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  1. This guy making exhaust parts out of trash found In route... You have some competition Kato. Jaja, you rode Simpson ?
  2. 97xr400r

    SDAR Mascot Doc in the news

  3. 97xr400r

    My New Moped - 1974 Yamaha RS100

    Wow that thing is almost to nice. Cool bike! Congrats
  4. 97xr400r

    Greenhorns 7/27 - 7/28

    Thanks for putting up these invites, I really hope to make one sometime πŸ‘
  5. 97xr400r

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    Glad you guys got out and about. Wandering around with budds, no need to be anywhere... The best!πŸ‘ Enjoyed the pictures, thanks for sharing.
  6. Cus like, hashtag jackass, bruh 😐 https://www.craigdailypress.com/news/forest-service-investigates-independence-pass-snowmobiling-case-after-alleged-culprit-posted-pictures-on-social-media/
  7. 97xr400r

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    Excellent you guys got out up there. Thanks for sharing!
  8. To promoting the"Tread Lightly" philosophy, maintaining good relations with local land management and fostering an inclusive community of local riders... hears to you SDAR!
  9. 97xr400r

    For your health my friend!

  10. 97xr400r

    For your health my friend!

  11. 97xr400r

    First Off

    Thanks for sharing
  12. Great route πŸ‘ wonder if anyone on a moto has completed it "unsupported". 1000mile fuel range πŸ˜₯ Andrew creates great videos