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  1. If I can get out of bed, I will do this. I have a pretty bad old injury that acts up and immobilizes me (2 crushed discs) Sunday I went out to the MX track unloaded my bike and it felt like someone stuck a knife in my back. Reloading the bike was torture and still cannot walk upright. Sucks, drove out, paid an entrance fee to sit there and not ride. To top it off when I pulled in my driveway, my main garage door torsion spring broke and it wont open. Waiting on parts to show up
  2. Pokey151

    Happy Thanksgiving 2020

    No family around besides the Mrs due to covid stuff but still brine and fried a turkey Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  3. Pokey151

    2009 Ktm 400 no spark

    That sucks. Hopefully that's all it is and you are back out soon
  4. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Looks like I will be there about 8:10
  5. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Cool, that's the place I found. See you tomorrow
  6. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Doesn't work
  7. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Ok thanks. CRF it is
  8. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Question is a CRF450L with skid plate etc. It is heavier. So is it good for there or would a MX bike YZ450F be better. It does not have a skid plate. Its set up for a track
  9. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Never been there, ill try and find it. I'll be on a crf450l driving out in a black tacoma
  10. Pokey151

    McCain Sun 8AM

    Where is oak tree? If I can finish my errands I will go
  11. Thanks Next storm I will be there again and yes you need warm gear and waterproof gloves. The last song was Terry Reid - Seed of Memory Another great song is "To be treated rite" also from Terry Reid (yes it is misspelled not by me)
  12. Went out to ride bee canyon in the storm. Its one of my favorite things to do when a cold storm comes through. We geared up in the rain rode through mud, wet sand, decomposed granite, puddles, ice, snow amd sleet. Such a good time Here is a condesed video. Sorry about the music. I added 2 songs (beginning and end) my mail pc crashed so I edited it on my laptop and had 3 songs to choose from. Annyways its about 19 1/2 min long. All slow paced stuff. Was just out to enjoy the elements and ride in snow If anyone is interested, next cold storm that blows through. I will be there
  13. Super cool! Can you share the route? I have the same bike and would love to do that.
  14. Pokey151

    Leaking Fork Seal

    Symptoms can be dirt in the seal misaligned forks air pressure in the forks and transported with forks compressed usually wont do this unless there are any other issues listed worn bushings a nick in the fork tube
  15. I'm a solid 50/50 right now. I just added a new exhaust to my Harley (went from slip on's to a full system and flash) so excited to take that out this weekend and my mx race bike, I just got the suspension re-revalved and am really itching to try it out at the track, plus I picked up a older creampuff 03 CRF450R I need to clean the carb, grease bushings, fluid change etc and start the conversion to make it a flat tracker. So if I put aside some of that, I can make it. I really enjoyed the last trip out there