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Ken S

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  1. Ken S

    How would you handle this?

    I probably would have got mouthy with resulting in me or my bike or both winding up in bad shape. This world has gone nuts.
  2. I’ve towed several bikes out of Mc Cain the last few years. Always an adventure
  3. Ken S

    New KTM 350 EXC guy in El Cajon

    Welcome. Get your bike setup properly then some of us old guys and girls will see what you got.
  4. Glad to see you back on the bike Truman. Covid needs to end now so we can get back to staying at Grampa’s Place.
  5. Love doing the hard way route but not all in one day. Makes for a great weekend ride. For those who haven’t done this it’s approx 12 hours of hard core don’t stop for nothing but fuel lunch and maybe fix a flat or 2. That’s for the pros. The rest of us put in 13-15 hours to finish and find out we timed out or just gave up early. It’s an event everyone should try at least twice. Great time. I may do the Adventure Bike route this year.
  6. Ken S

    Found my new riding gear

    Do you still ride? Havent see you in years.
  7. I’d be doing that at my place if I had the skills. Wife don’t like it? Owe well. I bought it I fix it.
  8. Got high as **** from the fumes before realizing this ain’t good. This is 8 hours into the Big Bear Dual Sport ride -race. It’s 104 out at elevations we city folk ain’t used to. Meanwhile my riding partner is pale and starting to shiver from heat exhaustion.
  9. I’ve boiled fuel in Big Bear and Mammoth when it was over 100 at on stupid crazy steep climbs.
  10. Ken S

    What's Open?

    Rode Mc Cain this morning. All the signs are gone. Quite a few groups camping and riding. Getting real dry and dusty.
  11. No. I was on 1090. Also a 790 and a 650r in my group
  12. Black Mtn and a bunch of other dirt road stuff after leaving you guys. 210 miles for me today. 80 dirt. No pics
  13. Love Big Bear. Going in a few weeks. We stage at the park in Fawnskin. Close to the hard stuff.
  14. Love Big Bear. Going in a few weeks.