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  1. kkug

    Thimble Trail “one way” signage?

    Yes some were getting stuck and environmental damage was supposedly starting to happen.
  2. kkug

    The Kug-Meister is Everywhere

    Hee Hee ready to slow race !
  3. Was a good turnout. Here we are toasting one to Brad in his recovery.
  4. kkug

    In Recovery

    Brad we are thinking about you. Hope all goes well in your recovery!
  5. Well the ride did not go off as planed. But it was not a total bust. A few weeks back my buddy Chad wanted to go dual sporting. His regular crew does short rides. So I said I would get a group togeather . I planed on the high dez but passed do to few takers. Next plan was Giant Rock. So Van .Chad and me left So CAL Mules place and went 25 feet before Van,s bike started acting up.Van packed it up and headed home for repairs . So Chad and me headed to O Wells ,Superstition, Occtillo, and camped out near Dos Cabasas. Perfect weather, firelog, beer, solitude. It was one of my best camping nites .No wind, perfect temps. Sunday did Canyon San Nombre ,ect. Stopped at Calente Hot Spring Store. Oraflame up to Julian where Van picked us up. ( Chad has a Husky 250 little small for hyway ) Pizza Beer. home early . It was a good weekend . Next time will Plan Mystery ride three months ahead. Not many pics on this trip .
  6. kkug

    In Recovery

    Oh no . Your positive attiude will pull you threw !
  7. Oh my I cringed on your discription . Take is easy don,t rush it. ( easyer said than done . I know from experence LOL )
  8. Chris -- The Utah group ? I joined one time and went to one of their rides . Easy going bunch of guys.
  9. Some of us North County boys are getting togeather next Tues eve. You are all welcome to join. Beer -BS.- BBQ 5:30 -- Google Mikes BBQ Escondido for directions
  10. kkug

    Sicass in ABSP

    Yes he was very strong at first about the plates .But cooled quickly. But then the subject changed to making the old truckhaven rd one way so people don,t pass each other and get stuck in the sand and cause envermental damage. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so when they get stoped that they won,t be shocked . He did not check our tires or our directional lites . That was a plus !
  11. Whooo that KUG destroyed your nice bike . The pictures make it look like a hack job but a little sandpaper will clean up his bike. That thing was realy welded on their. We had 2 thirds of the flange off before it let go. I took some intrest in it as I change between two wheel sets . I think a metal bolt thingy would be better. That bolt cap thing was realy soft.
  12. FYI- We got a visit when we stoped to pee ( Fonts Point area ) by a State Park LEO ( in a nice State Park Prerunner ). He voiced his concerns with our plate holders on our bikes. I just put a Sicass one on and he said my plate was just barely visible. And said that my buddies modifyed stock Husky one was on the fence. That was about the end of the convesation on that subject and then we played that we were new to ABSP and did not know where to go. I almost peeed in my pants after a 10 min travellog of the area. So make shure your plates are visable !
  13. No but I got your number I will text you before I head over.
  14. Mon late Afternoon eve??? I will bring some tools from work ??
  15. Thanks Van. You have been the Guinea pig for the 500,s LOL . Ground wires ect. Glad it was a easy fix. Then Van come to Julian and picked us up today . He is the Man !