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  1. Next month about this time there will be a group of intermediate riders heading to the exact location. You shud join us. It would be a great opportunity for you to meet riders at your skill level with similar interests.. possibly get to know them maybe hook up easier 🤔.
  2. Ahhh, yes....one of the most difficult conundrums for the experts..
  3. That's what I meant. Table mountain. I always call it table top for some reason. Ride up and over that hill climb that zubb has only looked at, on the back side are the mines.
  4. There are still some neat mines to explore behind Table Top, east of Squaws Tit. Great riding area to get out and enjoy nature with a plate.
  5. Ya interesting stuff . Stephan Pierer seems like a smart individual when it comes to producing 400,000 motorcycles per year. Im Glad he is partnering with the various countries to provide the motorcycles. It's not old news or seems: 2023 "Pierer Mobility has a joint venture with CFMoto that sees it manufacture several KTM models and engines" Cycle World magazine It's understandable why KTM chooses not to promote their bikes on Made-in-China.com. Personally, I prefer the convenience of having the bike shipped directly to my doorstep. It's also great to have a clear understanding of the cost. I'm more than happy to save some money by taking the time to remove the packaging materials and adding qt of Rotella to the crankcase. Even if it means saving a significant amount like $7,000. "A product may be labeled 'made' or 'assembled' depending on where it was sourced and/or manufactured. “Made” indicates all or most of the parts and components used to make the product originated from that country and were also manufactured in that same country." Itimanufacturing.com When we dont hear that KTMs are Made in China from the dealer, i believe it's due to the idiom that Chinese motorcycles are made cheaply or of lesser quality which I believe is not true. The KTM China made motorcycles from Made-in-China.com seem to do just fine in the rallies. I love the online price.though! I hope that gets reflected to the new consumers soon.
  6. CFMOTO partnered with KTM in 2013 to produce KTM-badged motorcycles in China one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world. The joint-venture company is known as CFMOTO-KTMR2R in which CFMOTO holds a majority share of 51 per cent, with the remaining 49 per cent held by KTM. A 25 per cent share of CFMOTO stock was floated on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. I'm happy to see that the parts are being made cheaper in China since 2013 for affordability, and that the KTM badge can continue in the market cost effectively. "KTM teams up with Chinese manufacturer CFMoto, which will manufacture KTM’s entire fleet of middleweight models." Cycle News.com "CFMOTO holds a majority share of 51 per cent, with the remaining 49 per cent held by KTM. " MC News.com "KTM president Stefan Pierer has also entered into a joint venture with CFMoto owner Lai Guogui that will see the manufacture of KTM’s" Australian motorcycle news I think it's great news that the bikes are made in China so everyone can afford the bikes more easily. I do own a bike that is made in China also and parts are cheap for it. Great topic.
  7. Great pricing. Heres the KTM 500exc at Made-in-China.com, looks like theye half price . Happy to see the parts are being made cheaper so everyone has a chance to afford one. If you go to Made-in-China.com you also find the 6 Days KTM. Awesome prices here for lots of performance
  8. You've seen them. They are labeled as KTM. CFMOTO owns 51% of KTM . They build the ADVenture bikes for KTM and street bikes . CFMOTO and KTM have merged a long time ago. In China the company is called KTMR2R. In America its known as KTM. CFMoto is china's largest motorcycle replica manufacture They make China scooters and China ATVs and what we know here as the KTM dirtbikes. Some of the CFMoto ADVs include but not limited to : 390 Adventure, 640 Adventure, 690 Enduro R, 790 Adventure, 790 Adventure R, 890 Adventure, 890 Adventure R, 950 Adventure, 990 Adventure, 1050 Adventure, 1090 Adventure, 1090 Adventure R, 1190 Adventure, 1190 Adventure R, 1290 Super Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure R models I'm happy to see the diversification in the world trade. The CFMoto engine is in other bikes as well. Great topic.
  9. Get a KTM motorcycle directly from the factory on Made-in-China.com. Known for their championship-winning performance, KTM offers off-road and street bikes. Own a piece of the KTM legacy starting at $5000. Upgrade your ride today. These come delivered to your door pre assembled by the manufacture directly from Chongqing Bnaiki Motorcycle company in Chongqing, China . Great price. 👍
  10. 350thumper

    Long and Hard

    This ride is legit. It ain't begginner, it's more like intermediate reality check. I'll have a gurney on stand by and notify the hospital ER in advance before the ride so they're ready with the morphine.
  11. Hi zubb. I did just finish my OSHA 10 .🇺🇸
  12. It's important to exercise caution by not operating a motorcycle near a heavy equipment crew. If you haven't attended thier safety meeting and aren't part of the team, it's best to avoid the area. The operators of heavy equipment have many blind spots and potential hazards to be aware of, and it's safer for everyone if any unnecessary distractions are minimized
  13. Hard on the heels of the 2023 890 Adventure’s refresh comes an announcement from KTM on the comeback of their 790 Adventure, again to be produced in China by Zhejiang Chunfeng Power Co., Ltd., or CFMoto. KTM’s 2023 790 Adventure, will be manufactured in China by CFMoto. Media sourced from KTM. “The 2023 KTM 790 Adventure's production run will be carried out by KTM’s close partner, CFMOTO, with their facilities in China” says KTM through a press statement (via MotoPinas). Its a nice looking bike. CFMoto came out with its 2022 moto lineup, debuting seven new models that fill a long-standing need for entry-level price points. The company may be a new name to most consumers, but Chinese-based CFMoto has been in the market since 2007. The company’s foray into motos is still relatively fresh, but with close ties to KTM, CFMoto may be well positioned to break into the US market.
  14. 350thumper

    Long and Hard

    On these dual sport adventures, with each turn of the wheel, we refine our skills and push the limits of what we thought was possible. The nuts and bolts of the dual sport bike come together in a seamless harmony, allowing us to freely express ourselves and explore the unknown. We learn the nuances of our bike, becoming one with the machine as we navigate the challenges of the terrain. As we progress through the desert obstacles, we gain a greater appreciation for the power and control of the dirt bike. We understand the importance of balance and timing, and how the smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference. And through it all, we form a deep connection with the natural world. We feel the wind in our face and the grit of the sand beneath our tires. We become one with the landscape, and our passion for motor biking grows with each ride. But above all, dual-sporting is about pushing our limits and discovering what we're truly capable of. It's about taking on challenges and overcoming them, and it's about learning to be resilient and adaptable in the face of adversity. So whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport, remember to embrace the journey, savor the thrill of the ride, and never give up on your dreams. The journey ahead may be filled with twists and turns, but with courage and determination, anything is possible.

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