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  1. I think he's just bumped his head a couple times too many
  2. There's some good stuff back in there you'd like, if you can find it.
  3. This is what it looked like about 1/4 mile in from the Pink Gate back in April 2020. Lot of fun, except for getting roosted(my bad, I should of known) With the recent rains should be similar now
  4. There’s access at the Pink Gate
  5. Might this include a stop at the Julian Beer Company for some brisket and a cold one?
  6. crfxer


    That's not what it looked like last weekend.
  7. crfxer


    Did you see the flowers? Stop by Layne's Place?
  8. crfxer

    Bow Willow

    The 31' class 'C' had no problem and its pretty low. Most the sites are on the side of a hill and not very level so take lots of leveling blocks
  9. crfxer

    Bow Willow

    First come basis, pay the iron ranger
  10. crfxer

    Bow Willow

    Bow Willow is a nice secluded little campground, across the S2 from the Carrizo staging spot. $20 a nite.
  11. Look for this


    IMG_0943 - Copy.jpg

  12. Hey!  Gonna be camping at Superstition for the next 5 days.  1/2 mile due east of the intersection of Wheeler and Pole Line. 1/4 mile north of Pole Line,  Just the Jeep and a SXS, no bike.  Stop by for a cold one or cruise over in your honeys Rhino

  13. From the first 3 pics looks like he broke you in on that sweet little section on the left at the start

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