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  1. CVRick

    The latest.....

    Good luck Mimi. Donation sent.
  2. No Kidding! I just registered my 2018 2500 diesel. Shocking
  3. CVRick

    Why it's best to run DOT tires

    Dang Udo that looks like A tough track.
  4. CVRick

    Keep an eye out pls

    This definitely makes me consider my choices of solo riding areas. I do use A spot on tracking....But still.
  5. Weather was perfect for A quick local ride for me. I met A fellow SDAR member , Gary, on the mountain. We rode around some of the regular mostly mellow trails.
  6. Ok. I might be out your way next weekend I will send you a message thanks
  7. If anyone has A need for these let me know. Seat foam and cover were never used. The fuel tank was used for A couple rides then I replaced it with A larger tank.
  8. I am interested. I can look at it tomorrow.
  9. I was out there on my hi way licensed motorcycle and I was told the area is, "off limits" or "no trespassing" ,and all OHV operators will be cited.
  10. I know the sheriff has been out there and is telling people there is no trespassing.
  11. CVRick

    SOLO RIDER RIDE thread

    Good idea
  12. CVRick

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    With that amount of fuel range he could be A long ways from the Otay area.
  13. CVRick

    Tubliss tire inflator

    Thanks for the input. I do have A pump for trailside as well as co2 I have only filled the pressure in the garage and I only have smaller 12 volt or battery compressors. I am probably going to get A real compressor soon.