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  1. Kinda like this...
  2. Sweet ride. How many HP?? One Kug?
  3. Phone was in fine shape with 70% battery remaining. I think since it was down the ground it did not have service to be able to use the "find my phone." When I picked it up it had no service, but then connected and I made a call no problem. The Lifeproof phone case did its job.
  4. I'm in with a truck and trailer (20'). Dry camping is fine. Thanks!
  5. A big thanks to Mark for joining me on the ride, otherwise may have not gone solo. So may variables that came together. Very lucky indeed to have it back (I guess I'm not "nameless" any longer). Perseverance paid off. Also found a "Metric" adjustable wrench. We had a tailwind equal to our slow riding speed and our bikes were getting hot (fan running) from no air flow through the radiators. Hence the one big backtrack into the wind to cool them off.
  6. Such a happy guy. Great to have ya both along for the adventure.
  7. https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=CA will let you know who sells pure gasoline - but check as the website says. Locally it looks like Crown Point Vp Auto Center.
  8. In for a romp. Will there be any hay??
  9. Van


  10. Van

    2005 BMW GS 1200

    "I work on this GS1200 and it is terrible. Spend to much $ on parts already." We talking the same bike???
  11. Per this youtube, "You can boost the performance of most any hand held type VHF/UHF radio or hand held scanner radio by adding a counterpoise. This makes up the missing half of the dipole antenna for the radio, giving you a full half wave antenna system." Bags tried a ground to the bike without much success but maybe he was on to this in some fashion. Maybe this Tigertail will help. (I tried to just copy the youtube link, but the whole thing showed up and could not delete - so here it is - if its worth anything... Bp619?? Any other reports on better antennas for the UV/RH?
  12. I'll be in the desert, but with four wheels (FJ). Sorry to miss either. Looking forward to a new year of riding!
  13. Van

    The Lucky 7

    A.B.T.C. (May require permits from the ABDSP though...
  14. The Nature Conservancy. "Conserving nature" just may preclude certain types of activity ( in their minds). Dealt with a few conservancies and they are pretty protective of the use of the land. If it were secured through a mitigation requirement, (bought by a developer then transferred to the Conservancy for maintenance and monitoring) the Wildlife Agencies may have also had a say in the uses allowed.
  15. Bragger! Sorry to have missed the event.
  16. Van

    New Tiger 800 rider in San Diego

    Welcome Teamcurtis! Glad to see you here and looking forward to riding!
  17. Thanks again to the hospitality of the Paradise crew for staging and coffee whilst pondering the dilemma at hand. Punky bike loaded up heading for home.
  18. Looks to be on the north end of Idyllwild (looking north from that area). Maybe off the 243? You can see Banning just over his head, San Gorgornio to the right, Baldy in the distance. Cabazon is in the right side of picture with Hyw 10. Maybe Black Mountain Truck Trail?
  19. Van

    Smog removal-500 EXC

    I had to laugh. Sorry. I was hunting down de-smogging and got to this line. I have my own problems too...
  20. Kugs mystery ride begat another mystery. So I'm about 100 feet into the ride when the bike stalls. Restart ride another 100, stalls again. Hard to keep it running just above idle or long idle. Lets go faster and try to blow it out is the suggestion. Starts fine and so I whip it up and runs great at half throttle and above . Close the throttle into a corner and blah, wants to die. Well, better turn around now before it gets worse. So back to staging place at Socalmules (Thanks Mark!) to scope it out. From others it smells rich and does seem to be running rich at low end. Pull the freshly serviced air filter to take a look. Runs same without filter. Check the tank breather to find its not breathing. We leave the breather off the tank and no difference, runs same - just as before. Lots of speculation on our end (fuel pump? faulty JD tuner?) so decided to pack up and call it quits and let the others (2) go about the mystery ride, which was changing by the minute. So I had a good hour ride home to think about it. Look at the Tank vent first as that was odd. Pull the tank and start following vent lines. Nothing appears pinched up top. One goes below the engine so I pull the skid plate and as soon as the nuts are loose, a good 3 to 4 ounces of fuel pours out. I see where the vent was pinched between frame and skid plate (see photo). My bad. The whole Evap system was full of fuel. With the bike running, which has not been fully de-smogged, the emissions solenoid was opening to draw fuel vapor but instead was drawing fuel and causing a rich fuel condition. The large diameter down tube with plug which acts as a storage vessel was also full of fuel (see photo). Curious that it did this now as I've ridden with it this way to two ride this season already with a good 150 miles with no problems. This ride, I tanked up pretty full so there is a thought that the tank was being collapsed by the drawing of fuel from the fuel pump, causing the fuel to be pushed out the tank vent into the Evap canister (yet I only rode it a few 100 feet). I'll have to plug the tank vent to see if its that dramatic of a vacuum to cause that condition to happen. I've been told it can and has happened to others (690s). Another possibility was the transit over the mountains from coastal to desert caused pressure differentials that pushed fuel into the canister. Runs fine now. Glad it was a simple fix, caused by a simple error. Could have been fixed on site or in the field, but did not know what we were looking for or what we would find. Lesson learned. A good reason to fully de-smog the critter. Not sure how long it would have taken to run all the fuel out of the evap system if I just kept riding. While I was looking, I put a voltmeter on the emission solenoid and found the voltage changed with RPM. Idle voltage was high 11's (11.8v but I don't recall the exact numbers) and high numbers were 12.5v (again varied dependent on RPM). Point is the voltage to the solenoid varied to change the action of the solenoid. Which way (open vs.closed) I don't know but assume more open with RPM.
  21. So, a new torque wrench eh? Inch pounds? Foot pounds? Newton meters? I find myself checking what's what's. I could see setting the right value to the wrong wrench. Craftzman have both scales on one wrench.