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    The 2024 SoCal Roadbook Rally just finished, and it was a great first rally for me. As I will explain here, it's perfect for rally newbies. There were all kind of rally bikes, ranging from as simple as putting a tablet on a KTM 500 EXC to full rally spec monsters. There were quite a few Koves as well. It's gaining tremendous popularity with the rally crowd. From what I hear, the rally pro model is really ready to race in all aspects. From about 80 participants, only 2 "big bikes", mine and a T7. I arrived at the bivouac on Wednesday, just a few miles outside the 395, about 20 miles north of Kramer Junction. After unloading everything from the truck and setting up my tent, I went out to ride the "calibration" loop. A short 50 Km (yeah, rally is all in metric and French) loop designed to give you an intro for the days to come and make sure your equipment is working fine. The really nice thing about the SoCal Roadbook Rally is its non competitive nature, so the organizers provide you not only with the roadbook, but also with a GPX file of the course. I mounted a rugged Android tablet to the DesertX, so by just clicking a button, I could switch between TerraPirata, the roadbook navigation software, and DMD2, my favorite mapping application. From the 50 km in the calibration loop, I was lost almost half of the time and had to "cheat" and follow the GPX track... The next day I left the bivouac pretty early to take the South West loop, also called the Edwards AFB loop, going all the way to California City and totaling about 220 KM. I didn't get lost as often and had to cheat 5 or 6 times. The desert after all these rains and with spring fast approaching is absolutely stunning! The next day I took the Helendale loop, another 200 KM loop, and I was a lot more comfortable with reading the roadbook and navigation controls. I really started understanding the meaning of "chasing waypoints". For every "tulip" (one row in the nav book), you get a jolt of dopamine - "I got this one!". During navigation, you are under constant self-doubt, and when a road, intersection, or landmark appears at the right (or near) odometer reading, it's a great feeling. I've also made great friends at the bivouac. Our community is great no matter what modality you're participating. "Allegedly", Mason Klein (Dakar stage winner, champion of Rally dos Sertoes, Honda factory rider) wanted to try my DDX and in exchange let me ride on his rally honda. Those machines are real beasts! All in all, this was a perfect introduction to navigation rally. It's a completely new dimension lay on top of off-road riding. I noticed I looked and appreciated the environment a lot more than if I was just following a blue track on my GPS. I'm definitely hooked on it now. I'm energized to create a San Diego Rally Club. I think anybody who tries this will get hooked as I am. It's so freaking cool!
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    I hope all you SDAR members have a great Easter Sunday, whether out on the trail or relaxing at home with family.
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    Death Valley Noobs Rally 2024! Dual Sport / Adventure Ride and Camping https://youtu.be/cX5ixyaREbs
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    3 days of riding Day 1 - Placing the repeater https://www.relive.cc/web/view/vdvmJp8woxO Day 2 - U2 Site/Reward Mine/Alabama Hills @screaminsal & son Dennis and some bloggers dont know their names https://www.relive.cc/web/view/vXOdXEZNd4O Day 3 - Chloride Cliffs https://www.relive.cc/web/view/vLqex8K5dR6
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    Yes, ADV Rider event. Very cool, we have the entire campground for the weekend at Panamint Springs Resort, over 200 riders. It’s a good way to get introduced to riding Death Valley and a fun time hanging out with friends old and new. I’m finishing up the edit on my video, might be out in a day or so.
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    I've been excited to hear your thoughts and experience with this event. Thank Padu for posting up on this. It's getting harder and harder for me to hold back from buying a 500.
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    The wife and I have a pair of Honda Ruckus' (Ruckai, IDK) that we "dual sport". We have done day trips only but are planning this weekend to venture out further on an overnight. Hoping Thomas Mtn. will be free of snow... probably not though. I camp up there often on the ADV bike to test gear and hoping to show her one of my favorite campsites. We'll see how far we get, I'll report back. Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the lightest version of Dual Sport I can think of, lol.
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    I trailered the KLX out to the desert, and met Perry there (he trucked his 500 out), the weather was 'interesting' as it both snowed and rained on us, but it would intermittently be sunny so was somehow just fine
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    2021 KTM Adventure R 15180 miles (this will go up as I ride it about once a week) Located in Oceanside, CA $10000.00 Full Tech pack (Rally mode, cruise control, quickshifter, MSR) and heated grips Forks and shock done by Suspension 101 ('Traveler' build) Aftermarket parts: Vanashe Bar Risers Vanashe GPS Mount MotoMinded ABS Cable Guide Camel Shock Heat sheild Perun Small Rear rack Wings Slipon Muffler G2 Ergonomics E-Gas throttle tube Seat Concepts 'Comfort' seat Tusk Luggage Racks w/soft bag mounts Rottweiler Power Plate Rottweiler Fuel pump shield Rottweiler Fuel QD Cycra Probend hand guards Spares: Factory Repair Manual Pulse Generator Shock springs (stock, 10.6 kg/mm, 10.3 - 12.3 kg/mm progressive) Stock takeoff parts: short windshield seat handguards rear rack muffler Ready to go - just serviced: New oil and filter, cleaned screens New air filter New rear brake pads Records provided on request. This bike has various scratches from dirt naps.
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    Buddy is selling his street wheel set for his 701 Enduro (Which means they also fit KTM 690, GasGas 700, and whatever else they fit). Warp 9 Elite, very nice set of wheels already wrapped in rubber. Kush drive, brakes are same size as enduro (not the specific SM) models. $600 Total . (will also post rear price sheet as that is just for front)
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    Thanks for the offers guys !
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    Let’s try this again, I post these up every time I see them. SDAR has our name on a few trails, lots of us enjoy riding here so giving back a few hours is a good idea. The rangers I spoke with during the last event were very open to having some people come in to open up some of the trails that have been overgrown, and installing the rock barriers/ gate keepers to keep the small tracks limited to small vehicles.
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    Tom check the title you put may 24th I'll try and cruise out on the 4th and do some
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    Is it steel? If so Yes in la mesa 619-504-9874 Have them text or call
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    Is the last pic from Manson's?
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    Great weather in OW today. Not too many weekends left
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    that's excellent news! thank you so much for the information. walt
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    Likely just the written? I had an out of state license for almost 30 years, it was expired for about 15 (military exemption allowed this) and when I got my CA license just did the written exam for both auto and MC…voila!
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    Well... weather delayed the scooter adventure for this weekend. Instead we hopped in the van and headed up to Joshua Tree, then out through box canyon, dinner at TKB and camped in Anza Borrego. Hopefully this weather will dry up soon.
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    Thanks for the updates! My crew backed out for tomorrow, so my cousin and I rode around Super today. Perfect conditions!
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    Not too much stopping with that kind of mileage but I managed to snag a few pictures. Long, foggy, and rainy drive from San Diego but saw a good omen dropping down to the sunny desert floor. 350thumper usually leads rides out here but wanted to ride sweep today and look for anything that falls off my bike (like me) Doesn't matter how sketchy, 350thumper always volunteers to go first HotRod82 does not hesitate 350thumper peeled off after a late lunch, kicked up a windstorm pinning the 650Large through the sand Nearing the end, well deserved water break Fun ride, awesome meeting you HotRod82 and great to ride with you again 350thumper
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    I guess the safety yellow rims makes the bike easy to find when upside down in a ditch.....
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    Made it to Jarbidge. NVBDR complete!
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