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  1. Van

    New test track??

    Just the info. Oh yeah. We had auto shop with Sutton at Orange Glen.
  2. Cannot find any reference to the museum being open or where its located. Reference to be open in late 2019, but I can't find any info. Heading that way and would like to see it if it exist. Dropping $15K to buy and '72 works bike then $20K restoring is crazy money... http://www.mxworksbike.com/
  3. Van

    New test track??

    Yep, Used to be my neighbor in VC and went to high school with him. Just had their 40th HS reunion and asked him if he knew anything about it. He's in Murrieta now.
  4. Van

    New test track??

    Heard through the grapevine that Richard's Performance Muffler in Oceanside is the owner(?)/User of the track. Info from Dave Mason/Mason Jr., local and baja racers.
  5. Van


    Welcome to the forum! Fellow FJ'r and would like to hear about the Mojave and how the FJ did sometime.
  6. So that's why Bags keeps looking at these...
  7. Van

    Real ID - Process

    I was in and out of San Marcos Rancheros office in one hour without an appointment last week. In line Friday morning at 6:45 (number 13) and out by 7:45. Online registration is a big help. New DL and Real ID. Hair is overrated...unless your Mr. Paradise...
  8. There was a moto fatality in VC on July 19th. The accident was caught on video. https://www.valleycenter.com/articles/video-shows-motorcycle-fatality-happening/ The paper also posted an editorial re: the accident as it got a lot of feedback from posting the video. https://www.valleycenter.com/articles/the-traffic-hazard-we-must-not-talk-about/ Takeaway is "all we can do is rely on the majority of sane bikers to do something, anything, to rein in their more reckless comrades." Ride safe!
  9. Van

    Garmin Montana

    I'm happy with the 610. Not sure the T represents topo. My displays topo if I add the topo maps. Nice, but not really needed unless you are hiking. Cid has the 680 and can chime in. I was not a fan of the photo option - too many as it is and I know where I take my pictures. You could waypoint a photo site if needed too.
  10. Van

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    PMB. Started with a fresh new No Toil filter. Went shopping today and picked up the proprietary No Toil cleaner. Works just like one would expect it to. Yea! No more toiling and a squeaky clean filter! So, no more liquid. Maybe when I run out, I'll try Amgens white powder. $.08/oz is great vs $.60/oz. Thanks all for the input.
  11. Van

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    Huntndogs, if its not gone before the meeting, I'll take it if you bring it to the meeting. Buy you a beer even. Thanks, Van
  12. Van

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    I made the switch to No Toil and I'm toiling over the cleaning process. I'm using Oxi Clean liquid. I've done two washes with increased concentrations with not much luck. Went to straight Oxi Clean liquid and its starting to cut through the goo (see photo). The amount of liquid I'm using would do laundry for weeks. The cleaner part of the filter, but not really clean, is where the full strength was used. I've read plenty of blogs and the above and am a bit perplexed why the Oxi Clean liquid is not cutting this stuff better. Is dry powder really that much different/better? The wet filter after these cleanings is still very tacky so a wet filter would still work pretty good in my opinion. I'll be trying the powder form next before buying the proprietary no toil cleaner and will report back. Thoughts?
  13. I'll take a Blue XL. My 2cents... Not a big fan of the SUAR. Just logo.
  14. I don't see any skinny orange bikes.....but I see where they could go...
  15. Van

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    I have the IMS 4.5 gallon tank (2017 same as Kug). Have not researched if there is a bigger tank.