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  1. Tacos and a cold one hit the spot
  2. Very nice, looks like a good time. Is that Cottonwood Campground?
  3. Here's the problem. If you look at the map, the shaded blue area is forest land. Thing Valley Rd then cuts thru the Southwest corner of the Cuyapaipe Indian Reservation where they have put up the gate and fence.
  4. Oops! Sorry Mike! Saw this earlier but forgot to call once I got there.
  5. I already have. May go up to the Ranger station in Alpine after work if I can today
  6. Yes, a mile south of gun club. This ^^^ upper gate was open when we checked on it a little earlier
  7. Ran into this at the gate at Marron Valley on Saturday
  8. That pole fence looks like the stuff the Forest Service puts up. I have a pretty good idea where, 32 49 08N, 116 24 24W. Seen some work being done in that area just up the hill from there
  9. Looking good! I love Patty Melts! Nice write and pics too. My kinda riding
  10. In the area also
  11. crfxer

    Alpine DS

    Did you go by the Land of the Giant Pinecones?
  12. crfxer

    Alpine DS

    Here? Brisket and beer
  13. This is Smugglers Cave. Was that one you checked out at the top of the mountain?