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  1. Awesome. I’ve never ridden Big Bear in the rain. Someday.
  2. Ken S

    New bike set-up questions

    Congratulations. I’m having a hard time not buying one of those. Lack of garage space is my problem.
  3. Ken S

    New bike set-up questions

    Mine has been
  4. Ken S

    New bike set-up questions

    If it’s a Beta- Locktite every bolt you can. Change out the plastic oil pump gears for steel ones. Get your forks hard anodized before they self destruct. Tighten hydraulic clutch and brake line. I know others who’ve had no issues with their Beta but I’ve had all of these. At least they’re warranty is good.
  5. Ken S

    New bike set-up questions

    Another new bike Paul or issues with the 300?
  6. Ken S

    Rod and Gun

    Darren has been known to do stuff like that. Getting called in to work is fine. Letting your riding buddies know is cool. Making people worry your hurt possibly starting a search party. Not cool.
  7. Where do we meet up at? What time ?
  8. Looks like a great time. One of my favorite riding areas
  9. Ken S

    Athena GET ecu less than $200?

    Does that mean your keeping the 350? Good riding with you last weekend
  10. Just got home. Big Bear was the place to be for sure. Mid 80’s on the mountain. 106 in the IE as soon as I hit the bottom of the mountain. Lots of people out enjoying the outdoors for sure.
  11. Rode Big Bear today with Space Cowboy Truman and Chris Dez Racer. While waiting for breakfast I get a Hey I know you. Good to see you Miriam. She put in a request that we put on a Newbie ride again real soon. Probably Otay. We rode what I consider the best of Big Bear. North of Fawnskin. Some Jeep stuff. Lots of secret single track stuff with some serious hill climbs Truman learned about when he was living up there. Sorry no pictures today by me but Chris has some Go Pro if he post it. Should be a great double full moon as he finally makes a long steep hill climb.
  12. Ken S

    How would you handle this?

    I probably would have got mouthy with resulting in me or my bike or both winding up in bad shape. This world has gone nuts.
  13. I’ve towed several bikes out of Mc Cain the last few years. Always an adventure
  14. Ken S

    New KTM 350 EXC guy in El Cajon

    Welcome. Get your bike setup properly then some of us old guys and girls will see what you got.