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  1. Mr.JAJA

    2009 Ktm 400 no spark

    1 Ohm means a short.
  2. Mr.JAJA

    Reunited with Motorcycle After 60 Years

    This is how you kill your dad. I had a RT250 with a red "Denfeld" seat
  3. Well done. A trail bike is the correct bike for this.
  4. Don't dye, wile you check it out. Go first for a hike down and up again, take some pictures on the way.
  5. It was a "old man wear out" ride for me. I have been down this way in the 90th with a Jeep and we have spend hours to build a road section, since turning around was impossible. I did it with the silver cow, but wont do it again . Next will be the TT600.
  6. We went there for our Honeymond and right after the trip to SD.
  7. IN, if I make it back from FL.
  8. Mr.JAJA

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    I have the Montana610T and have no problem to see the screen in sunlight. My problem is the setup, streeteble Maps and guiding me. I gave up after 2 weeks playing with it. I know , its operator error.
  9. He Young Man, get older and enjoy the retirement group.


  10. I am working on a 2012 GS1200, red/white, 32000miles. its just to clean 4 me.

    1. Zubb


      NICE! Can't wait to see it.

  11. Mr.JAJA

    BMW 1150 GSA 2004

    BMW 1150 2004 with 84000. Its basic a one owner bike, I bought it not running and fixed it as it should be done. This Bike is on "Non OP" since 2017. It is as clean as it can get. Everything works as it should. With Jesse Panniers, BMW Top Case. I went truth the whole bike and replaced all what need to be replaced. Service records from the first owner from 2005 -2020. New Clutch, input shaft, tires, grips, LED running light, LED tail light. $4500.00 BMW 1150 GSA.docx
  12. Mr.JAJA

    Sand blaster

    Done and Painted.
  13. Mr.JAJA

    Sand blaster

    I need to get some Pannier racks sandblasted. Does some one has on at home, I can use for 4 parts. I will bring a beer or two.
  14. Mr.JAJA

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Its all about the "FLOW CONTROL"
  15. Mr.JAJA

    Long Way Up

    I just start thinking of a EUROPE trip. Alp Hopping with a little north Germany, old est Germany, down to Hungary, Bulgarian and then the Alps. 8000 -9000Km in 6 -8 weeks.