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  1. kato

    Do you Slime ?

    I think Good riding buddies don’t mind a partner wrestling a tire everynow and then, and make fun of him as a bonus, part of the show
  2. kato

    Free Android Apps for smart phone mileage tracking

    Keep it simple with something like this. reset trip meter every time you refuel. takes 2 seconds. Bonus you see how fast you go
  3. Good seeing you too man, made my day! It got dark quickly so we looped around. Still ended up riding at lower speed back to camp in the dark with 2 headlights for 5 bikes (the 2 adults with lights on each end of the train and the 3 kids in the middle), always an adventure and the kids love it!
  4. Good weekend out there with the kiddos. The little 2stroke ran out of gas and we never made it to Tntmo's camp but we did run into the legendary Kug out in shell reef at sunset 👍 Will be trying to go out often this season with the girls, if you have beginner riders looking for desert friends holler. Also if you have a cr85 desert tank ah!
  5. Sorry I parked my van a bit close to your cones on Saturday??! (I'm the hooligan dude with the kids on 2 strokes) I said hi but wasn't sure it was you
  6. Niiice I ll buzz u as we get closer to the weekend Tom. We ll sneak in a ride too!!
  7. Thanks all. Tom, I always play it by ear you know how I roll ah! send me his info or pass him mine thank you 👍
  8. Taking my girls (13&15) camp/ride/hangout this weekend. They're beginners but they like to put around in the sand on their ttr125 And cr85 and go on mini adventures Would be nice for them to make friends on bikes, this weekend or some other weekend.
  9. kato

    Local Area

    Saturday let’s go
  10. That climb heading west from the bottom would be gnarly on a bike bike
  11. kato

    Leaking Fork Seal

    Tim what up!! Long time man. Jon and I were just talking about you yesterday. Fwiw Since I started using one of these when strapping it down no more premature fork leaks for me: