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  1. Pokey151

    2013 Honda CBR250R - SOLD!!

    I may possibly have a friend interested in this. I will see him this weekend and ask
  2. OMG This looks perfect!!!! Do you have GPS for this? or would you care to do it again and let me tag along on my 790? Thank you for sharing this
  3. Last couple times I was up there, we stayed at the RV park, geared up rode to get breakfast, ran into a local and he took us out. Sorry I do not know the route but it seems there are lots of friendly riders out there
  4. Pokey151

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    Google says, a generic amount of sag is 33% of your travel. Might be a good starting point? just read on a KLR forum a guy is running 2.6 inch or 66mm and is happy with the handling So here is my thought: Stock travel for the gen 1 is 9.1 inch in the rear, so 33% is 3.03 in or 76.2mm So the window I would assume would be 66-72mm sag
  5. Pokey151

    1st gen KLR650 tank slapper at 80

    Check your sag. I bet the new rear shock is making it sink bug, also lower the forks to help
  6. Pokey151

    SDAR BBQ Informal Meeting and Sendoff 4/27

    I am stuck at work on a hot project. Sorry I will be missing this
  7. Pokey151

    GPS track/route Pinyon to Fish Creek?

    Sent Oh wait, I may have misread. I only have the Pinyon to fish creek, I have no idea what desert dash is. Sorry if I was not a help
  8. Pokey151

    Short 160 miles

    I would like to join you on your next ride if work allows
  9. Pokey151

    GPS track/route Pinyon to Fish Creek?

    I have the gpx. Pm me your email and I will send it
  10. i had no idea that place existed wow!! My ride to North Glamis fell through so I rode the 790 all pavement out towards Joshua tree. Does that ride require a plate? Iā€™d like to take the 300 out
  11. Are we going to have a sending off party?
  12. Not sure if anyone is interested but 4/3 I am trucking out to meet some friends who will be riding Glamis North Hotsprings. I never been there so I can only go by the Youtube video my friend sent me. It's going to be a mellow ride with a mix of bikes and a couple SxS's I am taking my 300 so a SxS will be carrying spare fuel and a cooler (my 2 stroke has a stock tank and I do not know what distance we are riding). I am just doing a 1 day trip, they are headed out now through Sunday. Anyone else interested?
  13. Pokey151

    New to the Forum

    Welcome šŸ˜Ž
  14. Pokey151

    New Rider in the Escondido Area

    Welcome. You will find lots of friendly and helpful people in here. Hope to see you on a ride soon