (Tony Stark demonstrating his latest missiles scene). Lots of water crossings and sand pockets. Then we arrive at Manzanar - where you will learn about a dark part of our history. For me, the highlight of the entire BDR was riding way into the Reward Mine, followed by the expert section going over the mountains on Hine Road. Absolutely breathtaking. We were initially planning on doing sections 7 and 8 today, but the day ran long and we went the highway to Benton, where we had reservations for a cabin. We had to ride the highway all the way to Benton Hotsprings Inn, so postponed finishing section 8 on our way home the next day, going North to South.
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    Somehow I hadn't heard about this. Apparenly the County of San Diego isconsidering a new off road park. There is a meeting Jan. 30. at 6PM. More info here: https://www.sdparks.org/publicmeetings/ I plan on zooming in to voice my support, please join me!
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    Hey guys, I've not been long on this forum, but I won't be doing any more off-road riding for several reasons. Which means that by beloved Tuareg 660 is up for sale in Rancho Santa Fe, CA It has only 200 miles plus change on it, so it hasn't even been broken in or had its first service. On the Road price was $15,199.86. I am asking $9950 for it. It's almost brand new, 200 miles, taxed through Feb 25 and a couple of accessories added in too. These are GPS mount for Garmin XT (note the Garmin itself isn't included, just the mount which is hard-wired into the switched power supply Hepco-Becker Crashbars SW-Motech SYS panniers and mounting bracket GP-Corse gear lever to fix a celebrated design flaw with the OEM The bike was lowered by 35 mm with the lowering kit on purchase, and can be returned to normal ride height easily. In the pictures is the low-height seat (check my name) but I include the original seat in the sale. Heated grips. I also removed the passenger footrests as I don't take pillions but I have these and all other removed parts, included in the price. The lowering kit and heated grips were installed by the dealer. The rest was by me and is described here: https://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?375365-Slowpoke-Shorty-s-Farkling-Thread&highlight=Slowpoke Email me at markgnicholson (at) gmail.com, or call me on 425 591 1177. I live in an area with poor cell reception so phone often just goes straight to VM. Email is best. Here are some pictures taken today: GPS not included, mount only GPS not included, mount only 218 miles as of today!
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    I'm thinking about doing a desert loop tomorrow (Sunday, 2/4/2024) with the DesertX. The idea is to start on I8 and hit Pine Valley, Plaster City, then go up. Maybe Fish Creek, and whatever else up on the way to Borrego Springs. Depending in progress, either lunch in Borrego Springs or in Julian. From what I hear, it's not for total beginners and you must enjoy [ok, at least tolerate it] sand. 😁
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    Same for Ramona!! I also agree we don't need more desert.
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    Was a perfect day at DSM8's house for tech day. Some people got some work done and Joe Hauler made a bunch of chicken drumsticks on the grille, and I bought potato and Mac salad and a jar of pickles. Almost all the food was gone ! Thanks to Dave for hosting, Joe Hauler for bbq'ing and thanks to all who showed up, and thanks for your generous donations above and beyond the cost of the food.
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    I've always been intrigued by the big navigation rallys, like Dakar, Ruta 40, Africa Eco Race and etc. As I started listening to podcasts, watching Dakar and listening to the aspirations of Edgar Cota (he just won Baja 1000 ironman and wants to compete in Dakar in 2025), the interest only grew. It culminated into registering for the SoCal Roadbook Rally in the Mojave Desert in March. It's not competitive, it's just a bunch of guys and girls passionate about nav rally camping together in the desert for roughly a week and riding the desert with roadbooks, not GPX tracks. So, that gave me the idea... why don't we start a mini-club within SDAR for navigation rally rides? Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars buying all the right gear for that. I'm not proposing that - but if you have that money, go ahead. A tablet or even a cell phone mounted on your handlebar is enough to get started. You won't be Mason Klein, but the fun will be there. What I'm proposing is having one person to create a digital (PDF) roadbook for a trail in San Diego, then on the riding day, we all try to follow that trail, hit the waypoints and get to the final location. No timing required, each one rides at their own pace. The roadbook creator can add some notes about the difficulty of the trail, like "easy boring dual sport, intermediate on big bikes", so the rider can chose whatever bike he or she feels comfortable with. I've done it once and it completely changes the way you see trails that you have ridden tens of times before! Also, creating the roadbook is a lot of fun as well! I've used Rally Navigator and I'm attaching a sample of the roadbook I've created. 10_miler v2.pdf
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    Well I’m glad you’re home now. Sorry to hear about your struggle but hope you’re making headway. Im heading south for a couple weeks but hope to swing by and say hi after. Happy to take your HP for a run just so it doesn’t get too dusty!
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    WOW!!! That looks amazing. Definitely need to do this soon. Fantastic editing!!
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    I agree on the plated dirt bike access.It is ok near me now. If it is open for OHV traffic everything will change in A hurry.
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    Having a plated dirt bike I can ride a lot of these places anyway. We don't need more desert areas. Some of this is private property and some is state land. I like Descanso the best.
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    This is what I'm installing on my KTM 500 EXC, but is easily moved into my DesertX. It has a TMobile SIM card as well, so I can still use Waze, Google Maps or YouTube while riding 😁
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    Really cool bike, at a really cool price, good luck with the sale ✌️
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    RR Coming but here's a pic to wet the appetite
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    Joe Hauler said he's coming and will bring chicken again to throw on the grille. I'll buy some sides, donations to cover food will be accepted. Bring your own drinks please.
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    Brad used to be a frequent participant of SDAR. Like me, priorities and family refocus our time and efforts. I only rode with Brad a few times years ago but I keep seeing him pop up on gardening and agricultural blogs. I notice this because I have similar interests in those things. There is an impressive write up on Brad and his endeavors on a local master gardener’s website. Check it out. I'm impressed! https://gregalder.com/yardposts/how-brad-grew-his-avocado-grove/
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    Unfortunately I can’t make it, I’ll be cleaning up flood aftermath.
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