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  1. Anyone else going Sunday. We (Getsmacked - Anthony Thomas E and myself) will be riding the hard route then possibly do a second loop on the easy loop. Getting there about 6am to get our bikes in line. 2 years ago I did this ride in the rain. Probably my number one best ride ever. Anyone want to join us. Must be an advanced type of rider.
  2. Call or text me tomorrow night for our location
  3. Always on the same day as a District 38 race. Im out.
  4. Ken S

    New Ride

    All ready in it. Cooling fan installed as well. Thanks Paul. Let’s go riding.
  5. Ken S

    New Ride

    New pipe works great. Revs to 100 percent. Taller gearing needed Overheats in the dunes very quickly though. Going to call Slavens tomorrow. I think it’s running to lean.
  6. Ken S

    New Ride

    First ride today after getting it dialed in. Wow. George at Suspension 101 did something over the top with this one. Told me he wanted to try some proto type stuff on it. It’s over my head what he did (ask him) but it’s amazing. No desire to touch a clicker. Plowed hard into deep whoops and rocks at speed and it’s so good all I can say is you’d have to try it to see for yourself. The combo of the Slavens Mule high compression head and the Slavens Lectron carb is spot on. Starts easy. Idles. The bog it had stock is gone. Didn’t touch a thing as directed by Jeff Slavens. My only small complaint is it kind of signs off on the pipe (stock)at about 65. Tops out at 75. Just installed a Pro Curcuit Platinum Pipe which is supposed to make more power especially on the big end. I hope so as I plan on Desert racing this bike. Shooting for speeds of 85-90 Desert trip tomorrow for more testing.
  7. Testing a lot of new stuff. May have a hard time sleeping in anticipation
  8. 9am. Very close to the info board Wheeler Rd near the dunes. Whoops, dunes, single track ridge lines and rock crawling. Intermediate and up riders. Silver F150. Orange bike.
  9. 9am at the tree. Spirited pace single track ride. Silver F150. Orange bike.
  10. Ken S

    500 EXC muffler question

    Everything I’ve bought from Slavens has been spot on. My favorite place to spend money.
  11. Ken S

    Salton Sea

    Someone took the pay phone and the tether ball. Jerks. We need to go replace them. Keep an eye out for an old phone booth. Need a serious rock crawling Jeep to get it up there.
  12. Ken S

    New member-N. San Diego

    Welcome. You’d fit right in with my crew. We’re between 35 -55 and several of still race D38. Cant ride much during the week but several in my crew can. We love the hard stuff too. Will be racing most of the D37 Sprint Enduro races this year if you want to join us.
  13. Ken S

    The Kug-Meister is Everywhere

    Took him to Superstition with us today
  14. Great riding with Anthony- Getsmacked. The desert got some rain but not a big soaker out of Saturday’s storm. Perfect temps. Played let’s see what we can do with out getting stuck. Rode lots of steep sand that we can’t make when it’s dry. Went rock crawling on the north side of the mountain. Lots of black diamond trails.
  15. Ken S

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    Tire changes require beer