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  1. Very nice! How many miles and how long that take?
  2. crfxer

    Local Area

    I’ll be out at Superstition Thursday to Sunday
  3. crfxer

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    Wow! They were pretty close too! That C-130 landing in that field is amazing also. Wonder how they got that out. Now to find the crash site. Anybody recognize that bathroom or those mountains in the background?
  4. Happy birthday , Rory !

    Are you officially gonna retire now?

    1. crfxer


      Thanks Paul!  I wish!  Not till the end of 2021

  5. crfxer

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    Good to see Dan, and his house, on the news just now
  6. Nice write up, niceee bike!
  7. crfxer

    Rod and Gun

    We were by the entrance to the gun club on Marron Valley Rd. Waited almost an hour, no response to either of our PM’s. That clearly marked “spot” is only about a square mile
  8. crfxer

    Rod and Gun

    Anybody heard from Darren? Never showed, or answered
  9. crfxer

    Rod and Gun

    Where’s Darren?
  10. That was taken July 3 and there was or had been a recent fire nearby so that doesn't help.
  11. That's part of Darren's Adventures