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  1. +- $7,800 US for a 12 day tour of deep sand and rocks..... you going JaJa???
  2. Van

    HBD KKug - No Way, another Birthday

    Happy B-Day Kugster!!
  3. Van

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    I'm In! Kinda thought we were due to do the loop.
  4. Base was still green. Just may have to visit later to find out. There was another eaten one nearby that was dead so this may be the answer.
  5. So I went out today and found the Barrel cactus that we saw the sheep eating on this ride. After bashing the barrels with their horns and using their hoofs to remove thorns, I still don't see how they eat them without suffering stabbing wounds from the thorns. This is in Indian Gorge.
  6. I'm out. Was out there today in more of a pedestrian manner. Warm! hopefully a little cooler for y'all tomorrow. Enjoy!
  7. Van

    New test track??

    Looks to be a runway. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on it and see what develops there. We've got Daley Ranch in Escondido so familiar with the name. Thanks!
  8. Van

    New test track??

    https://www.google.com/maps/@32.9973451,-116.4600059,569m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US More like here. Looks to be a prior track of some sort too.
  9. Van

    New test track??

    While Mr. and Mrs. So Cal Mule and I were hiking in the Box canyon area off S-2 today, saw a bulldozer off in Mason Valley, just south of Oriflamme and Rodriguez canyon Rd., west side of S-2. Looked to be making a dirt moto/truck track of some type. At least two table tops, but not too many sharp turns. We were in the hills looking down into the valley from the east side of S-2. Anybody know of whats going on? Its the cleared area in the center of the photo. Flowers were starting to pop too!
  10. Van

    Changing a tire

    Cid is great at tire changing management!!
  11. I've looked at the web but have not seen a registration date yet for 2019. Interested as well, now that you have some "free time." The EXC 500 would be a "cow" on those trails!
  12. Van

    Tuning 15 exc

    B, Congrats on the new steed, cowboy!
  13. Van

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy Birthday CiD!, Covered in Decades...