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  1. Did somebody mention cribbage? 3rd generation player here. 😜. No DR for me on this one. It's too close to carry the good gear.
  2. I could be convinced to drive my car so favorite dog can join in. I can get there earlier to save spots and that would make more refreshing beverages available too. 🍻😉
  3. I can give a fairly recent report on the obvious loop around the Indian Flats (renamed) campground. The first part was narrow single-lane paved and/or groomed with scenery and zero traffic. When I got there I found the campground was closed due to the Arroyo Toads again (it shows open now). I continued to the northwest on the loop. That part is pretty easy dirt except for a couple ruts and a wee bit of sand. I was on a big bike so depends on your perspective. Easily doable with friends for all. Hope to see ya' all out there! 👍
  4. Posting up an unusual opening of Fred. It's been closed all year but can't get there until Saturday. Is there a storm they will blame it on? Post pics! Fred Canyon Road (16S08) Descanso/San Diego County Open For duration of storm
  5. I'm thinking of making this a 2-night campout with day 2 (Sun night ) in Idyllwild. I love that area and haven't explored everything yet. Marion mountain CG is awesome. 👍. Looking forward to this already! To be clear the date is November 4-5? The initial post is a bit misleading. I almost showed up next weekend. 😜
  6. Great ride. 👍 Thanks for joining Mike!
  7. I was thinking about taking the DR650 out tomorrow starting at Tecate' and heading towards Campo. This is a pretty fun ride if you haven't tried it before. It's pretty flat in most parts but a little bit of sand. There's a cool RR tunnel too. I was planning on continuing down to Shockey Road which has a neat little canyon in it. Probably taking off from Jamul around 10:00 Sunday the 24th. Send pm if interested. Bring cash for El Paso Mexican food on rtn trip via 94. John
  8. I'm a late starter on Sundays but here's my route. It's Nate's Grade/Wohlford/Ramona. PM if interested. Big bike friendly.
  9. If I'm reading this link correctly a TVIP is only required outside the "Free Zone" and Baja is entirely within that area so it would only be needed in the interior areas should you go that far. https://www.mexpro.com/blog/mexico-free-border-zone/
  10. I was interested right up until I saw a $499 ticket fee. 🙄
  11. I wasn't aware of the FMM requirement but I did find the website, it's free, and it can be done online here: https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html There is an option for a passport card so I think it will be fine. 🙄 Edit: Don't be fooled by these a*hole entrepreneurs from Spain who will attempt to charge you $89 to submit your info to the correct website above! https://www.mexicofmm.com/
  12. My passport card just arrived and I'm itching to get the new Husqvarna out there. Looking to do a day trip loop south of Tecate' this weekend with these tracks if anyone wants to join. Probably going as far as Laguna Hanson then back up to scout out the area since I've never been that way.
  13. Ah, OK then. I'll go ride towards Portero and Coral Canyon in that case. Hoping it is still open for 52" and under. The conditions website isn't real specific.
  14. I might do it if it isn't too extreme. I've ridden with you a couple of times so you know I just like to putt and enjoy the ride. If it's too challenging i would just go back to S2 and meet up again closer to Julian. I could meet up along 94 somewhere with the DR.....
  15. There should be some great riding conditions tomorrow after all the recent rain and looks like 62 degrees so I'm headed out around 10:00 or so. Kind of thinking Boulder Creek up to Julian and then? Anybody in for an easy loop? Send PM.

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