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  1. I don't. You dominate the forum with your uncontrollable wisdom. I'll look elsewhere for fellow riders who like to enjoy some scenery and be up to date on what's available.
  2. I can see why this forum is dead. Instead of talking about alternatives to NF closures we are more worried about which sub-forum the post was in and which troll doesn't want it. I've led hundreds of rides but relatively new to this area. Sorry!
  3. So are we eating a pastrami sandwich or just posting up closures? 😉
  4. Is there somewhere else to ride? I guess BLM land is it?
  5. Looks like we won't be riding in the NF for a bit. I'm guessing that will be extended beyond 9/17 as warranted? https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/cleveland/home
  6. Jlburgess

    Friday morning ride

    I might run this on Saturday in the opposite direction around 10:00. Anyone interested?
  7. Cancelled due to thunderstorm in area.
  8. The Hat has the best pastrami I've had and I see they have a Temecula location now. You guys are going to LA for a sandwich? If only there was a pastrami sandwich place in the East County area where a person might like to ride to...🤫. Secret Squirrel?
  9. I know if I find the World's 2nd best pastrami sandwich I'm not telling Darren where to go! 😙
  10. Might you share the location of said famous sandwiches for a fellow aficionado???
  11. Yep, I'm in for some CNF! Fred Canyon just opened. 👍
  12. Another epic ride and just the right amount of moisture in the soil. Lusardi Trail was very cool. Thanks for joining in fellas! 👍😉
  13. We can wait a bit. I'll grab a bite to eat.
  14. Meet at Descanso Junction Cafe at 10 am. Riding Boulder Creek Rd to Ramona area most likely or ???. Big bikes ok.
  15. I'll post a thread.