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    On my way.
  2. 350thumper

    Rod and Gun

    See ya there.changed me oil.
  3. Thankyou everybody for showing up and making this a great ride. Really enjoyed seeing all the different photos contributed from everyone. What an awesome adventure. It's nice to ride in the safety of a group. All of the different skill sets combined allowed for a great turn out.
  4. 350thumper

    Rod and Gun

    Hi Rick 😊. Saturday works. Thankyou for the reply. See you Saturday at 8.. Hey zubb , glad to hear your feeling better. I know you wanted to get out and be exploring. Rikker is bringing plus one, this ride will be near the maximum limit. (4). Room for one more......
  5. Note: Ride changed to Saturday 8/8. Hi erry body, I'm interested in meeting up with a few dual sport riders for a special dual sport plated trail ride at Marron Valley Rd/94 (near Rod and Gun). Sunday . If any interest,,, 8:00 would be a comfortable start time. This route is slightly more technical and very fun plus its for smaller bikes(650 -450-400-300cc). Bonus enduro section included great chance to increase your skill.plz wear all the elbow pads and knee pads and protective roost deflector. Roosting will be tolerated and encouraged . : Please note that this ride is subject to closure at any time due to elevated fire conditions, inclement weather or any other safety concerns. Also please do not bother the moderators of this site to find out where the trail starts or what GPS tracks are available for it. Only I know where the route is and where it goes and how many trails are connected to route.. All route inquiry's can be made to me (350Thumper) by personal message on this site. I'd be happy to text you about it. After route , may head to Cam's for refuel and gas and dual sport tacos.
  6. Led a ride of 12 -15 excellent Dual Sport riders out past Otay Truck trail . Ran into Captain Morgan out there . Some really nice bikes out there today. This Sport is getting huge... We were all thirsty come 11:30 This was the best Tour I have ever taken around South County. I personally clocked in over 150 miles . There were more views of Mexico than ever before. We rode right up to the burn point and saw the area that was famished just last week. Alot of nice bikes . Yamahas , KTM , Honda's, Suzuki, BMW, and Beta. Stay tuned in the Who's Going Riding section for more off-road ADVentures .
  7. Is your Jeep partial to PBR ? I could bring this Coors for Jeep if it gets thirsty.
  8. Whoa whoa whoa! Easy guys , this can all be settled simply and reasonably like gentlemen .. Let's not hurt tntmo feelings. There's been enough pain on this thread with bashed in menapausal bones and torn eye ball sockets. I gonna have to agree with tntmo on this . If your gonna bring a Jeep 😉 to a ADV noob ride make sure it has PBR in cooler w ice or IPA and mayba a like a snack tray with meat on it. Some waters too . I'm sure Wildwood & BikeSlut would agree with me.. Everyone, feel free to comment on this awesome opportunity we have with DSM8. Thank you DSM8 .
  9. Lol . That's Big Mike.... He crashed his Menstruatoral bone. Hard to pronounce. He didn't run into Doc , but ya. As long as Doc and Mike's bike are ok then awesome.. Dress4less how have you been ..? I remember you made some awesome videos before.. ugh, if only I new how to grab content like you do. Can you play on Sunday?
  10. Oh man sorry you messed up your metamusil bone. Is your bike ok?
  11. Hell ya 👊, Invite all the newer riders out there Every one staging please arrive at 7:45 to unload and put on safety riding gear...ksu 8:00 If anyone arrives late text me so we can still have you meet up with us. Contact: Thumpers ADVentures 619-40five-7467 Text only .... For ride information and group whereabouts . Save this number I also do big bike Off-Trail ADV Recovery and Off-Road Trailside ADV Repair in San Diego for Adventure Riders that get stuck and need a hand.
  12. Here's a pic of the general area where we be riding at. Hope to see you and your bike .
  13. Hey comrad, we are going to miss you, Paul. We will try to gather pics 4 you. Thanks Jl, for your dilagent vilagence . I've contacted the USFS, the SDFP, the BLM, the BP, the CNFRS, the USDA, the fire look out tower, and the governor and it's ok to be on an XR , KTM, BMW or CRFXR, ASAP as long as you RSVP with this post on SDAR .
  14. That sounds perfect. 8 am start . Get done before lunch. For faster start up times, trail locations, and group ride conditions Contact : Thumpers ADVenture Tours. Txt -619-40five-7467
  15. Damn it ... Heal fast brother .