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  1. Another epic ride and just the right amount of moisture in the soil. Lusardi Trail was very cool. Thanks for joining in fellas! 👍😉
  2. We can wait a bit. I'll grab a bite to eat.
  3. Meet at Descanso Junction Cafe at 10 am. Riding Boulder Creek Rd to Ramona area most likely or ???. Big bikes ok.
  4. I'll post a thread.
  5. How about Descanso Junction meetup at 10? Best biscuits and gravy ever! That will keep us warm for a bit. I can stop by your place Mike at 9:30 if that works?
  6. Hey Ken, I am weather dependent. If it is cold a Sycamore Canyon ride may be in order. Summoning San Rider for directions. He is the local sherpa.
  7. I'm in for Sunday Bsham. Was thinking about Orosco Ridge....
  8. It's all over, nothing to see here. Thanks for joining in Mike! 😉 👍
  9. I'm off to a late start. Maybe meet at noon? Jamul gas station formerly the Arco?
  10. I will give this a shot tomorrow. Might be a dusting of snow but likely melted. I could see a bit around Coral Canyon and Cuyamaca areas today. Flexible on start time. Meet up in Jamul somewhere? Big bike friendly. RIDE LEAVES AT NOON FROM JAMUL GAS AT INTERSECTION OF HWY 94 AND PROCTOR VALLEY RD.
  11. Nevermind, we just rode it and it is open. Epic conditions! Ride it now before the next big rain since they will likely close it for winter.
  12. Great ride! Thanks David! 🤗👍😉
  13. On the way to Packard's....
  14. Has anyone tried Cedar Creek Rd recently or know if the gates are open at Eagle Peak Rd or 3 Sisters Trailhead? FS 13S11. Can't reach the Palomar ranger district because their office is closed. Thanks!