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  1. dirt dame


    Actually there are a lot of "green gates" that are locked to keep people out of certain sections of forest land. Some roads just aren't public anymore. Case in point...there used to be a green gate road up in Garner Valley. It was always closed, but never locked. It seemed sort of strange that the north end of the road had a gate and the south end didn't. It was a very nice ride through that area and I and many of my SDAR friends have taken that route back "in the day", always making sure that we closed the gate behind us...before there was a forest fire up behind there. So in 2013, the gate was locked, supposedly because of the fire. I ride up to the gate from time to time, but even as recent as a couple of years ago, the gate was still locked. Funny thing was that the south end was still open.
  2. It was just a couple of days ago that the temperature was 94 degrees at my house, so I was looking forward to the first real winter storm of the season, especially for the high desert area, as there was barely any thunderstorm activity out that way, last summer. The weather app predicted that the high at Boulevard would be 48 on Saturday....a bit on the chilly side when there is wind and rain in the mix, but I didn't care. I had rain gear stowed in the jeep, and I know how to dress for these sorts of conditions. Things didn't look so good as I drove out. The wind, rain and finally sleet or hail were all pretty fierce. However, the weather is often more benign once you get over the pass on I-8, so I was hopeful. But it was not to be. There were a number of people in the staging area when I arrived, but the rain squalls and wind had most of them loading up their bikes and gear at this time. Also the weather app was incorrect about the temperature. It was 38 when I got there, and never got any warmer than 41 throughout the day. I wasn't certain that I wanted to unload my bike and hit the trail at this point. To make things worse, I discovered that my rain gear had not been put back into the Jeep after my last weather ride, some two years ago. I had brought a nice waterproof enduro jacket and gloves along...but I didn't think my legs would stay even the slightest bit warm without my rain pants. I decided to drive back home....then there was a momentary break in the weather, and I discovered an old pair of Frogg Toggs rain pants in the car. I had just enough time to get suited up and pull the bike down before the clouds broke loose again. What a day. Perfect dirt, torrential downpours intermittently broken up by periods of sunshine, extreme wind gusts....and a slightly clammy and cool rider. You can never stay completely dry. Water wicks up your sleeves and into your glove liners, water puddles and perspiration does the rest. If you layer your fleece garments right, they will keep most of the moisture wicked away from you, and keep you from getting uncomfortably cold. I was dressed to keep from getting too cold by a good enough margin. The cheap rain pants soon began to melt on the exhaust side, in spite of the heat shield on the pipe. I had to stop and roll that leg up to the top of my boot to avoid any further weird "melted plastic" smells, and synthetic goo getting stuck to the rear portion of the header. after that, the ride was blissfully uneventful, and was just a fun wet weather jaunt. I spent a few hours happily bumbling around with the 501, only coming across one other group for the day. By the time I made it back to my Jeep, everybody else was long gone. I hope we have a lot more rain this season.
  3. So did I! I'll miss the crossing.
  4. Just a little "before" and "after" shot of the river road for comparison.....😎
  5. Last time I was up there in the San Berdoos, the Santa Ana river road was closed because work crews were repairing the last damaged section of the route. Yesterday, the route was finally completely restored to what it was like prior to the big spring storm flood of 2019. It was nice, but at the same time it was a little sad because I lost my fun riverbed crossing. Also, because the road and the bridge were restored, there were a few cars parked down that way, with their occupants out enjoying access to the river. The weather was very nice up there...getting cooler all the time. It was pretty sunny in the morning, but by late afternoon, a lot of clouds had moved in. I spent the early part of my day exploring forgotten routes that I had discovered on Google Earth the night before. most of those were dead end, but still fun to ride, and very scenic. The latter part of the ride went onto Sand Canyon, Skyline and down Clark's Grade before hitting 1N04 eastbound. Sad to see that they had to widen and flatten that route due to the wild fire, but it had to be done in case the firefighters had to get equipment in to hold the line...if the fire had spread that far north. Luckily, that never happened. From 1N04, I hit 1N45 to check out the final road and bridge repairs, before heading back to Heart Bar. It was only 3:30, but between the shorter hours and the clouds, it seemed much later. Also, it starts to get pretty nippy in the afternoon, as night time temperatures easily dip into the 30s lately. There were a few campers in the campground, but I wouldn't have wanted to be any of them right now, since camp fires are prohibited. That makes for a cold, cold evening in camp, for sure. The sunset was crazy last night. This wasn't the best part of it, but it was the best I was going to get while driving home on the freeway.
  6. Took Mr. 501 for a nice workout yesterday up in the San Bernardinos. Weather was great with temps ranging 65-75 degrees, depending on where I was a given point in the ride. I got a late start, so the ride wasn't too leisure, with no real rest stops or a lunch break. The trails and roads were empty, and the signs were already up on 2N10 advising that it will soon be closed for the winter. The frolicsome water crossing at the Santa Ana river is now off limits and that portion of the road is closed while work crews repair the washed out bridge and reroute the riverbed back to its original course, after which, they will rebuild the washed out stretch of road where the water is flowing presently. I sure love my bike. It's probably the most versatile and fun machine I have ever owned, especially after I had the suspension tuned in the last couple of months. Fall colors! A distant tiny puff of smoke on a burned out mountain range, and a layer of smoke over the valley was a sad reminder of how close the recent wild fire got to the riding areas. Views looking southeast and northwest at 9000 feet.
  7. The fire has been out for a while now. The San Bernardino forest is mostly open again. Just a couple of routes that have been impacted by fire damage are still closed, and they are near Forest Home Village. The weather has been awesome up on the mountain, and all the crowds are gone at the lake and in town...at least on weekdays. I decided to go up there yesterday morning, and find a different route to the staging area. Last time I went up with my friends, Lawrence was lamenting about how unappealing the drive was through all the heavy traffic congestion and smoggy air. It is especially bad on the return trip home in the evenings, and one of the things I have been enduring all these years, just to get to some really great riding and scenery. I mapped out another route that is maybe a few miles longer and much more relaxing which utilizes the 79 for a major portion of the trip. Another trip or two and I will have the route fine tuned. Anyway, it was nice to get up there and see that my parking area was completely empty, and the campground across the way had just a few campers there. Nobody was out on the back roads and trails either. The forest, where there were deciduous trees, was starting to look like fall time as the leaves turned golden and brown. I made a stop in town to eat lunch at BLTs. They make a great chicken salad sandwich, by the way. The afternoon air had a little bite to it, and the shadows began to get long far earlier than when I am used to. On the way back to the car, I took a side trail and saw the largest coyote I have ever laid eyes on. He was standing in the trail as I came around the bend, and didn't seem to pay too much attention to me until I revved the engine and honked the horn at him. Then he ambled off into the brush and trees. Sometimes I think my 501 is a little too quiet when it comes to things like this.
  8. dirt dame

