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  1. Happy B-Day Jim. Go out for a ride and have a coffee.

  2. We went on Sunday up to Idyllwild and it where cold up there. Additional. The 243 down to Banning is 100% closed north of the Grande Fire station #51, (no way to Poppet Flatt Road)
  3. Mr.JAJA

    TT600 E work in progress

    Looks like a bike again, I just sit down and write down all the small things need to be taken care of next. The list is getting longer and longer. Hope to have it done for X-mas.
  4. I just check the German instruction, If you scroll down, there is the instruction in US English, Italian, Frensh.....
  5. Do you need a translation? send me the Link.
  6. When can I come by? Amockalypse, the motor stand with Table? Somewhere in Oceanside right? please send me the Address again and I will bring the jacket.


  7. Mr.JAJA

    Ever seen a street legal DS ridden by a pro?

    Did you see how deep the track grooves are? And how many times did he run the course before? Its all training and AGE.
  8. If you had some "Water" where you can swim, I would be there in a heartbeat. love Prescott and surrounding.
  9. Mr.. Billet. The light where cheap because you cant get Spare parts from the manufacture any more. Not even HID spare light bulbs.
  10. Small bike is not done yet. But it will be one day. I had to make aluminium retaining rings, since the cheap plastic broke.
  11. I like your GPS setting. "Go Byway, Not Highway" nice trip.
  12. Its a good day ride on our Bikes special if we are loaded. 600 ccm is much better and easier.