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  2. Robert, so by tower track your talking about where we’ve raced some of the ZR races?
  3. https://www.all-spec.com/loctite-anti-seize
  4. If you ever need to get that axle nut off you know whom to call KKuge is experienced in removing them with extreme force
  5. Good information Baggs. Thanks!
  6. SoCalMule


    Pretty soon you are going to be a single digit midget 😋
  7. Uncle Champ

    Motorcycle hauling truck for sale

    Oppps that should have been in the for sale area.
  8. Feel free to delete and slap me if need be. 2002 Dodge Ram 2500, 4x4, 6 speed manual, Diesel, xtra cab (little back doors), almost new tires, new $2500 clutch, new $800. AC Compressor, new starter, custom rear bumper with 15,000 lb. hitch, body very straight, paint OK, upholstery all good, 200,000 miles, everything works, all maintenance kept up, oil changes at 3000 or close etc., always. I've had it since 2003 but I bought my retirement truck so this one has to go. CL says $16,000. seems high to me but... offers?
  9. Thought this might be nice machine from a company nt known for their adventure bikes. I know that KTM owns these guys, but it seems to me that this machine is an offering that does not look like a Pumpkin Klone. What do you think? SCM https://advrider.com/husqvarna-norden-901-the-shocker-eicma-2019/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=12_05_2019
  10. Uncle Champ


  11. Moto Ownership is about Riding and Maintenance. The Ride Reports take care of that side. I had a thought to compile a number of these little maintenance issues here in one thread. We will see how valuable this concept is. Front Axle Grease Seals Six months or more past, I replaced the grease seals on the front axle of my 2016 KTM. Un-knowingly they were installed incorrectly. The seals have a sharp outer lip and the steel spacer has a narrow groove ring. When installing the grease seal ( by tapping in with a socket ), the seal can be pushed too far toward the center of the hub. This can cause said lip to be out of alignment with the spacer groove. In my case this misalignment created a high friction point and premature wearing of the grease seal. I believe my spacers are OEM, and when installed the narrow seal groove is 1 or 2 mm outside of flush with the hub. Leave the grease seal that same distance and you won't have pre-mature seal failure. Dave New install
  12. 0701 First Pros Key Times are as follows For ride off viewing L1 0701 minute 1 Pros #11-14 L2 0840 minute 1 Pros L3 1049 minute 1 pros The last riders key times are 0833, 1012, 1222 #931-934 yes 1.5 hours after the first fast guys go so there will be us leaving and returning all in between and after those times L1 starts at Sta V ends at the Tower/Track down the road west of Sta V, L2 starts and finishes at the Tower, L3 starts at Tower ends at Sta V. PS PTKtoomer is #694, I am #684 Robertaccio PPS happy to hear you guys will come down for fun to spectate and to add to assistance for the Los Ancianos MC, it is a real National/International classic local event.
  13. Mr. J, You are on to another type of travel. Those in Australia will be texting you on details. Me here in LM, thinking another style of moto is needed to keep up with YOU. Bags P.S. You are putting the hours. Watching 👀, 👀
  14. A rainy day and what is a better opportunity to work on the PC. 2500 miles with some fire road dirt, most Asphalt, no Highway. Start time around late March, to make sure that you are back by eastern. Camping, pirate camping and maybe one night Motel in Tombstone. Take a look and let me know if this is a start of a plan. The green section are dirt detours for the one who have more time on there hands and need to ride.
  15. Looks great. Wish I could have made it but not in the cards this time. Just checked the Fish Creek weather station. They got another .6" today. Ought to be really saturated now.
  16. Last week
  17. Uncle Champ


    13 and a half
  18. vanjoosten

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    Thanks Mikey! It's actually never been dropped since I've owned it. I'm getting too old to hit the ground...The only scratches are on the stickers from the Giant Loop bags.
  19. Don't think dust will be a problem......
  20. Mikey777

    Who here rides a 350?

    I pretend to ride a '13 KTM EXC 350f. After spending a decent amount of time with other riders, I wish I had the 500. They are less finicky, the weight difference is nominal, and there is just more there when you need it (and you will need it). Did a BDR on the 350f and got dogged on the long climbs. In the tight twisty single track it is nice to have a light bike, but that is really more about controlling your rear brake and having good clutch control.
  21. Mikey777

    KTM/Husky 500(ish) Questions

    Vanjoosten is a good rider, so that bike has not spent a lot of time getting slammed into the dirt. Hard to fine one that is as clean and set up as nicely as that.
  22. Thanks Chris, I will keep that in mind.
  23. Crawdaddy

    Early planing phase

    I'll be ready to ride on extended/freelance trips by late Spring......hopefully. Udo/all...…..once settled, be advised that we have a spare bedroom for friends/family in Bullhead City for those passing through on their way to Flagstaff, south rim, etc.
  24. Kenny I'll be at road crossing volunteering on lap 2 come find us. South west of Veronica is all I know
  25. Really like Devil's Highway and Rim. There are some cool routes, street and backcountry, on the NM side of this area.
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