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  1. So I am charging my helmet light, does anyone want to use my spare? It mounts on a GoPro mount, I have spare mounts (flat and curved) if anyone wants to try one out. They are fantastic
  2. Got it installed, 1 screw gave me all the access. Very interested it trying this out
  3. I vote the longer path as well but will go with the majority which ever is decided
  4. @Hawkins are you planning on going? I may install the buddy tracker antenna, if I get time tomorrow evening, on the Voyager pro, you are the only other person I’ve seen using it, it would be cool to try it out
  5. My 05 exc headlight was basically equivalent to an oil lamp, I know what you mean. Good thing is you just ride with others and there is enough light
  6. Yes, you are the one who shared it with me. It’s been quite a few years. We did it to prep for the TAT. We rode up and I wanted to do the same way back but my buddy was wiped out so we did the freeway back to San Diego. Long day for sure but some spots were pretty scenic.
  7. See if this works, and mods, if I am not supposed to openly share tracks, let me know. mesa grande to big bear-1.zip
  8. I have a route someone shared with me a while ago, its Ramona to Big Bear
  9. Oxbow Voyager is my loaner, I love if for the cost ($100) but I won a Desert Unlimited light which is what I use now.
  10. I have a spare helmet light you can try out, Ill never ride off road again without one. It snaps in a gopro mount (works best on top of the helmet) then there is a battery pack that drops into your backpack
  11. Ouch! I got bit my a spider and it looked like that, the bit mark ended up looking like a burn, then road rash. The red patches grew to about 8 inch radius and lasted about 10 days, but the bite wound lasted a few weeks
  12. You should take a couple antihistamines. It helps a lot for bite like that.
  13. Photo number 2 on the KTM is me Pokey151 on the right is RJG967 on the camo KLR, if you look hard you can see the bike, it is camo after all

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