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  1. Hah, in my defense that was almost everything I owned in there. Also... I'm a tentative maybe for this camp trip on the 22/23rd. Will know more in a couple weeks. Did I miss the destination? Desert camping?
  2. I will never sleep again until this is finished. Haha this is GOLD, you're a fantastic photog!
  3. I feel specifically called out here, except I used bungees instead of paracord and I only paid $75 for the bike haha. Completely agree with everything you said though. The only requirement is the desire to do it, doesn't matter what gear you have. Thankfully new riders here can get good advice from these guys to avoid some of the dumb mistakes I made. Also, I have a spare 1-man tent if anyone would like to borrow it for this ride, just let me know. ✌️
  4. bfar33

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    Looks like he fixed it and is out roosting. 🤘 😀 🤘 I do have a power probe if you or anyone wants to borrow it. Makes checking grounds/circuits/components so incredibly easy. It's most convenient when the bike/vehicle has a battery but you can power it externally as well. https://www.powerprobe.com/na/en/product-list/content/308EbfcE6f63
  5. Sounds like @Zubb has the 'Recreation' plan, I've got the 'Safety'. Annual plan pricing is $12/25/50 for the 3 plans below. Replaced my 3rd DR with the WR, later replaced the WR with my now 4th DR. Still not sure I made the right choice, but I do love DR650's (almost as much as DR350's). Count me in for Beers 'n Baja. That is a very interesting point about activating for someone else. I often bring the inReach just in case I need to pop it off for another rider/hiker in trouble. I hadn't considered the insurance implications of that for me or them. I suppose if it was a true emergency I'd push it either way, but still seems like info I should know.
  6. WR250R on 22 day trail, and thanks for posting the air evac info, very interesting. I've always bought one of those policies when going for a multi-day trip south of the border, guess I'll re-think that. You're welcome to borrow my inReach anytime I'm not using it, which is usually. It mostly sits in a bin charging $15/mo to my credit card.
  7. What a sad story that was. Most of the riding I've done in life has been alone. Partially due to preference, and partially because I'd rather ride alone than not ride, and I usually don't like to ride in large groups. Few years back I grabbed a Garmin mini-Inreach so I could do some less-traveled Baja riding. I never even turn it on other than to check the battery a couple times a year. It's just a little peace of mind and mostly so I don't feel like a jerk to my family. Hope I'm not de-railing here, but I saw today that Apple's new iphone has built in satellite comms/SOS, and they say it has "crash detection" (whatever that means). https://www.thedrive.com/guides-and-gear/apple-iphone-14-satellite-communication I don't know how well it works, but if it seems reliable/functional after it's been out a while, I'm going to ditch the Garmin and upgrade the phone.
  8. bfar33


    Doh, didn't realize it was T-day weekend. I watched some Youtube hard-route vids and yeah I'll save that for when I finally get a 350/450/500. 😓 I'll go ahead and pledge to do it this year. Was planning on riding door to door but if others are going might be open to joining forces and/or shuttling. Will most likely skip the hard routes unless there are one or two known to be super fun or especially scenic (and doable).
  9. bfar33

    2010 990 Adventure For Sale

    Send pics of new bike please! 😎
  10. bfar33

    KTM Freeride E Moto

    It doesn't smell like gas you can park it in the living room!
  11. bfar33


    I'm starting to get serious about checking it off the list this year. Would be on a DR650, are the 'hard routes' do-able for a mediocre at best rider on a bush pig? Is the return traffic just due to the LAB2V ride exclusively? I didn't realize it was that large.
  12. Had a great time, thanks for letting me tag along. Awesome to meet some (mostly) new folks and look forward to joining some more rides in the future. No pics of the climb to the peak through the clouds (of dust), but lots of ogling the super sweet 790 at the top. Somehow we stumbled onto a top secret military installation named Area 54 and saw the latest stealth weapon built using ancient alien technology There was also a chupacabra sighting during a search and rescue mission (can you see it in the bushes?) That's all the pictures I got, fun times and hope to ride again soon.
  13. I'd like to join if there's room for one more bike. I can be at Pio Pico as well at 9:00
  14. bfar33

    A bunch of SDAR guys hanging out in Esco

    Hate to break it to you guys but it looks like you installed the shock on the wrong end of the bike.
  15. bfar33

    Board of Smorgasses

    Cleaned up some stuff and added some stuff!

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