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  1. I need to go take more pictures this weekend
  2. Rode those trails on 500 and 300. No way on my 1090. 38 Special and Malcolm Smith will both be insurance claim time for that 790 or any Adventure bike.
  3. Good riding with you guys
  4. Small group using proper social distancing and wear gloves helmet and boots. Alpine Starbucks 8:30am. Riding my 1090. No route set in stone Probable route. Viejas Grade. Pine Valley up to Mt Laguna. Possible dirt route down to lower Banner Grade or towards Campo. Nothing hard. Let’s go de stress and be safe. 619-922-4554 Kenny
  5. Ken S

    Another tire thread

    My 1090 came with TKC 80’s. Good on the street. Ok dirt. Still have the front. I spun the rear away quickly. MotoZ Tractionator Desert on the rear now. 90/10. Loud on the street but works well. Amazing in the dirt and sand. Probably won’t last more than 2500 but I’m Throttle happy. I’ll be putting a Golden Tire GT 216 on the front next. I ride my 1090 primarily as a dirt bike. Use the street to get there.
  6. National Hare and Hound downhills. Not for the faint of heart. Full front and rear brake lock ups that go on and on except for the occasional straight drop you just have to roll- fall off. Many climbs the same. Sucks getting in a log jamb. I try to make my own line around them.
  7. We’re at the Dip instead if anyone is coming unannounced