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  1. A rainy day and what is a better opportunity to work on the PC. 2500 miles with some fire road dirt, most Asphalt, no Highway. Start time around late March, to make sure that you are back by eastern. Camping, pirate camping and maybe one night Motel in Tombstone. Take a look and let me know if this is a start of a plan. The green section are dirt detours for the one who have more time on there hands and need to ride.
  2. Thanks Chris, I will keep that in mind.
  3. I work on a rough layout and sightseeing points. I have been to the most some 30 years ago, but don't mind go there again and spend some time, not just rushing thru. Have a route to Moab via AZ, NM. Work on the rest tomorrow. And looks like there can be some fire roads on the way. Camping and sit in food will be preferred.
  4. I did this last year solo. Nice trip.
  5. OK, I like to plan and organize everything early. I will do a 2-3 week ride in April 2020, only Byway, no Highway. First plane was ALASKA, but that is to early for tent camping and why should I ride all the way north, if there is enough to see around the south. Plan two is, CA, AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV. with a lot of sightseeing, like Tucson Missal museum. Solar telescope, Tombstone, Bisbee, some caves and so on. Indian sits. Start going south east to Yuma, Kitt peak, Titan missile museum with tour, Tombstone, Bisbee, Riding the 191 north , than going over to NM and ride south again. April is the drys month in AZ, NM. I will do some more searching for the CO and UT section. If some one is ready to go for a ride, hit me up.
  6. Mr.JAJA


    I counted my day's from 1000 down at work, so everyone know that I where ready after 30 years with the Company. With 17 days to go, I where building my shock for the DR650 in Australia.
  7. Why cant you ride anymore? I like to come out and chat and take a look. PM me please.
  8. Mr.JAJA

    Tire deflators

    I have 10 different gauges and once in a wile, I compare them. and there are close enough.
  9. Mr.JAJA

    Tire deflators

    I only use a Stick gauge, for the bike. this only takes second to deflate from 36 psi to 20 psi. The screw on pieces are for Jeeps and Big 4x4 tires with much more air volume than a bike. The dial gauge can get damaged easy.
  10. Mr.JAJA


    Welcome to the Senior club. If you don't know what date and day of the week it is anymore, than you are there.
  11. Mr.JAJA

    Bill Mayer seat

    I am in the market for a Seat upgrade for the BMW 1150 GSA. Before I buy a seat, I like to test ride one if I can find one. If anyone has a BMS Bill Mayer Seat for a 1150 GS (single front seat), please contact me. I like to ride for some hours and see if this is what I need for my back. Mr.JAJA
  12. Mr.JAJA

    Received a call from a Friend Saturday

    Just let see your Wallet. I have this sitting at home but my SS-$ are not enough to fill it up. The T700 must eat tires like I eat cookies. take a look at the roof from the truck.
  13. Mr.JAJA

    Air pump

    I do to on the BMW and run out of cartridges after the second flat on my last trip. Than one puncture took two plugs and where still not holding air. Had to get a new tire in Pagosa springs Co. I look for one, for the TT 600 toolbag.
  14. Mr.JAJA

    Air pump

    I see this one here. looks like a good solution to.
  15. Mr.JAJA

    Air pump

    I had a Hand pump in Australia for the DR650 and it worked relative fast like 60 strokes on a tube tire. Tubless is a other problem.