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  1. Fargoin

    Bead Breaker

    It's yours. Let me know when you are going to be down this way. La Mesa or Santee if that's easier.
  2. I have this bead breaker that works well. I now have a Rabaconda so I won't be using it. Free to anyone that can use it. Located close to La Mesa village.
  3. Fargoin

    V-Strom Parts

    Jim, Great to meet you. I still believe I got the better end of the deal, although the beer is gone and hopefully you still have the parts.
  4. I have some parts off a first gen V-strom. They may fit the updated version as well, not sure. Brake pads (new), Front and rear sprockets (new) Windscreen Rectifier Regulator Center stand parts including center stand but missing mounting parts I am located in La Mesa.
  5. Thanks. Next to the gate they periodically close there is a moto/horse/bike whatever, entrance. I don't think they can close it off but they could block it.
  6. Was the moto gate closed/blocked?
  7. Fargoin

    Moto Magazines

    It is in Santee. I'll DM you the address.
  8. Fargoin

    Moto Magazines

    We get every moto (and cycling) magazine you have heard of and several you probably haven't, here at my office in Santee. If anyone is interested in them shoot me a pm and you are welcome to come by anytime to pick them up. We currently have about 60-80 current issues. If someone is going to visit one of the injured/recovering members it could be nice to bring them some mags.
  9. Fargoin

    Your Buddies Are Your Salvation

    I've driven that section of the pass in a Jeep. It is pretty sketchy. He actually made it past the most difficult part. Where the rocks start it is a lot more off camber than the video shows.
  10. Fargoin

    Padres - 5-16 - Thurs tickets

    I can attest to these being great seats. Went to a game last year with Mike and they are some of the coolest seats in the park!
  11. April 6. https://ridebdr.com/Events/CABDR-South-Film-Premiere-El-Cajon-CA
  12. California State Parks OHV grants and cooperative agreements program seeking public comments The American Motorcyclist Association believes you may be interested in providing input to the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. This period provides an opportunity for the public to review and provide factual comments to the preliminary applications submitted for consideration during the 2018/19 grant cycle. To review and comment visit olga.ohv.parks.ca.gov/egrams_ohmvr/user/home.aspx for more information
  13. I will ask when I go through. The example the border agent gave me was that he would transport quads his the back of his truck and cross the border using his Sentri pass. But of course he is an agent, so he may have received preferential treatment.
  14. Thanks JDawg. I will probably wait until I get pulled in secondary for the initial inspection and ask the officer doing the inspection.
  15. Anyone here have experience with Sentri/Global Entry? I recently received my Sentri pass. When I spoke with the Customs Border Protection agent that issued it he told me transporting bikes in the truck bed was fine, but he was unsure if a receiver hitch bike carrier would be ok. His concern was the license plate might be blocked, but that would be an easy fix. Anyone have any experience with this? FYI, no trailers in the Sentri lane.

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