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  1. MacDuncan

    2019 500 EXC-F Jamulian Edition

    Dang Rigger, that bike looks super. Attaboy, way to treat yourself!!
  2. Well done ptKatoomer, that is what Colorado can do for the soul. Especially having a river to sit by! I hope to follow your lead soon!
  3. MacDuncan

    Dodge Ram truck Brake mechanic?

    Got it, Thank you fellas. Made an appt. for monday morning. The guy seems sharp and friendly.
  4. Is there an East County "Brake" mechanic you would trust these days, for a few year old 4x4 dodge ram? (Extra info: crawled under the rig yesterday, and inspected all Wheel cylinders, and under hood.....no leaks, but pedal goes further than expected. Hard to believe a 4 year old rig could have a bad master cylinder already or Power boost?) (& La Mesa Dodge Dealer said they have a new "liability" rule...... they will not look at any truck with a camper on it, so I would have to take the camper off to have brakes checked - grrr).
  5. MacDuncan

    Small concrete job

    Hey Simicrintz, Huntndogs is near me, If he only has a couple hours, I could use a pro to slap some mud on some blocks (about 40), and I could work as the laborer and fill with quikcrete later. It just takes me a long time to get that trowel going while leveling and cleaning... PM if that helps the scenario of the travel time for small jobs to fill a work day. cheers
  6. MacDuncan

    Bridgestone Battlecross E50

    Thanks, This week I was hoping to get a G-tyre 333 from a local shop. And nice that Rocky Mountain has such a good price for E50's. Do you know of a local carrier offering a good price? (maybe a shop with a shinko 805 too - as I need two back tires just now :). Thanks for sharing out Dirt Dame. Having options and gaining knowledge from local experienced riders like you is truly valuable! (Thanks for the clutch info too)!
  7. MacDuncan

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    Bump, back to title of post.... KTMrad, Were your 3 friends who bought them in San Diego? Those Norfolk Island pines in the background of the pic could indicate san diego region.... If so, which Dealer? Has anybody else seen them on a local showroom floor to look at / touch? I haven't seen any on the local roads pass me yet. Gotta dream of the day.... (I don't have 950's 990's or 1090's in the garage, gosh darn) Any reviews from those 3 friends? mandatory farkles already? Reviews from friends are best!
  8. MacDuncan

    Vacation ideas

    Hey Champ, I am currently thinking about a similar route (unless i just default to Colorado again, which is always a good option). That is why I replied to CID and Kug about their route/tracks, because I might go through that area on way to go further north, but Canada seems a long way to haul a camper and trailer. So does Coeur d'Alane!! It is that directional phrase often referenced that seems funky when planning a route option, .....that Reno is further west than San Diego Maybe we can share a campfire some time while out of town, or cross paths at Mosko, hmmm, maybe a need another bike so I can shop for luggage at Mosko- haha. Are you bringing a moto? Cheers.
  9. MacDuncan

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    Congrats fellas, that looks like a great outing! Cool pics and nice terrain. Did you guys ride a designated route, or mix-n-match some designated routes? or just randomly roam? Heck, I may head up to replicate pieces and parts...in a week or two, or just head to CO/Utah again. From Bags reply and matching pic of skyline, it sounds like you had been there before or it was maybe the BDR or trans - something out that way in NV? Regardless... Way to Go, proud of you guys for whooping it up! Cheers
  10. MacDuncan

    Best Selling Vehicle Ever?

    My guess is that splitting lanes through Mission Valley at 5 pm would be easier than a big bike... but is there a version without pedals that is legal for the bike lanes?
  11. MacDuncan

    Moonrise over MyOtay

    Well done Weirdrider! Those are great pics, and I consider it an great spontaneous adventure! Sometimes, when you look out in the garage at your bike, you just gotta go ride. Especially when it crosses your mind that you haven't ridden much and should plug in the battery tender - ouch - haha. Well done! I rode a Bags style ride yesterday in Borrego spontaneously, no one there, nice weather, should have posted.... but just packed up and rode sin nombre, diablo drop, mud caves, indian gorge, etc.... Very nice. Also, Great "trick" photography to make it look like you can actually jump that high - haha (as that is higher than I ever jump my 525 -smiles, well, unless I fall off a drop). Or, maybe you photoshopped the wires out of the pic that were holding your body harness up! By the way, on your Wee, do you have hiway pegs? I zoomed in but couldn't tell... and I can't seem to find good info for Hiway pegs on a weestrom, and you might know. Also, could you share what rear tire you are running (as it looks a bit off-roadish, but then again, I know you are one of the more aggressive off road riders of the wee)? Thanks for posting your adventure, Mac.
  12. MacDuncan

    Toyhauler 22 ft

    PM sent. (Don't worry about Tom's reply, he is going to build a toyhauler from scratch on top of my old boat trailer - haha).
  13. Hey Champ, are you trying to make me "Cry Uncle"? haha. I had fixed the old ford to the point it started, nice, but I didn't think I had it right because the alt. light was significantly less bright, as in can't see it on. I took it to a great electrician guy in El Cajon, thanks for the reference, who said it was likely due to having an electric voltage regulator instead of an older mechanical one, and I needed an improved "ground". I may buy a mech reg on an old Ford web Site if possible. But my old electrical one has been bright for 30 years, heck, maybe the connections are funky. Regardless, I initially took the radio out because I thought it was the primary source of "Drain" over time (battery goes dead super quick). However, I just went out to start it and the battery voltage was super low after just a couple weeks. I charged it up fully on 10amp in a couple hours though.... hmmm... must be something else that drains the battery when sitting stationary - I don't know how this can be checked, so I have some research to do.... I am over the boat trailer and would let someone take it...in fact I am about to take a sawzall to it and use pieces of it for projects around the house, but I am still stuck with a $300 new axle and hubs.... but could let that go super duper cheap, or make a windmill for the back yard. Junk art, neighbors love it - haha. I will look for a trailer again, one with the title available, but this time with a boat on it maybe a little aluminum or inflatable. Although I am trying to clean up the yard and don't really need more stuff. I have a couple canoes I will let go super cheap, and an OC1 canoe (Hawaiian style speed canoe, with an ama) for those who see themselves paddling across the bay, or from bay to bay! Thanks Champ, Your support is appreciated! Cheers.
  14. MacDuncan

    Happy Mule Day

    Keep up the great riding Mark, cheers on your Bd.
  15. MacDuncan

    Destination questions

    Cool Place to check out, and great history too! The area is really interesting, worth reading about for sure. However, as others have made reference too, the ebb and flow of ownership, actual operation, legality, and functionality has made it a go and no go depending upon the year. Before twisting the throttle, I have mountain biked it a bunch both up and down. It is also a popular hiking spot for many of the local san diego Meetup hiking groups. Among the many famous stories from the trail, I was always amazed at the mountain bike bill's clip of a fella who rode a tricky section quite unsuccessfully, but came away undamaged. It might be at the bottom of this web page, but it may be able to be found elsewhere. I have ridden that section "no touch", but I wouldn't these days. When I used to ride it a bunch, many of the tunnels weren't locked shut, they were caved in, so you had to go around on tight single track, which was pretty cool. http://www.mountainbikebill.com/CarrizoGorge.htm Miles Todd Crash Video ____________________________________________________________ Hike to the Infamous Goat Canyon Trestle near Anza Borrego State Park - Meetup "take a hike"