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  1. Mr.JAJA

    Tools clean out

    Yes you can
  2. Norway 2023, I got you covered. Somewhere on this "Trollstegen "
  3. Remember the 60th-70th when you where 1000 miles away from home and your only connection was; Letter mail (6-8 weeks) Airmail (2weeks), or in an urgent case, Telex fax (over night)?
  4. Mr.JAJA

    Tools clean out

    Hi guys, I cleaned out some of my toolboxes. Here is what I have and like to pass it on to the SDAR community first before I post it on craigslist. 1/4" long and short socket with extension's and ratchets, 90% are CRAFTSMAN tools. some Japan included. $25.00 3/8" long sockets with some extension and ratchet. $35.00 3/8" short sockets with some extension and ratchet. $30.00 1/2" short and long sockets with some extension, cardan joint and ratchet. $35.00 Or all 4 boxes for $100.00 90% of all is CRAFTSMAN. All are in good condition, no scrap metal. Just look at the pictures for a better understanding. Pickup in Ramona, or you pay for shipping.
  5. I got derailed by Gisela yesterday. She came home and told me we are going to a friend. And than I forgot about the movie. Shitt.
  6. Let's keep it in mind.
  7. I plan on doing some BDR driving mid of the year with my Jeep, since I don't feel confident and save, riding a bike loaded for a longer distance and in dirt. I think of BDR CA SOUTH -NORTH. I would take all my bike camping gear, food process gear (blender), and all my medical needs. I know it will be sommertime with good warm temperatures. I like it hot and I need it. I will plan on going 1-3 weeks, depending on my treatment plan. Going solo is my normal way, but if someone like to go along, we can talk about it. I don't race, everything takes a litle longer (eating) and I make a mess. That's my new normal. Is this BDR open and OK for a Jeep drive? Like to hear from people who rode it on bikes and Jeeps.
  8. I have this Bike carrier laying around for the last 2-3 years and never used it. ( I have a smaller one for my Bike) This was used for a Harley Davidson on a motorhome. I should have with it, 2 weld on 2x2 receiver and sliding tubes. this will make it a 3 point no wiggle carrier. US$ 275 or best offer . Pickup in Ramona I could have used a rattle can and make it shine, but let see if there is any interest. This is for small to big bike usage.
  9. Mr.JAJA

    Thousands of Motorcycle Magazines

    I would take all with international 6 day articles. Would send them to Germany to the: Deutsches Enduro Museum.
  10. No I just let is sitting as rod it las time with all the dust on it.
  11. Sorry I missed you. Just got released yesterday from the ER after spending 3 days in the Hospital again. The HP2 is on NON OP for the next year do to a upcoming Surgery.
  12. I use to do this for car rallies in Germany in the 70th. Did some around SD for the Austin Healey car club. Most people could not read the signe languish and got lost, gave up. But yes it is more entertaining than following a GPS track.
  13. Did it worked?
  14. I will bring my food, and get the tig Welder ready.
  15. 30 years ago, I would have done something like that. Tough tarain.

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