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  1. Pokey151

    Jamul Rains

    I want to ride saturday
  2. Pokey151

    SDAR now has a track library

    I think that is a great idea
  3. Pokey151

    GPS track/route Pinyon to Fish Creek?

    Just sent thank you
  4. I sold my KTM that had the GPS on it, I forgot to pull the SD card so I lost my tracks. Does anyone have it and would care to share. with this storm, I'd like to head out soon but forgot sections and do not want to get lost. Thanks
  5. Pokey151

    Time to retire/ride MORE

    So awesome Happy Bday and congrats
  6. Pokey151

    Forgot to lock my trailer. Ouch!

    keep an eye out on offer up, letgo along with CL. Maybe in the trade sections too. I cannot stand thieves
  7. Pokey151

    Soboba trail ride feb 23rd 2020

    Me on Saturday if the weather is accurate #FINGERSCROSSED
  8. Pokey151

    Soboba trail ride feb 23rd 2020

    Thanks! For the ride, yes I really hope we get some more rain.
  9. Pokey151

    Soboba trail ride feb 23rd 2020

    To help the chances, I will wash and wax my car by hand next week. No iphone for me. but this is a PC, my android does not show it Fingers crossed
  10. Pokey151

    Soboba trail ride feb 23rd 2020

    Well it's getting closer, looking at the weather, looks like a little rain Tuesday and Wednesday, and Saturday and Sunday (day of the event) looks like as of now its 0.24" rain foretasted. So it should be epic IMO. I just finished with all the upgrades on my new CRF450L (the pics are missing the skid plate) and this weekend I am finally getting a chance to try it out and break it in.
  11. Pokey151

    San Diego SX......does anybody know?

    Well I have taken enough soil samples, I should be an expert. The lime was added because of the heavy rain to help the dirt stay in its shape. No rain expected, so I would imaging no significant amount of lime will be added
  12. Pokey151

    New Patriotic SDAR Logo

    I like it!
  13. Pokey151

    Phone based gps help!

    subscribed. I am currently looking into it. I was considering the Trail-tech Voyager Pro but with my Scotts, it would mount so tall, it would get damaged quick
  14. Pokey151

    New member from Poway