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  1. Van

    Part of Husky monument destroyed

    From an image I found on the Web
  2. Van

    Spring Cleaning

    Jamulian Knock offs!
  3. Welcome Hox! "There is a professional photographer that I ride with" - we actually have two! One retired one always working...
  4. Chuck in Wolfman products - E-12 and Rolie bags.
  5. Van

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Black Rock, NV
  6. Van


    "...Focused on pavement riding..."
  7. Van

    Cheap/Light MotoJack for trail side repairs....

    He may have been referring to Class 200, not Sch. 120.
  8. A good example of Social Distancing... Keep healthy and keep riding!
  9. We saw fresh road work further down S-2 last week in the Dos Cabesas area.
  10. If I only had my CZ...
  11. Loved riding Canyon Sin Nombre as it was freshly swept and no sign that a road ever existed. Riding up a brand new wash with no tracks, and yet in the Park!
  12. Van

    Time to retire/ride MORE

    Woo Hoo! Now the real work begins...yes Honey...I'll get right on it!
  13. ciprofloxacin, which may be a prescription. There is also Travelan, OTC, which is a preventative. Florastor is a probiotic which is also supposed to help prevent a visit from Montezuma.