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  1. Hit me up. I’ll show you around Corral. If you were on Ranger less than an hour you didn’t ride all of it.
  2. Ken S

    Plastic gas tank repair

    Talk to the guys at Kayak shops. Ive seen a Kayak that got drug behind a truck get repaired to like new. OEX Kayak
  3. See you in the morning. Silver F150. Red and white Beta. Fat guy with a grey beard.
  4. Meet at 4 Corners. That’s the parking area at the top of the hill if your not familiar. Small bikes. Intermediate riders. 2-3 hour ride.
  5. Just got home. Good riding with you guys today.
  6. I am trying to make this one. I’m on a job now trying to get home in time to make it.
  7. Or as slab it to Ramona together. I haven’t ridden much lately.
  8. Im ok with sleeping in. Some one call call it out. I have cold weather gear
  9. I’m up for a big bike ride Sunday. Coming from Alpine. Time and place?
  10. Ken S

    Decisions and looking for input

    I got tired just watching that
  11. I have the Scott’s dirt version stabilizer. It definitely helped with head shake on the slab. If I turned it up tighter I’m certain it would help. The TKC80 that came stock shook less. I shouldn’t be riding that speed anyway. It’s 90 - 105 mine does it. 75 on your bike would be quite annoying. Im no expert on this. This is my first Adventure bike.
  12. I’m running that on my 1090 front and rear. Very good in the dirt. I probably won’t run the front again. Great in the dirt but head shakes badly from 90 - 105. Tire balanced and a Scott’s Stabilizer.
  13. Once ran into a Porsche Cayenne trying to go up 38 Special in Big Bear. One of the most difficult trails up there. Had a flat tire. Was in his early 20’s. Probably his dads car.