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  1. 350thumper

    Jamulian Exploration.

    Rancho's ecological preserve?
  2. 350thumper

    Coyote Canyon

    Oh you guys,.... Your all so wonderful. My heart is beginning to defrost a little . With all this encouragement , may just film Devil's Canyon live. That's gonna be a hoot. Thankyou Rick .
  3. awe snap , thats like green circle riding area (although quite beautiful) . ill prolly head over to the bottom, or top, of Devils Canyon(5 miles of hell) ...to carve out some double black diamonds from underneath the 8. soooo warm down there. i got your txt number ill jam it into me cell .
  4. If there is, I'm in. Wouldn't mind some technically difficult, eroded, unmaintained exploration. Or technical, eroded, slippery, muddy, dbl/single track and some super secret ST Riggerdan, you working or riding?
  5. 350thumper

    Coyote Canyon

    I'm feeling the love. I'll hit you back. Tntmo thanks , your vids are up close and personal, I enjoyed that. Beard is coming along nicely. Socal I'm headed to yours next
  6. 350thumper

    Coyote Canyon

    I'm at 6 ? That's three times what I anticipated . Where's the link for tntmo you tube . ? Thanks krasht1
  7. 350thumper

    Jamulian Exploration.

    You can loosen the lever perch a little to prevent lever breakage.. Tech tip #79 Dan I need some this ....
  8. 350thumper

    Coyote Canyon

    The granular dg in Campo makes for some really nice carving after the rain. I personally cut in with a hand saw, at least 3 miles of connecting single track. And yes I hid the entrances to keep the patrols out . It's really steep and deepsand washes galore. Most people think Campo is flat like the BP roads . I broke Kenny off real good in there one time. Lol Check my you tube channel for Campos features. And people, please smash the suscribe button.. https://youtu.be/iJr2m40a7EQ Hope to be going live soon.
  9. That's the condensed list ! Send me text so I can hook you in with the crew. They don't flake, but I do on them if I can't find my damn keys ... Found them 2 hours late yesterday. It's soooo warm in the Dez. Here , get some ! These Pics complements of said Riding buddy , turned friend.
  10. Reliable friends? That's a tall order .... Would you settle for just riding buddies? What area you gonna be riding? Piepkorn Slot? HAH? Stooperstition? Toll Rd? The sand bar? Inkopah? Devil's Canyon? Borrego? Coyote mnt? Tecate? Blvd single track? Campo 2 track? Sand wash #91 Dos Cabeza ? Fish Creek ?
  11. 350thumper

    Coyote Canyon

    Awesome adventure
  12. Next time try Harley . I heard they handle about the same. And both have components made in China. Wonderful write up great pics!
  13. I don't think so, sounds to me like your a dedicated supporting member that likes to ride. i was being serious about seeing you out there. But then, I can't even find the keys to.my own bike, so I guess I'll hot wire it?
  14. I was sending you the link but got distracted with this cool photo. This is 'George' the curious cricket. Cya out there amgems .