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  1. Wish I would have seen this yesterday... I've been wanting to go to Pappy & Harriet's. Maybe I'll catch you on the next one.
  2. J5ive

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    Hey Pokey151 - Everyone should have a Harley or two in their stable for the long rides.
  3. I had a BLAST, thanks for the invite! Can't wait for the next one.
  4. I'm in... Looking to put some names and faces together.
  5. I vote for the 27th. I was hoping you'd do a Tech Day soon - Thanks Dave
  6. J5ive


    WOW... Stunning!!!
  7. J5ive

    Gore-Tex is a Marketing Gimmick

    I like the Gore-Tex stuff I have. Jacket, pants, boots and some gloves. I also have some non-GoreTex stuff, it also works for me. Some say it’s too hot, but they may run hotter them me. I’m new to the ADV world, so I wanted to try Gore-Tex and other “Stay Dry” gear. Being new, I wanted to see about this “All in One” aspect to gear. It seemed to make sense in a motorcycle Traveling/Packing world. I went for top names because I didn’t want to buy twice. So far, things worked as advertised. Keep in mind, I’m coming from the Harley (old school) world. My leather Jacket 9-10 lbs, chaps 2-3 lbs, boots 5 lbs., then you pack a rain suite – so you can see why the lightweight, all in one gear was attractive to me. Riding in the leather gear isn’t bad, it was the packing it on the bike when not using it was the challenge. Durability is outstanding, 25+ years on the Jacket…just mink oil and leather conditioner a couple times a year. The ROI is outstanding… Now, my new goal/sights are set on Lightweight, warm and stay dry gear. I don’t care if it’s Gore-Tex, Drystar, whatever as long as it keeps me dry and warm. Hopefully some gear will transfer to my HD No problem with layering if its lightweight. Example, on a suggestion from @Zubb, I bought a Marrakesh Jacket. I have a light puffer jacket and a rain/windbreaker, I’m going to use with it.
  8. Great photo's. Agreed, #3 is outstanding!
  9. Hey @Goofy Footer, yes I'm back to riding. I'd do the Noob Camp in a heartbeat, I had a blast last year, plus learned a few things. However, I've been invited to the Honda (Geico) Adventure Rally with @moto_rph, @shutterrev, @Hawkins. Thought I'd give it a look see... Curious to see if it's anything like some of the Harley rally's I've been to (minus the pavement vs dirt thing), the off bike activities...
  10. J5ive

    Howdy from East County

    Welcome, see ya out there.
  11. Thanks for doing this again Dave! I'm planning on coming by... @tubebender - it's cool.
  12. J5ive

    New member from Menifee.

    Welcome. Hope to see ya out there
  13. J5ive

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    @nostep - Thanks for the heads up. The Voile look similar to the Giant Loop Pronghorn straps. I'm going to have order one to compare apples to apples. The Voile 20" is $7/each - Giant Loop Pronghorn 18" is $29 for a 2/pk. The Voile are WAY less expensive, especially if they're the same quality. Voile offers co branding...I wonder... Giant Loop Pronghorn - https://www.giantloopmoto.com/product/pronghorn-straps/
  14. J5ive

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    @shutterrev - I'm bringing some gear to show what I have (not selling) for the other new guys to check out and to compare to other peoples stuff. I was hoping the experienced riders would bring an array of gear for us Noobs to check out. I want to see what other people use and their thoughts on it, pro's/con's. I feel, if you or anyone has stuff to give/trade/sell to us Noobs, bring it - all that much better...win/win for all. In fact, weren't you the one who brought up the swap meet idea???
  15. J5ive

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    @A 2 - Please bring photo's (on your phone). I'm very interested and have questions, photo's will help. I'm looking at getting one and doing a minimal build - e-trac, shelf, folding bed/couch, just basic's.

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