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  1. Pokey151

    Back home after 30 years away

    As @shutterrev said, it was great meeting you, I hope to ride as a group more often
  2. Pokey151

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    On my way
  3. Pokey151

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    So I’m in as long as no issues with my dog. I want more seat time on my 500 exc
  4. Pokey151

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    Is this a rain or shine ride? Looks like rain but nothing bad
  5. Pokey151

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    I hope to make it
  6. Do you have the stock tank? I see it in the picture
  7. Pokey151

    Sandblast Hare & Hound, who's going?

    1st gear is for riding through the pits Bob 😁
  8. Pokey151

    Sandblast Hare & Hound, who's going?

    WTH are you doing in 1st gear? Don't go that slow, that's my advice 14/48 is good gearing I am still debating on joining that race. I do miss racing and man I am out of shape and still need to get use to the 500. I've ridden it 3 times
  9. I want to get out on either a non plated or the 500 exc. My last ride with @ECDave and @SANRider out at Jasper/Grapevine was really fun on the 500. I am starting to like it but still lots to learn. I would not mind doing the same route again but open to others. Maybe even Bee Canyon, there may be a bit of snow up top
  10. Pokey151

    ocotillo wander

    Looks like a great trip
  11. Pokey151

    1997 KTM300EXC (overlap project)

    Hopefully it’s still good. Maybe seal it with epoxy. Can’t believe I remembered that
  12. great video, I am sure an owner of the bike would be extremely thankful for that. It very well made. It's crazy how much work that is. I owned a Ducati 1098 and that bike was so easy to work on.
  13. Pokey151


    Good ride today. It was nice to get some seat time on the 500, I am liking that bike
  14. Pokey151


    Awesome sounds good. See you guys tomorrow at 9
  15. Pokey151


    Oh, ok I know that route, I’ve done it twice on my 790. I’d like to take the 500. I have a 3 gal tank, if I top off in Julian, I should have enough range right? I am in for this but as an FYI I have a small chance on flaking due to my sick dog. He has seizure’s. He has them usually once in a 1-2 month span, he had one last Sunday so history shows we should be fine but the last 2 days he has been acting weird so we are on high alert

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