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  1. Bagstr

    Suspension Tuning - Actually - KTM 450 XCW

    Talked with George ( Suspension 101 ) He does not work on bikes with electronic ride height adjustment.
  2. Excellent edit. Those Street bikes have nothing on the 500.
  3. Bagstr

    Suspension Tuning - Actually - KTM 450 XCW

    Looked On-line at the 2022 890R Owner Manual Read up on the Ride Modes and Shock/Fork settings Evidently the Ride Modes are limited to control of engine character and traction control. The forks and shock are manual adjustments for preload, compression and rebound. No electronic height or clicker adjustment. The shock sag recommends are 4 turns for every riding style and I think 8 for loaded. To me that would leave a good deal of room for off-road condition tuning. As typical for KTM, they give no advice about fork position. They do have several rings on the top of the fork. Possibly that is a liability issue. In terms of tuning for lazy or sharp turning feel, it appears to me the same rules mention for the PDS bikes apply. KTM is lazy about sag starting point for off-road. Hopefully the owners here on this site have intel on the state of knowledge on that subject. 🚶‍♂️ PS, Adventure Rider has a 890 Suspension thread. I do not vouch for their recommendations.
  4. Bagstr

    Suspension Tuning - Actually - KTM 450 XCW

    Since the Sept ‘22 rain in the Park, about 1/3 of the South Carrizo Wash road has disappeared. Unfortunately the Taco drivers are creating a web of routes because they don’t have the original gps track to follow. So, that track may not be the best for awhile. Possibly something like Inspiration Wash might serve the purpose. Many soft and hard short radius turns. Also, I have only bike specific intel for PDS ktms. Do GS suspension shops exist? I am uninformed on the subject. Regarding setting sag on an electronically adjustable Shock pre-load: Do they have a manual mode that allows a tuner to measure and adjust based on track feedback? Likewise with KTM 890: I am going to look into their on-line owner manual. Possibly we have some in-house knowledge here on the site. I wish I had my 990 back. It would be fun to see how much the deep sand performance could be improved with rear sag and fork position. Back then, I didn’t dare venture away from original settings. Fun stuff, to feel the change in performance.
  5. Bagstr

    Suspension Tuning - Actually - KTM 450 XCW

    Zubb’s story telling from the Colorado passes got me thinking about Suspension settings and adjustments. My thought was to do a review of off-road basics. Then I remembered there was a post from 2018 (as it turns out ) buried in the Technical folder here at SDAR. So here is a bump as off road riding season approaches. Notes: Set rear sag and leave it alone unless you add camp gear or lose a lot of weight. Adjust the front fork height to suit trail conditions. As always, Thanks to George at Suspension 101. The source of all knowledge. Your numbers will very based on bike and weight.
  6. Zubb, Great to have folks to share a big experience with. Practicing how to “true” the front forks and wheel In the garage is an essential skill for off road riding. As you found out, the issue can ruin your day. Who knows you may find that you like to experiment with fork height and transform the riding experiece. 🤓
  7. Bagstr

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    This could turn into a Good class . Now I would enjoy someone explaining how to check stator and voltage regulator operation. 😎
  8. Bagstr

    Help needed! 2005 ktm 250 smoker

    Always start with checking the ground connections. And on a bike with no key, that the Kill switch is clean and the contacts are open. Wiring that has rubbed or pinched can short to ground. Any fuses popped? It is just physics, not magic. You will get it. 😎
  9. A stark beauty out there. I hope the change is working out for you Mimi. Is that the Missouri R. You are showing us?
  10. Yes, That is what the sign said leaving Ocotillo. Figured, well heck I am this far,,, There we’re about ten Sand Bars a couple of inches thick on the way to Border Patrol checkpoint. Also a couple of 1ft steps at the edge of the downstream side of pavement. Cal trans was wrapping up grading.They had pushed a lot of sand off. So. Carrizo and Indian Canyon. The clay was just drying, the sand totally dry. Most everywhere had been wiped clean, most hard pack, some already deep and loose. This was totally in the park, on roads. On what had been roads. 75-89F at 11:00 when I loaded up. Had to get away for a few hours,,,
  11. ABDSP, South of Canebrake Community
  12. Bagstr

    Easy Rider - intro

    I graduated from El Cajon HS in 1969. The Southern Culture was a pox on America then and it remains so now.
  13. Bagstr

    Let Us Do a Radio Comm Thread

    “ all purchased in the last 12 months “ Comments following offered in the best of humor, Firstly, It matters what the quality of the mic and earphones. Second, the antenna for range Third, I have found that it is important to have a face shield down to quiet the wind noise. Examples of Worth Wildness: Six on a twisted, dusty route: #5 gets a flat. Six Immediate calls out “ mechanical”. #6 Rips a Digger and hits hard. Barely conscious calls out “Man Down”. #7 If the conversation is tedious, change your group. 😬

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