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  1. Should have known, its never how it looks. Thats the fun. Sometimes.
  2. Interesting how when I Google Earth the trails we rode at the west end, you can't even tell there are hills there
  3. Yes, that was fun! Thanks for showing us around. Definitely want to go back again for more.
  4. crfxer

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    I noticed if you let bike sit for any length of time, the No Toil will settle and be too thin to stop all the dust. Only time I've had the dreaded dust in the boot. It's not tacky enough. Maxima Fab 1 for me.
  5. crfxer

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    Where and when can we get the shirts?
  6. Not touching the top end, has about 4K on it. Just plug, tires, brake fluid cooler and change, sprocket, air filter, oil and filter and putting heat wrap under tank
  7. I’ve been waiting for a ride like this for quite a while now, and wouldn’t you know my 500 is in the shop getting freshened up. Dirt only this weekend for me
  8. crfxer

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    Especially lawyers
  9. Nice! Looks awesome!
  10. crfxer

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    I'll take one of each color in XL
  11. Need a plate for this ride?