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  1. Ken S

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    I have a set of Continental Twin Duro’s. Take off’s from my KTM500. Approx 25 miles on them. Free. Pick up in Alpine Kenny. 619-922-4554.
  2. Ken S

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    Congrats. Desert seasons coming soon. Giant Loop makes a heat shield that you hose clamp to the muffler. You can probably make something. Looks like this. I can’t help with the muffler. Lets ride sometime
  3. Ken S

    Honda Goldwing Rental

    My first real street bike. (Not this one, mine was beat) I put over 100,000 miles on it when I lived in Montana. Rode it all over the Pacific Northwest and Southern Canada. Rode it to work on black ice at 40 bellow when my car and truck wouldn’t start because of the cold. Dual sported 1000’s of miles of dirt roads (It was all I had). Probably changed the oil 4x in 4 years. Good memories
  4. Ken S

    Hello SD ADV riders

    Welcome. Post up a weekend ride and I’ll join you on my 1090
  5. Ken S

    Honda Goldwing Rental

    Moto World has a nice used Honda Touring bike on the showroom. It was around the 5k range. They usually allow test rides on used bikes.
  6. Hide Out was more like the Stake Out this morning. Lots of Sheriff and CHP. Band sucks. Breakfast burrito and coffee was good.
  7. I’m still going. Leaving Alpine.approx 7:30. Viejas Grade , Boulder Creek to Julian. The rest of the route we’ll make up as we go along. Riding my 1090.
  8. I want to tag along. Call out a time and a place for meetup.
  9. I’m game. Post it Randy. I want to do this ride on the 1090.
  10. Good rain in Alpine again. Enough that I just got my bike muddy.
  11. As Brian said this is a ride you should jump on. Not difficult or long. Fun ride. Cold beverages. Lobster on the beach. And a free Kug sticker to put on your bike. For you new guys who don’t know about the legend of the Kug it’s kinda like this. Chances of having a fatality, major mechanical troubles, going over the bars or looping out your bike are drastically reduced while riding with the Kug. Even minor events like flat tires, broken brake levers and cracked clutch covers are usually avoided by riding with the Kug. Your chances of surviving a trip to Baja and having a good time are somewhere around 98.999 percent. See you Sunday