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  1. The best view you will get is thew this video. Lots of fence around it.
  2. I am out at this point. If something changes I will let you know.
  3. kkug


    The Sno-Cone place blew up ?
  4. I got to go to Scott Hardens party when he came back from Dakar. Good times indeed. A lot of American riders have been to Dakar and finaly one has made it to the top . I will look for a list of the riders .
  5. kkug

    New Facebook Group for SDAR

    Both the same name ? Confuzing for me .
  6. Great for Anza Borrego State park and cruzing low tide .
  7. kkug

    Happy Birthday Rigger!

    Riggggger Happy Birthday !
  8. kkug


    I did not realize that the suggested donation was $30 to be a contributing member. I need to kick down more.
  9. kkug


    One and Done !
  10. I used to remember when Chris was selling Luberdyne smoker Oil !
  11. Good times to be back riding with Bags. We had a chuckle when I brought up the retirement party. Enjoyed the sand as it still had some moisture in it. Great to meet Derek and visit the new library.
  12. kkug

    In Recovery

    Good thing she was not working on your Posterior or more !. That said I am glad you have a good attitude .