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  1. The light blue line circled is marked "no trespassing" on the north end off of 94 while traveling south towards Tecate Peak although I suspect it is an easement. It isn't marked at all from the other direction coming down from the peak going north so I only ride it in that direction. You never now when an angry homeowner with a gun will come out and hassle you. It happened to me before in another area so always wary.
  2. Jlburgess

    Pine Creek Road Open?

    Here is a pic I took this morning. Yay!!! It is open up to Sunrise. No camping or fires allowed. They filled many potholes with gravel. Watch for suicidal mountain bikers coming downhill and have fun! 🤗
  3. Jlburgess

    Pine Creek Road Open?

    According to the Cleveland NF website Lower Pine Creek Rd is now open! I'm not sure if that is really true after the Great Arroyo Toad Incident. Has anybody tried it since 10/28? A recon mission may be in order.... https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/cleveland/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5340229&width=full
  4. There's a fire going on near the border by Doghouse Junction as of yesterday.
  5. Jlburgess

    What's Open?

    350 Thumper, I understand your frustration. I invite all responsible riders to help keep our access points open by lending a hand if they will allow us to help. Tracy isn't the enemy but has her hands tied due to protections in place for endangered wildlife. The real problem is those irresponsible riders who blazed a trail through the wetlands when Coral Canyon was closed due to Covid. Let's find a way to make up for the reckless actions of a couple of morons to get us back open! I will share the two most recent emails: From: john burgess <jlburgess@hotmail.com> Sent: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 7:11 PM To: Knapp, Tracy - FS <Tracy.Knapp@usda.gov> Subject: Re: Pine Creek Road and toads? I heard about that incident. It was when Coral Canyon OHV was closed due to Covid and a couple of people on the SD Adventure Riders forum saw the aftermath when the rangers were closing the gate. It's the old thing where a few bad apples spoil it for everyone. It was probably some idiots who decided they were going to the next nearest riding area. It will probably be a different set of idiots the next time but please don't block off my place of solitude and peace. As a Gulf War veteran I need some nature and reflection time to get back to my happy spot. John Muir had it right from the get go! 🤗 That is a semi-paved road. I can assure you that as a responsible on road rider I would certainly chastize and or report anyone I caught blazing a new trail because it wrecks it for everyone including myself and the plan for the NF. I have heard of some adventure riders who would volunteer to help repair Pine Mountain road storm damage. If you can allow some people to help restore our legal access I will send out a plea. I am an current DoD civilian and would make sure that the area would be helped the best as possible with limited manual labor. If people are ignoring the toad habitat a cable arrangement or even signs would alert them to the issue. Thanks for listening to me Tracy! Be well in these tough times. John Burgess Tracy's reply received the next day: I totally agree! It’s unfortunate how sometimes people who don’t follow the rules end up ruining it for everyone else. I will keep you posted with anything I hear about Pine Creek and Pine Mountain Roads. Thanks for your patience with the road reopening and I hope you stay well during these difficult times. All the best, Tracy Knapp Assistant Recreation & Lands Officer Forest Service Cleveland National Forest Descanso Ranger District p: 619-445-6235 x3435 f: 619-445-1753 tracy.knapp@usda.gov 3348 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901 www.fs.fed.us Caring for the land and serving people
  6. Jlburgess

    What's Open?

    Bad news. Just got this email when inquiring about lower Pine Creek rd. which is still closed. This stupid toad is nocturnal and hibernates in an underground burrow during late summer but using the road is a danger apparently? Breeding season just ended so was hoping for some good news but it's just easier to keep the gate closed so you can't enjoy your public lands. Hi John, Unfortunately we don’t have a date for when the lower portion of Pine Creek Road will be open. We are consulting with US Fish and Wildlife due to potential disturbance of Arroyo Toad habitat and we are still figuring out the best management actions in response to this. Keep checking the road closure page, that will be your best bet on figuring out if the road is open or not. Thank you, Tracy Knapp Assistant Recreation & Lands Officer Forest Service Cleveland National Forest Descanso Ranger District
  7. That ride is over. Nothing to see here. Nice "talent" spotted at the falls by Sutherland Dam rd. The gate to Black Mtn is confirmed open there although I don't want to try it solo. If you can join send PM. I'm off for a week so no priorities. The gate to Eagle Sun rd at Sisters Falls was also open although the hiking trail itself is barricaded with 0% compliance.
  8. I'll probably do Mesa Grand in the morning and bypass Black Mtn turnoff unless somebody wants to join? Leaving about 9 am from Jamul. Just fitted my bike with an Airhawk and Alaskan Sheepskin. I will now be calling it the Dirty Barcolounger! 😁
  9. Anyone riding tomorrow....
  10. Too hot for me today but would be up for Fred Canyon Thursday or Friday?
  11. I am interested in doing Black Mtn which is supposedly open but don't want to try it solo. Anyone in between Wednesday and Friday this week? I'll come up from Descanso area to Santa Ysabel. I'm not fast but I get there eventually and enjoy the scenery along the way. Also interested in Fred Canyon if that is open?
  12. Jlburgess

    What's Open?

    So I have been waiting for the lower section of Pine Creek Rd to open up and it still hasn't. I sent an inquiry to Descanso FS and received the following reply. I'm hoping this is just "Toad Season" otherwise we might be waiting a while. >I received your question about why the lower gate to Pine Creek Rd is closed. The lower portion of the road is closed due to potential disturbance to the Arroyo Toad, which is an endangered species. The lower portion of the road is temporarily closed and we will open it as soon as feasible. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you! Tracy Knapp Assistant Recreation & Lands Officer Forest Service Cleveland National Forest Descanso Ranger District p: 619-445-6235 x3435 f: 619-445-1753 tracy.knapp@usda.gov
  13. Jlburgess

    What's Open?

    A lot of stuff opened about 3 days ago. Oddly, the lower gate of Pine Creek Rd remains closed but the upper one is open. Thing Valley is confirmed open as well when I passed by. Fred Canyon looks like a fun ride to La Posta if anyone is in for that? https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/cleveland/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5340229&amp;width=full
  14. Jlburgess

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    I rode part of Barber Mountain and another rider I bumped into did a lot of the rugged single track around there. Nothing there but power workers.
  15. Jlburgess

    Rider missing in OTAY area

    I live on Honey Springs rd and frequent Otay/BLM area. Short of the rocky overlooks where he would have been found already I can only field a few guesses. #1 would be the hills next to the west end of Otay Wilderness below the lake where it says "don't go here". It is pretty treacherous especially with the recent rains. #2 Would be Sycamore Canyon. The gate is open near Ridge Rd and there are spots where a rider might go down but not back up. There are a few BP but not many. A lot of hikers go over the fence near the BP checkpoint. #3 would be Ridge Rd. There are some sensors out that way but it looks like you could ride straight into Mexico? Hopefully he is stuck there trying to get back? #4 A longshot but Barber Mtn Rd is very remote and might be crossed into by a determined rider? There is a human or horse sized fence there on Cinnamon Dr that he could have got through. Praying for the best! Don't be a hero going through single-track as I'm sure the FLIR search will find him hopefully soon!