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  1. Took a ride with 350 Thumper to Ensenada thru Tecate then the wine country. Hot on the way down until we hit the beach. Went fro m 104 down to 70 in about 15 minutes. Lots of stops for Tacos. Guys were giving rides on powered hang gliders. I’m always up for a good time.
  2. Ken S

    Anyone Do Auto Windshield Repair ?

    I own a glass company but don’t do chip repair (bad for business). What I can tell you is have it drilled and glued while it’s small. Once it’s starts to late.
  3. Ken S

    Garmin Montana

    Thanks. Trying to keep it simple but with a large enough screen that I don’t need my reading glasses.
  4. Sounds like an awesome trip Paul. Sounds like you got another bike. Congrats.
  5. Ken S

    Garmin Montana

    About to purchase Montana 610 or 680. Wondering about the T model. Do you use the Topography part of it? Dont need a camera built in but the photo with the ability to find the spot again sounds nice Let it roll What are your opinions
  6. The Trail Tech fan is a game changer. You can set when it comes on. I set mine at 175. Pulls a lot of air thru the radiator. I’m very confident I haven’t overheated a bike while running this setup.
  7. Huge fan of Evans plus Trailtech Fan If gone this route with The WR450F. 500EXC and 300XCW. Never overheated or boiled over since. Worth the investment.
  8. Ken S

    Just getting started

    Or go all out KTM with a 50k garage like mine
  9. Ken S

    Just getting started

    Nice for a beginner around town commuter but you’ll probably want more bike very quickly. If your looking for a more entry level bike that’s dirt worthy shop for a Suzuki DRZ400(good in dirt ok street) Or the Dr650( better street than dirt)It’s a bike that will do it all. Most people out grow the Honda 250l very quickly.
  10. We we’re there yesterday as they were grading. Good part is it is smoother. Bad part. Be extra careful coming around blind corners for head ons. Ive been witness to too many on that road. I ride it at 1/2 speed.
  11. That’s my style. Except I have mine dropped of at my mechanics house. Just a tad bit lazy.
  12. Ken S

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    I’ve been using this Kawasaki stuff. Had 10 cases of it given to me. I wash my filter in a bucket of diesel followed by dawn dish soap. Oil very thoroughly. I do it every other long ride. Maybe every 4 rides on 1 hour rides and rotate between 4 filters that fit both KTM’s. Throw away and replace once deteriorated. I think the most important thing is to have a clean filter. Also I’ve been using Twin Air pre filters especially on desert trips where we play in the dunes a lot and most of the sand is in the pre filter. One good spill in the dunes can completely cover your air filter in sand.
  13. Ken S

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    I got an amazing deal from MotoWorld on my 1090r. $13500 out the door. About the same as I paid for my 500exc. Not bashing them.
  14. Ken S

    Riding In Sand

    Love it Zubb. One of the best qualities of sand is it makes for a softer landing.