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  1. Yup, I just looked it up. It’s 1% off of Dealer invoice, not the MSRP or sticker price. It’s off what the dealer paid. Heck of a deal!
  2. Not sure if it still applies but I paid for a membership a few years ago just to get a discount on my Jeep. It was something like 1%below invoice. Well worth the price of admission. Not sure if it still active or if you are in the market for a Jeep.
  3. A 2

    Teardrop Trailer

    I’m in the Bonsall Vista area. DM me for more info.
  4. A 2

    Teardrop Trailer

    Hey Dave @DSM8. I’ve got a cargo trailer I built out, Although it’s never done. @J5iveand I have been chatting. If you guys get another bike maintenance day again, I can bring it by for you to check out.6x12 built for off road. another option is to come see it this weekend if you are out and about. A friend and I will be out camping at Fish creek in Anza. No moto this weekend but we will be out shooting at the range just across Split Mountain Rd. let me know. -A2
  5. A 2

    Cross Utility Trailers???

    I installed E-track everywhere. They have great accessories. Bed breaks down by one person. I’ve got twin 120ah deep cycle batteries and a small gas generator just in case the batteries need to be charged up, but that has never happened yet. No solar yet. I’ve done 3 days on battery and I have an Iceco dual zone fridge/freezer. It has never run out. I find that I don’t sit in one spot for more than 3 days so the truck battery tops it off when trailering. Like I said, I could really geek out on this stuff. Ask away.
  6. A 2

    Cross Utility Trailers???

    I could geek out on this all day long.
  7. A 2

    Cross Utility Trailers???

    I could geek out on this all day long. Here are some photos of my setup.
  8. A 2

    Cross Utility Trailers???

    Our trailer is the 7’ tall. My wife and I are vertically challenged but it’s nice to have the extra height inside. What I don’t like is the extra height when trailering. This and the fact that it’s lifted and on 32” tires. It definitely creates a drag on gas mileage. for us the 6’ wide works ok for sleeping accommodations. Inside dimensions is about 5’-6”. That’s just barely enough to sleep sideways in the trailer. A 7’ wide trailer may be better for you.
  9. A 2

    Cross Utility Trailers???

    Additional Things to consider. 1. where to store it 2. what you are pulling it with 3. how much weight you plan to haul. A single axle is usually 3500GVW. Dual is 7000. 4. What type of rear door does it have. Barn or ramp. 5. does it have electric brakes I’m sure I can think of more but really depends on what you want to do with it.
  10. A 2

    Cross Utility Trailers???

    Depends on what you are looking to accomplish with an enclosed trailer. I have a 6x12 I built to be an off-road/moto hauler that can sleep 3. Building it has been as much fun as using it.
  11. Yeah, this has happened to me too.😆
  12. Sorry I missed this one. I was camping though on the top of black mountain with my Jeep.so glad I slept in the bed under a soft camper shell. It rained hard and the wind hit up to 60mph gusts Saturday night.
  13. The key to a great night sleep at camp is your sleep number. My sleep number is 6 beers. 😆

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