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  1. 350thumper

    XR650L versus 500 EXC-F

    Congrats on the new machine! If you can toss around that 650 you'll do fine on the orange princess.
  2. 350thumper

    KTM Manufacturing in China / India

    Edit:. Ktm's are fun to ride though. ­čĹë­čĹî­čĺę
  3. i have a pretty serious phone discussion meeting 9-10 , so i may miss out on your solo adventure.
  4. ­čśł its freezing balls up here ..... you riding in or staging?
  5. 350thumper

    Broken levers then this

    Is that your first streeter? Welcome to the hard white line.
  6. dont forget to be Bikeslutting Kennys rear tire in the technical section , he dumps it easier when he gets nervous. if you see my bike dumped over on the trail, im prolly taking a wiz somewhere. it always falls over when i do that. so heavy. welcome.
  7. hey was up? sorry i missed this , got a hankerin' for some CC ST my own damn self, noticed you live near by and ride similar off road apparatus. do you also endure dez technical ? can free up Sunday for sum day trippin' if thats something your already planning out in the dez, then yes i would like to hook it up and tear it up . 650L
  8. Loved those ST high ridges and almost spilling my self all over the Rocky section. I met our friend David over at the thing. We're gonna swap fisherman stories tommorow... You shud come join us bro Hey KStep(Chad) nice bike .. I got a question though..... What do you do if you have to drive over a freeway overpass? Find an alternate route on the GPS?
  9. Sweet write up, bro... Sorry I missed this. Was out PPG training. How did Anthony do?
  10. 'therapy' loop. I get it. There's a real nice deep sand track section on Sloan, I found some trails in there that whip around up into the mountain, and of coarse the steep ST up into Crest. Winter time is best for the ascent into Crest.
  11. 350thumper

    Jamulian Exploration.

    Rancho's ecological preserve?
  12. 350thumper

    Coyote Canyon

    Oh you guys,.... Your all so wonderful. My heart is beginning to defrost a little . With all this encouragement , may just film Devil's Canyon live. That's gonna be a hoot. Thankyou Rick .
  13. awe snap , thats like green circle riding area (although quite beautiful) . ill prolly head over to the bottom, or top, of Devils Canyon(5 miles of hell) ...to carve out some double black diamonds from underneath the 8. soooo warm down there. i got your txt number ill jam it into me cell .
  14. If there is, I'm in. Wouldn't mind some technically´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐difficult, eroded, unmaintained exploration. Or technical, eroded, slippery, muddy, dbl/single track and´╗┐´╗┐ some super secret´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ST´╗┐ ´╗┐Riggerdan, you working or riding?