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  1. dirt dame

    Front wheel wobble

    I have had wheel hop due to imbalance, but never wobble.
  2. dirt dame

    Front wheel wobble

    Check EVERYTHING. Could be loose spokes, rim not trued, bad wheel bearings, defective tire, bad steering stem bearings....just sayin'.
  3. dirt dame

    New Rider Near SDSU

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. dirt dame

    New Rider in Del Cerro

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Welcome to the forum.
  6. dirt dame

    New member to this forum

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. dirt dame


    Whatever you do, don't go there by yourself. Maybe should post this in "members only" section.
  8. Sorry, but it looks like I will be out also.
  9. dirt dame

    Lark Canyon

    I know the way down (er....I mean a friend does), but it isn't legal and it ends up on private property with locked gates. It's also very difficult to get back up. I would not not recommend it.
  10. dirt dame

    looking for kids/women gear

    Do you need a helmet? I have a Bell Moto9 that was a little too tight for me to wear that consequently only been worn a couple of times. It is a size AdultXS.
  11. dirt dame

    New member from Poway

    Welcome to the forum.😎
  12. dirt dame

    Honda CB500X, anyone?

    Hmmmm, I didn't know this model existed.... That being said, I looked it up. Looks like a fairly heavy bike, 376 pounds. That's more than my 800 cc road bike weighs. It is priced nice and low, but if I wanted something at a decent price, I'm afraid I'd have to choose one of the SWM 600s. They weigh in at about 317 pounds. They cost about 2k more than the Honda, but I'd want the lightest weight machine I could find. And they make two versions of it. One is mostly street oriented and has a lower saddle height, and one is more dirt oriented, but taller overall. They both have 4.8 gallon fuel tanks, so you can top them off for miles and miles of fun. Just sayin' that you get what you pay for. https://www.motomandistributing.com/swm-models
  13. dirt dame

    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

    My 300 was a good little trail bike all year, so Santa brought him some new tires.☺️ Merry Christmas to all!
  14. dirt dame

    Photobucket down

    Yes, Photobucket seems to have been having a few too many problems as of late. The reason that I pay for it is because of all the previously free posted pictures that I have linked to various MC and fishing forums. Moving all my pictures to another site and trying to repost them all would be huge headache.