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  1. Awesome, thanks for posting. I dream of riding with my daughters (12&14). I have an eye out on CL and stuff for some beginners bikes, they’re showing interest. Now that season is here We should do SDAR “family” camp/ride weekend(s)?!
  2. "On June 10, 1885, we moved out to Alpine from Old Town, where we had stayed temporarily after our arrival from Missouri. My mother’s oldest brother, H.J. Whitney, had a general merchandise store and the post office at Alpine and my brother, Willis J. Hurd, was in partnership with him. Whitney & Hurd had feed barns also, for the teams that stopped up and down between the Stonewall Mine and San Diego. There was a road from Alpine to the mine that went over Viejas Mountains through Descanso, right to the Stonewall, which they now call Cuyamaca" ... https://sandiegohistory.org/journal/1958/april/stonewall-3/
  3. Same thought, but hiking stone peak in riding boots??
  4. kato

    Local Area

    Ur riding the 650 Darren?
  5. Woa. Thank you for that story
  6. kato


    Chris turns out I Couldn’t find the damn thing Saturday eve, kept getting lost all over the maze, didn’t help that I was alone at night (moonless) and I don’t use gps, luckily I have an ultrabright headlight from the 90s 👻 might go back this week one day after work hopefully this time around..
  7. That's were the adventure starts
  8. thats a pretty big ride in one day on a big bike with all that dirt
  9. I'm somewhere around pumpkin patch rite now and looks like the sand did received a bit of rain
  10. A few were so big and low in the sky yesterday that I saw them while riding like 👽 were crashing! The comets seemed to all come from abouts the same direction I noticed, towards the end of my loop on cross over trail with my bike pointed Westish they were in front of me shooting parallel to the horizon in a N-S direction. But for the full show wait until the Moon sets (happened around 2.30 am yesterday), then you can see even the smaller ones.
  11. A couple of those shooting stars looked like spaceships crash landing on the desert 👍 Done these night deals 3-4 times this year, I ll post up next I go
  12. Not single track (or who knows??) But if you're interested I'm riding later today and through the night probably until around 1 or 2am down from Julian into desert. You're welcome to join or just part of it maybe (Oriflame)? Meteor shower in full effect these days, and around 2 the moon sets..
  13. Good one!! Their other "Cape York" vidy has some interesting riding also. Sorry for being the "DR dude" on our trips Johnny 😁
  14. Darren: " u topped off rotella esta manaña si?"