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  1. socalhodaka

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    My KLR did the same, I would be cruising on the freeway at 50-60. If I opened it up to make a pass it wouldn't go. The problem was I rebuilt the carb and didn't get the diagram seated in right causing a leak when I tried to go full wide open. The vacuum was not able to draw the needle all the way up and open. I also put in a manual fuel petcock to not use the vacuum operated one.
  2. I find his stuff entertaining and follow him as well as his brother on youtube.
  3. Probably been around 3 years since I’ve rode a modern bike because I just wasn’t feeling comfortable on the 500. A few months ago I sold it and got a 350, took it out yesterday to McCain and loved it. My confidence is back. I had a blast and after one ride love this thing.
  4. 1. The ride is for vintage bikes 125cc and smaller, 1990 and older. 2. The ride is 125 miles long (yes - you and bike must both be in good shape!) 3. There is no Freeway on this ride (due to small displacement motorcycles) 4. There is an registration/entry fee of $25 per motorcycle - this covers the cost of the following: a) the Chase Truck to follow - in case anyone needs a ride back to the Start point/End point of the ride b) a Certificate of Completion for the participants who complete this momentous ride! c) a Trophy for "the winner"! (each rider to complete the event is scored as follows: (10 x Age of Rider + 10 x Age of motorcycle)/ (engine size +125) 5) The ride is on the 125th day of the year! (Hence the name of the event!)... I have about 4 VJMC members that already know about this ride and are eager to join! Since the date is only ~11 weeks away (fast approaching in the VJMC timeline!), I got off my rear and made up a flyer (see attached) - I hope you like it! I want to spread the word to more members in the South-West and Southern California area, so please get yourself and your small vintage bike in shape for this Epic event! On a side note, all riders must sign a "VJMC Release of Liability" form before joining the ride. Please write to me and let me know if you plan to attend, or if you happen to be in the San Diego area for the start/finish to cheer us on! Cheers! Vm Victor Montijo VJMC - San Diego County Field Rep 858.722-8748
  5. socalhodaka

    Thousands of Motorcycle Magazines

    Im still interested in your magazines, sent you a PM?
  6. socalhodaka

    Thousands of Motorcycle Magazines

    I would be interested with any that have a Hodaka test or write up.
  7. socalhodaka

    Best Desert Tank for KTM?

    Acerbis has 3.1gal in black and natural and 4.0 in natural IMS has 3.2 in black and natural PM me, I can save you $50 off the retail price
  8. socalhodaka

    New Bike

    Found a 2022 FE350S here local, look forward to getting it out. The bike has been lowered, so first thing is to get the suspension ironed out. You can see in the photo with the arrows how low it is by how far up the guard is up on the upper tube. So parts will be dropped off tomorrow for suspension fix.
  9. This weekend I to El Mirage Dry Lake for the Southern California Timing Association speed trials. It was a blast. This was the last one of the season and next season starts in May with a two day event also. There are of course bikes as well as every other kind of car you can imagine. Some hitting 250mph.
  10. socalhodaka

    Current CA reg rules for out of state bike

    I would not go to the DMV, I would and do only use a private DMV service. The one I use is Barb's Auto Registration Service in Escondido.

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