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  1. Yesterday
  2. It was full of dirt and rust, I think it’s not a common problem but I was thinking the same as you. A drain hole was added!
  3. Does it seem like that particular spot is a collection spot for moisture of some kind ? Causing the corrosion like that ? Maybe good idea to drill a drain hole there ?
  4. Wierdrider

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    It puts a smile on my face 👍
  5. I would kick but I don't have time.
  6. LSD flash back bro. I thought you laid off that stuff man. Kick down.
  7. Last week
  8. , and I could only imagine in my minkd I was day dreaming about a little tiny flower I saw while I was riding, and the trench i was in got deep and I kept plowing it with moderate throttle till my bike was sideways, because I kept wondering how the temps are affecting that tiny thing Every time I mount up lately I'm wondering where that pretty little thing is at .. I hope it grows wild, and I want to watch it grow, so i carefully plot my trail so it leads me back to it. It makes me want to lay down in tall grass in the middle of nowhere and smell it and hold it and eat it (in a literal sence). The colors are so vibrant, it's like putting on strawberry chapstick before you need it... Up up and away I know it's true, my DS tires are blue, until they get to roost all over you, I have my trails , and there's other flowers , but this one type of flower, only my dual sport bike can take me to it and I love my DS..
  9. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    The TTR250 is the same model Lois Pryce took from London to Cape Town. 10,000 miles of ADV
  10. Goofy Footer

    Cracked Steel Subframe - Need Help to Fix

    Steel Frame TTR250. Middle pic shows the where corrosion went forward on the frame. Will need to cut out that gusset plate then re-gusset & fix it.
  11. Zubb

    FS: Kugerator

    Suppose I should update this ad. Unit is sold.
  12. Dress4Less

    FS: Kugerator

    I have a few remaining Kug stickers tucked into the Ogio Flight Vest for rides...several have been applied over the years on various items, in various places...one time a person was accusing me of doing "graffiti". Lets refer to them as "Dick". When I shared the story regarding the legend and back ground of the sticker with "Dick", "Dick" backed off and was ok with it...
  13. socalhodaka

    Shark fin and R&D Flex Jet

    Both parts gone.
  14. ThumperBob

    Brand new klr rear tire never mounted

    That’s a great deal! Someone better grab that tire.😁
  15. $25 to member, even if you don’t need one that’s cheap.
  16. Need these boxes gone they take up space first $40 for pair members only
  17. Yeah given the critical nature of the join would not recommend. But knock youself out, if it fails while riding you might actually knock yourself out Sumtin to think about. If you strip it all the way down that kind of repair I can do in a couple hours with the tig welder easy enough
  18. I've been wanting to learn how to weld! Feels like a perfect, "i learn better by failing" project.
  19. Wintyfresh

    2013 YZ450f

    This well-maintained YZ450f is ready for the track or the desert! Aftermarket parts include Stage II Hot Cams, an oversize IMS gas tank, FMF Q4 pipe (w/ spark arrester), Cycra Pro-Bend wrap around handguards, an Acerbis skid plate, and a Scott's sub mount (Damper not included). Registration is current until June 2022, title is in hand. I took my '21 WR450f to the vet track @ Fox Raceway yesterday and decided it totally meets my needs, so there's no reason for me to keep my YZ450f. $3900 SDAR price, might consider trading for a well set up 110.
  20. ^^ What he just said that is the proper repair for this kind of a crack in a frame.
  21. You bet! We’ll have to do a few rides in my neck of the woods.
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