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  1. Sounds gooood! I’ll be there
  2. Staging at Corrizo Wash by the trees sounds good to me. Not far from Sin Nombre. Pretty central, don't want to do all the pavement miles myself.
  3. Unfortunately have a doctors appt Friday dang it! Could do Saturday though.
  4. With the rain predicted for Wed/Thurs, Friday looks real tempting
  5. crfxer

    Local Area

    I think I’m gonna park at PV or the entrance to Corral Canyon and ride from there over to Circle K Yes, plated ride Paul.
  6. crfxer

    Local Area

    Lurking, definite maybe which circle k?
  7. crfxer

    Bagstr's Loop

    Sounds good. See you bright and early👍
  8. crfxer

    Bagstr's Loop

    👍 don’t forget, only got a 90 mile range so throw a pit stop in there too. Probably bringing a buddy also
  9. crfxer

    Bagstr's Loop

    Sounds good. Upgrade to definite maybe. You are talking about Saturday right?
  10. Ride???? Looks like this turned into a headlight thread. You been hijacked