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  1. Plus Air fare, Hotel before and after and some inland transportation. I will check it out after I am back home.
  2. Mr.JAJA

    HBD KKug - No Way, another Birthday

    Have a Happy B- day from here to.Today its all about you and a Kangaroo
  3. I know this, so are you infor the ride?
  4. Mr.JAJA

    RIP Schwinn

    R.I.P. meet you only twice at the techsessions. Ride forever.
  5. Mr.JAJA

    Seat Concepts question?

    You don,t need a "GOOD LOOKING" seat, You nee a good functional seat.
  6. Mr.JAJA

    Lots of good stuff cheep

    Dan, can you hold the G loop bag and heat sheeld for me? Udo
  7. Mr.JAJA

    Cool off time in NT

    You come around.
  8. Mr.JAJA

    Cool off time in NT

    I keep spreading the KUG virus, I have one left for the south route.
  9. $7 coffee, no refill, $50 for a 30 pack local beer. Thats down under.
  10. I went 1992 to Chessnock for the international 6 days. Have a save ride. We are on the westcoastn running away from Cyclone Veronica.
  11. With all this trouble: Did it kill you? NO, GOOD ADVENTURE.
  12. Nice job guy's. Some thing to talk about.
  13. Mr.JAJA

    Cool off time in NT

    Run into one older KTM rider with a brand new 1290? not broken in, and dropping oil already. We found the BILSTEIN sticker on our way, and I went on my way to spread the "KUG" disease over Australian.
  14. Mr.JAJA

    Cool off time in NT

    ----, I just killed the 3rd from left in the top row. Redback.