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  1. Mr.JAJA

    Gift Card "REDEEM"

    Any SUGGESTIONS good morning everyone. I bought two GOOGLE PLAY gift card at the Local StaterBros store. $250. I and some one else tried to redeem them with NO success. I have contacted GOOGLE and StaterBros, Both confirm that the cards are ACTIVE, VALID and can be redeemed. we cant figure out how. If we try, it said the the $ will be added to the account and when we confirm, it said that some information is missing. It does Not say what information and where to input this Missing information. Has any one experience with something like this? Both, GOOGLE and StaterBros, say the cards are nonrefundable. I just see the $250 getting lost somewhere with out being used. please chime in if you have some helping suggestion. this is a ongoing process now for 5 day, back and fort with Google and StaterBros. Thanks Mr.JAJA
  2. Mr.JAJA

    PC problem, can someone help?

    The PC is running again, without any fiddling. Just sitting on the workbench. The WD drive (external hard drive) is not connecting to any PC. Will try some more.
  3. Mr.JAJA

    Hot weather riding?

    Black canyon even has a swimming hole.
  4. Mr.JAJA

    SOLD - Scott's damper

    Let me know if you ride out and check on the mill.
  5. Mr.JAJA

    SOLD - Scott's damper

    I take it and will make it fit for the HP2.
  6. Mr.JAJA

    New (old) trailer fix

    Can you make a BMW 1150 motor work? I have a angel grinder and stick welder.
  7. Mr.JAJA

    Baja Designs PIAA Headlight ** SOLD **

    I have one for my TT600 and the triple HID. Is it HID, halogen or LED?
  8. Mr.JAJA

    Resistance was futile...

    I did all this before it even was the AZ BDR.
  9. Mr.JAJA

    PC problem, can someone help?

    No way, too much stuff to collect first.
  10. Good morning all, I have a 2010 HP laptop in my Garage and used it everyday. Last Sunday it would not run past the windows screen. I have tried the fix option on the PC with no success. Is there anyone who can take a look and might get it back for Garage usage? Thanks Mr.JAJA
  11. Hello Guys, I went and bought a big equipment today. It is in Lake Elsinore located and I will pick it up on Saturday morning. I have my Truck and trailer, but could use some extra help for my safety. I would leave Ramona around 8:30, the drive is 1 1/2 hour, disassemble and loading 1 1/2 and ride back, 1 1/2. So I will be back by around 2 PM if everything works as planed. There is a frond load tractor at the location to help loading. I wont unload it on Saturday, since I have to make room first. If anyone is able to come with me and give me some support, I would appreciate this. Please let me know, here or by PM to discuss anything. Thank you Mr.JAJA
  12. Mr.JAJA

    Tools clean out

    Yes you can
  13. Norway 2023, I got you covered. Somewhere on this "Trollstegen "
  14. Remember the 60th-70th when you where 1000 miles away from home and your only connection was; Letter mail (6-8 weeks) Airmail (2weeks), or in an urgent case, Telex fax (over night)?
  15. Mr.JAJA

    Tools clean out

    Hi guys, I cleaned out some of my toolboxes. Here is what I have and like to pass it on to the SDAR community first before I post it on craigslist. 1/4" long and short socket with extension's and ratchets, 90% are CRAFTSMAN tools. some Japan included. $25.00 3/8" long sockets with some extension and ratchet. $35.00 3/8" short sockets with some extension and ratchet. $30.00 1/2" short and long sockets with some extension, cardan joint and ratchet. $35.00 Or all 4 boxes for $100.00 90% of all is CRAFTSMAN. All are in good condition, no scrap metal. Just look at the pictures for a better understanding. Pickup in Ramona, or you pay for shipping.

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