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  1. I would kick but I don't have time.
  2. , and I could only imagine in my minkd I was day dreaming about a little tiny flower I saw while I was riding, and the trench i was in got deep and I kept plowing it with moderate throttle till my bike was sideways, because I kept wondering how the temps are affecting that tiny thing Every time I mount up lately I'm wondering where that pretty little thing is at .. I hope it grows wild, and I want to watch it grow, so i carefully plot my trail so it leads me back to it. It makes me want to lay down in tall grass in the middle of nowhere and smell it and hold it and eat it (in a literal sence). The colors are so vibrant, it's like putting on strawberry chapstick before you need it... Up up and away I know it's true, my DS tires are blue, until they get to roost all over you, I have my trails , and there's other flowers , but this one type of flower, only my dual sport bike can take me to it and I love my DS..
  3. 350thumper

    sat morn casual loop

    Nice route.
  4. 350thumper

    Monday May 3rd

    Just got back from the 750.. I could a done some pv action with a little more notice. Got a shitton of chores I gotta knock out today..
  5. 350thumper

    Borrego 200

    99Great turnout! I got matched up with an awesome rider 😎 Over an 8 hour dirtbike adventure this Sunday.. Scoured Otay to Marron, honey springs, lake cyuamaca, ,deer park, abdsp overlook, julianpie , bolder creek engineers, lag mnt rec area. Was at the oak tree 🌳 and noticed all the closedfor covid signs are taken down..yay finally . Here is a small glimpse of my adventure. I'm not done enjoying the photos all to myself otherwise i would share. .
  6. 350thumper

    Borrego 200

    My +1 just flaked Big Time. I'm flying solo , the weather on the mountain has been wet and loomy . Right now there is about 50 ft visibility. If it keeps up I may disclude my self from the adventure due too swampy conditions and low visability.over the pass.
  7. 350thumper

    Borrego 200

    Thats great news because I can't commit to when we will be rolling thru either so thats perfect timing on your part. Estimated departure from alpine 7:15. If you're in my contacts I can txt you right before we descend upon the roundevouz designation. Yay..fun on my dirt bike im excited.
  8. 350thumper

    Borrego 200

    I actually ride the dez more at summer time. I'm gonna try to meet up with your group around s2 Oriflamme area on Saturday morn. Bringing a +1
  9. racing is on . Anybody on here able to ride 750 miles on 2 wheels to do some racing?
  10. 350thumper

    Borrego 200

    Update this ride is for this weekend only. Can meet up around s2 if there's another group nearby.
  11. hey erry body. .Wondering if any interest in a 200mi dezert run from Apine to Borrego . Mostly off road. 90 mile fuel range needed. Also 450-650cc plated dual sport The route is moderately easy (for me). Casual pace. Preferably on a weekend. Waypoints: water crossings, single track, Dolomite mines, Red feather , Painted Gorge , & Borrego monument
  12. 350thumper

    OTAY Night Run....

    Here's my scooty.
  13. 350thumper

    Forest Route East County

    Alpine @ 9-930 sat.
  14. 350thumper

    Forest Route East County

    Its official , I have forgot t en how to ride (and type). I could do a combination Where would u rzvp? Pv? Abdsp? Saturday is good Sunday also, may need +1 at certain sections (single track) to make the trip prolly.. U cud rzvp at CC then we take some dirtcuts up thru da trees.....🌳 end up past the circle, heard there's mysterious voodoo action taking place around the area. I'd be fueling in alpine, the circle,, the low dez chev by the feather, & julian ....
  15. 350thumper

    Forest Route East County

    Ah , no pics. One of those rides that are so great that you don't even have time for a snap shot. I didn't plot the course I just pulled the throttle , my bike knew exactly where I wanted to go. 500 miles . Hey is anybody riding next weekend? I could do a 350 miler up to vegas.... do some racing then come back . I could also do an epic 250 mile ride locally to the absdp long cut thru the trees 🌳 from alpine ca. Most likely if everyone to stiff 🙃 I may endup at the rc flyi field to test o u t some new rc planes my addiction. Just purchased on line.