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  1. MacDuncan

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    Thanks ShaftEd, still got it? Bump, hmmm, a year and a half ago, that went quick..... 790 latest info?....... but might need to be shifted to 890? What do our members think/know?
  2. MacDuncan

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Bump, a year ago info, any members riding this bike?
  3. MacDuncan

    FS: Mosko Deluge Rain pant XL

    PM sent. Just got the OR Foray for xmas to cover moto riding pants, for cold and rain, but may like to keep those for hiking n backpacking. And with that massive drop in price!!! wow!
  4. MacDuncan

    Wolfman stuff and gear bag for sale

    Hey Bp, sorry to hear that a studley rider like your pa doesn't plan to ride. Hope all is well. I would like the wolfman peak tail bag. Thanks. Mac
  5. Well done fellas, although I am not able to volunteer in person, or plan to ride in big groups for delivery, I will be happy to drop off a check to KTMrad or ADV Bum this week (or mail) on behalf of SDAR for Toys for Tots (I will also toss in for the volunteer efforts and needs). I have personally seen the joy and excitement in the eyes of the children who may not have much when they get a treat from events like this. Thanks for your efforts, it truly is appreciated..... your efforts do not go unnoticed!!
  6. Well done Zubb, super cool, and a great way to spend some time outdoors!
  7. MacDuncan

    That darn zipper

    Right near your house... there used to be a seamstress place behind Mart Liquor and Fishers mercedez (approx) that did zippers, but frankly, I have had better luck by contacting the manufacturer. Recently, I sent a alpinestar jacket back to company and the fee was small, and I remembered to ask for the Heavy duty zipper install instead of the original, for about 10 extra bucks. Perfect reinstall and way better than original. Good luck. (finding a smaller bike too, as you likely ripped your zipper muscling that beast bike of yours - haha)
  8. Well done Mimi, cool that you know the area well, and that you can access on a weekday. Now that I kinda know the area a little bit, I am ready for some revisits. Hope it doesn't get too cold too quick!
  9. MacDuncan

    June Lake

    Great Video, Good living, well done, thanks for sharing 😃
  10. MacDuncan

    Nice trailside repair by TacoMoto

    That's good stuff, thanks.
  11. MacDuncan

    butler BDR paper maps

    I fully agree with CID, as a map and compass should always be taken when in the wilderness. That being said, each time I did the BDR CO, I rarely used the map except to look ahead 100-200 miles to see where towns and sleep/eat options might be. Often, I would be cruising along and see a fellow BDR rider(s) on the side of the road holding a map and wondering what to do next. In those scenarios, I would always stop and offer them the option to follow me until the roads and turns seemed more clear to them as I followed the digital route on my GPSMAP 78 downloaded track/route. Having both adds more security, and having to stop and unfold a map is a bit of a pain (Many riders use the BDR map along with a topo map and/or a city street map together). However, many sections are long enough to follow for a couple/few hours after a peek at the BDR map. It is those right left right, right left left sections within a couple miles where the digital guidance is sweet.
  12. MacDuncan

    Adios California

    Wishing you the best, and thanks for your help over the years. I will look forward to you finding those good Idaho moto loops ahead of time (shorter than the Idaho BDR ) for when we all show up to ride from your house - haha. Be safe and keep in touch!
  13. Thanks for sharing, and good luck on your search. Hmmm, I wonder how a non orange sport tourer might do from Lake Isabella to 395, up and over kennedy meadows, although a smaller bike might be more fun through the miles and miles of windy curves. There would still be the "want to pass big rigs now" issue that you are trying to address once you drop down onto 395. cheers.
  14. Hey DSM8, tell us more (?) Your insights into motoland are appreciated given that, with my limited recall, didn't you just ride Death Valley, and a loop around Big Bear (from your garage?)? on a Africa twin or a 990? and enjoyed it. What are you looking for and why? I noticed that, while thinking about a big beamer for myself, that Motoworld el cajon had a seemingly nice 1190 and 1090 on sale in the 10 grand range. Seemed like a good price and seems like the only big bike deals happening just now.