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  1. Jim ,Have you fixed your headlight yet?
  2. Mr.JAJA

    GPS Phone APP's Android or iPhone for 2020

    All of my Apps center on the run. "Here" and "GAIA". Have not tried LOCUS yet.
  3. Mr.JAJA

    Offline Satellite Maps

    No satellite offline.
  4. Mr.JAJA

    Offline Satellite Maps

    "Here" has Satellite view, but I will verify if it works offline tomorrow.
  5. Mr.JAJA

    Offline Satellite Maps

    I just down load LOCUS on my GPS Kyocera and it is not free. The free option are limited. Cant search for street address and get guidance, Not convinced jet.
  6. Mr.JAJA

    Offline Satellite Maps

    I know only street maps. If I plan a tour, I use Satellite for check if there is a gate or so. And I do this at home.
  7. Mr.JAJA

    Offline Satellite Maps

    " Here" is what I use. with Maps for around the world. Down load and set to offline. Voice navigation with 2-3option and avoidance setting. You can't create Route's. I have GAIA to and a Garmin app for tracking
  8. Mr.JAJA

    How would you handle this?

    Its hard to explain the action, but he and the two other where not just talking about the bike. The gesticulate, the acting, the dress and last the words, tell you better.
  9. Its my German Spelling.
  10. Try to check out the route via Frazier national park, than you can shoot from south to north all the way (Easy Gravel) north. Fraeser starts north of Gorman rest area.on the 5.
  11. Mr.JAJA

    How would you handle this?

    There left after 10-15 minutes, me ignoring them and kept calm what I would not have done 20 years ago. But the feeling that there where waiting somewhere did not left me till I hit the outskirts and dirt.
  12. Mr.JAJA

    How would you handle this?

    On my last ride, I had to go to town for new rear brake pads. During the Valve stem repair I found that the rear pads where at the metal (Just shy of it) and I decide to ride to Bakersfield Cycle Gear. On my way into town a beat up car with darker than you can see windows, follows me and drives by side next to me. As I pull into the parking lot and try to park the bike, the car pulled in front and blocked my pat. The side window went down and a "African American" start talking to me: Hey Bro, I like to check out your Bike. and with 10-20 second there where two more cars surrounding me. I told him that I have to fix my bike and have no time. I backed out the bike, out of this trap and into the front off the Cycle Gear shop. Took my Phone and wallet and went into the shop. When I cam out, he where still there and ask if I have a Problem (With him), I repeat that I have a problem with my bike and have to fix it and start to ignore him. By the time there where 3 of them now and dancing around me wile I start taking the brake apart. this where going on for 10 minutes and yes I feel threaten and unsafe the first time. What has this world turned into?
  13. Just keep in mind that the Owl will sit on here Pole and spy over the field at night. Are you going up there next week?
  14. And I sought that I had an Adventure. Did someone got killed, NO, Good Adventure.
  15. Made it home save. Short report from my 4 day solo ride to the nearby Mountain and dirt tracks. Day1, Ride via Idyllwild, Big Bear to the Angels Crest and find a camp spot in 7000-8000 feed high Blueridge Campground, Thanks to Dave for the hint. Fund some fire wood from the previus camper and had a nice Campfire with a "100056 Inch TV" view over LA mountains. The night where cold and windy. Like most time, I slept on the Camping table and left at 7AM. There were only two more places occupied from PCT hikes. Day2, Rode via Angels Crest, Topanga Canyon, Gorman, Fraeser National Park to Soda Lake, Excellent ride with no traffic at all. Since I left without Breakfast, I pulled over at the Newscome Ranch on the Angels Crest Hyw, which is still closed, so I had to take out my 5star Gourmet Kitchen and fixed me up some good German Breakfast. At Soda Lake, I checked out some sides, but the Painted Wall and Visitor centers are closed. I setup camp at the KCL Camp and had the whole place for myself. Temperatures where cool but not too cold. I used a hanger pipe with hooks (Placed there in the Campground) to hang my riding gear up for the night. Little as I know, seeing all the BIG BIRD droppings under it I setup my bead as always on the camping table. Made a little campfire and after the sun went down, I went into my German Military sleeping bag. It did not take long before I some BIG BIRD Noise got me up and he/she took of right over my bead. This where going on the whole night. I lay down and the Owl came back and sits right next to me on the pol where my riding gear where hanging. Lazy as I am, I did not have gotten up and got the camera out of the bike. Left the camp at 7AM. Day3, I tried to find out if the Hurricane Pass Trail where save to ride with the big bike and solo. Did not see any person in the park, so I decided, just go for it. The road sign warns for Unpassable during Wet weather. It is not wet and I gave it a go. The first section went well, little rough and twisty. I had to find a groove in the dried out dirt where I could go thru. Then came the first steep hill climes with switchback. I know I am loaded with a Queen-size bed, it just got steeper and steeper. I had good traction and on the steepest section, (The Jeeps had cut grooves into the limestone, filed with 4-5” deep dust) the front wheel stay on top and the rear went down into the groove. And what is an Adventure ride without dropping the bike. As always, no help anywhere. I got my recovery rope and pulley’s out. It lifted the bike a little bit and then ripped the whole bush out of the ground. Unload the bike, carry everything up the hill with some Oldman rest between and after 4 trips, I sat down and worked on a plane (Hope that a Jeep comes just around the corner) how to get the bike up and keeping it from falling over to the other side. Turning it on the Cylinder 90deg to the trail, digging a groove fort the front wheel to keep it from sliding and shifting it into first gear. After placing everything, I where rested enough to give it a try and it worked. Got the bike up, side stand to the downhill side and not reaching the ground. Now I had to go around, balancing the bike and get it on the side stand to place a rock. It worked, I got dressed and rode up where all my boxes and bags with the bedroom where placed. The rest of the trail went good. After reach Asphalt in Taft (Oil Pump Capitol of the area) I felt some rear wandering and checked the air. Down to 20 Psi, Did I got a flat? No the Valve broke off. I found a tire shop and after I removed the wheel, there replaced the stem without removing the tire. Now I went on to my next Dirt trail for the day. From south Bakersfield to Tehachapi is a dirt trail (Comanche point Rd). The scenery is just amassing. Graded dirt, not as good as Black Canyon, steep climbs and some gates. (If it is open, leave it open, Is it closed, Close it after you pass thru.) For the day I drove to the Tehachapi Loop to find a Camping spot, but with the Trains blowing the Horn and going up and down the whole night, I skipped the idea and start riding south. Found a spot, north of Willow spring in the open hills. Day4, Left camp around 7AM again and found an open restaurant (Hole in the wall) and ordered a Omelet. The best Omelet I ever had and it filed me up for the whole day. I made my way back via Angel Crest, Big Bear, Saga and HOME. Nothing killed me, A good Adventure.