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  1. dirt dame

    Fallen riders post

    Not a member of SDAR, but a really great guy, and a good rider, especially considering that he started to ride just a few years ago. I had the pleasure to meet and ride with Tom Duncan last year. In the spring, I took him on a tour of McCain Valley. Just months later, while on a ride with his friends, a massive heart attack would take him right off the trail and into eternity.😥
  2. dirt dame

    Fallen riders post

  3. dirt dame

    McCain trail system and map

    It used to be a pretty popular climbing spot in the 80s. I would ride up there and watch people climb up and repel down. One time, I watched as three guys prepared to come down. The first two checked their lines and zipped smoothly down. The third guy gave his line a test, hopped over the edge and plummeted all the way to the ground. Somehow, he managed to avoid serious injury, but it was pretty scary to watch.
  4. dirt dame

    McCain trail system and map

    The rock looks more impressive from close up and ground level.😁
  5. The tip off for recognizing the Xtrainer is that you can see the perimeter frame sort of dissecting the gas tank diagonally. The frame is not visible on the RR models.
  6. Over 1000 miles on the Xtrainer, and I still haven't fallen off of it yet. This is due to the low saddle height and the electric start. Just sayin'.... I'm sure I'll tip over while riding it, sooner or later.
  7. Are you talking about the RR 200? That is a nice bike. But the Xtrainer 300 is very nice also, with eye watering torque at low RPMs. Although I can't say what a stock one is like, since mine came with RR pipe and jetting. I see a lot of novice Xtrainer riders that crash in videos. They don't seem to have good clutch habits developed yet.
  8. dirt dame

    McCain trail system and map

    That map link shows the legal routes in the area, which is about 9 miles long. The construction of power lines and windmills has chopped a lot of those trails up with their access roads, so some of the trails don't have signage where they end up sort of zig zagging across access easements. There are also some limited access roads that extend beyond the OHV boundries.
  9. I have ridden other people's bikes that have them. I wouldn't want the model that doesn't include the manual clutch feature...and then I would have to have the clutch on every single machine I own, because I like them to all perform about the same. Too costly, and not a good enough return for me.
  10. dirt dame

    Small bike trail recommendations

    Lark Canyon OHV , McCain Valley near Boulevard.
  11. Bugz Beta got a new Midwestern Mountain Engineering clutch lever for Christmas, so I though that Friday would be a good day to try it out. The weather was superb, nobody else was out there, bought chocolates at Wisteria on my way home, and the clutch lever did everything that it was advertised to do, so it was a fun, relaxed day on the trail, and my clutch hand never got tired or cramped up.
  12. dirt dame


    Those kind of injuries sure do suck, especially for us riders who are not spring chickens anymore. About eight years ago, I did a big endo, got knocked out, broke a bunch of ribs, and never really fully recovered....but I recovered enough to keep on riding. I hope and suspect that you will too.🤠
  13. I was glad that the storms have left us for a little while. The sunshine was a welcome relief, and the dirt still held plenty of moisture, though there was no evidence of any snowfall anywhere, even on the mountain ranges that I drove past to get to McCain valley. Even though the sun was out, the high desert was still plenty chilly for the first day of the new year, 41 degrees. Another spin on the good ol' 501.
  14. A taco quest is always a noble cause.
  15. dirt dame

    Christmas fun 2021

    We are thinking about middle of May.