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  1. Hi everybody. Trying to see if there's interest for next weekend . There's staging available . Off Road Dual Sport Adventure. Bonus feature: scout around in bounds (there's a particular trail I m looking for that leads to another location). Early am ride ABSDP there's Cholla, cacti, and shrubs and very nice scenery and lots of hi-speed deep sand berms you can hit in 4th or 5th gear I may stage at 79, to meet up @Tamerisk Campground . Small bike suggested riding the 650L.
  2. Mmmm ... Ribs .. I have a feeling I could knock it down to 2 bucks a plate if I eat enough. What route you taking to cedar Creek?just curious .
  3. So are we talking Mohave , Joshua tree , or Victorville?
  4. Hi kug, are you taking your bike this time? Or just beer?
  5. Hey everyone. This ride was pretty neat. I had forgot the fun you can have on laposta. The +1 was my son, thank you everyone for looking out for him. He did a flyingW off those humps and landed on the front tire for like five seconds and was able to recover it. He was all smiles after that . The large air caused a carb malfunction and we weren't able to get the carb float to work again so we called in the Chase truck. LB can really whip the big bike around. He wasn't about to let me evade his pursuit. I had a sneaky suspicion it was LB or Kenny that had taken lead (hi Jack) . Im glad you did. I rode out to say goodbye to everyone but you already knew what was up. I was in dual sport heaven, my son was loving it out there with me on bikes . We really really enjoyed being broke down.We talked and agreed it ok too get mad at each other for a little bit as long as we don't carry it on because we love each other.. And we really needed to talk and bond. Thank God for dual sport. That little boy is the most important person my life, even though he is a man now, and it's as if he's becoming my best friend. With a bunch of dual sport buddies , my son in my life and riding, I consider myself a rich man. Thanks everyone for showing up.
  6. This ride is now on hi-jacked status and is still MIA. I hope you noobs had fun getting trailnapped. I guess we will find out how the better half of the ride went in the ride write up section (hope you found something cold to drink). Please post in ride write up section any pics or funny stories of how my ride got hi jacked . Thanks. Ride over. Peace out.
  7. Awesome, Dual Sport Off-Road every single trail .
  8. Ok. Sounds good. 8:45 Descanso Junction ksu 9:00 Pine Valley gas station.
  9. Since there quite a few riders, lets find out what time the group wants to start. Im ok with 9-10 am ksu PV . What do you Adventurists think? Please chime in. Dsm8 - there's only one gas station in the town of pine valley. Please maps town of pine valley very small town.
  10. Hi, yes y'all are welcome to join and it would be great to see you and share these scenery on top of Mnt Laguna. Rick, Pine valley is 10 minutes from my house near Descanso Junction. everyone wanting to meet at the Junction can ride into pine valley with me +1 to get gas or snacks for whatever. Ride starts into forest shortly after fueling. For those that want to truck thier bike into pine valley , the Cul De Sac in pine valley is the perfect place if you have the ADV pass for staging.
  11. Awesome , please bring a water pac . if it all works out we can meet up at the pine valley gas station Sunday. There's old mines and historic creek pumps to see, this would be a great ADVenture ride to get more comfortable on dirt trails and meet newer riders, while enjoying CA forest mountain and S2 . Bring cash. There's outdoor Mexican restaurant that accepts cash next to a liqour store & thier tacos are bomb .
  12. Wondering if any interest for easy ride on Sunday. It would be later start, easy trails in mnt Laguna . Lots of scenery and places to stop and chat or catch up. Laid back atmosphere nothing too challenging. Starting out a new dual sport enthusiast with street experience and want to enjoy the xountryside , roads like old miners, la posta, and Fred's Canyon. If interested in Beginner level forest mountain please post up. Or post about your new project your working on or girl problems you might have below. Thanks
  13. 350thumper

    Jacumba East - Sun 13th

    That's ok I've done worse to other people on here. Besides, I kinda wanna see Mr Bill do 70 down the highway. The ride isn't hi jacked , just the thread is. I have a funeral on Saturday in jacumba ...
  14. 350thumper

    Jacumba East - Sun 13th

    This Ride is Cancelled sorry not sorry change of plans.
  15. Attention- Double Diamond Dualing Devil's & dirt demons, Get your bikes put back together for this next one. On this ride you will find new stuff. New stuff that is sketchy as hell. Staging 7:00 ksu Jacumba Chevron parking lot. This Off Road Dual Sport Adventure contains the following: Gas stations x3 Food places x3 Diamonds x2 Beer places x1 Dirt. 95% Destination Iron Door or Red Feather.