    GoPro Hero 4 setup - SOLD!

    Yeah, well I was out riding all day, so it isn't a total loss.😎
  9. dirt dame

    GoPro Hero 4 setup - SOLD!

    If Bruce decides not to get it, I call dibs!
  10. dirt dame

    Need somebody to work on water pipes.

    Welp...all is fixed now. Thanks, Huntndogs, for coming up this morning and getting everything squared away.πŸ‘
  11. dirt dame

    The El Dorado fire

    They finally opened the San Bernardino forest yesterday with some restrictions. From the SBNF FB page: It’s time to make the announcement many of you have been waiting for. When will the Forest reopen? The answer is today! But… there will be some prohibitions, as fire danger remains present. - Camping is only allowed in a small number of developed campgrounds. Dispersed camping and camping at Yellow Post Sites, for example, will not be allowed at this time. - For those camping at the open sites, campfires will not be allowed, including propane campfire rings/pits. Propane stoves and lanterns will be allowed. - Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the forest, including developed campgrounds and recreation sites. - The San Gorgonio Wilderness, its inbound trails and associated parking lots (including Big Falls and Falls Picnic Area) will remain closed due to the El Dorado Fire, which still has active smoke and flame in areas (a 100-acre interior spot is burning today). Crews remain throughout the wilderness working on the fire. - Other areas effected by the El Dorado Fire will also remain closed, including Thurman Flats Picnic Area and the adjacent Forest Service creekbed area, a portion of the Santa Ana River Trail and Thomas Hunting Grounds Road (1N12). - The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) will be closed between Black Mountain Road (4S01) and Snow Creek Village due to the Snow Fire. - All other closures and prohibitions that were in effect before the full forest closure remain in place, such as the Aztec Falls closure and the recent introduction of permits for some wilderness areas. For open/closed statuses on specific sites, please visit their individual pages.
  12. Anybody here know of a irrigation/plumber guy who would work in north county? I have a broken sprinkler pipe, that broke due to a root system growing over it. I need somebody who is experienced with this sort of situation.
  13. Weird...seems to be a Firefox problem. Video works fine on another browser. But still strange that it works in Firefox on other forums....πŸ™„ Oh well...mystery at least partially solved.
  14. All of them did, including the one I posted this morning. Later in the day, it wouldn't play anymore, and when I checked earlier videos I posted, they didn't play anymore either. I checked other members videos that were linked to Youtube, and the ones I saw, still played okay onsite. Also, I haven't seen any problems on other forums with my videos. They will all still work perfectly on those forums, so what could be wrong with them on this site...especially since they all worked properly prior to some time during today?
  15. Thanks. Unfortunately the weather will get warmer again next week...but it can't stay warm forever. And it will be nice this weekend, too.