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  1. I should be able to make this
  2. Pokey151

    Desert Loop

    I would love to do this, but I am a kid before Christmas if there is snow art the top of Bee Canyon. Looks like we are finally going to make it. I am aware its closed of the 74, so we need to enter another route. If for some reason this trip gets canceled, I will join at the last minute Have fun
  3. WOW!!! That looks amazing. Definitely need to do this soon. Fantastic editing!!
  4. Same for Ramona!! I also agree we don't need more desert.
  5. Pokey151

    NorCal BDR - Trailer

    Oh I cant wait! Thanks for posting
  6. Last year a few of us rode Otay, at the pink gate. We got light rain and on my ride home it let loose. I kinda like dealing with elements. Snow, rain etc. Anyone planning on riding this Sunday?
  7. Pokey151

    Why AI is bad

    Needs yellow lights and stickers on the luggage
  8. Sounds similar for sure and no, did not eat any. I read they used to make soap out of it and coyotes do not eat them
  9. Thanks, I have seen that issue before. This instance was his adjuster bolt. The locking nut backed off the the bolt was flopping around and got wedged on the rim of the brake pedal where the bold normally fits in the recessed spot
  10. So, glad we wear Sena’s. My buddy who had not been on his bike in a while, decided to join me for a ride. Were we’re riding through the sand and my buddy calls out and says “can you turn around, if feels like my rear brake is locking up”. So turn around and pull up and you can smell the brake. We both look and see flames coming out of his caliper. As I was coming over he was throwing sand on it and I was reaching for my camelback hose. Got it out before any real damage. If you know 690s the fuel tank is in the rear of the bike and he was carrying spare fuel in his bags which is directly above the rear caliper. Not sure if the flame would have ever gotten larger or not but from my experience if a bike catches on fire, chances are, it ends up being really bad. His rear brake adjuster’s locking nut backed out and the treaded screw was very loose. Best guess if when he used his back brake, the screw popped out of the landing and got wedged between the pedal and the master cylinder holding the pedal down enough to load it down. We were is sand so the bike feels loaded. He is very rusty and usually is not sensitive to changes with his bike until it’s at an extreme. (More on this subject later) Now that the fire is out, we waited for it to cool off and did a bolt check. We continued on to find the absolute best conditions on this trail. Since the Geico Adventure Rally they must have graded the hills and towards Ranchita it would say 80% of the ruts have also been graded. The moist soil would have made a heavyweight adv pretty easy to ride there. Anyways we saw lots of wildlife. I saw a few big coyotes then say what I thought was a pile of apples. So I thought coming was feeding the wildlife. As we reached the end, I saw more and more piles of what I thought was dumped fruit. That made no sense. I walked over and saw they were small melons. There was patches everywhere??? Well the rookies we are, I looked up at the sign we were parked next to, only to see a picture on the same melon. lol. It was a coyote melon. Completely new to me, never seen or heard of them but there were everywhere We turned around to take the same way back, when we hit the pavement, I aired back up, gave him my pump and gauge, he pumped up, back on the road, maybe halfway up the mountain to Julian he says “hey can you pull over, I think my front tire is going flat” I pull over at a turnout, he comes up and his tire is full flat and half off the bead (as I mentioned before, he only notices things when it’s full extreme) So I search for anything sticking in his tire Could not find anything’ so I want to put air in the tire and seat the bead I use my Co2 set the bead and it’s holding air Looks like he had a pebble pushing the valve which released the air I told him why he needs caps on them for that exact reason lol made it home safe and sound Super fun day and he kept it interesting
  11. Wow the conditions were perfect. I’ve never seen this trail so good. I’ll fill in more, but had a bike fire, saw a lot of wild melons and had to deal with a randoy flat. Downloading pics
  12. Pokey151

    1997 KTM300EXC (overlap project)

    Sent this to a friend who should love this bike. If I had the extra cash, I’d pick it up for a loaner but I have 4 bikes in the garage already. It’s hard enough to cycle through them so they don’t start to have issues from sitting
  13. I'm a definite 50/50 on this
  14. Pokey151

    New Bike

    Nice bike! Congrats
  15. Pokey151

    Big BEar

    makes sense to me

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