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  1. dirt dame

    WTB KDX200/220

    As I understand the new law, in a couple of years, my Beta, and my two Husqvarna red sticker bikes will all get green stickers anyway. That's why late model red sticker bikes have been hard to find, and the 2021 models sold like hot cakes.
  2. dirt dame

    WTB KDX200/220

    Right now, you will end up paying a premium for any green or even red sticker bike, as they are in the highest demand ever since the new law went in to effect about all the 2022 models no longer being eligible for any sort of off road registration for riding on public land. I hope you find something. I had to pay a fortune for a 4 year old Beta Xtrainer back in March.
  3. Can't tell. I e-mailed the Mr. Padilla, but he hasn't e-mailed me back. I guess maybe I should try giving him a call, in case my e-mail got caught in his spam filter.
  4. dirt dame

    The latest.....

    Right now, Randy is revamping the donation system. It's either him....or later it will be me.
  5. dirt dame

    The latest.....

    Good idea. I just checked the donation link and it looks pretty straight forward...except for the fact that donations can only be made via paypal link and not with a credit card. I have done a little research on the Paypal link in the past, and have found that if you have a personal account (no cost to you), you can't have any pay options other than bank transfers. If you set up a business account (paid service), you can have credit card links in that account.
  6. More information to come, as it develops. Will be better weather by then, and a good opportunity for a post work BBQ.
  7. dirt dame

    The latest.....

    IT is not my strong suite, so any help you can offer there will be greatly appreciated.
  8. dirt dame

    The latest.....

    Greetings.... all you SDAR members. Just wanted to touch base with everyone here. Some things have changed over the last few months here on the forum. The torch has been passed on to a new site leader here, as Adventure Bum (Mike, ADV Bum) has had other things going on in his life lately, and has decided to focus on those things that are most near and important to him. So I have accepted the offer to run the website, as of yesterday. I hope that with the support of our members, we can keep this local legacy alive and running strong. My background for this task comes from running one abandoned website, and being a global moderator on another local website. I have been with SDAR for 14 years, and have seen a lot of changes over the years, some good, some not so good. With the advent of social media sites, forum style websites have been declining as people favor the ease of going from their page or news feed to a page that caters to and provides to some degree, a convenient alternative to regular forums. However, these pages fail at organizing information in a neat and easily searchable format. So there will always be a need for forum formats for those die hard enthusiasts looking to research for a ride, technical information and other topics. It is important not to let our type of forum fade away. SDAR is unique because it is designed for local people, real people who will probably be seeing one another and riding together, as opposed to large open forums, where a bulk of the members will only see each other on line. We are community, and more than just cyber community. I have been going over some of the upkeep costs of the site, and have found that has become pretty expensive to maintain. I am hoping that we will retain and increase our number of supporting members, and that we can increase our sponsoring advertisers to keep things running smoothly. If anybody has any questions, or needs any help on the site, or also has any helpful tips or information, I will be available.
  9. Looks like the closure has been extended to September 23.😥
  10. Wanna be a Ham? We are forwarding this information courtesy of SDORC member Doug McPheeters. If you have any questions please use contact information in the below announcement. *********************************************************** One Day Amateur Radio Technician License Class: Saturday, 02-Oct-2021 Pacific Beach Area ==> Please Register Well In Advance (two or more weeks before class). ==> Some classes fill early, and Registration may close weeks before class. The Amateur Radio Service (Ham Radio) has practical applications from providing emergency communications and supporting civic events to education and recreation. This is an entry-level (Technician) class for beginners, immediately followed by the license examination. Those who pass the end-of-the-day exam will receive a radio license and call sign from the FCC which entitles them to transmit on VHF and UHF Amateur Radio frequencies (range of about 50 miles). Previous knowledge about radio or electricity is not required to take the class or pass the exam. However, we strongly recommend a little study in advance of class. History has shown that a few hours of study and practice tests before attending dramatically improved most people's ability to pass the exam. Times: From 8:30 AM (sharp) to about 7:00 PM for both the class and exam. (Plan to arrive about 08:15 AM.) This includes short hourly breaks and a 45-60 minute lunch break. Location: Pacific Beach area (address and details provided later to those registered (see below)) Costs: The class is FREE of charge (no fee). The examination may require a small fee ($5-10) - details will be forthcoming (The examiners are finalizing post-COVID processes.) Eligibility: Anyone properly following emailed registration instructions and COVID mitigation is eligible. Age limit: None (contact us for teen and pre-teen hints and tips) COVID Mitigation: 1. Face coverings will be required indoors (given current trends). 2. If you or anyone in your household are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms the week before class, please reschedule to a future class. Registration: Advance Registration is Required. We can not accept "walk-ins”. Please Register Well In Advance! Seating is limited and classes often fill two to three weeks before the class date. Step 0: Check your calendar (and the family calendar!) - to make sure you are available 8am-7pm. Step 1: Request registration instructions by emailing sandiegohamclasses@me.com with a subject including at least “02-Oct-2021 Pacific Beach" (we usually have more than one class open for registration). You will receive a reply with registration instructions and study materials to review before class. (At times, there's a large email backlog and it can take 3-5 days to send your instructions. Please be patient. Fair to mail again after 5 days.) Step 2: Reply in accordance with the instructions, which cover the details. A prompt and complete reply is to your advantage - seats are reserved in the order complete replies are received. Those who do not follow instructions and complete registration properly via email are ineligible to attend the class. Additional notes; A. If you are a member of a group that plans to have multiple people attend, please mention that group in your email. B. We must have a working email address for each registrant and be in direct mail contact with them. (We cannot accept “proxy” registrations, where you sign up someone else.) If you want to get a family member or friend started on the registration path, Cc: their email address when you email to request registration instructions and say they're for the family/friend(s) on the cc list. Your family member or friend will be sent the instructions, and will need to reply per instructions. C. Watch for additional email/reminders before class! There are only a couple.... + Those registered will receive an email "reminder" about 10-14 days before class with details on location, times, what to bring, etc. + Those on the waiting list will receive an update about 7-10 days before class about whether space will be available.
  11. dirt dame

