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  2. Cosmo

    Adventure bike tent

    Saw this on Facebook, laughed at all the people that fell for it!
  3. Cosmo

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Working on a jobsite in SD last week, I came across this dilemma! Do I leave it for fellow co-workers or take it home to the wife!
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  5. Uncle Champ

    How to Wire a Motorcycle

    Wow, all that info in one place. I remember when I was changing my 450x to street legal I found an older Honda that was on a front bumper rack of a pickup in a wrecking yard. The bike was the first vehicle to the wreck. Anyway I painstakingly took the bike apart labeling the wires and making a hardcopy of what wires went where. It turned out that actually it is all pretty simple when all laid out on paper. There were things like LED lights don't blink right with regular flashers etc. But even things like horn wiring is fairly strange the first time around. Don't be afraid, if I can do it so can you. Cheers,
  6. (While I never posted the last few weeks of our travels in 2028 yet) Randy, you have plenty of time to write the section, hope Doc recovers faster.
  7. Hey KTMrad, that sounds like a challenging scenario, wishing you and your riding partner Doc well!
  8. https://www.bikeexif.com/motorcycle-wiring My son sent a Link from this E-Magazine. Interesting topics. This one is on How your motorcycle electrics works. Who Knew?
  9. Wow, scary stuff about Doc. Glad to hear he's going to be ok!
  10. I don't use Avenza . I always get my app help from here when I need more technical stuff, way more users and help https://advrider.com/f/forums/mapping-navigation.37/ If you do change apps, I recommend free version's first to see if you like it. From user OHGOOD: Avenza does a good job of displaying geo referenced PDFs. that's it. "for navigation try Gaia, motion x, etc on the iOS store... or REALLY jump to the top and get a $50 Android + locus map pro https://advrider.com/f/threads/anybody-using-avenza.1416112/
  11. dsharp

    COVID - Picture Contest

    That's my son and I, so those rules don't apply - I think...
  12. While I never posted the last few weeks of our travels in 2018 yet (I will do soon, I promise), many of you know we had some setbacks with more mods to the sidecar rig to get it right and I decided to postpone the trip and continue working to recoup some of my losses. Then, Doc had to have knee surgery to repair his torn CCL which was another unexpected expense and 6 months of rehab, so we delayed our departure another year. Plan was and still is to move forward with our trip January of 2021 to continue to Mexico and South America. Well, we just had another major setback, I almost lost Doc due to Spontaneous Pneumothorax, where his lungs had 2 "bulla" pop on his lung lobes and air leaked into his chest cavity and luckily I got him to emergency surgery with only a few minutes left to spare, he almost died on the way to VCA Animal Hospital in Kearny Mesa where they saved his life. We're still planning on leaving in January of 2021...here is what happened, and a couple of photos from the hospital where he is recovering from this life threatening incident...he is doing well and I hope to have him home tomorrow or Sunday.... Doc Holliday Update evening of 4/2 ...he continues on his way to recovery, all is well, the hospital staff all love him, I'm sure he is getting plenty of love.. Peace, out. 4/2 UPDATE: Just talked to his surgeon, she’s happy with how Doc is doing, no air leakage today, he still has tubes in his chest to relieve air just in case, she hopes to take one of them out today, if all goes well she’ll take the other out tomorrow. He’s already walked outside to go pee, and she said he’s resting comfortably…and everyone loves him there. She’s going to reduce his pain meds a bit and try to get him to eat today. He’ll probably be there a minimum of 2 more nights, once they take the second tube out they have to monitor him to make sure he does well after that and has no more air leakage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/1 UPDATE: Doc is out of surgery and surgeon found 2 "bulla" on his lung and had to remove them and staple the holes shut. His chest cavity pressure is now negative which means no more leakage from his lungs. Barring any further complications, prognosis is good, but next couple days are crucial. I originally thought he was getting stomach bloat, which can also be deadly and has similar symptoms. Please Google "Bulla in dog's lungs", and "Spontaneous Pneumothorax" and read the symptoms and possible causes and be aware, it might just save your pet's life (applies to cats too)...time is of the essence in diagnosis and treatment...it could even be caused by Grass awn migration and or foxtails...surgeon did not see that, biopsy MIGHT explain possible cause, but then again it sometimes just happens. Doc is gonna pull through this, everybody loves Doc. ‐‐---------------------------------------- Original Post: Please send some positive energy, vibes, prayers, whatever it is you like to do...for Doc, he is in critical condition right now at the emergency vet, his lungs are leaking air into his chest cavity, they don't know why yet. He is currently stabilized, got him here just in time...more testing needed to find out what's wrong. UPDATE: CT scan done, they think he had a lung lobe pop which then causes the lung to leak, they can't see it in scan, so they have to open up his chest, pry open his ribs to try to find the leak, then remove piece of lung...hopefully they can find leak. He's in surgery now, he's not out of the woods yet. I almost lost him in the car ride from one vet to emergency, that was horrible seeing him like that, I kept telling him to hang on and he'd be getting help soon....got there in the nick of time to save him. He's gonna get through this.
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  14. amgems

    GPS Phone APP's Android or iPhone for 2020

    I originally posted this in the other Phone GPS thread...Then I saw this one. Any of you guys using Avenza Maps? Any pros / cons? Some of the guys here in AZ that use phones for navigation use it. They like it because some of the National Forest MVUM can be downloaded from the FS web pages to it. Looks like it can record tracks, but not sure if tracks can be loaded into it.
  15. Zubb

    Phone based gps help!

    That vid reminds me of the mountain bike trails in Fruita CO. Epic.
  16. Welcome Hox! "There is a professional photographer that I ride with" - we actually have two! One retired one always working...
  17. Hi Greg, my wife and I were married in Hana. There is a professional photographer that I ride with that would probably like to swap stories with you. There is a friendly group in your age bracket that likes to ride out in the Anza Borrego area when allowed to. Welcome to the forum. 😀
  18. SoCalMule

    COVID - Picture Contest

    I like how your bikes are social distancing 😉
  19. SoCalMule

    COVID - Picture Contest

    What a great shot!
  20. dsharp

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Sunday at Superstition.
  21. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure there will be lots of rides posted once we get past this current situation.
  22. Aloha! I'm new to the area after 30 years on Maui. I'm 60 years old and ride a plated 2013 Husky TE449. I'm in North San Diego in the Sorrento Valley area. I'm hoping to connect with other riders with similar riding abilities. I am a commercial, wedding and portrait photographer and I still own and operate a full service wedding planning company on Maui. Thanks for adding me to your group! Cheers! Greg
  23. Hox

    COVID - Picture Contest

    You don't need to enter this in the picture contest but thought I'd share because it fits most of the criteria except being current. This is on the North shore of Maui near Kahakuloa Village. Stay safe out there! Cheers! Greg :) Credit: The photo was shot by Kalani Prince with Accidental Broadcast on a Sony RX100.
  24. The main app, my group uses is Locus Map Pro. One time $10.99 fee. I always recommend you get an app your group uses. Don't go off a forum, use one your buddies are using. That helps the learning curve tremendously if your friends can show you. Wanted to post a great app I enjoy, worth the $45 lifetime. https://www.californiatrailmap.com/ Here is my Locus Map Pro, I always ride in offline topo map mode to see the trails, this is just an example. Here it is for Baja. That topo map is downloaded off GE.
  25. royboyz

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Damn Kelly, you got me
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