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  1. socalhodaka

    New member from Poway

    Welcome Even, I’m over in PQ
  2. socalhodaka


    Made mine today.
  3. Check out this pod cast with Ricky Brabec, it give you some great insight on Dakar. Also how he felt after last years bike failure . Just fast forward to when he comes out.
  4. socalhodaka

    So Happy

    My son has now qraduated to a full size bike 18-21 wheel set. He still a little short in the leg and the 2009 Honda 230f fits the bill. Our first trip out to Superstition over Thanksgiving was a blast. With the damp sand he was able to make the highest peak. Now I can’t wait for some longer more adventurous rides. So we updated the bike with 2015 plastics, Guts seat cover, skid plate and new bars. The electric start is fantastic.
  5. socalhodaka

    Flannel Shirt, Jeans & a DR200 V. KTM's

    Yes he loves it.
  6. socalhodaka

    Flannel Shirt, Jeans & a DR200 V. KTM's

    I had a day like that earlier in the year, ridin an even older one. One of the best riding days of my life.
  7. socalhodaka

    Had my first flat tire today.

    Bagster, I will have a proper kit with a version of this. This job required stuff from three riders and lucky for the shopping cart.
  8. socalhodaka

    Had my first flat tire today.

    Yes all we had was a 21", I found it was really easier to get in and set the valve stem in the hole then times putting the in a 18"
  9. socalhodaka

    Had my first flat tire today.

    I have a few neighbors with bike so we decided to meet up for a ride, went up Black Mountain. After that over to the Hideout for lunch, we did about 100 miles in the backcountry. I had a flat on Mainstreet Ramona. Repair went good, lucky for the shopping cart behind the store.
  10. socalhodaka

    2 stroke jetting.

    I’m in PQ and we just sold my sons YZ85, I can help out. Again you need to start at OEM baseline. PM me your info.
  11. socalhodaka

    New guy from Carmel Valley

    Welcome to the group, I live in PQ so not far away. I would like to MB a little more, I’m a newbie in that area. Let’s get together sometime Kelly
  12. socalhodaka


    Hi Jared and welcome, come check out the maintanice day coming up. You don't have to do maintenance, just come and hang out, its a good place to meet some of the group.
  13. Here’s the trailer for the movie
  14. a small section of the trail ride. Any vintage bikes can ride it.