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  1. With Friday off, I'm a definite maybe.
  2. crfxer

    S1 mischief

  3. I’d be up for whatever. Tell me where and when.
  4. crfxer

    What a day!

    Actually that picture is probably taken from where your video starts. Had the best conditions in some places, lots of snow in others. We did the whole loop around Esponoza to Spur Meadow. Fun times
  5. crfxer

    What a day!

    This is the hill section right before your video starts last weekend
  6. Corral Canyon Saturday
  7. Is there a ride tomorrow?
  8. Still a little snow at PV. Should be real good
  9. Looks like a good time!
  10. crfxer

    Looking to buy 2015 - 17 500 exe

    Probably has another whole rear wheel with the cush hub
  11. Is there gas somewhere in that 110 miles? I know I can go 80-90.
  12. crfxer

    Throttle help

    WD-40 and safety wire
  13. Definite maybe. Know for sure by Sunday
  14. I liked it better when it was like this We were there a few weeks back before they changed it and the gate was locked, the Ranger drove up. Started talking about access, told him I’d do it right then for free as I had a sawzall. The next week we went back and they had done this.