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  1. crfxer

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    I just added $30 to the cause
  2. crfxer

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    Sounds fun! I'm a definite maybe, depending on the date
  3. Haven't seen that much water in the creek in a long time. Gonna be camping in Palm Canyon mid December, will have to check it out
  4. This is good news! We did Spur Meadow back in August and it was open all the way thru, and then down towards Espinoza Creek and the gate there was locked as it was also at Skye Valley and Corral Canyon.
  5. Not everybody wants to go on a ride with big groups. I generally like small groups 3-4 max. Occasionally I hook up on larger group rides to meet other similar style and skill riders. Hit the people up that posted something you found interesting and then maybe you can join them next time. Good way to meet others . Better to ask then complain
  6. What was the original post? " Good luck finding this spot buried in a CA forest" Sounds like a challenge to me. If you don't wanna play, don't. But don't complain about us that do.
  7. He was sharing, can’t handle a challenge?
  8. Tomorrow. Great Escape, Ocotillo. When I first saw the opening pic on my phone I thought it was someplace else and that was what my reply was based on. Later, saw it on the big screen PC monitor and knew I was way off, never been there or even a clue. Then I saw the train tracks...narrowed it down. Google Earth is my best friend. What you doing way up there?
  9. Just North of Glen Helen sucker.. Admit it! I bet at least 7%
  10. Tacos and a cold one hit the spot
  11. Very nice, looks like a good time. Is that Cottonwood Campground?
  12. Here's the problem. If you look at the map, the shaded blue area is forest land. Thing Valley Rd then cuts thru the Southwest corner of the Cuyapaipe Indian Reservation where they have put up the gate and fence.
  13. Oops! Sorry Mike! Saw this earlier but forgot to call once I got there.