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  1. Not sure where. Thinking Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneer town, or a Salton Sea tour, or Calico, or Big Bear etc. a 200-300 mi trip.
  2. Pokey151

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    I agree, I've owned 2 in my life, I would like another. Not in a rush, but a year or 2 out
  3. Pokey151

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    I would get something else. I miss my Harley
  4. Pokey151

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    When you are ready, I'll sell you my 790 for a stupid low price.
  5. Pokey151

    Resistance was futile...

    We need to do a 2'fer Tuesday soon
  6. Let me Know Robert. Good to hear about the 610 refresh.
  7. Thinking about heading there tomorrow. I mainly wanted to just to see the Ghost town but I see there is a whole OHV. Have anyone ridden up there?
  8. Meeting at the Ramona coffee shop at 8 am. Easy pace, I have a fairing new rider. So should be mellow. Might stop off at Cahuilla racetrack just to show him what they look like, but will not be riding the track.
  9. Staging at Holmes Camp. Small bikes. Doing some exploring and hooligan stuff
  10. Pokey151

    McCain Madness?

    No snow out here but the roads are wet little bit of standing water on the side of the freeway. I don’t see standing water out in the dirt but it looks perfectly watered. It’s currently 37°. Wish I was able to go.
  11. Pokey151

    McCain Madness?

    I'm driving out to Plaster city in a few minutes, I'll be passing McCain. I'll post up info
  12. Pokey151

    Ride overdue

    Amazing how much comfort changes your riding. Good to hear you are out enjoying and those 350s are amazing bikes
  13. I should be able to make this
  14. Pokey151

    Desert Loop

    I would love to do this, but I am a kid before Christmas if there is snow art the top of Bee Canyon. Looks like we are finally going to make it. I am aware its closed of the 74, so we need to enter another route. If for some reason this trip gets canceled, I will join at the last minute Have fun
  15. WOW!!! That looks amazing. Definitely need to do this soon. Fantastic editing!!

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