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  1. I will take both . I can use one when I go Bikepacking across the USA . Hold them for me please . You got any Down Sleeping Bags ?
  2. kkug

    Hot shower in a box

    Edit I just watched a video - I got it - I don,t think it will work out for me - So it is just a insulated box . How do you pressureize it? Pump it up ? Interested in it when I become go Boondocking around the world .
  3. kkug

    We made goal!

    Thats Great Mimi ! Mabey a Fundraising drive every fall will be enough to keep it going without the complexity of doing a event.
  4. kkug

    It is Complicated - But

    Remember Scotchloks and Pep Boys Wire ? LOL
  5. I will be in Baja for Thanksgiving week . Happy Thanksiving everyone .
  6. Mimi no body looks at this website anymore. I think I look at it twice a week . Post on our Facebook page and it will probley go threw the roof. My opinion. Ask around to see what others think about what I just said.
  7. kkug

    The Kug-Meister is Everywhere

    Did Rick peal the stickers off at Cals ??
  8. kkug

    Tech Day October 23rd

    Thanks Dave and nice to see many SDAR peeps.
  9. kkug

    Tech Day October 23rd

    Dave do you need anything special food wise-- Let me know .
  10. Bummer I will be out of town -sounds like fun.
  11. kkug

    The latest.....

    Mimi you are the perfect person to keep this site going. Thank You and please reach out and keep everybody posted on what is going on so we can suport you.
  12. kkug

    Tech Day October 23rd

    I think I can make it for the Dogs !
  13. Nice -- glad you are getting out riding .
  14. They now say all Nationall Forest are closed due to fire Danger ?