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  1. Nice meeting you, Did it hold up for the ride home?
  2. Are you joining us? I have not ridden with you in a while. For the 2 step up rock sections I will be nursing the bike over those just due to the weak skid plate but with the expected rain that was should be miles of wet beach sand.
  3. So the 2 guys that left when we Anza, They both have done it (on KTM 690 and the 701) They also felt bad for holding people up, but for me I just want people to ride within their comfortable pace and never worry about holding people up. That's how bad things happed. Maybe soon we can ride out to the end of fish creek an ride towards the drop. That way it's just the sand wash. I am not suggesting going up the drop, I think that is not even allowed and no way I would attempt that on a large bike lol.
  4. I agree, this is not a Lost Valley Rd to Anza ride. and is not recommended to new to dirt riders but super fun. Last time I went I had to get 2 of my friends bikes down the drop for them. The rest they were fine
  5. I am very new to the adv bike, basically have 1 off-road ride under my belt. I have ridden pinyon/fish creek 4 times on 450s and I thought it was fun. I just never can rate my skill level I guess. But I am comfortable on a bike I guess. Do you think its premature to try it on my 790?
  6. This Friday or Saturday should be perfect out there
  7. Very nice videos. Thank you for sharing. And wow I love the sound of your bike. Triumphs always sound amazing
  8. Looks like rain Wednesday into Thursday so that should make this ride perfect!! No dust and traction city is anyone interested? I have a friend tentative for Friday, I’ll be on the 790 but need to take it real easy at the rocky section due to the lack of a real skid plate. I just have the OEM one
  9. Yes I passed a Subaru and a Toyota on that trail
  10. After we split off, I decide to hit black canyon and try and find you guys via the other side of mesa grande. I came across some cyclist and I asked of some motorcycles went by, they said yes. I caught up with some bikes but it was not you guys. I also saw that truck getting recovered. Very good ride
  11. What a great day riding with so many great people Thank you to everyone that came out. So far I this we had 2 riders down but both ok a ripped tail bag, lost luggage but recovered, flat tire broken foot peg bent rear brake lever lots of dust and good Mexican food mr Ja Ja took the lead and I was the sweeper for the 1st section 2 of my friends as expected, really struggled and I appreciated everyone’s patience with that One of them had a flat but a really slow leak So I aired his tire up to 30 psi and he decided to head straight home he did not bring his tubes and I am tubeless, so I could not help much mother than that I did not see much for the 1st half of the ride after lunch I had a chance to take the lead and test out my 790 at a little more aggressive pace. Wow!!! What in impressive bike I am so happy I decided on this Thank you to everyone that gave me information on this The only thing I need to get dialed in is the rear shock At slow speed it’s a Cadillac, pick up the pace at it was chatter city the tires I am super impressed with The MotoZ Tractionator rallyz came on the bike and the front was pretty worn So I went with the tranctionator adventure front Very impressive anywaus I have video I will go through and if there is any good footage I will post it up thank you again to everyone who joined I am very sorry I am so bad with names
  12. I am hoping the guys I am going with will last long enough to make it to Idyllwild but most likely won’t even be close. I started this ride to get my buddy Bob out for his 1st ride on his newly acquired KLR. Just just got it running a couple days ago. He is my track buddy and an old desert rat. He will be fine just unsure about the bike. Then it grew to my other buddies whom I rode the TAT with but one of them has not been on his bike in well over a year and he is mid 60s. So I am not sure how far he wants to go, which is why I said to Anza and maybe beyond?? So I’ll play it by ear if we are making good time and a few cut out together, I may continue on. Sounds like we are getting a good sized group which will be awesome. Plus I am anxious to get the 790 out on the dirt ill keep a eye on here and update if we end up going farther out have fun
  13. I live in the estates so if you are coming up wildcat I can meet you I will desperately try to do the black canyon route. I most likely will be running on less than 1 hr sleep though.
  14. Ok looks like meeting here at 8:30 33°17'17.3"N 116°39'24.3"W https://goo.gl/maps/XDfuARWSk5z39H3i8 I will be riding out of Ramona I would like to do black canyon but honestly that would be real tough for me I work 2nd shift and do not sleep until 3 or 4 am
  15. I am in Ramona. I am trying to get a set start time with the guys. I’ll know that by tomorrow but it will be my guess 8 or 9. I will keep you posted. Also I am very curious to see a T7 in person