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  1. A pair of light sneakers is always part of my tool pack when I ride alone, but after seeing what this guy did with a tire I might just carry a sharp knife and duct tape from now on ah!
  2. kato

    Front wheel wobble

    Only at speed huh.. I would Start with balancing. Any weights on that wheel? Maybe they fell off. Rim locks will throw balance off pretty badly
  3. kato

    You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda

    Front brake dowhill turn in mud.. nope. but good skills!
  4. Yep you can't see much at all unfortunately, not even standing on the pegs
  5. kato


    Couldn't find u ystrd maybe today I Will
  6. older 4runner we were crawling up a little step on mortero wash towards the water tank and you guys flew down. All good!
  7. I was caging around the area w/ my woman and we crossed path with you guys somewhere in dos cabezas ๐Ÿ‘
  8. kato

    Dual sporting on Goldwings

    Good one but They ain't got ---- on Darren
  9. Never looked at it that way but they make a good point, That's a hot spot w/ the bend and the hill no visibility