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  1. You bring the box of Kotex. .....I'll bring the wet wipes.
  2. 350thumper

    Howdy from East County

    Hi perfect weather for riding. Welcome.
  3. 350thumper

    SDAR Facebook Group Cover Photo Update

    That pic of padu flying over rocks with his ducati is pretty good.
  4. I got a 250 that ya'll cud putt around the yard with. Just come get it Runs fine
  5. Looks like I'm out for sunday..
  6. Hi. I'm still a noob tooo. I would like to get out my bike and do someadventurexplorung.. What ti.e ate you planning on staging?
  7. 350thumper

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    Guys , No illegal riding. Please don't do it (without contacting me first) . I do not condone illegally riding especially in the desert or mountains .
  8. 350thumper

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    Tom making it look easy.. More mischief. Old timer showing us the biz. Right after this shot , ride upgraded to level 3 😁 .
  9. 350thumper

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    Sweet .. I'm glad you had fun. All I did was ride around the Backcountry with some buddies Up in the hills of the desert. Made some friends and then came home and had my ol' lady check me for ticks. After a clean once over I put up my above ground pool and then BBQ some tri tip with family . Sounds like we both had a good weekend.
  10. 350thumper

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    Sounds like a cry for help..
  11. 350thumper

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    Hey thanks Ken for the input. That's sounds like a nice burrito goal 😋. See you guys at the staging area. KSU 8:45 ish It would be nice to see Five on his new XR 650L sometime soon. I think It's my turn to buy.
  12. 350thumper

    In-koh-pah / Stagecoach

    Sounds great . I think you guys will really enjoy yourselves on this one
  13. I would like to invite you to join me on a leisurely ride through the Stagecoach area in two weeks on April 22. As it has been two months since my last ride, I will be taking it easy and maintaining a slow pace. This is an invitation for dual sport bikes or mid-size enduro motorcycles to join. Please ensure that you carry water and have a license plate for your motorcycle. We will be exploring approximately 30-50 miles of desert view trails in the mountains, which will have an elevation of 4000 ft. The ride will be at Level 2 for SDAR type rides, with some hills and uneven roads. If you are interested in joining me and other dual sport riders, we will be staging at the Jacumba Shell parking lot on Saturday for meet up at 8:30 am.
  14. Off road routes xan vary in terms of technical difficulty, and it's possible that different people may have different interpretations of what constitutes a "technical" section of a route. Some may consider steep inclines or declines, rocky terrain, tight turns, or deep water crossings to be technical, while others may only consider routes that require advanced vehicle modifications or specialized riding skills to be technical. In general, routes like the CABDR (California Backcountry Discovery Route) are designed to be challenging but not excessively difficult, so that they can be completed by riders with varying levels of experience and equipment. However, the difficulty level of a route can also be influenced by factors such as weather conditions, recent trail maintenance, and individual rider skill and confidence. Ultimately, it's up to each rider to assess their own abilities and choose a route that matches their level of skill and comfort. It's always a good idea to research a route thoroughly before attempting it, and to ride with a group or partner for added safety and support. I made the decision to tackle the route alone as I value the opportunity for personal growth that challenges like this provide. I noticed that your DesertX Ducati falls into the same category as my Honda XRL - both being mid-sized bikes. Your bike is new and sleek while mine is a 25 year older model that has served me well for years. I'm intrigued to see how they perform together and determine which bike excels at different types of riding. I hope we can cross paths on the trail and share our experiences.

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