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  1. Hawkins

    Your Next Big Ride

    I'm very interested in this.
  2. Hawkins

    Your Next Big Ride

    Sounds fun
  3. Hawkins

    Your Next Big Ride

    I am a noob when it comes to many things related to adventure bikes. BDR - backcountry discovery routes, thank Google! - sound excellent. Can anyone recommend a good jumping in point for learning more?
  4. If you have a single point of failure, you have failed. I like the iPhone's new satellite connectivity capability, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. I'll start shopping around for a good deal on a purpose-built GPS tracker.
  5. Hey @DSM8, the guy you gave the tank bag and bark busters to is @PerigrinoRobbino, aka Max. I've pinged him about the gear and reminded him that you asked for a donation to the site. I know he's good for it, likely just forgot. As for @J5ive, he's on the Tenere 700 in photo #6 here.
  6. Hawkins

    Pesky Perch

    I assume everyone is talking about tomorrow, 9/18. I am busy Fri/Sat/Sun with dad duty all day so that @Angela can take motorcycle classes to get her full license. Wish I could go, but I have to pass this weekend.
  7. Hawkins

    Your Next Big Ride

    Where, training w/ West 38 Moto, or the GEICO Rally?
  8. Hawkins

    Happy birthday Hawkins

    @J5ive I will take you up on that. Let me know when you are recovered from your trip and we'll get a frosty mug and catch up. To everyone else, thank you!
  9. I am far from ready for a trip of that scale but man that sounds like a great time. I need more skills related to route planning, camping, off-roading, comms gear, everything, etc. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful way to decompress, get out of the rut of work/life, and smash the reset button on mental health. New life goal added.
  10. Hawkins


    Hey @shutterrev you can have my 3-bike trailer if it helps you with any of these plans. I can't take time away from Thanksgiving to do stuff like this, but I'm happy to help out with gear.
  11. Hawkins

    Your Next Big Ride

    I'll be doing training with West 38 Moto, coming home for Halloween with the kids, then packing up the land yacht and heading to the campground where the GEICO event is taking place. We got a spot there for the week. I'll have my Africa Twin and my wife's Himalayan on a trailer behind either the RV or the Suburban. That's a lot of riding in a 1-week span!
  12. Hawkins

    HAM Radio Class

    I wasn't familiar with GMRS so I went to the Googles for more info - pretty neat service! Uses a small slice of the 450-470 MHz (Ultra High Frequency or UHF for short) amateur radio band No testing needed to obtain a license Due to physical UHF limitations, this will be mostly line-of-sight communication but the range is far superior to technology like Bluetooth Allows users to talk to repeaters, which opens up a pretty big coverage area From your location, you can talk to a well-placed antenna on a mountaintop or tall building (Otay and Black Mountain have repeaters) That antenna is connected to a radio configured to listen and immediately re-transmit your signal using a large amount of power and prime location Some repeaters are linked to other repeaters so you can "hop" from one mountain/high location to another - and sometimes across the internet! FCC allows some data transmission such as GPS and text messaging, making it easy to figure out where you are and where the listener is More info from the FCC
  13. Glad to hear you are getting back on two wheels and two legs again. We'll see you on the dirt again before too long.
  14. Hawkins

    HAM Radio Class

    Happy to help anyone interested in training.

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