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  1. Van

    Giantloop SDAR Discount code

    Giantloop is running a 10% discount coupon code 19email10. But the prior post offers 15% off. I've not tried the 15% code (SDAR15). Nice reminder of what SDAR can do for you and might be an opportunity for the N00b campout.
  2. Van


    It was at a hotel in the center of Las Cruces. Not sure which one, but allowed to keep truck there while we were gone.
  3. I'm running the 130/90 on my KTM 500 EXC. The 130/90 has a nice thick rimsaver bead where the 120/90 does not.
  4. Van

    Daily pics of good times

    The before and after. Don't let these guys near your building!
  5. Van

    COBDR 2021

    They were having a big party under the central canopy and were very inviting and giving of refreshments. Great crowd, both of them.
  6. Van

    Kawasaki Z650RS

  7. Thor Sentry XP Body Protector (2XL-3XL) has been discontinued and will not be returning https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/leatt-3df-airfit-body-protector#:~:text=LEATT-,Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector,-Item%3A P386526 Used by a few of the desert guys.
  8. From thecerver: Unfortunately I wasn't able to fix it. I went to Moab and used two old phones I had. I tried Gaia, All Trails, Google Offline Maps, and Rever. I feel Gaia worked the best, but battery life on my old Samsung was too short and it was difficult to see the phone versus a GPS unit. I'll put some batteries in the Garmin tomorrow and see if there's a miracle. Good luck. Quote Replied: Tuesday at 04:23 PM I put new batteries in and it is still broken...which makes sense. Someone in the group said to turn it off for a bit and turn it back on, thinking it would fix itself. Didn't happen. It still gets stuck on "loading maps". Garmin offered by a refurbished unit for $170 but I'm so frustrated with it being a software issue that I won't pay that. Good luck
  9. Thecerver, did you ever get your Garmin up and running? If so, how?
  10. You could drive up the grade a bit and find a place to park it. A few wide spots/pullouts do exist. Not sure it will be there when you get back though. If you are plated, a casino parking lot maybe? Jilberto's and El Ray restaurants both also have plenty of room and are pretty close. I'm close too if you are plated and want security. PM if you like. Behind the Pauma Valley Post office is another paved lot (upper lot) thats pretty empty.
  11. Van

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    I've been using this aluminum carrier for four years for my KTM 500 EXC. From local to Idaho and Arizona. Not problems at all for my Toyota FJ cruiser. Comes with a stabilizer to keep it from moving around. https://www.discountramps.com/motorcycle-carrier/p/AMC-400/
  12. PM me if anybody has a track of this ride, I'd like one if possible. Thanks!
  13. 92! In a jeep!! Not just the temperature...

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