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  1. I go down to on local Baja rides a lot. Don’t worry about FMM.
  2. Ken S

    KTM Adventure

    Me too
  3. There was a guide book with points of interest to find. I was just along for the ride. The route was spread out from Truckhaven to west of to Palomar Mountain . Corral Canyon was one of the spots Several in the Cuyamacas and Mt Laguna area. The teams that won rode all 3 days. No idea if they had permits. It was very well organized. I’d imagine so. They do several of these events yearly. One rule was no speeding. It was not a race. Just a fun event. Winners received a plaque.
  4. Met up and rode the rally with Mr JaJa and 2 others looking for landmarks in the rally. Started from Stage Coach Trails campground. We were on a mostly slab day. ( The other 2 guys had had enough of the sand on Friday) Worked our way through the high desert up to Palomar Mtn. Down to Harrahs casino for fuel. Back up the mountain back thru Julian followed by a great BBQ dinner back at Stage Coach. I want to do all 3 days next year. Very well organized event. Probably 250 riders
  5. Ken S

    Sicass in ABSP

    My experiences with the Rangers have always been positive. I tend to ride up to them and say hello. Never been hassled. Same with BLM in the Superstition area. They are at our District 38 races. I’ve seen them stop and chew some butt for riding in the pit area without a helmet but never write a ticket. Same with the Rangers at Pine Valley - Corral Canyon area. They’ve poked my muffler for spark arrester a few times and I have my adventure pass. Btw. The ticket for no Adventure Pass is significant now. No more $7. Ive been there to witness the Rangers rescue people who have crashed bad and call in the helicopter at Ocotillo Wells, Glamis, and Superstition. Glad they were there. Only bad experience was BLM at Mc Cain. Rookie had his hand on his weapon over an expired registration tag. (Not with our group) Dude had an attitude but a senior officer pulled up and got him to chill.
  6. Time to desmog. They run so good with out all that extra stuff.
  7. Ken S

    2011 KTM 990 *Withdrawn from sale*

    I want to do a CABDR. Post it up.
  8. Ken S

    Toybox Rental

    I’ve rented off of RV share before. Paid about $200 for a weekend. Older model 20 footer if I remember correctly. A lot better for me than buying storing and maintaining.
  9. My 1090 is about the same. Approximately 30. Hard to keep the throttle from overtwisting its self. I think it’s a manufacturer’s defect. Not looking for a remedy to it.
  10. I’m in. Coming from Alpine. Where are you entering the dirt. I’ll meet you there on my 1090. Perfect
  11. Ken S


    Last time I was there the tether ball was on a piece of pvc pipe. Be good to put in an actual pole with a bag of concrete. The phone booth was down last trip as well. Sucks that people go out and mess up our landmarks. Or maybe it was the wind.
  12. I’m in. Coming from Alpine. Where are you entering the dirt. I’ll meet you there on my 1090.
  13. Ken S

    Geico Adventure Rally

    I just signed up. I’ll take your tent spot. I won’t be down until Friday night. Kenny. 619-922-4554