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  1. 350thumper

    Temecula area 11/27

    I would go but it trending to have 1000 excuses now days, so I'm busy lifting aluminum for physical therapy on my right arm, otherwise I would totally go. 💪
  2. 350thumper


    Flashy new BMW 's really don't do anything for me zubb. All that means to me is that you'd have to stay on the slab more to keep it prissy. I'm more of a get down and dirty while being greasy and sweaty with blood dripping out of freshly gouged knuckles kinda guy. I expect nothing less from my crew, especially in mexico.. My home slice just got a newly built mansion on the coast of Baja. He's thrown out the invite for trails near and far all leading to his casa . I'll catch you on the US side for a sunrise highway trek but wait 6 weeks. I just recently laid down my 1100 on the highway and busted the ribs out on my right side . Stupid cars... I'm now left side dominant till 2022, at which time I shud be ambidextrous. 😆
  3. 350thumper


    No wimps. Must have valid passport . Bring cash for tacos.
  4. 350thumper

    Alpine Brewery

    Sugar ! 😎
  5. 350thumper

    Alpine Brewery

    How many drugs are you on ??
  6. Go over to the place with the thing and have one or two. This trail ride begins and ends at the same place . (Actual location may vary). Secret interim DS trail action. Staging available. Tonight after 5 Plated only.
  7. How is the weather? Did you grab lunch in julian?
  8. Only 3 hrs. You wussy. I may have to reconfigure my schedule. Let me think while I'm working then I txt you hopefully to meet up and ride some dez
  9. Hi . I'd like to ride in this group. I don't know where the rv park is . Workin a big job up north so I can't break off any limbs.. I'm gonna have to ride in back in the dust because my Rev limiter is broken. Thanks for putting this on. I'll txt you when I'm loaded up and my bike is on the van early am.
  10. I forget what we were talking about. Lol. Can anybody ride this weekend? I got Saturday free to ride past the eagles nest and grab a coldy. Meet in Alpine.9 am. Xr650l.
  11. Thanks reximus, It's almost time for another Noob ride, So we can show some of these newer riders how we get it done..
  12. I prefer the term "big huge swinging ....". Because i am one and it really is , just ask Kenny. It is very impressive. He may even have a pic in his phone. I use it as a counterbalance while riding technical terrain on the big thumpers. First rule of dual sport . Cover your tracks and never ever tell someone where a hidden trail is. It's OK to show them if they are riding DS with you, but never ever tell them. The reason you don't ever tell someone is because it will end up on line then every yahoo with a jeep or a 12 gauge will go out there and ruin it for everyone and it will be shut down by the tree hugging eco terrorists. ( above photo is proof, as you can see the whole place is burnt down). Rule #2 always buy the first round of pitchers at the watering hole with your buddies to get the beer flowing from the tap, regardless of your financial situation. Rule # 3 . There is no rule #3 just enjoy yourself
  13. You got me damb it . First cold pitcher on me .
  14. The bullsnift-o-meter Is reading off the charts on that last comment. I can proof you don't even know how many percents alcoholism I was in my beer.