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  1. There is a DS trail ride I made. I'm getting ready to do in a couple weeks : Picture yourself embarking on a journey through the Laguna Mountains, where the lush greenery of the DS trail gradually transforms into the golden hues of the desert below. As you descend, the scent of pine gives way to the earthy aroma of sun-baked soil, teasing your senses with anticipation. The trail winds through rugged terrain, offering breathtaking vistas of towering peaks and vast expanses of arid land. With each blip of the throttle you're immersed deeper into nature's embrace, where the tranquil beauty of the mountains seamlessly merges with the untamed allure of the desert floor. Be ready to pack your senses and let the adventure unfold along this intoxicating descent from mountain high to desert delight.
  2. 350thumper

    McCain Madness?

    It's perfect out in the dez that's all I know
  3. Great stuff. You guys are tough. I needed a ride that kicked my butt.
  4. Ok. 8 am @ the gas station.
  5. I could use a rip thru the dez. What day and time works?
  6. Ya that Heartattack Hill and the Squeeze It would be great to have you guys join the ride..
  7. Intermediate Route : ⚠️ sand & rock ⚠️ Dual Sport off road trails at Pinyon Trail. Staging available at Chevron in Ocotillo & Pinyon Trailhead. 3-4 hrs dual sport Sunday Feb 18, 9:30 am if interested in joining, post up.
  8. 350thumper

    Desert Loop

    Hey broha, just got back in town today or I would have joinEd thanks for posting.. the desert loop. I'd like to do similar route In 2 weeks. I hope your having fun can't wait to see the pics.
  9. 350thumper

    East Coyote Wash-Dec 29

    Sweet. I'll see you guys at the Chevron. Padu, your 500 will love this.
  10. We don't post rides from other websites in this section. Whos going riding section is for organizing informal rides. Not for promoting upcoming rides from other websites .
  11. Hi id like to do this but I'm tired up with family. Maybe after Xmas goes bye bye.. How much rain did you get?
  12. Intermediate Dual-Sport This route approx 99 miles of cross country desert. This area presents an array of challenging Dual-Sport riding opportunities. Fish Creek , Superstition , East Coyote Soft easy pace KSU at Ocotillo Chevron 9am. If Interested, plz post below.

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