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  1. If I get time to check my valves Saturday, I'm down for Sunday. I just checked them a few rides ago but I am paranoid and think they sound loud.
  2. Well after dealing with a family emergency a buddy late last night checked in. We are headed to bee canyon to go play in the snow and try and find some more technical trails. If we can't find them, the views are worth it. With another storm coming next week should be great also
  3. Lol well yeah riding buddies. Is it pathetic I only recognize one name you said. Fish creek. My limitation I guess is range, I have a stock tank and can carry a couple liters of spare fuel. Well I heard of tecate (I dont like to go into mexico) and superstition.
  4. I need to find reliable friends. Too many flakes. I am really in need of a ride. I have a ktm 450exc. So the more dirt the better.
  5. Pokey151

    Super Cross at PETCO

    I dont think they run recluse clutches, I wonder it that's an extension to run more plates because of the mud, they always burn clutches during the mud races?
  6. Sunday I'm looking to head out to bee canyon. Light rain with snow up top should be great scenery and fun riding. Will be that the base at 9 am in anyone is interested
  7. Pokey151

    Fresh Fish 🐠

    It's not the size of the bike, its how you use it. Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people in here
  8. Pokey151

    Can I use this for fuel?

    So a cheap way in at lowes and home depot they have the 1L fuel cans of premixed 2 stroke fuel. I use them for my leaf blower etc.. I reused them for fuel just fine
  9. Where is this? I am really getting into this riding
  10. Pokey151

    Sunday- Inkopah East

    Ok, Someday I need to figure what is considered beg, int, and advanced
  11. Pokey151

    Sunday- Inkopah East

    I'd like to join, still no borameter of my skillset in technical stuff, it's new to me. I rode pinyon to fish creek with the big group. That was fun. I may ride Cahuilla Sunday (new vet track is opening this weekend) so I guess I should make up my mind
  12. I think it's all on their property
  13. That's a really fun course. Been doing that for years. Did you ride over the log bridge? Its towards the start