    Noob trailer question

    Maybe check out Ronco up in North County. Local built product. I bought one a few years back. http://www.roncotrailer.com/
  12. Now that the forests are closed for a couple of weeks, it certainly has put a crimp in my trail riding plans. This is of course typically the hottest time of the year for any offroading, especially here in SD county. So I have been watching the weather forecasts for McCain every day, looking for the magic low temp of the week. For this week, it was yesterday....with a forecast high of 78. I decided that was the day for a ride, packed up the little two stroke, and off I went. Not surprisingly, there were quite a few other vehicles parked out there. It was a crowd for a week day, but with nowhere else to go right now....I guess it was to be expected. The weather was pretty nice, with plenty of breezes all day long, although the temperature did seem to climb a tad in the afternoon. Although it was tolerable, the temps did have me stopping in a few shade spots throughout the afternoon, to cool off a bit. I used to be able to ride in triple digit temps without batting an eyelash, but now that I am a senior citizen, I don't seem to be able to take much in the way of heat, at least for slow singletrack at much over 80 degrees....unless I am riding in a shady forest. So I put in a nice loop, didn't see anybody else, and had a good time....and will be watching the weather forecast for the next cool day....or will have to ride really early....or really late. Can't wait for cold weather and rain! Started out the morning with a rattly snakie. He was actually out on the road, just before the first staging area. Couldn't believe the temperature for the beginning of September, and close to noon. Midday rest/cool down and snack stop.
  13. Just rode there today. It was crowded for a weekday...but then....where else are they going to go right now?
  14. Corral Canyon is USFS, so that is closed. McCain is not part of the forest system, and is run by the bureau of land management, so that is open.