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  1. dirt dame

    New Tiger 800 rider in San Diego

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. dirt dame

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    I guess some manufacturers don't want certain test bikes to be sold. There is a MV Agusta F4 that was a test bike. The VIN was removed from the frame and the bike was used as a racing development machine. After they were done with it, it sat for a while, then was given over to a dealer. The dealer decided to sell the bike, though it will never be able to be registered as a vehicle, or have a pink slip. It will be a "track only" bike or a nice conversation piece for a collector. It is for sale....last i heard, for 6k. I would buy it myself if I had lots of money to throw away. Anyway, most manufacturers probably don't sell test machines, and either keep them at their corporate offices...or scrap them.
  3. Should be a lovely rainy day for dirt adventures out there.
  4. dirt dame

    In Recovery

    Oh noes! Another one. Too many femurs biting the dust around here lately! Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.
  5. dirt dame

    Schwinn Pic...Anyone Know Where This Is ?

    And all the roads are finally repaired and open after last winter.👍
  6. dirt dame

    Schwinn Pic...Anyone Know Where This Is ?

    It is indeed the Black Mountain lookout in the San Jacinto mountains, off of the 243. We had quite a fine ride up there with all the active members of that time period one day. Good times.
  7. Broken femurs are no fun. I know from experience, back in 1975. At least today's repair procedures are way better than when I broke mine. It took 8 weeks in traction and 4 months in a cast, and a few more months of healing before I was ready to ride a bike again. Here's hoping you have a speedy and complete recovery.
  8. dirt dame

    Stripped front axle nut-help please

    If the axle nut looks like the one in the video that is posted, you could drill a hole in the center of the nut, then tap in a short plug style easy out and back the nut off with that. Just thinkin' out loud here.
  9. dirt dame

    Ktm 690 in town

    Welcome to the forum!😎
  10. The usual...registration on Friday night.
  11. True dat. The owners manual fro my 07 TE 450 recommended that the crank be replaced after 80 hours. Methinks I would have replaced it 7 or 8 times based on that. Heck, I have barely even replaced two valve shims in the engine since I bought the bike.
  12. dirt dame

    New guy from Carmel Valley

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. dirt dame

    Greetings from Chula Vista

    Welcome to the forum.😎
  14. dirt dame

    Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    They never let motorcycles onto the reservation. Back in the 80s, i went jeeping with a guy out there. I wondered why I didn't see any motorcycles on these beautiful trails. The guy I was with at the time, told me that motorcycles were not allowed...not even street legal ones.