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  1. Here's the detailed closure list for Southern California:
  2. I was wondering the same thing, myself. I would like to go out there tomorrow as well, but if the place got crowded today, there's a good chance they won't let people go there anymore.
  3. So the riding areas are still open...at least until they get mobbed.🤕
  4. Okay. Well, I hope we can ride in, as the wording in that bulletin does say that " Visitors may continue to enjoy BLM-managed public lands in a safe and responsible manner."
  5. It means that you can't use the designated camping areas. No overnight camping, where people can congregate. So just the day use area will be open...at least until the powers that be deem that they are getting too crowded. I saw some people parked along the road last weekend. I guess they were being extra cautious about social distancing. So there is always that option too....so far.
  6. Went out to McCain yesterday. There were more vehicles parked out there than I have ever seen in the 30 years I have been riding there. I'll bet there were at least 30-40 vehicles in the picnic tree area. I guess all the people who usually have other places to go, dusted off, drug out their dirt bikes and headed out here. The ones that is, that didn't end up at Pine Valley. That place looked packed as I drove by, also. Typically though, as soon as I rode over the ridge, there were very few riders spotted, leaving me with empty routes and peaceful scenery. Romance was in the air for some of the resident critters. I was rolling through one of the many water puddles that were created by the tiny rivulets of rain runoff water, when I spotted something that looked out of place. At first, it looked like a lumpy toad, but rolling a little closer to it, I discovered that it was two toads who were busy producing strings of pollywog beads that would soon become tiny black tadpoles. I got off my bike and walked it around them, so as not to disturb them, then walked back and stuck my camera in their faces to capture a National Geographic moment. They were unfazed though. Then I continued on my merry way. Weather was about perfect, with light breezes and a pleasant overcast sky above for much of the day. The day ended with a quick stop at the still open Candy Cottage, before I drove back home. For at least a few hours at least, the current crazy situation of the world melted away, and order was restored to my personal world.
  7. dirt dame

    New rider from Del Cerro

    Welcome to the forum.😎
  8. Yes, the place where I work has shut down since Thursday night also. I t will be closed indefinitely...at least two weeks..and then maybe longer. The sad parts are that most of the workers there already barely scrape by from pay check to pay check, and though they could apply for unemployment benefits, those never cover what people were making on the job. The other sad part is that (among many other products) we make medical products for Intubrite, and they supply hospitals with important devices...which we we now not be filling the orders for. And yes, a strange illness absolutely swept through the place back in January. Almost nobody escaped contracting it, and for most people it lasted for a month or longer. A few people ended up with pneumonia also. I had it for over a month, started out like a cold, but as soon as those symptoms started to subside, other symptoms popped up. They were mild, and I didn't run much of a fever, but I was so exhausted all of the time. It wasn't like a regular cold or flu. It was just....different.
  9. I'm sure I'll be in some remote area, alone...well maybe with riding partner.....ya know, for safety.
  10. dirt dame

    Helping Others During This Madness

    Well, all the noodles and canned tuna are gone also, along with milk, bread, eggs and most of the meats.
  11. dirt dame

    Helping Others During This Madness

    Spot on. The people who hoarded (for unknown and imaginary reasons) created a real problem by their actions,and thus, forgot about the people who didn't want to participate in this madness. So those people, especially those who are low income, limited transportation and the elderly on fixed income have nothing to buy when they go to the store. The first wave was the TP, water and hand sanitizer. The second wave was the food. I hope it will subside soon.🙄