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  1. I know of a great place to take your kids to ride. At Bobcat Meadows campground in Corral Canyon OHV area, they built a kid's beginner area. Other than that, almost any staging area in the lower desert will have a flat open area.
  2. dirt dame

    An (un)holy union

    Make two expensive boat anchors?👀
  3. Unless you happen to be Uncle Cameron. I still remember him riding that route back in 2007, in the summertime, in slacks, tee shirt and street boots, standing up and picking his way through the rocks on his giant BMW. I was wiped out from the terrain and heat and thought I was hallucinating when he motored by the spot I had stopped at to rest. But....I digress.😏
  4. Please remember to edit your ads to a "sold" status, once all items are sold. Just to be sure about these ads status, all ads will be deleted after 90 days. By then, if the items for sale haven't sold, they will probably be pretty far back in the pages anyway, and you should just repost them anew. This way the sub forum can be kept fresh and relevant Thank you.
  5. Well...that doesn't look so welcoming and friendly. Just sayin'....😏
  6. Looks like this will answer the questions.... Also, I went and completed their online trail safety and ettequette test online and get the certificate. It is free, so whether you actually have to have that or not for offroading with a street plated bike, you may as well get it and carry it.
  7. I sure miss my old trail home in the high desert. I wish I could be there right now.
  8. dirt dame

    Is there oil in my coolant?!

    Usually the oil will get light and muddy looking if it gets coolant in it. And often you can see some oil in the radiator too. Mucky coolant happens usually when Dexcool and another type of coolant gets mixed togeter. Flush it out and put fresh coolant in.
  9. dirt dame

    Site upgrades

    About the spammer. This spam has turned up on another website that I am an administrator on. What happens is that the spammer picks an account that hasn't been used in a while, then hacks that account to spam the website. The spammer may take up to a dozen or more inactive accounts and use them to spam. the software on the other forum let me figure out how to ban just the IP address, and not the user by their original IP address. So in that case, I was able to ban just the spammer's IP while leaving the account intact. And yes, it was just this week, and yes, it was the same spam message. So it is going around. The spammer is in some durned eastern European country. Occassionally, I check my own IP addresses and make sure nothing new has shown up on my account.
  10. I'll be there in spirit. Nothing else to do up here in popsicle land other than day dream about riding, back at home.☃️
  11. Well....I guess that answers my question.
  12. My first bike was an HT1, was the same color as the DT in the video. Because I had that bike, I knew what was going to happen to it when it hit all that mud. The front wheel got locked up and I fell down on my HT, the first time I rode it in mud too.😂
  13. You mean the Manzanita diner?😭
  14. These two guys have a goofy adventure on 50 year old enduro bikes, since 90 percent of the roads up here in Wyoming are not paved.
  15. Been eating at that diner since 1973. Many a street bike lunch stop, early dinner before a SDAR night ride, post ride snackie stop with friends after a day of McCain single tracking.

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