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  1. Short notice for sho. I'd like to explore the area . Gotta work today but some time maybe with at least 24 hour notice. Have fun with dad's. He's gonna love it.
  2. This saddens me to my core. I'm so sorry . I hope you heal. Whatever happened.
  3. Interesting . I don't like slab either. I will be red feather @ 730 there's a few other riders staging there if you wanna meet up. Not too far from carizo
  4. Awesome sounds like it's ready for Fish Creek. I may pass on Corral Canyon and head out past Jacumba into the desert on A Off Road Dual Sport mission for cold something and grub If anybody want to attempt the mission also, meet in Descanso on saturday morning. 7 gas stations Waypoints: 2-3 dezert Oasis. 75% Dirt
  5. How's the air cleaner looking ? Corral Canyon on Saturday, early am? Ok. I hope this isn't payback time for Campo Hard Enduro . I'm trying to off road out to Jacumba after . Then keep going . Trying to make 180-200 miles on Saturday thru dezert washes Sin Nombre to Carlees the Hard way before returning by way of Julian to 'refuel'. May turn into a solo mission big time .
  6. 6 months? Will your bike start up? Borrego is getting some rain, and east of there.
  7. If I'm off that day, I may join and bring the 350.
  8. Awesome write up. I always swap it up over whoops when I let off even a tad. What hospital are you in? Any cute nurses? Pics. Is your bike ok.?
  9. JA looking good. . I could tell by your camp you are a pro. It was nice meeting your campmate.
  10. This event was more fun than I expected. I rode 165 miles before accidently connecting with them. They had live country music, bbq, big ol fire pit, 64 Chevy panel van beer tap, women, and A lot of surprisingly younger riders on these things. It was nice to see all the different designs and the new styles of dash boards and gps. What was even more surprising is the number of men/women teams . I guess when they whoop de Doo they do it together standing up.... Aewsome. Happy to say the big bike adv guys know how to get down and have a really good time. I like that pic of JA JA standing next to the statue of the Yeti. Priceless.
  11. Hi. Thanks for posting this great route. I have a ride with my son on similiar route today , but he has to sleep in....so like 11 or 12. I live on the other side of viehas speedway so I could meet down there Alpine on a difrnt day . we may end up taking engineers so he can learn how to corner the bike if he doesn't know how already. I'll keep an eye out for the Twin.
  12. 350thumper

    Local Area

    Ya Kato, the 650 . Rikker, looking forward to riding. Crfxr , braap. braap. Luna, enjoy superstish . Paul, mc Cain's sounds fun on a 300 let's catch up next time.
  13. 350thumper

    Local Area

    Yessir. Right behind circle K is where the track starts . Single track, tight twisting two track, sand washes, border action, hill climbs, some tough technical , lots of dg , and some really good bbq.
  14. 350thumper

    Local Area

    Buckman Springs Circle K 8 am.
  15. Wondering if there's any interest.. Can meet up @ Circle K. Saturday Nov -9