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  1. kkug

    Arizona Registration?

    You all are going to Jail LOL !
  2. kkug

    FUD gets a award !

    More about FUD ! Miss those desert racing days .
  3. kkug

    300 Bikes + Memorabilia For Sale

    I guess the time is up .
  4. kkug

    going tubless

    After dealing with tubeless in Bicycle wheels this video needs some improvement.
  5. I went - the last time I was their was about 46-47 years ago. The place is the same, only the bikes have changed. Smaller crowd - not so many Harley Riders. Like all racing for me better to watch it on TV so you know who is who. But the noise and roost is good.
  6. kkug

    300 Bikes + Memorabilia For Sale

    I stopped at the Museum. Very nice, too bad it is closing. Most likely family matters as it is a private thing. Too bad they could not relocate to to something like Sturges or Vegas. Very well done and a lot to look at.
  7. I am out -- going to the Midwest for a month or more . Glad to see the ride back for the summer .
  8. Looks Great Thanks for Posting Your Ride Up .
  9. Guys --I am going to Peoria . If any one else is going message me and we will try to meet up. I am taking my camper . See you their . I went when I got out high school years ago. I saw a verry young Scotty Parker and Springsten in the pits .
  10. kkug

    FUD gets a award !

    Off-Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame Class of 2023 - Cycle News
  11. kkug

    No thank you Mr. Birch

    He never falls and allways has it on the Rev Limiter ✊
  12. kkug

    KTM 950 Starting

    7604846046 text me. I am in Escondido.

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