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  1. I talked to the forestry service they sent the ranger out there to investigate it. Theres been a few complaints already. 😆
  2. 👍 ya I hear you. . We are all human and are gonna trespass on each other tiny bit thats why it's so important for us to forgive one another. ALTERNATIVES TO CLOSURES might be a better thread name.. thats a great topic . Viejas grade- is a closure alternative Orflamme- was open last time I went thru also Pio Pico-is great for leading rides this time of year early am. Marron rd- is a good place to find ADV action off the 94. I can tell your passionate about leading rides, thats a great quality. I hope you get to lead a few here soon.
  3. Awe... sounds like your still a lil but hurt from me shutting your thread down so quickly... My bad bro 🤣. Keep your eyes peeled in the whos going riding section we have Noob rides occasionally and that would be perfect opportuniy for you to meet other riders with similar interests. Rick and rory... great pics .. thankyou for getting after it in my absence and keeping the spirit alive..
  4. Right now we're posting closures in old worn out threads and posting pics of old worn out bikes. I got my 1100 back in the stable if you wanna get some guys together for pastrami and a brewhaha
  5. So are you going riding or just posting some closures ??
  6. Hi. I'd like to do this ride with you. I'm up at Silverbowl running my Tekno this week but am free on weekends to do this type of riding .
  7. 350thumper

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    Great job bub, I'm glad to see you level up like that . Your skills have came a long way since I saw you last.. Mike is a great leader too, real calm and knowledgeable. I know it's hard to put a whole video, but the whole trail experience is nice. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. 350thumper

    Dualer's Haven

    I pay with beer. You could drink it before the feds catchup .
  9. 350thumper

    Dualer's Haven

    Your hired Simi. Your my new wingman and PR specialist. Here's a photo for you to enjoy . I hope you like it.
  10. 350thumper

    Dualer's Haven

    Thankyou Simi. You've melted away some of the ice that had entombed my heart ❤. Yes I did shed some lbs. I was 230 lbs and a heart attack waiting to happen.. Now I'm 207 and run a 5k every other day.
  11. Bliss. Me- Riding my Honda XR 650 L ever so gently thru a morning mountain meadow Thankyou for viewing . Please leave your positive and encouraging comments down below.
  12. 350thumper

    Tangerine and Pineapple

    Haha ok Jaja . Misunderstood the language . I thought you were being siniical. So hard to tell with just text . My parents and great grandparents and grandparents are German . Thankyou for saying you never said you don't like it. That was a nice compliment ☺.
  13. 350thumper

    Tangerine and Pineapple

    Hey Ja ja hold the SOURKRAUT.! if you don't like it, don't xxxxxxx read it. No one is forcing yur eye balls to scan acrost my threads... Besides , I ride Dual Sport , you ride slab. Yur not gonna understand the half of it. Lol. Rad.. thanks for noticing that I ride and walk the talk. The beat I'm riding to goes thump thump thump thump thump thump thump ...🤪
  14. 350thumper

    The Tangirine Express

    Sounds xxxx, maybe next xxxxxxx we could ride that trail goes from xxxxxxx to over by xxxx .
  15. 350thumper

    The Tangirine Express

    I'm glad you guys xxx xxx and were living life. Great weather for xxxxxx on a DS.