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  1. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    All it takes is ProCycle and a credit card! 😄
  2. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    I only went a short distance on that one. The creek was dry but gate was open. Speaking of open gates I was able to ride 14S02 aka Pine Mtn today. Both lower gates are open and you can make it to S1 around the side for the top one. I encountered a DRZ400 rider and a guy in a 4x4. It's pretty easy except for a little sand and ruts, then a slightly steep part near the top. I could see some fallen trees have been cleared too. It's fairly big bike friendly and cell reception near the top from Cuyamaca. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  3. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    That was a fun ride although longer than expected since Black Canyon was a slow pace and almost got wrecked by a crazy man driving fast on the inside of the blind corners on a single lane road. If I was in a car he couldn't have avoided me but "got skinny" against the hillside. I'm contemplating a Baja ride now via Tecate' next. Anyone have experience there? Maybe just a day trip to start?
  4. Jlburgess

    Weekday Riders?

    No big trips planned mostly due to gas prices. I can do a day trip for $10 still on the DR though. Shoot me a PM if you are going somewhere. I'm probably doing Nate's grade and Black Canyon area today or Friday.
  5. I'm on hiatus from work for the next couple of months so looking for weekday riding buddies when crowds are sparse. I live near Jamul and like to ride 100 mile or so loops. I'm on a DR650 so nothing too dramatic. I rode Skye Valley today in Coral Canyon so that was pretty fun. I also like Fred Canyon or ??? Post up any ideas... 😉👍 John
  6. I happened upon a person with local connections a couple months back and was told that the bulldozer guy purchased the property and has threatened a couple of NF rangers with a firearm. They are scared to enforce any easements that may exist so he said. Not sure how accurate that assessment is but I wouldn't be surprised if some armed paranoid freak is going to blast the next hapless rider trying to enjoy the forest.
  7. Well crap, there goes my favorite local easy loop. According to BP today you can't enter Otay Wliderness or Sycamore Canyon anymore from Pio Pico which is now locked. I spotted a sign descending from Doghouse Junction and had to backtrack and exit via Marron Valley which is the only access point left except for a 4' gap in the fence near the BP checkpoint. They said too many accidents on that steep downhill with no guard rails. 🙄
  8. I don't. You dominate the forum with your uncontrollable wisdom. I'll look elsewhere for fellow riders who like to enjoy some scenery and be up to date on what's available.
  9. I can see why this forum is dead. Instead of talking about alternatives to NF closures we are more worried about which sub-forum the post was in and which troll doesn't want it. I've led hundreds of rides but relatively new to this area. Sorry!
  10. So are we eating a pastrami sandwich or just posting up closures? 😉
  11. Is there somewhere else to ride? I guess BLM land is it?
  12. Looks like we won't be riding in the NF for a bit. I'm guessing that will be extended beyond 9/17 as warranted? https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/cleveland/home
  13. Jlburgess

    Friday morning ride

    I might run this on Saturday in the opposite direction around 10:00. Anyone interested?
  14. Cancelled due to thunderstorm in area.