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  1. And I get busted for posting pictures on certain trails on certain areas.
  2. I need another garage. Just bought guads for the wife and kid tonight.
  3. Got the invite to ride with George. His son Enzo and a few guys who just got their suspension on their 1090’s dialed in at Suspension 101. Rode Pine Valley Kernan and Corral Canyon. I wound up in Tecate afterwards for tacos. I’d never seen anyone ride an Adventure Bike like this before. I’m not fast but I’m no slouch on my 500. I was leading at a moderate pace figuring I didn’t want to out run the big bikes to bad but every time I looked back they were on my butt. Ok speed up. They’re still there. I let them pass going down Kernan and get humbled as these guys on 500 plus pound bikes leave me. The looks on the younger guys faces who were staging at the Cross Roads seeing these guys fly down Kernan was priceless. Gave me the itch to start shopping a big bike. I’ll never have the skills to ride one like that though. Good seeing you and Enzo George.
  4. Good to see you back on your bike Robert. Love the bicycle horn.
  5. Ken S

    Kids Quad

    Looking for a low hour 80 or 90 Quad for my 7 year old. Nothing Chinese. Cash in hand.
  6. Kick stands up at 9. Intermediate single track riding. Approx 50 mile loop. Silver F150. Orange bike. Kenny
  7. Ken S


    Don’t under exaggerate Paul. You’ve got way above average riding skills. Hope to see you at Mc Cain tomorrow
  8. Ken S


    50 yrs old. 280 lbs. Not a pillar of psyical fitness. The more I ride the less I get sore. That’s my excuse to the wife for why I’m gone all weekend every weekend. I spend 5 minutes stretching before getting on the bike and take 2 Ibuprofen. Helps with pain and cramping-arm pump. After brutal races or rides I go for Cryotherapy. Sometimes followed up by the Asian massage parlor. Makes for happy end to good day on the bike. For real. Try out Revtalice Cryotherapy in El Cajon. In 3 minutes it takes away all the pains and you walk out feeling 10 years younger.
  9. It was 70 at Glamis Saturday with no crowds.
  10. George put the same base valve in my 500 along with some other spring I don’t quite understand. Made it even better in the whoops. Definitely a bit more aggressive. Haven’t had a chance to ride it Full Throttle through the whoops yet. Further testing to come in the morning in Glamis.
  11. Ken S

    Time for new tread

    GT333 is my go to. Amazing traction everywhere. Does not last quite as long as a Maxxis but traction makes up for the difference Take it easy on the slab It’s a medium compound and I can round out the knobs quickly doing wheelies on the street I run it with tubliss system at approximately 5 psi in the nasty stuff. 15 psi in the desert. I ran the MotoZ hybrid extreme for about 300 miles in Big Bear this summer. It’s on one of my friends bikes now. Still looks new. Hooks up in the rocks amazing. Fairly quiet on the slab. Lacks a bit of traction cornering on hard pack. Not the greatest sand tire. Knobs are close together. Can’t seem to wear the thing out. It wont hold air with tubliss system. That’s why I took it off. Shinko fatty on the front. At $50 a pop VS $100 for the GT who cares if the Golden might get 1 more ride. I love fresh tires.
  12. The Butterflies are thick at Superstition as well. BTW. Descanso Junction food is 10X better. Just a bit west. Recommend the Jack Janiels Tri Tip and eggs.