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  1. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    I don't do Facebook because I have no interest in sharing advertising profits with Mark Zuckerberg. That's why I frequent my local forum and donate to keep it that way. If I post a ride here I would expect it to remain here and local people would RSVP. I did give you permission to post it elsewhere but I didn't realize that I would no longer be invited to the starting point. You probably didn't know that either?
  2. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    I think that's called a hijack. 🙄
  3. Yeah, I would think twice that offer! It will turn into a KTM single track ride I'd guess. Not sure who this dude is but lacks respect for the O.P. 🙄
  4. Jlburgess

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    I wound up doing a ride to Marron Valley instead. I didn't see anyone RSVP here so I didn't start at the spot mentioned in the first post. I turned out to be an epic ride anyway. A gate was open that is always locked and it said on a BLM sign "your OHV funds at work". Sounds like an invitation to me! It was a there and back thing for about 15 miles but lots of interesting stuff to see. I chickened out at the river crossing though, discretion being the better part of valor! 😃
  5. Jlburgess

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    I guess I'm not doing that ride anymore since some other people have changed the start time and meet up spot. Thanks for that. 🙄
  6. Fits KLR650 and DR650 rear wheels. A premium tire in brand new condition (never mounted) with the date code 51 first week of 2021. $150. Jamul area. 5ohthree 756-3three53 John
  7. Jlburgess

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Yet another reason not to Facebook! 😉
  8. Jlburgess

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Thanks for your great work keeping our local rider's forum going! 🤗
  9. Jlburgess

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Sure, I don't do Facebook but anyone is welcome to RSVP on SDAR website. 👍
  10. Jlburgess

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Kind of a freestyle destination ride. Coral Canyon reports as closed except to vehicles under 53" wide. Hey, that's me! I enjoy riding up to the watchtower and doing the easy loop but won't be doing any gnarly single track there. Should be 4 hours maybe back via 94 or Tecate Peak detour? I usually start out in Jamul area so am flexible on meet up spots. Lyon's Valley Trading Post is my usual M.O. 17608 Lyons Valley Rd, Jamul, CA 91935 View from Tecate' Peak as Rory scans for trouble! 😉
  11. Jlburgess

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    Is this ride still on for Sunday morning?
  12. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    I think I rode with you once from Ramona with SanRider? Not sure. I have a terrible memory for people but remember every turn I've ever taken on long and confusing backroads. Go figure. 😉
  13. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    How about a meet up at Sycuan gas station or ???
  14. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    Late notice ride tomorrow (Fri) Barona, Ramona, ???, Boulder Creek Rd plus water crossing. Big bike friendly plus great scenery with recent rains.
  15. My schedule is wide open but with my expired passport card I may need a boost over that new and improved wall. 😉. I did put in an application for a new one today but it's 8 weeks out. I'm more about trying Mike's Sky Ranch for a two day trip first though....

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