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  1. kato

    KLR650 persistent issue, help!

    Starving for air? Filter? Or fuel? Petcock ok? Petcock filter? Fuel line kinked? Gas cap vent not venting? intake boot? did you do some maintenance recently? Could timing be off?
  2. Just a headsup because that’s really a plan changer, and a bummer: trail between ojos and uruapan is now completely off limits. Plan accordingly. Personal experience: it has been on and off with new gates and ranchers allowing access for the past couple years, but this past weekend it’s all solid locked. Had a good chat (I’m fluent) with the first rancher just south of ojos. This guy is ok and has been letting us through (he just dislikes sxs and yahoos) but the issue is further south. A new association (the whole ejido came together apparently) built new big gates at the bottle neck down the canyon, locked and no access granted. He explained this new coalition is dead set on not allowing access to everyday sport riders. Infamous hector is involved, money, politics.. whatever the case the trail is done for and that’s shitty news
  3. Im def no guru but I do have this tank on a 2006 525 and have used it both with stock 2006 seat and seat concept as well. Here is a pic is with the 2006 seat concept.
  4. Real good. Hero dirt allowed us to climb pretty close to the bunkers coming from the bottom canyon the other day, but ran out of daylight (ok, talent).. do you get out after work or?
  5. kato

    Noob Clothing advice

    found some made out of jersey material resistant enough?
  6. Weekday thing probably. Today that area was empty of construction anything
  7. kato

    YZilla YZ500 2 Stroke

    make my beloved steelie even happier plz
  8. kato

    YZilla YZ500 2 Stroke

    I saw that a little while back and as a yz250 owner I feel This much money would be best invested elsewhere (wide ration transmission for instance, if like me you ride trails or desert). But maybe I’m the wrong guy to chim in since it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Love this thing!
  9. Ohhh damn good reminder it’s been too long, might plan a quesadilla run soon as well!!
  10. What ridges? I had my eyes closed the whole time ah! Eventful fun weekend thanks tom for putting this together and to all for making us feel welcome, my teens had a great time. Good seeing old faces and meeting new ones, till next one!
  11. kato

    Family / Newb Desert Weekend @ Ocotillo Wells


    I’ll be with my teens, riding/camping weekend. maybe another friend will join with his son as well. Thanks for putting this together
  12. I would try “The tag shop” in El Cajon. They’ve been pretty good at finding ways around dmv issues for me. Good luck.
  13. not sure I would call that their use of the file system; Aren’t we all here for content? Maybe another way of looking at it is top posters are fueling the forum and should be rewarded to post? thanks for your time/work.
  14. kato

    1994 Husaberg FC501 MXGP style machine build

    Is there a petcock at the bottom of the right side of tank?? Bottom side Looks lower than carb

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