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  1. I enjoyed watching that, reminds me of all of the dum-bass stuff I did getting into motorcycles/adventure bikes/etc. Not knowing any better or just not caring.
  2. Not too much stopping with that kind of mileage but I managed to snag a few pictures. Long, foggy, and rainy drive from San Diego but saw a good omen dropping down to the sunny desert floor. 350thumper usually leads rides out here but wanted to ride sweep today and look for anything that falls off my bike (like me) Doesn't matter how sketchy, 350thumper always volunteers to go first HotRod82 does not hesitate 350thumper peeled off after a late lunch, kicked up a windstorm pinning the 650Large through the sand Nearing the end, well deserved water break Fun ride, awesome meeting you HotRod82 and great to ride with you again 350thumper
  3. Got the fuel issue all sorted out, I should have 130+ miles of range. See y'all tomorrow at 8.
  4. Awesome, would love to join. I'll see if I have a 1L fuel bottle I can bring. Looking forward to it!
  5. How much fuel range would be necessary? Stock tank on a KTM 350 be OK?
  6. bfar33

    Thin out the herd

    Man all three of these are such great bikes
  7. Totally agree with you but the problem is.....I like to have fun on the asphalt as well and the 350 is singing at 60mph. I don't need more power because the 350 is crazy fast, just want it to be less stressed at 60-65mph and I like the engine character of low-to-mid power instead of mid-to-high for that type of riding. So I kind of see it like the 450/500 can do 98% of what I can do on the 350, but is less strung out on short pavement stretches or twisty roads or eventually with a supermoto setup. I've also got a 200 2-stroke for enduro type riding and will never sell it, so don't need the overlap a 350 provides. Either way I've got a 350 now and looking forward to trying a rally event!
  8. Thanks for the breakdown Padu, I'm looking to start collecting this stuff. I do have minor buyers remorse for getting the 350 instead of a 450/500 though. Good thing is this will pop right off if I switch bikes.
  9. I might be down for this, how does it compare to an enduro? Is there anything crazy like a bomb start or big triple jumps over high speed whoops? Just looking to have some fun and get a little better.
  10. Looking forward to this weekend! Anyone else end up signing up?
  11. I'm fighting the budget committee to get a roadbook setup on the 350, will be down for this if routes are dirtbike oriented
  12. Anyone else signing up for this? I did one maybe 10 years ago and it was the best training and most overall fun experience ever. Over 2 days we drilled/trained literally everything. Flat turns, bermed turns, rutted turns, sandy turns, braking (flat, into corners, in sand), accelerating, static balancing, hill climbs, rocky climbs, drifting, recovering failed climbs, ruts, crossruts, wheelies, stoppies, pivot turns, etc etc etc.. Then he puts a bunch of stuff together and you compete (friendly) against others doing things like drag race/quick stops or slow races. I'm signed up again, I'd recommend for anyone into dirtbiking/enduro or wants better skills overall. The guy is multi-time enduro champ, ISDE overall winner, GNCC champ, etc. It's $450 but it is legitimately 2 full days, I've paid more than half of that for basically about 1/4 of the time other places. Lemme know if anyone else is going, may be able to split a cheap hotel on the 17th for a shower instead of camping in the cold. http://shanewatts.com/registration/upcoming-classes/
  13. Woah this is great, thanks. I'm considering doing this event on a 350 with a 3.1gal tank, looking into how much it would cost. I like your setup, looks like it would pop on/off fairly easily.
  14. Do you have a roadbook setup Padu? Curious how much it would cost to do the minimum vs doing the super cool motorized roadbooks with multiple tripmeters etc...
  15. bfar33

    Plastic tank restoration - any advice

    Personally I use Maxima SC1 until I just can't stand the way it looks anymore and buy replacement plastic. Lots of scuffs/discolorations from things like boots or soft luggage will come off with a 'magic eraser', which can be found cheap by searching for melamine sponges on Amazon. It will kind of dull the plastic though. Awesome bike, it will look good with a proper restore like dirt dame suggests and new decals. Just labor intensive.

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