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  1. socalhodaka

    Pannier Racks and Panniers.

    I really like these I have on my bike and under $1000 for the complete side bag set up. My top is just a Pelican case https://acmemoto2.com/
  2. socalhodaka

    XC4 fuel pumps- what I've discovered

    You guys seem to be on this pretty good. I’m sure you already know about this filter but just Incase not.
  3. socalhodaka

    free dirtbike stand and free scottoiler

    I could use a stand and Oiler
  4. socalhodaka

    KTM Carb & brake help

    You should probably check the reservoir and clean it and put new fluid in. Something was probably blocking the little hole the the fluid pumps through, pushing the fluid up back through the line dislodge what ever was blocking the hole.
  5. Thanks, now I need to look for a new Trials bike. Sold my vintage one.
  6. FreestyleXtreme.com  has a huge inventory of everything including all the trials gear from all the EURO companies, I got my Airoh trials helmet from them

  7. socalhodaka

    2009 KTM 300 XC/W - SOLD!!!

    Like I want to buy
  8. socalhodaka

    2009 KTM 300 XC/W - SOLD!!!

    Tom I sent you a pm. I’m interested kelly
  9. socalhodaka

    RD400 restorod project

    Bring it out to the RT 66 Tiddler ride next year. It’s an awesome time. Here’s a write on it from a week ago. http://jimmymacontwowheels.com/. Here’s me riding it on my Hodaka 125.
  10. When you find a place to by a trails helmet let me know. I’ve been looking.
  11. socalhodaka

    Baja no pinch

    I dig on mine, using it here on vintage soft aluminum Akront rims to keep from making form tire irons.
  12. socalhodaka

    Seat Concepts question?

    Yes, added the seat, Nomadic rack and Mojavi bags.
  13. socalhodaka

    Seat Concepts question?

  14. socalhodaka

    Seat Concepts question?

    I dig on mine Seat Concepts seat