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  1. 2012 BMW GS Rally Finale, I will sell my 2012 GS 1200 Rally; I got the bike a little over year ago in the attention to do some nice x-country trips I had planned. One week after got the bike, I got a call about a HP2 for sale and I went and bought this on the spot. I rode the GS1200 one day and put 200 miles on it. Since than it is sitting in my Garage and collecting dust, like all the other 5 bikes. The bike is spotless with 19500 miles, paperwork, one previous female owner; BMW service was done before I got the Bike in Florida. It is registered on NOP in my name. The bike has EPS, Info, GPS, heated grips, high screen, Corbin Seat with backrest, wider foot pegs, all 3 HEPCO/BMW aluminum cases with 2 matching keys, OE seat, Tank bag, Aux lights,, LED tail light, Handle bar riser. I am open to offers: Don’t need to lowball, it is an absolute clean as it get Bike. If the Ad is up, the bike is for sale. US$11500 Location: Ramona CA 92065
  2. That is no fun 4 your Dad. I been down there with my 1150GSA
  3. We call this" kidney stone "
  4. Mr.JAJA

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022

    Happy Turkey day 2 you all. We just don't have this at our home country.
  5. Mr.JAJA

    Phone based offline navigation

    I use a $60 Kyocera, run GAJA pro for $35 / 5 years subscription and download the maps via wifi as needed. I have not found a trail, not on the map. I am happy to lend it out for a weekend ride to try.
  6. I will be back home around noon from the desert. Stop by if you like.
  7. Keep an eye out for this lemon. I will try to set it up. And I have firewood.
  8. I park on C4 and C5 gazebo. Behind blowsand. And if someone can bring some Fly catcher. There are nasty out here.
  9. Keep an eye out for this lemon. I will try to set it up.
  10. Mr.JAJA

    BMW Rallye3 Jacket

    Sorry I lost 45 lbs
  11. I went down today with a friend, the campground looked pretty empty compared to the last years. We left around 3pm to be home in the daylight. Didn't see anyone else in there campground from the forum.
  12. Keiner Feigling is what I had.
  13. Ich werde mein Zelt und Schlafsack mitbringe. Just in case I get wasted.
  14. Theme Park with 17? He need to go to Germany for a Sledge ride, or Pocono Raceway and drive 20 miles in a NASCAR.
  15. I will try to ride any short distance ride in the future. Live is getting short. I will ride down to the Geico rally on Saturday only for the day from Ramona, Will be back by 6-7PM.

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