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  1. kkug

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    I am going to be working but I will be thinking of Schwinn !
  2. kkug

    Tecate Ride?

    Their is a Baja ride section on this fourm .
  3. kkug

    Tecate Ride?

    Mabey take a spin out to the wine country .
  4. kkug

    Tecate Ride?

    Most Baja roads are rutted in spots and probley only get graded every few years . They constantly change with rainfall . They can be done with a large dual sport bike but at a slower rate .
  5. kkug

    Anyone know how to scale a business?

    Try to get on Shark Tank!
  6. The one East of the Blu Inn ? Been their
  7. kkug

    So Cal Half Mile

    Crap it might Rain !
  8. kkug

    So Cal Half Mile

    Anyone here going ? I might
  9. kkug

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Randy did you ever ride the newer KTM twins? They are so much different than the first generation ones. SMOOTH!
  10. kkug

    Happy Mule Day

    Happy Birthday ! May the wind blow you many more years !
  11. One lurker contacted me so the ride is on. At this point in time lets meet at the Mini Mart in Tecate USA sat at 8:15 AM ish . Kickstands up 8:30 ish. Full tank,snaks,$$$ well prepared off road type motorcycle . Parking available in the lots . Ride to Laguna Hanson.Off Road . Saw Mill for Gas and Burritos. Ride back to Tecate ,mabey more tacos,crash in front of line then go home . Weather looks good - I will still bring my jacket .