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  1. 350thumper

    Bow Willow

    I got the longest lasting , best looking , most rock gripping, mountain climbingiest,sand evolved, street legal, tire on the market . It's called a 270k. I really don't need it for roost competitions because the deathwing that I was running did ok for roosting my buddies . But the price is great . Did I mention it looks awesome. Why did I choose this tire you ask? It's because I can lean it down on asphalt going the maximum speed limit and trust it if I ever have to take S1 or Buckman. Also it does really well on grass that's on 2 track . And sand washes that are on 2 track. oh boy it does good in sandwasages. .I love sand washes . Like the ones near borrego. The only place this tire doesn't perform. Well is the sticky sloppy silty mud that forms on top of the silt beds after a storm on pain rd And also that Clay mud on the back side of Otay that brown clay mix after a 2 week rain . I would keep going g on and on but I'm runnING out of stuff to type . Oh wait here's some stuff.... I bought some new batteries for my go pro The rider who inspired me was cmbthumper posting the videos with his dad. That was cool. I'd like to do some video of the trail and see what kind of stuff I can climb and who can follow me just too get some cool footage of what this tire can do. I won't be able to top the dad dualsport video . That is some raw footage really touched my feelers made me remember about the crash I witnessed my dad looking back to see where I was and he hit a creek vertical in a wash from the side and his husky 610 wouldn't start and we sat under a tree in the desert waiting for it to cool. And the time my son was on a ride with the sdar gang and he lost his gas cap and went flying over the bars. Back when thing was was open Did you ever get your motorcycle battery replaced ? I feel an epic ride coming on. I hope some new riders on here start putting routes together and posting up rides so we can all take our dual sports out and ride around and stuff like that. . Here's a picture of my bike with the new tire waiting to be mounted. . There was an earthquake while I was taking the shot. Sorry if the focus is off.
  2. 350thumper

    Bow Willow

    It would be a pleasure to hit some washes with you bags, especially with my new knobby rear tire .
  3. ya, totally I knew that. All of us here are code abiding citizens that are in good graces with law enforcement .. Ride on...
  4. Protect yourself family friends and your community by following this prevention measure. Know before you go prior to leaving home check the status of the unit you want to visit to find out what restrictions and guidelines are in place Find out what precautions you should take when exploring the outdoors especially if this is your first time visiting the area Below are suggested destinations for off Highway vehicles BlowSand hill Devil's Slide Barrel Springs shell Reef gas domes pumpkin patch Contact your local state public officials at 9163244442 Then send an email to ohvinfo@parks.ca.gov
  5. Working closely with state law enforcement agencies in the State of California i must arvise any riders consuming alcoholic beverages while riding a motor vehicle to refrain from allowing thier blood-alcohol levels to get any higher than .08%. Its important to all of us who use it to keep these bars open so please drink and ride responsibly. lets get everyone home safe this season. 
  6. Riding near jacumba has a very different set of rules, and as we have lots of new riders here on SDAR it's important for us to be crystal clear on which set of rules applies to specific riding areas. There is a small 7,2 mile section that is ohv. The rangers ask that you stay on the trail and comply with all signage where only foot traffic is permitted.. the federal border protection agency is monitering the area closely due to an increased level of drug smuggling activity near the border within the last couple years. There are stiff fines allocated to those traveling off the designated route and would risk impoundment of ohv vehicle if caught.
  7. 350thumper

    Bow Willow

    how do you get those little eye balls emoji to pop up when your posting on rider's threads? Is there an app somewhere that you go to to get your emojis?
  8. 350thumper

    Bow Willow

    Yes bags, there are trails in some areas that are designated for plated vehicles only. No green sticker vehicle on the fish creek or velicito washes. In some sections of the desert the rangers prefer that you stay on the designated trail so bring a plated bike and obey the signs in the area.
  9. 350thumper


    You hit the nail on the head padu. I learn more from beginner level riders than experts. Every one of us brings something unique to the table . Some are good at on line stuff managing the site, some are good at having perfect set up, some are good at being prepared, some Are good at just being Available and wanting to ride, some are good at making a budget work for dualsport. Some are good at camera, some are good at camping, or even bringing people together. And so much more. Luckily for us Doc and Rad had the vision of bringing it all together.
  10. 350thumper

    Bow Willow

    I didn't see an iron ranger . I did see the actual ranger making rounds about 5:30 pm. It's a great place to park and go riding. Bow Willow goes straight to all the fish creek, super, Diablo, valecito, and mud Caves, wind Caves, sin Nombre,. It also goes into Carrizo Gorge Trailhead and vallecito south, . It seemed like a place for hikers and family's with kids and jeep people and stuff like that. About a mile east is a Willow tree that makes a perfect camp site. It bows over the top of any camper or rv. I Cant convey the beauty of these canyons thru pics It's really something you need to see first hand. It's a good idea to be led through the dezert by a dualsport because you could Spend months out here just figuring out what wash goes where .
  11. 350thumper


    We bombed those north w3st washes side by side. It was fun riding next to a good rider and just bombing not knowing where we were headed just going for it. I was wondering if you crashed going off those cliffs they were 30 ft of straight down, we rode around the hazard and found a way into it. Very silty and very deceiving sand,.
  12. 350thumper


    Yep, and I smelt 'em too. I couldn't find your camp or Layne's Place. We gave the whole area a once over but were in a race against time and fuel for we had a long trek ahead of us. We still had another 125 mi of dezert to cover before dusk . we found this deluxe food dispenser across from the Iron door . We decided to split a gallon of water at this store on split mountain rd. Haha you guys kicked up so much dust on Sunday it looked like a war zone of fun.
  13. 350thumper

    Bow Willow

    That's perfect. Im Glad you guys are actually benefiting from my search efforts to bring you this kind of stuff.
  14. 350thumper


    Here's my proper set up. It's a redneck roost sensor. There's a magnetic coil zip tied to the swing arm picks up this metallic probe every time the rear tire rotaes tells me when I'm at maximum boost potential.

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