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  1. kkug

    Bought radios

    I am a nerd and used to do it the cool way . Now I have the cord droping down the side of my Helmet and never going back. I don,t have any problems at all.
  2. I don,t have a dirt bike . But me and Van rode 290 miles on each on our KTM EXC 500,s to collect the pickups when Matts Dual Sport gave up the ghost. So lets say that was 580 miles in one go . Are you itching to go riding with us this June ?
  3. kkug

    HBD Crawdaddy - Welcome to the Club!

    Great Pictures Jim !
  4. Wow I tried to do this ride two times already. Never went. Looks like a real chalange.
  5. I wounder if the guys that stole it are the ones who stole the shower doors at the O wells event center ???
  6. It a most excelant party. And kind of a Homecoming for several SDAR menbers. Great to see everyone . Happy Birthday Chris and Lisa !
  7. WOW I googled Route 91 -- I get it now .
  8. Was Coyote Canyon open ?
  9. kkug

    Kawasaki KDX

    I see new frame but when did they come out with Up side down forks ?? Mine is a 1990
  10. kkug

    Kawasaki KDX

    I got one! PM me.
  11. Nice seeing you out on Old Borrego Rd. Remember the two bicycles ? No crowds their and also not many flowers !