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  1. 92! In a jeep!! Not just the temperature...
  2. Everybody split up to hit the road home before darkness fell. Dinner was whatever you found on your own. For me, left over Italian meatballs and ravioli.
  3. I'm In!! Jilberto's over at S-2 and 76 is open as well as El Ray (Wink, Wink) food wise after. Old Jilberto's at Pauma Casino is closed.
  4. I found the 100% were too dense in the foam and fogged up worse the the L frames. Ran a bit warmer than my Oakley L frames. I could have a pair for sand riding (to keep fine sand out by using more dense foam) and don't know it too. More air (ride faster!), less fogging and sweating.
  5. Van

    Part of Husky monument destroyed

    From an image I found on the Web
  6. Van

    Spring Cleaning

    Jamulian Knock offs!
  7. Welcome Hox! "There is a professional photographer that I ride with" - we actually have two! One retired one always working...
  8. Chuck in Wolfman products - E-12 and Rolie bags.
  9. Van

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Black Rock, NV
  10. Van


    "...Focused on pavement riding..."
  11. Van

    Cheap/Light MotoJack for trail side repairs....

    He may have been referring to Class 200, not Sch. 120.
  12. A good example of Social Distancing... Keep healthy and keep riding!
  13. We saw fresh road work further down S-2 last week in the Dos Cabesas area.
  14. If I only had my CZ...
  15. Loved riding Canyon Sin Nombre as it was freshly swept and no sign that a road ever existed. Riding up a brand new wash with no tracks, and yet in the Park!
  16. Van

    Time to retire/ride MORE

    Woo Hoo! Now the real work begins...yes Honey...I'll get right on it!
  17. ciprofloxacin, which may be a prescription. There is also Travelan, OTC, which is a preventative. Florastor is a probiotic which is also supposed to help prevent a visit from Montezuma.
  18. Guess I need to pay my 2020 premium on my Kug sticker...
  19. Yep! At 6:20, if you miss that turn you end up in the rock garden and the riding gets fun! Been there, done that!
  20. Great Viddy Tom! Good to get to know more SDAR riders. Sweeping with Cosmo, LawrenceG and yourself was a breeze. All great and competent riders!
  21. Weekend of the Clubs Desert Dash. Come ride with US.