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  1. kkug

    New bike set-up questions

    Save up for a JD tuner-- then remove the reeds and exhaust tip. If you remove any thing before tuner you are going to be super lean -- and super hot. After the mods the bike runs cooler .
  2. kkug

    New bike set-up questions

    New bike - after a few rides I go and tighten every spoke evenly a quarter turn or so. Loc tite shifter ,kicker,brake pedals ect. Anti-seize chain adjuster bolts . Ktm- loc tite tail lite bolts. Make shure a very good ground wire Battery to frame.
  3. kkug

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Ouch !
  4. kkug

    Adios California

    It was fun --Yes keep in touch and prod some of us old men to come to visit and ride with you.
  5. kkug

    Paul aka Shooby

    I don,t remember him with a beard but the few times I met him he was always pleasent to talk to. Sad
  6. Mimi did you lower your bike ?
  7. kkug

    Happy Birthday Brad

    Happy Birthday BSon2or4 . I hope this coming year brings you better things to come .
  8. We were looking for a sit down place but everything was closing early.
  9. Udo said the ranger moved him out to close the gate for the eve .
  10. I realy do not want to interact with the park rangers when something is closed .
  11. Thanks for showing up. We have to keep in touch .
  12. Sorry you were a week early but you still had a adventure . Don,t worry I have done that before myself. Next week with the 500 ?