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  1. kato

    WTB 525 big tank

    👍 safari little pricey new but will keep an eye out Jim you have pm thanks guys
  2. kato

    WTB 525 big tank

    Ah maybe that’s why mine came with a scott gysmo? So far I just putt around I dunno.
  3. kato

    WTB 525 big tank

    Love the rotax, not once let me down in what 10 years, Still 2 ATKs in the garage for now, and yes also a RFS bike now. so far i like how the engine feels and lugs around but we’ll see what happens. Didn’t you have one at some point? Didn’t do it for you?
  4. kato

    1992 BMW K75S

    Sawing machine motor!! for ever!! Dirt only for me at least for now or I would consider. glws
  5. Anyone still got a desert tank leftover somewhere for an 06 ktm 525 maybe? Or an Mxc tank?
  6. kato

    KTM 525 EXC - Carb Tuning

    I just rebuilt one and have no idea what I’m doing but did a lot of reading. Did you thoroughly take it apart (including mid body section!), clean every single hole (this carb has a LOT of them), and replace all gaskets including the round “pressure” gasket on the slide, Then jd jetting kit, float level, then in theory it purrs? I wasn’t much help with a shop to send it to sorry, or probably anything else
  7. I think you’re talking about skyline? I first noticed it closed myself trying to ride the snow a couple winters ago during covid and I don’t think it re-opened since.. bummer cuz it’s a nice area.
  8. kato

    Desert Friday

    I m on light duty unfortunately but might be out there Saturday for some chill time and a few light loops on a light bike. Are you parking the chester at your usual spot?
  9. kato

    size 32 riding pants

    I don’t come up to your area often but those are my size and who doesn’t need more gear. Pming u
  10. kato

    Kernville area Dual Sport riding

    Kennedy meadows. Right up your alley man..
  11. Pretty sure smuggling and accidents happen up the 5 as well, are they closing that too? I stay off the main rd when I ride there but I can tell there’s definitely been more SxS there pre-running for the 1000 lately. Bummer.
  12. kato

    2004 KTM 300EXC for sale

    Edit. This particular one won’t work for me but I hope they get what they re asking it’s for a good cause! Thanks Tom