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  1. socalhodaka

    Shark fin and R&D Flex Jet

    Both parts gone.
  2. socalhodaka

    Shark fin and R&D Flex Jet

    There is a taker for the Flex Jet.
  3. Going through the garage and I have these to sale. R&D adjustable fuel screw for Keihin FCR carb. I sold the carb bike awhile ago and now have FI. Retails for $33 and will sell for $20 IMS rear shark fin, fits different bike. Honda XR 650, KTM. Retail for $30 and will sell for $10 package deal for $25
  4. socalhodaka

    New to Forum. North County SD

    I’m in PQ. GS 800 and KTM 500, toss in a bunch of vintage stuff on top.
  5. socalhodaka

    Aluminum Burnishing

    They have scotch bright disk at Marshals Hardware for drills.
  6. socalhodaka

    KDX 200 COMPLETE 2/16/21

    I just compare it to a new bike. I like to build them and ride.
  7. socalhodaka

    KDX 200 COMPLETE 2/16/21

    Well I can say I'm 99% done with the KDX. I had the wheels build by DUBYA up in Orange County, I provide my finished hubs and the laced up with there spokes and DID rim. After mounting the wheels the rear rim offset is wrong, now this is a Shout out to Cole at DUBYA. After sending a couple photos he realized they made a mistake, he is coming to pick up the complete wheel from my house on Saturday. Take it back and fix it then ship it back to me, that is customer service. I think today I will mix up some fuel and start runner a few heat cycles to break in the new piston.
  8. socalhodaka

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    Sent. Thanks for everything you guys.
  9. socalhodaka

    Journey begins

    Working on a 95 KDX 200. Currently waiting for new wheels to come and graphics.
  10. socalhodaka

    Have an hour and half to waste?

    I have your address from when I got a pump from you. 8th street. I will put it in the mail.
  11. socalhodaka

    Have an hour and half to waste?

    I don’t know all the details on the years. Mine was a real 66 Mountian Cub. on another note I have a workshop manual if you need one, you can have it.
  12. socalhodaka

    Have an hour and half to waste?

    That’s a cool Mt.Cub. I sold mine last year.
  13. This was my daughters bike, she is now married with child and is into Side by Sides. So the bike is not being used. It it very reliable and has been. All registration is current and is a RED sticker. I just had the Forks,Valves and Carb serviced with receipt. I will advertise it for $2500, but for SDAR $2000 OBO I can send more photos.
  14. socalhodaka

    Looking for a Honda 230f stock muffler

    Hi, Im looking for a stock Crf 230 f muffler, the bike is a 2017 but many year model may fit. Thanks Kelly
  15. I wear the padded shorts when I do longer rides on the GS 800 and I dig the compression socks too. There long sleeve around camp shirt I really like also, all snaps no buttons, very comfortable.