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  1. So is anyone planning on riding Sunday? It’s been a while. If I go through rough stuff I may need a few breaks to catch my breath but other than that I am anxious to get out. I have a 790 and a 300 xcw. I never rode Corral Canyon, and I have been to McCain but did not explore much looking for mellow to intermediate stuff I am open to anywhere. as far as distance, I have stock tanks on both machines
  2. on the race track I feel the difference. As the oil heats up, air pressure builds and creates basically a preload to my understanding. I am not a suspension guy but I spent many many many thousands on suspension on my race bike(s) and when I get them re-tuned from Enzo, they always ask if I bled, I ask why, and that's what was mentioned to me.
  3. Pokey151

    The latest.....

    Thank you for taking the reins
  4. If you are going to explore ocotillo I would not mind joining you. I would love to get some seat time on my 300
  5. Pokey151

    another new guy

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people in here
  6. Thanks for posting, I rode BLM over the weekend. It was pretty hot but glad to get seat time. Waiting for cool weather makes me feel like a kid waiting for Xmas. I have a new ktm 300 I have been waiting on parts for 5 months. I finally got everything the weekend they closed the forest
  7. Sounds good, I will keep an eye out for you.
  8. I will look for you but I have no idea where/what staging areas there are I have only been there once and did not get a chance to ride much so it is all new to me i only know this spot https://goo.gl/maps/5GiaAdWN3nL3y8Kz8
  9. Pokey151

    ABS On or Off?

    ABS for off road is extremely dangerous IMO especially if you go down still hills
  10. Saturday it looks like. That is the only day my buddy can go
  11. I finally got my skid plate and Spark arrestor so I really want to go out and ride the 300. I really do not know the area. I am not looking for anything too technical just yet. I would call myself an average rider From what I hear McCain is open but do not know the area
  12. very cool. I need to take a few lessons for my adv bike. its totally different than the 450's