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  1. I went 1992 to Chessnock for the international 6 days. Have a save ride. We are on the westcoastn running away from Cyclone Veronica.
  2. With all this trouble: Did it kill you? NO, GOOD ADVENTURE.
  3. Nice job guy's. Some thing to talk about.
  4. Run into one older KTM rider with a brand new 1290? not broken in, and dropping oil already. We found the BILSTEIN sticker on our way, and I went on my way to spread the "KUG" disease over Australian.
  5. ----, I just killed the 3rd from left in the top row. Redback.
  6. This time we travel with a one family home. The rental company thought there doing us an favor with upgrading to the bigger motorhome. Bad ting is that you cant take it really offroad. So we stay 89% on the blacktar. I had booked a small Toyota with a slide on camper, 1/2 this size.
  7. https://share.garmin.com/OZtrip2019
  8. Happy B-Day with some beer and a nice chocolate cake.🏍️

    1. Zubb


      Thanks JaJa!!

  9. Mr.JAJA

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    nice find with a Push button. And what is 50ccm in the dirt anyway ???????
  10. Mr.JAJA

    Snow to desert dash

    I only did it once. Halve snow, halve rain.
  11. Mr.JAJA

    Snow to desert dash

    Snow driving in the 60th in Germany.
  12. Mr.JAJA

    Snow to desert dash

    Nice write up and nice Pic's. Would not do this with my GSA.
  13. Mr.JAJA

    Happy Birthday CID

    Keep riding many more years to the end Chris,
  14. Mr.JAJA

    Remembering Afry (Arnie Fry)

    Welcome to the Big Bike Club.
  15. Nice try to call for a "Scooter" ride on SDAR.