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  1. Mr.JAJA

    CABDR March 13

    RoyBoyz, ride your retirement ride safe, there will be many more to come. Remember: " you are on a RIDE, not in a RACE"
  2. But with the stabilizer, you not getting the feeling. Everything is so smooth.
  3. Some thing went to my mined last night. As we ended up on a close gate on our way back to the High Point/ Paloma truck trail, just past the new to me, Hippy Campground. We turned around, disappointed and went on our way. I saw the new chain and a cheep lock on the closed gate. I did not get off the bike to see if the gate were really locked, or just closed and the chain dangle around to give us and other the impression that the gate is LOCKED. Next time I will check and make sure the Gate locked and not just closed. I can see the owner of the hippy Camp, cutting off the regular 4x4, bike M-bike traffic this way. If time allows me , I will ride down there again this week and check for: "CLOSED ore LOCKED"
  4. Did you road up from Pamo valley? I went right on the truck recover spot to 12S07 and Pamo Valley.
  5. I made it home after taking Black canyon, Black valley to Pamo solo. (The Truck where still hanging on the bank, some guys with Jeeps and come along try to pull it out.) I had a blast, blasting to the dirt (what I call BLASTING) Best fun since COVID. Thanks for the ride call.
  6. OK, I will go. 6:30 at Packard and leave KSU 6:40AM. Black canyon, MesaGrande, to the Lost valley turnoff. We should make it to there by 8:00 at a medium speed.
  7. I like to do the Black canyon on my way out, But to be there at 8:30 Am, I will need to race and get up at 6Am. I leave from Ramona around 6:45 If I go.
  8. Let us know where and when. My HP2 is ready 2 go and have to get more mile in before it is to late.
  9. Mr.JAJA


    I went up there 3 weeks ago (midweek) and got pounded by 20-30 jeeps, turned around.
  10. Mr.JAJA

    1290 SAR

    That's a new Bike, and you have to spend all this $$$$$$$$$ to fix it? Dame Austrian
  11. Mr.JAJA

    2007 KTM 525 EXC

    I think I have the 550 Four badge here and maybe some more Honda stuff.
  12. Mr.JAJA

    Aluminum Burnishing

    Elbow grease and Scotch bright.