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  1. Mr.JAJA

    Hosting Moto Travelers

    You have nothing to loose.
  2. Mr.JAJA

    Hosting Moto Travelers

    As I am on the road, I had a ATW Travler at my House stopping by and get some parts for his XT 600 Tenere. Sven opend the Garage and spend some time with him. He stayed behind the garage in a tent. He is from Germany, rode from Alaska down and is on his way to South America.
  3. Happy B-Day Dan, I hope you are retired by now.

  4. I will let you know tomorrow for a Wednesday ride. Ramona/Party mountain.
  5. So, when is the next moonlight ride scheduled for? Tuesday/ Wednesday/ August.
  6. Mr.JAJA

    Tech Day Escondido (7-15-2023) 9:30am

    I am in for some time burning. Won't kick tires, will hurt the tire.
  7. I have never used Clacks grade during the Jeep roots. Use the Rutherford trail from Angeles oaks in state. Nice trip.And you can go from Farnskin all the way up to California city and more north dirt.
  8. We just return from a trip to Norway. Not wit a Bike, but you have to put this on your List. Impressive. Roads to die for. 20230616_153303.mp4
  9. Mr.JAJA

    Small bike needed

    Keep me informed.
  10. Mr.JAJA

    "Koogel" him

    Weather is perfect, sun and dry. 25 Celsius.
  11. In spotted the KUG Troll again. this time on the "Trollstigen". You can Koogel this. https://www.nasjonaleturistveger.no/no/turistvegene/geiranger-trollstigen/
  12. Mr.JAJA


    Look who I found in Norway.

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