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  1. kkug

    Escondido Pizza Lunch Weds 9-21

    Just saw this . I guess I get the leftovers !
  2. kkug


    Is that the time we parked at a air port next to the BLM fire trucks . Las Cruces International Airport.??? I do remember Van,s new bike dieing due to a loose ground cable on the way to Alamogordo .
  3. Thanks Randy for keeping the members updated .
  4. Did SDAR recieve any proceeds from this event ?
  5. Most times we stop before the top 2/3 3/4 of the way up
  6. Is it just me or are some postings and PM.s diaspering ?
  7. Hopkins -- If he is still doing his thing well I would stick with him .
  8. kkug

    Ramona TT’s

    Great area close to home -- Yes I have noticed a lot more JEEPS- OVERLANDING rigs out their my self. I guess the cat is out of the bag . Great area for the Mtn -Gravel Bike too .
  9. kkug

    Looking for Help with SDAR Website

    Who is the new Webmaster ?
  10. kkug

    Need help loading moving truck 06/22

    Where are you off to. I am spending months in Oregon this year. Plenty of open land. But I am not ready to pull up my stakes and probley never will.
  11. kkug

    Headin' North!

    Picture did not work. But I rode the Johnny Cash Bike trail into the Folsom Prison parking lot. That place is built on a hill and it looks like a Medevile fortress. The have a museum. I did not go. The bicycle trail goes threw their ranch lands. Kinda cool. 20220311_095447.heic

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