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  1. 97xr400r

    For your health my friend!

  2. 97xr400r

    For your health my friend!

  3. 97xr400r

    First Off

    Thanks for sharing
  4. Great route 👍 wonder if anyone on a moto has completed it "unsupported". 1000mile fuel range 😥 Andrew creates great videos
  5. 97xr400r

    2 WD

    Would love to try one of these bikes out in sand or mud... 😎 The video in the article is quite convincing. https://www.advpulse.com/adv-news/new-awd-kit-turns-your-ktm-adventure-bike-into-a-traction-beast/
  6. 97xr400r

    1927 farm truck project

    Very very cool. Congratulations on getting it completed!
  7. 97xr400r

    Embed a Video ? UPDATED 4/19

    Thanks for getting that going👍
  8. Have a great time guys!
  9. 97xr400r

    Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    Inflated Beetle (Cysteodemus armatus) Recently noticed this little critter in California deserts Yellow/green and a white colored type. The first one startled me, they have a rattle sound to them when they walk. It looked and sounded poisonous... my instincts guided me well. You don't want to play with these things, they can secret hemolymph which can cause serious blistering of the skin.
  10. 97xr400r

    Adventure Ready

    That feeling you get when on a 950SE... https://youtu.be/i2rzEFVf6Vg
  11. 97xr400r

    Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    Clampers https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-clampers-history-20171110-htmlstory.html
  12. 97xr400r

    Lots of good stuff cheep

    Count me second in line for the Giant Loop Mojave