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  1. Great action Big Jon, quite the challenge, thanks for sharing! Mac (Only see 1 pic, and the bikes look clean in that one given your wild ride
  2. MacDuncan

    Resistance was futile...

    Well done Zubb, Bout time
  3. MacDuncan

    Ride overdue

    Well done SocalHodaka, the bike looks good and also looks like it fits you well. Good to hear you are having fun on it. Cheers
  4. MacDuncan

    Thin out the herd

    I think Suspension 101 defaulted to original specs because it was primarily intended for my daughter. I was ok with that even though I planned to ride it too as I aged, and since 1/2 inch of air while jumping is my max, and I rarely do whoops seriously - haha. It wouldn't surprise me if he could offer a good deal on a stronger spring for SDAR folks if he has one in his shop.
  5. MacDuncan

    Thin out the herd

    Most of you will understand that I want a garage with 20 bikes to choose from daily... (much like Jay Leno's garage of cars ) However, that may not be a reality for this fella. I will likely sell a bike or 3 soon. 2013 v-strom 650 Adventure (original owner), 13,000+ miles, ~$ 4,300. One of the best attributes of the bike is that you do not have to be tall to feel comfortable as the seat height is ~ 32 inches tall (Nice to flat foot). Also nice that it zips to 3 digit speed as needed. Used mostly for street camping, roaming Colorado Rockies Hiways, quick loops to Borrego for Lunch 2-up, ride bagless or with 3 Hard boxes, At 6' + the buffeting was a concern, so all options have been done to make a quiet cockpit, but that depends on the riders height. Running shinkos, dry cover for seat for rain or heat, aftermarket screen, skidplate, bar extenders, engine guards, etc. (Pics below) 2008 WR 250r - ~ $3,100. less than 2000 miles. A more recent arrival to the barn in hopes that my daughter would ride with me. Her enthusiasm is high, but dang, so is the bike as most seem to be these days (and for a newbie that at every stop has to jump to the side to touch the ground and only have the back of 1 knee on seat (she is also new to clutch work), that seems tough . I know the original owner and the reason I picked it up is frankly.... how could anyone find a wr250r these days with less than 2000 miles on it knowing that they are one of the most dependable bikes up to tens of thousands of miles on them. It was stored covered, but outside, so it has a bit weathering shown, but it is still quite clean. I knew I would need to go through it, so I did, so all fluids are new, tires are newish, has numerous upgraded parts that would help with future bike camping.... bike runs great. However, the price may seem high, even though I will take a loss on it due to the surprise of finding out when the forks were serviced by Suspension 101, I had to replace more than fluids and bushings.... however, the suspension is like new now. (Pics below) 2021 Tenere 700. (original owner) ~ $9,100. This bike is fantastic. Best reason is how the motor pulls beautifully from any rpm. There are tons of reasons to love this bike. I used it for Borrego loops and riding to resort towns in Colorado 2 up, riding the CO BDR solo and then on the road to tour in Wyoming, Camping off the bike was great, but riding dirt too was a bonus. It has been farkled well (skid plate, engine guards, anti-vibrate speedometer bar, Camel easy clutch pull, barkbusters, Center stand, bigger wind screen, heated oxford grips, soft luggage pannier guards, luggage tail rack, headlight guard, running motoz, etc. What I was unable to do based upon my skill level is to steer the bike with the throttle and lean only when packed up for an overnight on skinny mountain roads (inside story). (pics below) Test ride other bikes to know if any of these bikes would meet your need to ride. PM preferred for actual potential buyers. . Mac Looping Yellowstone 2-up on vstrom: Camping in Joshua Tree on vstrom: Finding Continental Divides on V-strom (2-up): VStrom Today: Colorado BDR solo on T7: Road touring in Wyoming on T7: T7 Today: Local road we all know:
  6. MacDuncan

    Happy Thanksgiving 2023

    Happy thanksgiving Mimi, I hope your favorite local trails are still dirt, and not snow, so you can zip along in that wide open land! Cheers
  7. MacDuncan

    NVBDR Oct 2023 ~Complete~

    Great cruise Goofy, glad to see you out and about! Hope you continue to share thoughts and strategies, and reflections (gear, bike, riding, route... ), about your outing even after you get home! It is always good to get insights from those who HAVE done it. . Safe travels home. Cheers
  8. Well done Alpha, that looks like a fantastic exploration! I love to do just that, and enjoy knowing that you did! Cheers
  9. Wow, that looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing!
  10. MacDuncan

    The Loop

    Well done Zubb, and as you stated, it doesn't always need to be Toads wild ride to enjoy the ride, roads, bike, peace, etc......
  11. Even without a boat, I can ride my moto to Glascow.... Did we win goofy?
  12. Goofy, all that was shared by others regarding the loop is correct, but even though it may be a casual ride for many, it can be fun to zip around the perimeter , especially if you just need a quick moto-spin on dirt (but no zip-zam-zoom around blind corners as other motorcycles may be looping on the other direction, and there are occasionally jeeps crawling about). For add-ons, you can always toss in the entrance from Pine Valley to Kernan, and after the loop toss in the glider port out-n-back, and then maybe Noble Canyon. We used to toss in Fred's canyon once atop Noble to zip back down to Kitchen Creek, but there are many posts addressing that portion of the playground. It makes for a nice day from town. (Sorry, I do not recall where I captured the pic in the earlier post). cheers
  13. Thanks Goofy, It is interesting how it is occasionally challenging to navigate new explorations (and research) when names are the same for different areas. It might be fun for you and others to enlighten us with names that are the same, but are in different areas. For example, you might earn a pricey ticket if you rode Black Mountain in Poway on your moto, but Ramona Black Mountain sure is fun. And, if the weather cools a bit in 8 days, I might ride to Picacho on the CABDR, but not the Picacho in Arizona. And, it was a coincidence that I was just wondering if the snow on Canebrake has melted enough to ride to Kennedy Meadows without going up the Kern, nor the 9 mile asphalt, but there isn't much snow in Canebrake if you wanted to also do a loop by the mud caves. - smiles. I appreciate the research and info about Dual Sporting you have been pushing out lately. Cheers, Mac
  14. Hey Zubb, well done, for me, the track was easily seen, and it matches Gaia. Mac

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