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    Motorcycles, mountain biking, saltwater fishing, overlanding, jeeps.

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  1. A 2

    New member from Menifee.

    Welcome Bill.
  2. A 2

    The guy with a TW200

    Welcome Mike. I ride the cousin to the Tdub, xt250. Need to get a small bikes ride going!
  3. A 2

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

  4. A 2

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    Coincidentally I bout these this weekend. Need to fashion a mount of sorts.
  5. A 2

    How To Remove a Motorcycle Helmet

    Back in the day I remember a sticker on the helmet saying not to remove the helmet unless you are emergency medical professional.
  6. A 2

    Dunlop Trailmax Missions

    They are the RallZ. Very aggressive tire. Loud and buzzy on the highway. Today I really got on the TrailMax Mission on the back streets and highway burning off the factory coating. Sticky on the tarmac and loose gravel. Turn is seems quick but that’s compared to the flattened out MotoZ. What a difference in noise and comfort. So far pretty happy. Next test gravel roads. Edit: for reference they are on my triumph tiger 800xcx.
  7. A 2

    Dunlop Trailmax Missions

    Found a few reviews online and on this site. Looking forward to testing them out. The previous owner had a set of motoz tractionators. Too aggressive for my riding habits. Kept them in case I plan a hardcore off road trip.
  8. Stopped over to see Eric at 8Ball in Esco yesterday. Let’s see how they do.
  9. A 2

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    Sorry guys. It all fell apart for me in the last few hours. Need to be in Orange County today for a work thing. Have fun today. Hopefully I can get my crap together for the next event.
  10. A 2

    Riding/N00B Gear Advice

    I’m 90% confirmed. @DSM8, I know you probably don’t have a lot of room but any interest in me bringing my cargo conversion trailer to check out my setup? There were discussion at one point. LMK A2 (Alex)
  11. A 2

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    Small bike only ride, I like it. Let’s get it on the calendar.
  12. A 2

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    Nice bike. I was looking at the TW but ultimately ended up with a used XT250. These little bikes are like mules; slow and steady. I hope to get out on some of these fire roads when the temps and weather gets a little better. Ride on!
  13. A 2

    Noob Clothing advice

    Yeah, they should arrive tomorrow Dave. I hope I can make the 18th too. Still can’t get over the fact that I can buy a pair of riding pants for less that an average pair of jeans. If these are half decent, I’m going to get a pair in every color.
  14. A 2

    Noob Clothing advice

    Looks like she’s wearing standard A2 issued gear. Hahah. I wear those same overalls when I ride.
  15. A 2

    Noob Clothing advice

    Just ordered a HWK jacket pant set from Amazon. Figured I’d give it a try. Why so cheap? Am I going to get what I paid for?

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