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  2. Vintage Veloce

    Splat. Now Crutches.

    Four weeks ago I found a muddle section of trail in the AB desert, got wiggly and caught toe on the edge of the trail. Ouch, that hurt! Broke the bottom of my fibula and a piece off of the tibula. The Dr. put a plate and 7 screws in the fibula 2 weeks ago. The largest screw goes all the way through the fibula to hold it tightly to the tibula. My thanks again to Erik_26 and his son Preston who came and helped unload my bike the day after the crash. The short story? Basically, I'm not very familiar with mud, and I should have been more cautious. And I was unlucky. Tips? Ride with a buddy. (I was alone and got myself out, luckily it wasn't far. I know, I know... buddy system!) Carefully check your map and look for the easiest way out... which may not be the way you rode in. I found a shortcut, but later realized I could have taken an even shorter one. Dr John Austin. Highly recommended. Well, this is probably my worst body damage in 40 years of riding... hopefully I'll make it another 40 years without any more trouble! Carl
  3. KTMrad


    I went to the BDR movie at SDBMW couple weeks ago...they said so far, it's the toughest BDR route. Big bikes OK but only for experienced riders. I've done many of the areas on my own, excluding the most southern portion. Looks like a bitchin' route !
  4. simicrintz

    Changing a tire

    Now that makes sense; I am so stupid some times!!!
  5. Yesterday
  6. stroked 550

    Snow to desert dash

    haha Im glad my writing made you feel like you were there
  7. Crawdaddy

    Changing a tire

    Don't be fooled........he's simply offering to take a picture of his boots while also offering advice from the lounge chair with a cold beer in his hand
  8. planned on it again...but still living on broke back mountain.
  9. simicrintz

    Changing a tire

    I have seen a few of those pics, Van, and they always make me smile
  10. simicrintz

    Changing a tire

    Wow, Chris; that is an awesome offer!! I will get the rear wheel off of the XR (hopefully over the weekend) and then check your schedule. I am happy to drive up at your convenience. Very cool offer; thank you!!
  11. Have fun bummed cant make it on kid duty sunday
  12. Anyone else going Sunday. We (Getsmacked - Anthony Thomas E and myself) will be riding the hard route then possibly do a second loop on the easy loop. Getting there about 6am to get our bikes in line. 2 years ago I did this ride in the rain. Probably my number one best ride ever. Anyone want to join us. Must be an advanced type of rider.
  13. Last week
  14. Van

    Changing a tire

    Cid is great at tire changing management!!
  15. More than welcome to show up FRI evening. I feel that many people were holding off to see what the weather was going to do. I have ordered plenty of extra just in case we get slammed with walk ups. Thanks for coming out!
  16. Got it, thanks. At this point, do you anticipate the ride filling up, or can we turn up last minute on FRI night?
  17. It should not impact the ride on Sat. Should be sunny Fri, Sat and Sun. I can only imagine that IF there is snow on WED/ Thurs morning it will be gone on FRI. I try not to go through Julian. I go out the 79 to the S2 as it is an easier route with the toyhauler.
  18. Snow and road closures expected to impact this event? I see Julian is struggling with visitors and telling people to stay away.
  19. Covered in Dust

    Changing a tire

    Bruce you are welcome to come by my house for a hands on lesson or I might be able to come to your house and help out. Let me know. Chris
  20. Work will be a bit hectic for me on Friday so I will be in later Friday night. Planning on staying in Julian Friday and Saturday nights.
  21. simicrintz

    Changing a tire

    I got into a predicament (my son wanted to go riding) and ended up taking it down to Cycle Gera to finish it up (I am embarrassed to say it but I was running out of time and Kug stopped by (not the reason I was running out of time!!) and saw it missing so I can't even lie and say I did it!). But........I still need to do the rear on my XR650 so I will be back on this again soon. I will get this, and I really do appreciate all of the advice. I am sure that once I figure it out the first time it will all be much clearer!
  22. Wierdrider

    Jamulian Exploration.

    The sky’s were gorgeous last night 👍
  23. Show up anytime Friday. Hell, show up Thursday!
  24. Well that sucks .-Hopefully they will reopen it soon.
  25. Great, two o’clock okay to arrive on Friday?
  26. Was looking forward to checking out Coyote and Sheep Canyons after the rain, only to find that access was closed at the end of Di Giorgio Rd because of flooding. In the spirit of avoiding trouble I decided to ride elsewhere and instead rode some badland washes and a quick run out to Fonts Point. Sand conditions were near perfect, what a blast!. Anyway, anyone have an idea when Coyote Canyon will be open again?
  27. Mule, yes, of course...and we can use help as Cosmo mentioned.
  28. dirt dame

    Changing a tire

    It's a Coats 220.
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