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  1. Dude , awesome write up gave me tingles up my spine the way you write makes me need another ride next weekend. When I try to describe the sensations of riding . I get a bunch of jumbled words that look like grease ants covering the page looking for food. You forgot about Mark. He was the quiet one on the GS 1200 with new dirt tires.
  2. Heres Mark in the back left check out his new tires on the GS 1200 nice bike mark! Was happy to have new buddies to ride with. Saw some beautiful trees and Meadows. able to post motorcycle pics again! More pics after they get resized. Todd Mike Bob zip and Larry (just kidding about Larry) Juan, i had fun thanks for coming along and enjoying it w me.
  3. Great seeing the street side of SDAR . After I left the group I headed up to the Hideout, then circled back to Julian for fuel and to meet my son on his street bike. Headed up past the airport, a glider was just lifting off in perfect syncronicity as we were riding by, it felt like we were going up into the sky too. We decided to have lunch at the Paradise Cafe (past Anza) . I had a honey bacon burger , there was seating in the shade available, no mask required. Nobody was wearing a mask. Enjoyed that part. There was one chp offering speeding tickets near there, it reminded us to ride safe. On the way back there were rolling hills that were light green and creeks that were dark green and lush. We practiced 3rd gear foot dragging and other fun stuff while staying safe. . Just got in . We're back safe . Thanks erry body.
  4. 350thumper

    What's Open?

    The pv culdesac looks like it opened back up.
  5. Mike too ! A toast to Mike when we all get there. Thanks Mike.
  6. My Mobile Motorcycle and ATV Repair Service (Mobile Cycles) wants to say thanks to SDAR and all of its members and family. 50% off all beer to the SDAR members, supporting members, family and friends (or just riding buddy) at Doc's recovery ride to the Hideout Sunday in support and recognition of all Doc and Rad go thru, to do for other San Diego Adventure Riders . Just be a part of the group and your in...Mobile Cycles is covering half the beer tab.
  7. I'm in. Glad to hear Doc is doin better.
  8. Hey first time in this thread I have three of the things . I got tuesday and a bike and the other two things.
  9. 350thumper

    Hard Enduro

    Cancelled due to scheduling conflict (mothers day)....
  10. 350thumper

    Hard Enduro

    Serio doggy, i encourage wearing all of our available protective gear, as we stay on and tread lightly over, the designated trail.
  11. 350thumper


    Hey . Ya , I'm down . Where at? Tecate Mnt? I could meet @ the abandonded house.
  12. 350thumper

    Hard Enduro

    I guess this enduro turned into a 2 stroke off road event . Which is fine because I like the smell of 2 stroke. There's still a 6'r on the line. New start area 94. . All off road. Sunday.
  13. 350thumper

    Hard Enduro

    🛴 Hi Greg, your 450 should fit in nicely, This ride could get highly technical if it turns into a covert operation ; or not depending on group concious. Great ride to grow your legs and test endurance. Gas stations everywhere . Definitely . May see highway speeds 55 mph for short bursts.🚀. Roury: Could do 7am also, Staging available. SANrider: Kenny always rides with( a couple screws loose) .. that why he blew up his water pump on a new bike.. There's also a loose nut behind his steering wheel he doesn't know about.
  14. 350thumper

    Hard Enduro

    Put Rotella on your skid plates! Chris Birch would do this route on a 1090. Starting from Alpine , fallen tree climbs, Hard Rocky Creek passes, Sand dragrace, whoops competion .whoever wins gets free cold 6er ipa (@ julian). Please remember I'm on an old beatup, plated, clapped out, smacked down and tore back, xr 650 Ladies bike with wings on it, so you should be able to win no problem