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  1. Ken S

    New member from Poway

    Welcome. Post up a ride.
  2. I put on the 3 gallon tank. 100 miles safely. IMS makes a 4 gallon
  3. Ken S

    Saturday 1/18

    Sounds good. See you there in front of the cafe 9:30
  4. Ken S

    Saturday 1/18

    Let’s meet at the Blue Inn and ride from there. You call out a time
  5. Ken S

    Saturday 1/18

    How about North Ocotillo- Truck haven I can be easily talked into it.
  6. Ken S

    San Felipe

    Figure it out and I’ll do a weekend trip with you Haven’t been in years but I have memories off fish tacos on the beach.
  7. Price out the door The way it runs bone stock The trailtech voyager is cool Im 6ft tall but the lower seat height and center of gravity is great Steve talked me into it Try something different. Garage was all Orange.
  8. Now go see Steve at C&D and buy one. Get him to install a 3 gallon tank and a Seat Concepts comfort seat. Then go over the bike and check bolts. Mine lost bolts out of the chain slider, chain guard and radiator shrouds on the first ride. Gear down 1 tooth on countersprocket(bike comes with 2 extra’s from factory) I had the fork tubes hard anodized and lower fork tubes Titanium Nitrate coasted so they last forever but probably not necessary (I’m hard on stuff) Other than that they’re ready to go.
  9. Did you try the 500rrs? Loving mine. A bit more on the big end and handles longer slab sections at a low rpm at 65 easily. Only downside to me is I got about 50 miles more per 3 gallons on my KTM500. A big deal if our on a long ride in Baja. I just bought a 2 gallon Roto Pack solution
  10. Ken S


    Donation sent
  11. Robert. When you upgrade what’s your new dream ride?
  12. Good ride for sure. These TPI bikes run as crisp and clean Stock as my heavily modified 2018 300xcw does on 110 octane race gas.
  13. Dawn Patrol at Mc Cain Valley to make the first tracks of 2020 with Chad B Chad P and Courtney
  14. Ken S

    2005 BMW GS 1200

    Raising your bid to $999.99