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  1. Ride complete, 4 ribs down. 😁
  2. Gassing up in Alpine right now. Should reach Viejas Grade in 15 minutes.
  3. Beaver Creek Rd to Pine Hills. Leaving in about 10 minutes from Honey Springs. Taking Viejas grade if you want to meet up. Blue DR650.
  4. I'm headed up from Jamul to Valley Center for the famous $15.95 all you can eat beef ribs. Mmmm! I had it once before and could only finish 3. Leaving around 10 AM on Sat 10/19 up through Cedar Creek Falls area and Black Canyon to Mt. Palomar. Anyone else in?
  5. On a newbie ride I'd recommend a group of 3 or 4 spaced at 30 seconds. It was really hard to see potholes or ruts. I enjoyed the route though!
  6. We waited at I-8 for about 20 minutes before people started thinking about bbq. In hindsight I think everyone should have followed the main road rule and stopped at thr bottom of the La Posta rd descent until all riders were accounted for. Letting a rider go up the hill with no gas cap alone turned out to be unwise.
  7. I split off and took Kitchen Creek to Fred Canyon which was really fun. Back home now. I hope that guy found his gap cap!
  8. OTW. Might be a couple of minutes late. Blue DR650.
  9. I'm ok with 9:00 or 9:30...
  10. Sounds like a plan. I'm coming from Jamul.
  11. Great drone footage! I have never seen that before. Can you made it fly in front of your bike to check for speed traps? 😁
  12. I'm out. That's going to be very hot!
  13. How about 10 AM at the Descanso Junction? We can do Fred Canyon then down to Campo and hit the border trails.