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  1. bfar33

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    I cannot imagine being so damn tough that I would be able to get back on the bike after that. Hope the recovery is speedy!
  2. Awesome! It looked familiar like the windscreens I see people making from trash bins, but I've never seen one with a translucent tinted plastic like that. Looks really great.
  3. What windscreen do you have in the picture BTW?
  4. Hey Ken! The R-80's are on the short list of options I'm considering. Looking to set up this bike for South America for next year so might need a few extra liters, or more accurately, might need a touch more ease getting things in/out. I am kicking myself for selling the DR I bought from Afry because that is basically the template I'm trying to re-create. He knew how to set a bike up for sure. Nostalgia price drop, $300 OBO for the bags/racks.
  5. Bought a bike with these already installed and am going to go with a different rack and soft bags. These are in excellent shape except for one of the latches needs to be replaced. Latches can be found on Amazon for $14. I left the blinkers on the rack so you can just plug and play. Details on rack and bags can be found here: https://www.revzilla.com/dirt-bike/moose-racing-expedition-luggage-rack-system Looking for $400 from SDAR members. It's $700 new and I've got it on CL for $500. Let me know if you'd like to check it out, I live in Clairemont. Thanks!
  6. I use a Rotopax on a custom mounting plate attached to Wolfman racks. Works great and I can still use the Giant Loop bags and tool tubes behind it.
  7. bfar33

    Dirt Virgin

    There's some fun riding around Ramona and Palomar, which aren't too far from you. San Diego Dual Sport Map Ken is right about the DRZ's, they're excellent for someone looking for a first bike or a do it all bike. They're kind of like the SV650 of the dirt world. Sure there's faster bikes and bikes that are better at this or that, but the DRZs are reliable, inexpensive, and very competent machines, just like the SVs. Hard to beat the smiles per dollar ratio on them. See you on the trails.
  8. bfar33

    SDAR member AFRY - Arnie has passed

    This really sucks, he was definitely one of the good ones. Only met him a few times but he was always extraordinarily friendly and eager to pass on some of his quite extensive knowledge. I only rode with him once, and while I was pushing and pulling and sweating and swearing, there he was just rolling along right next to me with a smile on his face, at what to him must have been a leisurely pace. He was a great rider and one heck of a bike wrench, too. I bought his DR650 and Suzuki themselves couldn't have set it up more perfectly if you gave them 50 grand. I barely knew him and he had a positive effect on me. Condolences to those that knew him well, and to those that never got the chance. Won't be able to attend the gathering due to work unfortunately, but I'll be there in spirit.
  9. Those are such excellent bikes and that's a great looking example. Really dig the muffler, too.
  10. Doh! Sorry I forgot to reply, transitioning from my old job of 10 years to a new job next week and things have been hectic. The 200 is a red sticker bike, unfortunately. I also have a WR250R but that seems like it would give up too much of the fun factor. Guess I'll have to buy that Beta 390RR I've been dreaming about.
  11. Is this for plated bikes only? Would a 200exc 2-stroke work well up there? Never been, but I've seen some pictures of BB that looked pretty gnarly.
  12. bfar33

    Photo Hosting Websites

    I've used Smugmug for a long time now and will probably keep using it forever. It's $40/year, but worth it in my opinion. Excellent.
  13. bfar33

    KLR650 Pegs?

    I've had a set of the cheap-o's from d2moto on the KLR for years. The IMS pegs are way better but the Chinese one's work fine for less than $15.
  14. bfar33

    New tire shop - 8ball tires - kearny mesa

    I walked in there a couple weeks ago and picked up a Dunlop D606 130/17 for $89, which is right about what you find them for online. Guy was super cool, too. I'll definitely be going back.
  15. I would suggest signing up as a novice so you can do the second loop. I'm sure you'd be fine. I've only done one enduro before and I did both loops (barely!). I watched a video of a previous year and it looks very similar to some Pine Valley beginner/intermediate trails, nothing real difficult. I'm pretty sure I'll be riding this event as well so maybe I'll see you there!