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  1. Well that sucks .-Hopefully they will reopen it soon.
  2. kkug

    What is up with this?

    Sheared off when you were assembling the muffler ?
  3. kkug

    Changing a tire

    You might have too much air in the tube ???
  4. kkug

    Changing a tire

    Lube all sorts of it !
  5. Reading your report exhausted me . It felt like I was their .
  6. https://youtu.be/GoxJP306ZE0
  7. kkug

    Super Cross at PETCO

    I saw more stories on the lime . Many riders experenced chemical burns on arms and crotch !!!
  8. Oh my I got to go to look for those critters !
  9. kkug

    The Kug-Meister is Everywhere

    Verry Verry creepy !
  10. kkug

    The Kug-Meister is Everywhere

    My chin is now a bit sore !
  11. kkug

    Super Cross at PETCO

    Look at that spacer on the clutch cover - - - Rekluse?????
  12. kkug

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    No their not -- he was packing cheep beer
  13. kkug

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    I rode the pi$$ out of my 17 EXC 500 F. 271 hours and 9903 miles . It ate a fuel pump ( warrenty ) and only sh!t out a bad battery . I replaced it with a inexpensize AGM. It also ate up a bunch tires and a chain and sprocket. It pooped out fun !