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  1. id like to join in for the next weekends campout . especiallly if you can cook coffee, if anyone wants to jooin me ride out to this .....holler .🤪
  2. 350thumper

    Run & Gone - Nov 21/22

    Hi Mike, I'm the same way..lucky for us this is a No0B ride , so nobody will be expected to know what they are doin. I'm focused on making coffee at the site in the morning with a pour over device. Zubb, how you been? Can't wait to get away and see the stars with no light pollution .
  3. hi erry body , wondering if any interest , throwing together a No0b Ride, mountain off-bike overnight camping trip for Dual Sport enthusiasts . The views on this ride will be more than spectacular. Things you'll experience on this route : Back country route to Julian , Lake Cuyamaca, Fresh Mountain Air , New Scenic Vistas Famous Burritos the "good stuff" at the campsite. approx 65 miles North to campsite location from Julian 60% truck trail/dirt roads 40% slab (no freeway ) Also some other smooth and easy trails kept secret for now. The mountain roads are maintained for fire trucks easy Noob level type terrain, non campers welcome also.
  4. 350thumper

    DS Dezert Nights

    Thank you to all the real dudes that participated in this challenging manly man dezert nite ride. And for persons that said they would be there and flaked.... I'll have a hot dog warmed up for you when I see you at the dash.
  5. Cancel ... There's a sale on Rotella at HarborFrieght so I'll be taking my wife and kids there at night on the exact same day of the ride . . Sorry I can't make it.
  6. 350thumper

    DS Dezert Nights

    Yup, What time you guys thinking ? 7. 8? Let's do the Chevron station dirt lot .
  7. Great pic Rory. Glad to see you could make it out to the spot.
  8. Hey thanks for waving. Nice pic slaugo . Glad to see there are 1 or 2 riders that can (revised)... Thanks every one for participating in the thread . Rook/Olympian Camp & Ride out there you'll need sleeping pad, tarp or tent , water , charged cell phone, & those days off work. I'm a new at camping off my bike, so you won't have to be a pro Moto camper to do this one , like minded riders welcome.
  9. Sooooo, are you guys trying to go on this ride or is this thread turning into a Stagecoach trail documentary? 💩 I'm thinking about filling up my above ground swimming pool full of Rotella heavy duty diesel truck motor oil from Wal-Mart and just doing a huge cannonball off the carport into it. Do you guys have any recommendations on what viscosity Rotella I should use for it ? The cashier guy at Wal-Mart says use a 5/30wt so that my crank floats on the oil at all times even in desert conditions.. Any thoughts?
  10. I've heard other riders say that when you turn your motor off and listen to the area Intently, that you can still hear the hooves of horses and jingling of running gear and wooden wagon wheels of settlers that given thier lives on this trail. One rider even told me of voices of men and women he heard when out there alone at night DS camping. So we will definitely be stopping in a particular shady spot where he heard that stuff. Expecting cool temps because it is in the tip top elevations of this mountainous higher Dezert.
  11. 350thumper

    DS Dezert Nights

    Ya , trying to switch it up in keeping the experience alive . The meet up location is between the great escape bar/grill, and the Ocotillo Trading Post. It's right near the freeway . There's a large dirt parking lot perfect for pulling your bike off the truck or setting up a chair and taking in the stars.. bring double amount of water plz erry body. This route is probly doable on a 1090 for a rider like Krazy Kenny.. He is turning into or own li'l Chris Birch on that thing.
  12. Here's a video link of terrain out there from bikeslut days: https://youtu.be/FrOMtpL0y9M
  13. 350thumper

    DS Dezert Nights

    Great Paul would like to have your skill set out there. Awesome. I've been preparing trails out there to this destination. You guys are gonna like the night time atmosphere . There's an awesome sand climb. Gas stations near by. Staging near the Great Escape bar & grill. I may have a +1 also ...
  14. 350thumper

    Noobz Oct 3

    Hey bags I think your on to something.. More about BH... Some sweet machines in the mix It was nice to see Rick and Mike and Kenny out there today.
  15. Chime in . I'll post the candid shots after i take my weekly bath. Brittany was stable on two wheels , great to see Pete , did the entire adventure on street tires and did a great job helping keep the crew safe. No rhymes or philosophical ponderment. I'm kinda exhausted .. More pics later...and maybe a video..