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  1. 350thumper

    Mountain tour.

    Dudes, didn't mean to leave you hanging. And so...I hadn't ridden in a while (work go figure), so I let my bike decide whether it wanted to turn left or right and took off on a 150 mile adventure. Ended up going over this awesome bridge in Descanso .Got fuel over at pv ⛽. Shredded my way up some narl trail to 5000 feet were i found this milk thistle and took in some amazing views 😍. This car was overturned and shot full of holes. It had classic lines and a neat body style . Not sure how it got there but had been long forgotten. I definitly dont rexomend riding solo, but if you get the chance to you'll know how amazing and alive I felt on this journey of self discovery. If you ever pass this way you'll appreciate the work I put in to the area. Actually it's the Creators work I'm just the implementation device He used to trim it back a lil for DS usage. Speaking of tools on a motorcycle... I found it easier to keep the loppers on the bars when it comes to area maintenance. Made it back safe thanks for inquiry
  2. So, I was out riding this weekend , doing my normal 🙃 search for a good time ....
  3. 350thumper

    Sightseeing for flowers

    Yesterday 😆 Area did end up needing maintenance . I'll try to post pics of the ride in the R/R section.
  4. Riding up to the viewpoint to examine rare flowers in the area also checking for overgrowth. MUST HAVE appropriate riding tools You: intermediate level . Keywords: double bbq bacon
  5. Gonna dual around the mountains at blythe on Sunday . If an u body's out there and wants to ride DS I'll pay for the tacos. Fire roads & mountain scenery.
  6. started off another awesome day with my HONDA xr650l. I was thinking about enchiladas and ice coldfresh filtered water with lemonade 😋 the whole aftrrnoon. I waited till after the ride to drink rich flavorful icy lemonade water with ice and some lime. I like my lemonade watered down a little bit so it's tangy. ..I used a green plastic cup because those are the kinds that don't break. After a long desert ride I like to take a nap so that is why I used a large green plastic cup...my steady steed is wonderful for climbing mountains and going in the sand. I use the cheapest tires I can find that way I can afford lots and lots of icy cold watered down limeade from Albertson's. I put it in a green cup. I have a special battery operated pump that I use to get the filtered water out of the jug and put it over ice so I can drink it after a long rocky trail ride. I don't wash the green cup. sometimes after riding my stomach gets full of ice cold simply lime aid and water with ice if my trail ride is Extremadura and fun. I also enjoy enchiladas that I pre cook before the ride so when I get home I can relax and enjoy them( beef and chicken enchilada) yummy. i made it home safe.. Now my stomach is full. Thankyou for watching this Saturday R/R.
  7. Your sense of humor is spot on. Lmfao. Seriously though.. no brand bashing on here 😢. I told the management that I wod encourage everyone to clean up the bike bashing , also that I'd curtail anyone saying anything that might be considered offensive, like jokes or teasing anybody on this forum . Harley Davisdon is a respectable and worthwhile motor manufacturer. "It's so rare that I don't ride dirt" hahaha 😆 Good stuff man. You almost made me fall back in my chair. What do you use the foam cannon on? 🤔
  8. Oh OK I know which place your talking about.. It's northeast of the pharmacy but southwest of the healthfood place, if your facing the other restaurant it's kinda to the right a little bit. 😉. How do you keep your bike so clean after a mud romp like that? Do you have a pressure washer at home or what technique do you use to detail the bike?
  9. Nice bikes!! What place in Alpine did you get tacos?
  10. 350thumper

    Temecula area 11/27

    I would go but it trending to have 1000 excuses now days, so I'm busy lifting aluminum for physical therapy on my right arm, otherwise I would totally go. 💪
  11. 350thumper


    Flashy new BMW 's really don't do anything for me zubb. All that means to me is that you'd have to stay on the slab more to keep it prissy. I'm more of a get down and dirty while being greasy and sweaty with blood dripping out of freshly gouged knuckles kinda guy. I expect nothing less from my crew, especially in mexico.. My home slice just got a newly built mansion on the coast of Baja. He's thrown out the invite for trails near and far all leading to his casa . I'll catch you on the US side for a sunrise highway trek but wait 6 weeks. I just recently laid down my 1100 on the highway and busted the ribs out on my right side . Stupid cars... I'm now left side dominant till 2022, at which time I shud be ambidextrous. 😆
  12. 350thumper


    No wimps. Must have valid passport . Bring cash for tacos.
  13. 350thumper

    Alpine Brewery

    Sugar ! 😎
  14. 350thumper

    Alpine Brewery

    How many drugs are you on ??
  15. Go over to the place with the thing and have one or two. This trail ride begins and ends at the same place . (Actual location may vary). Secret interim DS trail action. Staging available. Tonight after 5 Plated only.

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