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  1. dirt dame

    Corral Canyon Trail Maintenance / Ride day

    I'm sad that I am not there to participate this year.😪
  2. Looks like you took your dad way out of his comfort zone. That is the quickest way to get somebody to quit riding. I have been riding over 50 years, and used to race enduro, track and compete in observed trials events. I used to like riding technical terrain, because I liked the challenge. As I have gotten older, I have changed a lot. My depth perception and general eye sight is not so good, neither are my reflexes or stamina. I like easier terrain. While I have ridden Orriflame and Rodriguez dozens of times (even at night, once) over the years on everything from a KDX200 to a TE 450, and could no doubt still ride it today, it wouldn't be as enjoyable as it once was. Anyway, it's a pity that the experience soured your dad's view of dirt riding.
  3. dirt dame

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022

    Happy Thanksgiving to all SDAR members today. I hope everybody is having a nice day, a good meal, and hopefully you are getting a ride in somewhere.
  4. If you come across any of these images, you can notify me and I will delete them. Seems like it was mainly accounts of people who are no longer active on our site, like Digdug and Joliet. These hacks are just annoying and don't belong.
  5. I was browsing through old ride reports this evening, when I came across some annoying items in some people's posts. Seems that some people got their photos hacked, so that instead of pictures of the ride, I saw pictures that looked like this:
  6. Southwest corner of the state. Rock Springs.
  7. I'll keep adding pictures to this post as we ride. The range is not so good. Hard riding is about 50 miles. Cruising the open plains...maybe 70. Oversized tank only adds about a half gallon, so I haven't bothered to spend the money on one.
  8. Ongoing day rides. It has snowed three times since the middle of October, so it is critical to get out and ride on any days that are above 35 degrees and with relatively little or no snow on the ground. So here are few pictures form the last two rides that I have been on. I got to use Bugz Beta, the Xtrainer 300 for them, as he now has officially become a street legal dual sport bike up here. I probably won't be able to go on any more mountain rides, as the ranges will be holding too much snow and freezing temperatures for any winter excursions. But the local desert will hold enough opportunities for day rides from time to time, throughout the winter season. I just need to dress warm, and head out in the afternoon when daytime highs will peak. Pffff....today....no ride.... Bugzy's brand new street plate! Wide open spaces and White mountain in the background, last Sunday. We found an old blown out levee with old cars used to re enforce it...but it didn't work. Tuesday, we hit the area again, and visited the Boar's Tusk, saw an old abandoned ranch, did some bush whacking along the Killpecker dunes, rode the dunes and generally had a good time.
  9. Don't be shy about reporting any obvious or even suspect post to admins. Sometimes, we just miss these posts, especially in threads like this that have lots of responding posts. Just click on the little box in the upper right-hand corner of the offending post and the admins will get an E-mail alert that there is something that needs attention.
  10. dirt dame

    No comment.....

    I have seen pictures of those sorts of things too, but this person was spotted in Colorado, I think. Maybe it can fly there, but I doubt that it would avoid getting ticketed and impounded in California.
  11. Not my picture, but there are soooo many things that look scary in this picture.
  12. You have to be careful about that. When you reach the old house on the hill, and the hot springs in the adjacent canyon, you shouldn't go any further.
  13. Yeah, seems to go through quite a bit east of where I am.
  14. It depends on where you are. High desert (southwest corner of state) gets cold, but not so much snow. Places like Pine Mountain or any mountains high enough to support a forest will get snow pretty quick. Also there are some wicked high winds up this way. The place can be unforgiving due to exposure. Weather will turn on a dime. Unless you are a local and riding familiar trails close to home, conditions could get pretty dicey really quick. That being said, riding can be hit and miss all winter long around my area. Not sure where the BDR goes through.
  15. I really have been missing riding at Big Bear this summer, though I have been keeping up with all the storms, mudslides, washouts and wild fires that have been disrupting and ruining that area lately. I really miss the forest rides. So yesterday, my riding buddy Kim took me out to Pine mountain to experience some forest riding up here. It is less than an hour's drive south of Rock Springs, and it's like a tiny Alpine oasis sticking up out of an otherwise high desert landscape. The desert is already at 7000 feet in elevation, so riding on Pine mountain brings you up to over 9000 feet. From the south rim, you can see into the "Three Corners" area, where Wyoming, Colorado and Utah all meet. In fact, there is a trail that lead off the mountain, and goes right to the marker monument. We didn't ride down there, yesterday, but instead explored all the gnarly two tracks that ran through the mountain drainages. Lots of aspen trees getting their first f all colors, and the forests are made up of mainly fir trees. We found the trails not maintained to any real degree, littered with washouts, rocks and trees. We also found some abandoned cabins and a few small ponds. It was pretty nice day, although I ended up with a head cold late in the day. Oh well, we got germs up here too.

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