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  1. The dust factor will be non-existent tomorrow!
  2. CVRick

    Happy birthday Hawkins

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Sounds good. What time?
  4. Looking to ride this Sunday. Possible areas; Rock house near Otay truck trail Ocotillo exploring Or? Skinny Bikes, early start
  5. CVRick

    Kernville area Dual Sport riding

    Thanks. I did go same time last year and there were A few riders going for day trips on plated dirt bikes out of the campground. I will check with the rangers when I am up there.
  6. I will be camping at river nook campground at the end of May. I might bring my plated 500. What riding spots are near here?
  7. Yes I will be behind Kendalls. Red silverado
  8. 9 am KSU christmas circle. 4-5 hours approx. Maybe 75 miles. Nothing too extreme.There will be some deep sand. What size fuel tank do you have? I am planning on heading towards font's point area to start.
  9. I am checking interest for a desert ride this Saturday. Stage near christmas circle. Ride nearby areas. Small bike.
  10. I will be riding this area tomorrow and or Thursday afternoon this week.
  11. Yea I remember the first time I went to that house 10 years ago. The downhill was A little tough. It was really torn up last Time I saw it A year ago. Lets go film the area
  12. The Rock Garden looks pretty tough. Did you go up and back on it?
  13. Sounds good. Wednesday or Thursday at 1 pm this upcoming week look good for me.
  14. I ride East of the amphitheater occasionally. On the weekend it can be busy. Can you ride on weekday afternoons?
  15. I am going to ride on sunday on A small bike.. Anza Borrego area

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