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  1. See you guys then. I'm in an old white van dragging an even older multicolored bike
  2. Passion, knowledge, I hope you guys kick ass with this!! Congrats šŸ‘
  3. Working tomorrow so for me 7 is def betta or even a bit later. decided to octane tonight so gotta packup after work tomorrow instead then hit tha road, Iā€™m in ob..
  4. Bring some of that octane sat night
  5. Light up an owl, bat, some overhead night life
  6. If I can borrow some of the lumens emitted by your powerful rotella lubed headlight Iā€™m a definite maybe
  7. kato

    Trackside hitch hauler

    Congrats on your first born šŸ‘ My carrier is getting a bit old.. how much are you asking?
  8. Well in my eyes that adventure and the feeling it brings is much more enjoyable than the boring race we have now, thanks for posting that man
  9. kato

    Adios California

    Thank you for the gig opportunity at a time I needed it. You're a good man. Congrats and Best to you both, adios!
  10. ---- was up there but didnt see that till now.. I did text u ystrd tho ah!
  11. Really enjoyed that, danke fur the write-up
  12. All ABDSP trails south of 78 are open again. Still Closed are all trails connecting to OW (pretty much anything north of 78..) was a great day out there today!
  13. Thing valley: Gate at the bottom by the Campground on kitchen Creek is open (campground still closed) as of last weekend
  14. Bit of clutch control on those bunny hops