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  1. Too bad they won't let you post pics Kato! That would of been a nice photo to post up so we could see part of the adventure your having. Shop is closed today so I finally have a day off. Gotta spend it with my little lady this time or I'd come make a hot dog in tin foil on my engine, so you could have breakfast.
  2. Heard those xyz's are pdq and makes eta"s asap. You can come by for a free clutch cable lube and adjust as well . There's even some Rotella around you if you need a top off. Is this ride still going?
  3. I'll be there till 4:20 rebuilding carbs on jet skis . At least come by and get a FREE chain lube and adjust on your dual sport bike. Compliments of your favorite motorcycle technician. 1257 Broadway, in El Cajon . Motorcycle race shop is in the back.
  4. Sounds suspicious. Yes I would bonze the Hell out of Laguna's. Especially the 3200 ft drop. Working at the race shop today. Cruze by for a fast motorcycle service. Broadway and second street in El cajon. Flying paragliders down in Mexico on Sunday . Don't need trails for that.! If your free Sunday, come drive the chase truck and I will teach you how to fly (literally).
  5. 350thumper

    McCain's dis weekend?

    Anybody have a ktm 350 2 stroke I could borrow? I need something light with a stupid amount of power. Admin took away my ability to post new pics so your all gonna get some old ramdom re used ones.
  6. Please insert motorcycle related content. Anybody know what the weather is gone be like this weekend?
  7. 350thumper

    La Posta Rd

    Awesome sauce adventure cross country take risks and tried lightly.
  8. Tacos´┐╝ Tacos Seafood pig that drinks cans of beer. Live spider crabs
  9. 350thumper

    Thursday 06/13/2019

    I'm heading down to Mexico in the morning to fly paramotors with my flying buddies. Otherwise I would join.
  10. Ken Mike Mauler More stream crossings and fell trees than I remember. Dirt was nice and low dust. Thanks guys for the weekday ride.
  11. 350thumper

    Devil's Creek

    It's over bro. Please post in the ride report section
  12. 350thumper

    Devil's Creek

    There's gas stations. I carry extra fuel if you need it.
  13. Kenny , they're making you seem wimpy.