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  1. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    I'll swing by the market on my way out
  2. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    Ya just gotta get up earlier
  3. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    Monday 9-19 gonna stage at Pine Valley cul de sac at 9 and go explore. Possibilities include, Pine Creek, Pine Valley Creek, Kitchen Creek, Fred Valley, Thing Valley, Glider Port, Cameron TT and a couple other off the radar trails in between. Red Jeep, KTM 500.
  4. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    It was open last weekend
  5. Looks nice! S-2 was closed? Is that Cambridge Canyon Rd? Stage at Corriozo?
  6. crfxer

    Pine Creek Road

    I saw that Sunday when we were up there in the Jeep. Hopefully opens back up soon.
  7. crfxer

    Pine Creek Road

    That's good news, thank you!
  8. Last week it was Pine Creek...
  9. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    Sounds like a ride is brewing...
  10. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    Guess that depends on your skill level. Roughest I've seen it in a long time. A big bike with wrong tires would be interesting to watch
  11. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    From the top of Spur Meadow
  12. crfxer

    Weekday Riders?

    Unfortunately won’t be able to make it tomorrow either. Sounds like a fun route. Was at Corral Canyon yesterday. Did the big loop around Espinoza. Place was empty except for hikers and mtn bikers and a couple jeeps. Last Wednesday was up by Julian and Pine Creek at S-1 was closed. Hopefully open now
  13. No access at Pio Pico. Pink Gate is accessible, but to get to Otay Truck Trail from there is fairly rough with some powdery silt stretches or a good hillclimb
  14. Before the Tusk I ran the 606. Tusk way better in dirt and no issues for me on street. This is on a EXC 500. I'll have to do some research of my records to see what mileage I was getting out of the 606's for comparison

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