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  1. Pokey151

    Picked up a new leftover 19 CRF450L

    Thanks everyone
  2. Pokey151

    Picked up a new leftover 19 CRF450L

    Thanks, that is the one I was looking at. Thank you! ğŸ˜Ž
  3. With this new bike, I had a hard decision between this and the new KTM 500 EXC. The rebate on the CRF pushed me to red. I was able to get the CRF PLUS all the goodies including a larger tank for what the 500 was. I know its still not a KTM 500 though. Anyways my point of this post is to just link up and ride new places. As I type this, its still all stock minus a set of Goldentyres (which are very slippery on the street. Downshifting breaks the rear loose. Reminds me of my supermoto days with a overheated rear tire.) So I am waiting for all the parts to show up. I still need just a couple items I forgot to order, a skid plate and hand guards. I also should add a GPS to this as well Maybe a scotts steering stabilizer? What are your thoughts on a GPS and skid plate for these? My older KTM I added a trail tech Voyager, I really liked it but I think its overkill because of this bike already having temp, speedo etc.. Skid plates, aluminum or the new plastic ones? I am use to the metal and never trusted the plastic but reading up on them, they seem to be solid. Also for the current 450L owners, any info would be appreciated.
  4. Pokey151

    For Sale 2005 KTM 450-EXC (Plated)

    ha ha, that's awesome.
  5. Pokey151

    For Sale 2005 KTM 450-EXC (Plated)

    Yeah, the new owner seemed excited.
  6. Pokey151

    For Sale 2005 KTM 450-EXC (Plated)

    SOLD! Nice meeting you, enjoy it, she will be missed
  7. Could I look at your KTM for sale tomorrow? my number is (619)394-0991

  8. VERY low mi about 2500 mi total on the bike. It needs nothing. Everything is stock but I upgraded to a trailtech GPS unit (I still have the OEM speedo) New chain and sprokets, new battery I will be keeping the giant loop luggage. This year came as a green sticker and I transfered it to SD to get a plate. We can transfer it back to CA. It has everything installed to remain street legal. lights, blinkers, horn etc.. I check the valves every other oil change Title in hand Bike is located in Ramona asking $2500 Reason I am selling it, is I just bought a new Honda 450L
  9. Registration is open. It seriously was beyond epic last year. It rained a couple days before and ould not have asked for better conditions. I am signing up right now. Has anyone else done it? https://www.sobobarides.biz/shop
  10. I work Thursday as well but I am taking the next 2 weeks off. I sure would like to get out with you guys
  11. Yes, Air cleaner also. I keep 2 cleaned and oiled and one on the bike. I have a stock tank I and good for roughly 80 mi? I carry 1.5L of spare fuel so not a lot of range. 2 of my buddies are showing interest in the pinion/fish creek. I will check with them, if not I am pretty open. I still have no basis on my skill level? I am not a beginner, just newish to dual sport.
  12. Yeah I drained the fuel out of the carb before, I just did the oil. Checked the valves and replaced the battery. And had to fix a wiring issue. I have new chain and sprockets I need to install this week but that wont take long.
  13. Where is everyone going? I have not taken my bike out in 6 months, this rain should make great conditions
  14. Sorry was dealing with the big family issues. A molex for the lights is damaged. 6 wires Wires broke right at the crimp, so it will just take time to pin everything out and install a new molex. Thanks for the offer, I can handle the wiring, its just finding the time
  15. If I get my bike up done, what type of range is needed? I have a stock exc tank I think I am good for 70-80 mi?