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  1. Possibly. Oldest is wearing mine right now and youngest uses a size L kids helmet that seems to be a bit tight now @tntmo U recognize it? I will measure their head sizes and let you know thanks 👍
  2. So far it's one at a time so Lemme get a 3rd bike.. a hauler.... 🤔
  3. Picked up a 2001 CR80 big wheel for the kids went last weekend and they seem to love it, one happy dad I am. “I don’t want to do laps daddy I want to explore the WHOLE desert”.. even happier. So far it’s second gear WFO braaaaaaaap next we gonna work on using 3rd and maybe 4th Anyway, my gear fits my 14yo pretty well but now they need their own gear.. anyone got anything ur kids night have outgrown? 2 girls: 12 & 14yo, 5'1 and 5'5, foot sizes 6 & 8, women chest protector would be great too. Thanks!
  4. kato

    Dual sporting on Goldwings

    Good one but They ain't got ---- on Darren
  5. Never looked at it that way but they make a good point, That's a hot spot w/ the bend and the hill no visibility
  6. kato


    Yes, saw it riding down from calcite mine
  7. kato


    Didn't see any arch but I randomly found a tetherball pole, has cable and carabiner only need the ball. It's a bit wobly but it's standing straight
  8. Awesome, thanks for posting. I dream of riding with my daughters (12&14). I have an eye out on CL and stuff for some beginners bikes, they’re showing interest. Now that season is here We should do SDAR “family” camp/ride weekend(s)?!
  9. "On June 10, 1885, we moved out to Alpine from Old Town, where we had stayed temporarily after our arrival from Missouri. My mother’s oldest brother, H.J. Whitney, had a general merchandise store and the post office at Alpine and my brother, Willis J. Hurd, was in partnership with him. Whitney & Hurd had feed barns also, for the teams that stopped up and down between the Stonewall Mine and San Diego. There was a road from Alpine to the mine that went over Viejas Mountains through Descanso, right to the Stonewall, which they now call Cuyamaca" ... https://sandiegohistory.org/journal/1958/april/stonewall-3/
  10. Same thought, but hiking stone peak in riding boots??
  11. kato

    Local Area

    Ur riding the 650 Darren?