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  1. kkug

    No thank you Mr. Birch

    He never falls and allways has it on the Rev Limiter ✊
  2. kkug

    KTM 950 Starting

    7604846046 text me. I am in Escondido.
  3. kkug

    Caleb Linden: Vista DRZed 400

    Check the web for DR 400 regulator stator week points . Might be good to replace before you go on that long ride .
  4. kkug

    KTM 950 Starting

    How about this? It is 20 mm
  5. kkug

    KTM 950 Starting

    Mmmm let me look in my tool box . I might have what your looking for . Hang on .
  6. I have been riding my Bicycle . 500 + miles last month and 215 in the last few days . I see a lot of KTM adventure bikes --they are everywhere . I can,t make it to the class got surgery the next day so got to chill out .
  7. kkug

    Who Pays For A Backcountry Rescue

    Thank you for that !
  8. kkug

    Long and Hard

    We need you to make the poster for a Desert Dash !
  9. I did my first Bikepacking trips on my XR400 out their before the Bradshaw was a thing . I had to explain where it was and everyone gave me a blank look.
  10. kkug

    Teardrop Trailer

    Brad good to hear from you !
  11. Truly around the world adventure -- Thanks for sharing .
  12. kkug

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    Hang in their Udo !
  13. kkug

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    Before we master radios we need to master this website .

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