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  1. It got a lot of rain out here! Ground is still wet 5-6 days later. Standing water all over
  2. East of the vendor about 1/2 mile
  3. We’re not in our usual spot either
  4. Those are some good pictures! We should be pulling in about 11 in our usual spot if you remember, for the weekend. Stop by for a cold one
  5. But he tuffed it out! Good job!! Good riding with you too!
  6. Don’t know what Kenny was cooking, but it sure smelled funny!
  7. What I was thinking
  8. I thought it was the "Z" model, you know, for zip ties
  9. Well this is an early start to next weekends ride plans👍 You gonna get that rear tire to hold air for a whole ride or are you going for 3 in a row? Good ride last weekend even tho we never did make it to Lake Domingo
  10. crfxer

    8:00am Saturday

    I’ve seen him do many