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  1. Seems the best outings push us a bit. The unknown, jump in and find out... https://youtu.be/oD6Ks-6THMw
  2. Thanks for getting in contact with CNF and letting us know.
  3. Bikes looking good👍
  4. Hey easy now! Sleeping in moto boots and a helmet isn't best 🥴
  5. 97xr400r

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Have you tried downloading the California trail map app on your phone? Maybe that would be a good test of your purchase status.
  6. Had to say hi to both of them. The weather was so nice outside the highs of the day the ride time was long even with a late start. Gotta love the long days of summer!
  7. Had to hide from the motos for months, almost forgot How much I enjoy this stuff. Separated my shoulder a few months back. Finally healed up solid enough to get back on the bike. It's great to be back. Figured I'd post photos of the overnight ride out to Anza area, share the stoke ya know!
  8. 97xr400r

    Iron Butt Rally

    😎 Check out that long range rear fender mounted oil tank!
  9. 97xr400r

    Motorcycle Luggage Rally - Meet up Mid May

    Moto hobo gear show and swap meet of sorts, I like it!
  10. 97xr400r

    Iron Butt Rally

    On a 300!!!? Now that I would like to check out. I mean it's not a super ten or anything but that definitely qualifies for oddball underdog status. Do you know where I could find some information on that guy's bike setup?
  11. 97xr400r

    Iron Butt Rally

  12. 97xr400r

    Tech talk taco Tuesday

    Dirt oriented motorcycle ramblings ahead. Tons of experience and knowledge distilled down to easy listening shop talk...