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  1. dirt dame

    Need help loading moving truck 06/22

    Anybody at all. We will need help on Wednesday to load the truck. Please step up and help if you can. Thanks.
  2. Various front tires. Some sort of old, all with good usable tread. Free. You pick up. Escondidio
  3. dirt dame

    belt sander

    I'll be here for the rest of today and will be back Tuesday/Wednesday of next week to load moving van.
  4. Going to load up and move on. Next Wednesday, should be all ready to load all my belongings, including a big bed and most of my shop equipment. Anybody who would like to volunteer with the big stuff, i would really appreciate. Thanks.
  5. dirt dame

    belt sander

    An electric belt sander in decent shape. 30 bucks.
  6. dirt dame

    size 32 riding pants

    Still have all of these.
  7. dirt dame

    2011 Husqvarna WR 300

    Bump. This bike will soon be 900 miles away, so this will be the last chance to buy it if anybody has any thought of buying it.
  8. dirt dame

    Headin' North!

    Congratulations. Heading for Wyoming to live soon also, myself. Good trails there in the high desert.
  9. See you guys at Moto Forza .
  10. Two stroke fun. Suspension tuned by Precision Concepts, lighting added by me. Asking $3200
  11. dirt dame

    size 32 riding pants

    I have one pair of size 32 Moose red and white riding pants for sale. Like new, a pair of size 32 MSR Explorer pants, practically like new, a pair of rather tight fitting size 34 Answer pants. 30 bucks for each.
  12. dirt dame

    SDAR get together with KTMrad 04/06/22

    Nice gathering of members, last night.😎 Saw some members that I haven't seen in years. Good food, good company, discussion of KTMrad's adventures early on, later in the evening, discussion of the Mountain Dash.
  13. I came across Tim and his crew way out in the back. He asked if I had seen you. I told him Yes, and that you and Paul had been headed over to their camp, but you guys must have missed each other. Did a nice 35 miles. So glad the weather was nicer than the forecast.
  14. dirt dame

    SDAR get together with KTMrad 04/06/22

    So...who's in? Need a head count to be sure we can get the correct amount of seating reserved for the evening.😎

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