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  1. CVRick


  2. CVRick

    Hand guards

    I should have these from my 2014 500 exc if you still need
  3. CVRick

    The Lucky 7

    Dang rory that is A nice one !!
  4. CVRick


    COUNT DOWN .........
  5. CVRick

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    I think yes. I will confirm in A few short years
  6. Happy Birthday buddy - 

    1. CVRick



      I hope things are going good with you.

  7. I have noticed A little oil in the bottom of the air filter boot when doing maintenance. Hmmm
  8. I think XT 350 is correct I went with Kenny and 4 others to Campo and border fence , then it was 2 plus Kenny and myself to Tecate then to Tecate peak. Basic 2 track + dirt roads . Perfect for what I needed.
  9. CVRick

    Greetings from Chula Vista

    Welcome Frank. I ride from my house in East Chula Vista fairly often. I will be riding this week and next after work at 4 pm or so. If you are game for some local trails let me know. Home before dark.
  10. I am thinking this will be therapy ? I have been riding A little lately. I may only stay with the group for a short amount of time while on the dirt . I am more out of shape than usual since the rotator cuff repair.
  11. Are you riding from your house? I might ride my 500 from my house.
  12. Noob ride . 350thumper? Are you feeling ok Darren? Just kidding. Good on you to post this. It seems like there has not been too many Noob rides posted.