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  1. socalhodaka

    Kawasaki KDX

    Its a 95, first year perimeter frame.
  2. socalhodaka

    Kawasaki KDX

    It starts easy for sure, it does need some luv. I will be going thought it all and for sure KIPS system. The price was to good and could not pass it up.
  3. socalhodaka

    Kawasaki KDX

    Just picked up this 1995 KDX200. A little clean up, tires, chain and sprockets and will be ready to roll
  4. socalhodaka

    HBD Crawdaddy - Welcome to the Club!

    Welcome to the club.
  5. socalhodaka

    Changing a tire

    Mimi, what is the name of your machine?
  6. socalhodaka

    Coyote Canyon

    I’m going to start adding ride video on mine too.
  7. socalhodaka

    Coyote Canyon

    Wierdrider, I jumped on yours too
  8. socalhodaka

    Coyote Canyon

    I'm number 8, nice job
  9. socalhodaka

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy Birthday
  10. socalhodaka

    Looking to buy 2015 - 17 500 exe

    Checking it out tomorrow, original owner. That alway makes me feel a little better.
  11. socalhodaka

    Looking to buy 2015 - 17 500 exe

    Good to know thanks.
  12. socalhodaka

    Looking to buy 2015 - 17 500 exe

    Is there any different from the 14 to 15? I’m open, just think I want FI for the most part.
  13. Looking to update from my 2002 520
  14. socalhodaka

    KTM 520 gearing

    What kind of gearing are you running? Right now I have 14-50 on my 2002 KTM 520, it hauls ass in the desert. It seems like a little to much and I would like to gear it down, Its a pain for any single track like out at McCain's. I never get out of 1st gear. Any suggestions? Thanks Kelly