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  2. royboyz

    Ktm tank bag $75

    Thanks Aleyska, perfect fit for the 690
  3. alyeska

    Ktm tank bag $75

    Bag sold
  4. All the gates were closed this past weekend, but didn't go by La Posta Other than that it was pretty much the same as always. Some patches of snow still up towards the top
  5. Yeh I think you're right. If Fred is closed at the Kitchen creek campground I could go up La Posta to Thing and up the next intersection that's gated with a nice work around. Maybe even get a ways up there before hitting the next gate that is 'new' and construction related.
  6. Yesterday
  7. It's been a LONG time since I rode Fred, but there is a gate, and for me it was closed about half the time. Easily circumvented, probably closed for trucks only. It's a great route, probably worth riding UP Thing to the gate and back out to La Posta.
  8. DSM8


    sent you a PM
  9. No worries, I don't remember you asking. It's actually a Hero8. I got it just before the Hero9 came out, so it was a smokin deal. I'm really happy with the purchase. You have a point....I've hit some pretty dang good bumps and when I watch the vid...it's almost like nothing happened. Though, I bet if mounted to the bike, you'd get much more "action". It's also interesting that inclines/declines don't look as drastic on the video.
  10. Wondering if anyone has explored Fred Canyon within the last few weeks. From Kitchen Creek rd/campground, can you head up? Seems I recall there was always an (open) gate just above the campground. I'm wondering if you can get up to the gate at Thing (and around it still also) Saturday I saw Thing was still gated at the top (sunrise hwy). It would be great if one could ride up Fred, down Thing and loop back out on La Posta.
  11. Just a placeholder for West38Moto in the "schools and tours" thread. www.west38moto.com Training and/or tours in Baja, CA, CO, AZ, NM, UT and ID. Next training is in Borrego March 13,14. For those inclined we leave the following day Monday 15th for a 5 day ADV bike tour of northern Baja. Schedules continually update on the website.
  12. That will be fun for you to compare to the RallZ. I'm pretty stuck on RallZ for the GSA. Let us know if there is any appreciable difference in traction and lifespan.
  13. Just wanted to let you big bike guys know that chaparral has the best deal I've ever seen on the 908 rally raid tire available in 140 and 150 18. The front 21 is on sale also. I've wanted to run this tire for years but couldn't justify the $200 plus price tag. I'm not sure why the tire is so cheap but I have to guess that they must be getting a bit older to be letting them out at that price. I'm currently running the motoz rallz 140 on the 950se, this 908 will be the replacement.
  14. Zubb

    Ranger #12

    Blistered Freds. Can you elaborate. From the bottom up and how far toward Thing before you got gated out? I'm thinking of hitting it tomorrow if there's enough trail open to make it worthwhile.
  15. 😄 good one , serio though bro , we've been on missions before together....This one is steep rock face and deep sand for miles.... If you do decide 2 go 4 it, just follow in my track at HH.. my line is smooth as butter and will soften your concerns.. What's the worst thats could possibly happen? You'll be fine..its gonna make for great video content..
  16. But with the stabilizer, you not getting the feeling. Everything is so smooth.
  17. Now on Cycle Trader as well: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2017-BMW-F+800+GS+ADVENTURE-5015725332/?cmp=email_cycle_paa_posted
  18. Forgive me if you've mentioned this before . . . are you using the Hero9? That vid quality and stabilization is fantastic.
  19. I guess it's easy to make a comment like the above when it's not your $16K scooter or your limbs at risk. I used to ride down far gnarlier hills than this one in my youth. Never said I wouldn't do it....I said I could live with it if I was unable. With age comes wisdom. I don't have anything to prove to anyone.
  20. Ya I'm keeping Friday open for this ride. Something in the news about the rain being diverted slightly .. Ptkoomer has an advanced technique for rocky sections. Just get off and run next to the bike while fluctuating the throttle and clutch pressure.
  21. Yep! No problems from there....ordered some new pegs when I got home. See you on the next one!
  22. What a great looking bike; someone will be very happy indeed!
  23. I settled the price at $10,000.00... with the warranty, all the modifications, and condition of the bike this should make someone very happy new GS owner
  24. Nice meeting you, Did it hold up for the ride home?
  25. Great Ride on Sunday Gents! Thanks again for stopping for the Trail Side Repair! Cheers!
  26. It was ever present. But sometimes the best way to defeat it is to punch that big panzer right through it harder and faster. I averaged 31 mpg both yesterday and today coming home. A full 10 mpg less than normal. That kinda tells you how much throttle I held. Did I mention I love this bike?
  27. Are you joining us? I have not ridden with you in a while. For the 2 step up rock sections I will be nursing the bike over those just due to the weak skid plate but with the expected rain that was should be miles of wet beach sand.
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