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  1. dirt dame

    The El Dorado fire

    The Eldorado fire started near Yucaipa/Oak Glen area on September 5th, during a gender reveal party, where somebody thought it would be cute to use a pyrotechnic smoke bomb that ultimately malfunctioned and started the blaze. The fire roared north towards the San Bernardinos, where it was finally slowed at highway 38 at Angelus Oaks by fire crews. They seem to be holding the line so far, and hopefully the blaze won't get on the northwest side of the road. Fire retardant has been air dropped onto properties on the northwest side. Sadly, one fire fighter fell victim to the fire so far. As the fire becomes more contained, now over 66%, I hope that both remaining forest and humans will be spared. This area is practically like a second home to me, for the amount of time I spend up there every year. I can only imagine how devastated the area will look when they finally put the fire out. Meanwhile, I have heard that flatlanders continue to stream up the open highways with their camping trailers and dirt bikes in tow, even though public access has been closed to the forest roads and campgrounds. I guess people have no common sense about anything. It shouldn't even have to said to stay off the mountain at this time. There are only two major highways up there, and one of those is already closed. If the west stretch of the 18 were to be closed, the only way anybody could get off the mountain in the event of an evacuation would be the east side of the 18 into the desert. Below is a recent fire map and a picture that somebody took from a cabin porch in Fawnskin, looking south across Big Bear lake.
  2. dirt dame

    We Have 2 Members Who Share a Birthday

    Thanks! I'm now officially a senior citizen. 😎
  3. Anybody's common sense would. That's why I always stay on the trail and run a spark arrestor. Also, two strokes seem to run cooler, especially their exhausts, than four strokes. It's a win-win combination all the way around.
  4. The weather app said that Wednesday was going to be the coolest day of the week out at McCain, and it's true that it said that Boulevard was 76 degrees just after noon, yesterday. I figured it would be a few degrees hotter out at the riding area, so on a gamble, hoping that the air quality would also be nice, I headed out. Got there around 3, and the skies were mostly blue, with a light breeze, and the staging area was empty. I think the temperature was probably around 80-82 degrees, making conditions more closer to delightful than they had been for the past couple of months. I frolicked around for a bit, putting on 20 miles or so, being grateful for, and just enjoying one of the last public riding areas that was still open during these terrible fires. Mr. Flea was again my chosen trail weapon for the venue, and as always, he performed flawlessly. Somewhere out on the trail, while I was stopped to take some pictures, I heard a couple of other bikes making their way through a nearby route. I never saw who it was though. Back at the staging area, a couple of guys and a some kids were practicing their starts and cornering on their track bikes, but other than that, but other than that, I never encountered anybody out and about on the trails.
  5. It's a good thing we picked Friday for our ride. Not only was today warmer, but it looks like more brush fires started near there today around Oak Glen, Mountain Home, Forest Falls and Yucaipa, causing evacuations of those areas, and smoke to drift up onto the mountain.😢
  6. Welp...it was a bit warmer and more humid than I expected, with blue bird skies and no chance of rain, but our little trio had a good time and a nice lunch stop at BLTs in Big Bear. The labor day mob hadn't descended on the mountain just yet, so the trails and roads weren't clogged up with tourists and happy campers. Lawrence, Lillie and I did about 80 miles, and played in the river a little to cool off, on our way back to Heart Bar. Another successful dual sport ride on the books.
  7. Also best chance before all the flatlanders flood the place for the holiday weekend!
  8. Going to start from just across the road from Heart Bar campground on Friday morning. Meet there 9:30. Casual loop, easy to light technical, lunch in town. Maybe visit Bluff Lake too. Ideal for small to mid sized bikes. Adventure pass required to park.
  9. Most of the people never seem to get out of the parking area anyway.😎
  10. dirt dame

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    I think an o-ring with slightly different dimensions ended up being the answer, but by that time, I already had the Oberon.
  11. You're welcome. I don't really think in numbers, and had to reride the route in my mind and look at a map to get all the route numbers down.
  12. dirt dame

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    I think it's an O ring.
  13. To answer your question more thoroughly, I don't use GPS, and often not even a map. I have just been riding up there on a fairly regular basis for about 13 years. Here is about half of a typical route, starting from Heart Bar: 1n02 to Coon Cabin unmarked truck trail to Rainbow lane Hwy 38 to 2n04 2n01, 2n02 to Vale Baldwin Lake road to hwy 18 Holcomb Valley road to 3n16 3n32 , 3n10, 3n10b to 3n43 unmarked truck trail with an easy/difficult split to 3n16 Delamar road or 2n09 to Coxey rd/Rim Of The World road to Fawnskin Then a lunch break somewhere at one of the local restaurants.....
  14. dirt dame

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    Been over a year with the Oberon now. Looks like it is holding strong.
  15. It's not secret, but it does change from time to time. Usually goes counter clockwise from Heart Bar, and covers a lot of the trails you have mentioned there.