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  1. kkug

    Kug! Happy B-Day!

    Thanks guys for the Birthday wishes -- good times with all of you. This week I was going to ride my bike ( not that bike ,My bicycle ) I got 200 miles in and then called it quits at O Wells due to wind . But I am heading out Fri AM for 100 more miles . And hope to ride my EXC on Sunday AM to go and pick up my truck. You know that you just have to keep moving.
  2. I will be their after the Dentist . looking forward to it .
  3. Happy B-Day Ken, ride your Bike till you can. With and without Power.

  4. I got a Areo Stitch combo for 22 years . Hardly use it .Love looking at it hanging on hangers. I got this vision I will wear it when I ever get a CT125 . Not for sale -sorry
  5. kkug

    KDX 200 COMPLETE 2/16/21

    Looks Great - put it in your living room !
  6. kkug

    Bike rack homemade

    So do you Jog up to retrive your Moto ?
  7. kkug

    2004 DR400sm - Help

    Could it be he is test riding his projects ?
  8. kkug

    Sur Ron-Anybody ridden one?

    Me too - A few times a year he follows his son around on his 450 KTM RFS . He used to ride Desert sleds and still has used junk and tires from those days in his garage.
  9. kkug

    Do you Slime ?

    Rockhouse canyon sucks and is a workout. Rode it a few weeks ago. That said do not buy the pressureized can of Slime . I tried to use it on my SUV and had to punch holes in it in order to get it into my tire . And then it did not seal up my 3 inch drywall screw in my sidewall . New tire time .
  10. kkug

    In Recovery

    Good to hear from you . I got to remind my self when I have aches and pains that their is someone that is going threw a lot more than me . Thanks for reaching out.
  11. kkug

    Sur Ron-Anybody ridden one?

    My budies Dad has one ( He is 80 ) does 30 miles loops around Cajon Pass area every week. P.S. has a Moped plate on it .
  12. Have you been watching the Dakar ? !!!