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  1. Van

    Changing a tire

    Cid is great at tire changing management!!
  2. Van

    Joe Hauler JH19 Model

    Hi Jim, If you have not got a replacement yet, I've been using this carrier with pretty good results, so far. I know there are a lot of choices out there. https://www.discountramps.com/motorcycle-carrier/p/AMC-400/
  3. I've looked at the web but have not seen a registration date yet for 2019. Interested as well, now that you have some "free time." The EXC 500 would be a "cow" on those trails!
  4. Van

    Tuning 15 exc

    B, Congrats on the new steed, cowboy!
  5. Van

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy Birthday CiD!, Covered in Decades...
  6. CiD..."Geez, can we just go riding?!"
  7. Van

    ABDSP ride

    I'm in...
  8. Van

    Old 7-UP Machine

    Based on a very quick search (QuiKold Model B-500)...Make sure it's complete and double check functionality!That's a fair price ($500) if I am reading between the lines of your description. It wouldn't hurt to offer $400 or $450 when you go back...I would be prepared to pay the asking price in the end
  9. Van

    500 EXC muffler question

    I've followed Kug's lead on the simple setup of the EXC and have not been disappointed. No glitzy stuff, but solid and it performs as needed.
  10. Aside from wanting to constantly turn right (in the beginning), it was nice and smooth. Must be the plush Suspension, i.e lots of leg work. Much better helmet mounted than other locations we've seen. I've had same issue with not enough battery life. Keep'em short! Thanks!
  11. Thanks Jim!! At $21 I'll look around a bit too...