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  1. 97xr400r

    Not my NX250

    These are getting harder and harder to come by. A really good old small bike. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/mcy/d/orange-honda-nx250/7510221623.html
  2. Short notice but I figured I'd throw it out there... I'll be riding the Super Enduro up Black mountain to enjoy a sunset this evening. Would be great if some of you could make it 👍
  3. 97xr400r

    Phone based offline navigation

    Has anybody created any road book logs with the aforementioned software? I might give it a try and was wondering if anyone else has nerded out on this stuff already. Could be a fun way to change up the riding style.
  4. 97xr400r

    Daily pics of good times

    For the record you were the most vigorous groper I've ever had on the back of the 400...
  5. Sure would like to get in on this. Hey Ken, was that your rig up pinion wash the other day?
  6. Seems the best outings push us a bit. The unknown, jump in and find out... https://youtu.be/oD6Ks-6THMw
  7. Thanks for getting in contact with CNF and letting us know.
  8. Bikes looking good👍
  9. Hey easy now! Sleeping in moto boots and a helmet isn't best 🥴
  10. 97xr400r

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Have you tried downloading the California trail map app on your phone? Maybe that would be a good test of your purchase status.
  11. Had to say hi to both of them. The weather was so nice outside the highs of the day the ride time was long even with a late start. Gotta love the long days of summer!

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