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  1. Riding from my house early Sunday morning. I live near southwestern College. Mostly 2 track with some muddy single track mixed in. PM me if interested. 50 miles approx.
  2. CVRick

    Ride overdue

    McCain recently! lots of great singletrack.
  3. CVRick

    Where am I ???

    Agree. I did that ride A couple times. I still ride some of those routes every winter.
  4. CVRick

    Where am I ???

    Desert Dash ?
  5. Looks like A good track thru squeeze and heart attack hill!
  6. Interested. Have you been on the Pinyon route recently? The Squeeze, Heart attack hill? I have not been on that route for A year.
  7. I agree on the plated dirt bike access.It is ok near me now. If it is open for OHV traffic everything will change in A hurry.
  8. These bags are in good shape. New OEM Straps professionally installed. Includes brand new heat shield.
  9. Probably total 3/4 inch of rain recently. Lets get out after the holidays.
  10. I will be at the pink gate off hiway 94 at 8:30 am 2 + hour ride. Mostly intermediate mellow pace.
  11. I have about 100+ mile range . I might be able to make this ride on Sunday.
  12. I am in. See you guys at the staging area.
  13. CVRick

    Desert Season


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