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  1. Unfortunately, bars don't have much choice right now. Either sell food, or close down.
  2. With this hot weather, it's not so easy to find a nice place to trail ride these days. One place I can always count on though, is the San Bernardino mountains. So I loaded up Mr. 501 and headed to Heart Bar yesterday, to spend a few hours in the relative coolness of the mountains. The weather was sunny, but there were a few tell tale little summer puffball clouds in the sky when I arrived. The temps were agreeable for the most part, and as the day progressed and the clouds gathered more and more, the nicer the weather got. The overcast made for just about perfect riding temperatures. The ride went off without a hitch, no tip overs or misadventures. I didn't see too many other riders out on the trails, but there were a lot of 4X4s. Going through town at Big Bear, it was a zoo. People flocked to the lake shores with their inflatables, and though parking lots and marinas were closed, traffic was heavy and vehicles were parked nose to tail along every accessible stretch of shoreline. Lots of clogged roads in town too, so I decided against trying to find a place to eat and rest, instead just pressing on, back into the dirt and the trees where I had a small break away from all the tourist madness. I enjoyed a ride back to the staging area under a nice cool layer of clouds.
  3. No, I haven't lowered the bike, yet.
  4. All well and good until it becomes a sanitation problem. Talk about the term "sh!#hole"having a new meaning. Then the place will be closed down again.
  5. Last Thurday, they were all open. Every single one at every single site is locked and signed "closed" all over the whole valley, today..
  6. Well...it looked really promising for cool weather and possibly some drizzle, when i left the house this morning. Lots of showers on the way out until I got past Flynn Springs. Then it was sunshine all the way. Temps turned out to be in the low 80s rather than the projected 69 degrees....still pretty nice. Nobody was out there. Poked around for a few hours, checked out Cottonwood campground, mainly to see if the bathrooms were open. The bathrooms are closed, locked and have closed signs all throughout the valley. Same at the furthest out campground. Not sure what that's going to lead to....unsanitary conditions, if nothing else. Maybe the BLM's budget has been cut, and they don't have enough for staffing or supplies to take care of the bathrooms. Maybe another closure isn't lurking around. I sure hope not. Anyway, did a 29 mile loop...or should I call it a scribble....no tipovers, or other misadventures. Saw my first horned lizard of the season out there, but he was too fast for me to get his picture. Freshly installed Precision Concepts fork mods are dialed and as smooth as can be. When I get some more money set aside, I will have the shock done too.
  7. dirt dame

    How would you handle this?

    I'm afraid of just about everybody these days, doesn't matter what color they are. People have gone bonkers. Except dirt bike riders. So far i feel like we are all family.
  8. dirt dame

    McCain, Monday the 29th

    Welp....looks like another solo misadventure for me, then!🤠
  9. Yes, sounds about right. I have had mostly mild misadventures out at McCain since it opened back up. Out of shape, and the summer heat conspired to make a lot of my rides shorter than I planned. A couple were less than 13 miles. My tool belt fell off during a later ride...had to go back the following morning to find it. The last time I was out there, I needed to drink more water than I anticipated, and consequently ran out, and had to shortcut back to the car for some nice cold Powerade. The trick is to know your limits and when to not push on, and to carry lots of tools and communication devices.
  10. dirt dame

    Impacts : you get what you pay for

    That's why I own Bosch.😉
  11. dirt dame

    McCain, Monday the 29th

    I'm thinking of that day too.
  12. dirt dame

    Happy Birthday Brad

    Happy birthday wishes from me to you, Brad.
  13. dirt dame

    McCain tomorrow? 6/18

    See you at the picnic tree.
  14. I read on the their website last night, that the park is open, and that only a campground or two are closed. All the day use areas are open.
  15. dirt dame

    McCain tomorrow? 6/18

    A friend and I will be out there around the same time. We will be doing some singletrack also, but not any of the difficult stuff. At least I won't.