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  1. Won't get technical till it starts raining at 40Β°and the snow turns into slush . Shouldn't be too technical till the mud thaws out while it raining in the snow. Wish I was still young like you. I would totally ride in the snow. Just seeing snow makes my clutch hand have arthritis now days. I'm heading somewhere warm so my man gems don't shrivel up and snap off from frost bite.
  2. Wondering Any heading out to Super? Could meet at wheeler rd.
  3. 350thumper

    Journey begins

    Ya ya , maybe take this friend a 6 pack. got the cylinder on and the time chain correct. tomorrow i put i fix the twin air exhaust. A vintage dual sport ride would be nice on these regular routes that would otherwise be boring. Any other bikes getting pulled out and fixed for a ride?
  4. 350thumper

    Journey begins

    Nice Yamahauler πŸ‘Œ. What is needed to get yami ready for the trails? I'm cleaning up the piston and cyl , getting it ready for a valve inspection after the chain goes on. Have you got any easy type forest routes in mind?
  5. 350thumper

    Journey begins

    Hi. Me and my son are rebuilding this plated 1991 610te Husqvarna together. Hoping to find other like minded builders to ride with .... We are going to get this bike going for this ride we still need to put the piston . I have a piston ring holder for the build and gaskets . Are there any other builds going on? Any other old husky's out there ? It would be nice to see some other vintage build pics on this thread . Trying to rally support for my son and vintage bikes as he is new to dual sports and is definilty of age. I hope this thread encourages you to fix that old bike in the back yard and start riding dual sport again. More pics later. Group concious on route and start sate.
  6. 350thumper

    Midweek ride

    Up here on the mountain you go outside and eat. Down in town you take it to go. Alpine Tapatios has outside dining and is accessible to dualsporters. They're breakfast burrito is good portion for a low price. Why need dirtcuts? Its My XR bike that needs it . My street tourer bikes are fine with slab all day.
  7. 350thumper

    Midweek ride

    Will there b any dirt shortcuts? 20210102_115007_001.mp4
  8. how was the steep part of cedar creek? Was it packed down or loose ?
  9. Whenever I order a drive chain online for a customer I always get a weird chain I have difficulty returning. So now I buy the chains and sprockets straight from motoworld so I can return it easily, but they always fit so I never have to return them. Shout out to the parts counter at motoworld for doing a great job.
  10. Did you buy it on line ? Just take it back to motoworld.
  11. I'd like to test a 450crf. I could do pv on Wednesday
  12. Thankyou , but I'm hardly advanced. Wet and reckess is more like it. If you can do Cedar Creek you can do this. If you can do Tecate peek, you can do this. This ride is almost noob level. By noob I mean cedar creek is more advanced than noob. If you like Otay, then quite possibly πŸ˜‰ you will enjoy yourself on this destination. . We will be taking the mostly novice dirt route (next week will be slightly more enduro) Don't worry, I'm not going to break you off some, like I accidently did to crfxr. Let me know in advance if your gonna flake. Room for 1 more rider.
  13. might be on a hianus for couple weeks.
  14. this sounds like a great route. Wish it was next weekend . But in reverse . πŸ‘.