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  1. Well times are a changing. We all met in Tecate ( 6 of us ) Hit the trail at 8:25 all is well so far . Pavement to our first section of dirt and discovered that dirt is turning to pavement and urban sprawl is setting in. Now the route had signs to TJ. Off to the dirt and Bam locked gates. We rode around for a way threw but was met with Industral Parks and Feed Lots. Talked to locals and they seemed not to feel confortable about letting us threw , Somthing about You can,t go threw their anymore . Out to the freeway syestem around TJ looking to the road to Ponchos. Talked to some local offroaders and they were in the same boat . Something about Guns and something going on back their. Back to the pavement to Puerto Nuevo . Got our prefered parking and started to gorge ourselves with food. On the way back a paved ride to the wine country. Saw side x sides so we think their is a route somewhere. Busted in the line in Tecate, made it back to USA and back home all safe and sound. 150 + miles -- clean air filters and faces. Could have been better but hey we were out riding and that is a good thing.
  2. Ken S mabey you and Randy can go and visit the Pig !!!
  3. No it is street and technical dirt, Others have rode only street to pureto Neuvo to meet the dirt guys. ( on their own )
  4. Ok folks looks like the ride is coming togeather. Me and two buddies are trucking to Tecate from North County. We are going to Mariscos Pureto Nuevo and hope to get their 11-11:30 ish I hope give or take . For anyone that wants do do a street ride. If any one else plans on coming let me know so we can let the restaurant know. My co worker is good friends with the family that owns it. Lets Rock Lobster !!!!
  5. Insurance is good to have. I use Baja Bound on line.
  6. You are supposed to get the Mexican tourist permit. Passport and driver license. We may or may not stop for that. Probably not. Getting back in to USA passport ect. Do you have a passport?
  7. Oh no the pictures don,t show up !
  8. The only time you will fall down is from going so slow( Following me) that you will loose your balance LOL
  9. Its Baaaaak - Ride to Puerto Nuevo for Lobster. Out and back the same route . Licensed Bikes may go home threw TJ if they want. Riding my KTM 500 Disclaimer - rain may cancel ride -ride at your own risk - it is Baja be carefull -Parking on US side and ride over boarder -make shure you have proper Docs to get back over the wall. Meet at Tecate USA mini market 8:15 AM kickstands up at 8:30 AM . Well prepared ect. P.S. as always subject to change . Discussion to follow !
  10. I thought you were supposed to stand up like the BMW guys?
  11. kkug

    Swapping plates?

    "I've heard totally unsubstantiated blasphemous rumors that some members of SDAR have done this successfully for years" Not Fake News!
  12. It works -almost fried my cell phone one time !