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  1. Mr.JAJA

    The El Dorado fire

    Like I said before. Human without common sense, start the most wildfires.
  2. Nice Job to take the Mama out.
  3. Mr.JAJA

    Chain & Sprocket Replacement

    Dont show the UNSAFE use of tools. No use of open box wrench as extension and Grinder without hand guard. I can show you what can and will happens. Get the right tools for the job. And you can delete this.
  4. My Common sense would tell me . "Stay out of the brush" for some reason.
  5. In my "Backyard" I had little Pot, think a quart and this where enough to spray the frame 5-6 times plus sprayed the car lift on the bottom.
  6. Mr.JAJA

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    Good to hear that.
  7. Mr.JAJA

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    Dammit, I where watching and hope it will move north from him. Where can we help now?
  8. Any one need help out there? I know Riggerdan is in this area.
  9. Ok, so no Amphitheater to Jail trail. But Otay Truck trail from the west to east is possible. I rode this before from the industrial area (ALTA Rd.) to Pio Pico.
  10. I can see dirt roads around the fence line, Is this what the sheriff meant?
  11. Plane the ride for late September.
  12. Does any one know if there is a dirt trail from the Amphitheater to the Otay Jail, coming out on the Alta Rd? I plane a 50/50 day ride and look for a good starting point.
  13. Dan, Have a nice Hot\/Cool  B-day and enjoy the drink.

  14. Mr.JAJA

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    Maybe a nice inside polish and new O-ring will help. If the surface to rough, it will eat the O-ring. A underlayed O- ring is a other option.
  15. Mr.JAJA

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    So what is failing on the cylinder? Seals, housing breaks, tread strip??? Like to see the parts just for curiosity.