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  1. kkug

    *SOLD* Plated 1989 XR600 Project

    I had a 88 and rode plenty of Baja with it . It reminds me everyday about that bike because I tore my rotator cuff on it coming off of the dry lake out by superstition. Solid bike and you can disasemble the motor with everything in your tool box. Only special tool needed is a flywheel puller. That will be a great project for someone would want to restore to back to stock.
  2. kkug

    New bike set-up questions

    Save up for a JD tuner-- then remove the reeds and exhaust tip. If you remove any thing before tuner you are going to be super lean -- and super hot. After the mods the bike runs cooler .
  3. kkug

    New bike set-up questions

    New bike - after a few rides I go and tighten every spoke evenly a quarter turn or so. Loc tite shifter ,kicker,brake pedals ect. Anti-seize chain adjuster bolts . Ktm- loc tite tail lite bolts. Make shure a very good ground wire Battery to frame.
  4. kkug

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Ouch !
  5. kkug

    Adios California

    It was fun --Yes keep in touch and prod some of us old men to come to visit and ride with you.
  6. kkug

    Paul aka Shooby

    I don,t remember him with a beard but the few times I met him he was always pleasent to talk to. Sad
  7. Mimi did you lower your bike ?
  8. kkug

    Happy Birthday Brad

    Happy Birthday BSon2or4 . I hope this coming year brings you better things to come .
  9. We were looking for a sit down place but everything was closing early.
  10. Udo said the ranger moved him out to close the gate for the eve .
  11. I realy do not want to interact with the park rangers when something is closed .
  12. Thanks for showing up. We have to keep in touch .