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  1. Hey John, We actually Ride mid-week. RU available? Bags
  2. Someone has title to the easement.The easement is recorded much earlier .
  3. Bagstr

    2007 KTM 525 EXC

    CMB,, Thanks for Having. Us along for the set-up. Nice transition from an old sofa to a modern ride. You obviously take care of the details. See you on the trail.
  4. Bagstr

    Husaberg FE570-450-390

    Suspension 101 / George and a $100 rear spring probably would have changed the personality of the bike.
  5. Bagstr

    The latest.....

    Randy,,, Thanks for the details. Enjoy your time On the Road. I will send some cash now and after the first of the year. 🚶‍♂️ Donated - For some reason my Ipad/Goggle does not show the Button. The Mac/Goggle was available.
  6. Bagstr

    The latest.....

    Mimi, Thank You for making the sacrifice to make SDAR move forward. This has gone down pretty quickly so please forgive this question about finance.As we hit the Donate Button and send money, are you the financial secretary (or whatever title) at this point? In Support, Dave
  7. Bagstr

    The latest.....

    Double Down on above comments. You can count on our support as you move the site forward. You have the skill-set to make us better than ever. PS. Thank You to Big Mike for carrying the torch this far.
  8. Bagstr

    Fly and ride

    The. 5ooX has a windshield?.
  9. Bagstr

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    Ride down to Hoover Dam,, and cry
  10. Bagstr

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    IMO, the Gobs impart a number of adjectives; calm, planted, stability. My favorite phrase for George’s creation, they take the noise out of the front. Anything that can increase confidence in the front, is worth the price. 🎯
  11. Tntmo A man with skills and tools is an amazing thing to watch. Bags
  12. Bagstr

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Map Manager loads into BaseCamp. Per CTM 1. Garmin MapManager is used to load map into your Mac. BaseCamp is used to view the map in BaseCamp. A. Download and install MapInstall and MapManager for Mac B Download the Mac version of the CTM C. Double click on the downloaded map file CalifTrailMap.gmapi D. MapManager launches and the map installation box appears. E. Click Install F. Repeat steps 5 thru 7 for CalTM Topo.gmapi. G. The maps are now installed on your Mac for use with MapInstall or BaseCamp.
  13. Bagstr

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Hey Zubb Did you download Mapinstall and Map manager For Mac? Your file list shows only Mapinstall. The Garmin site warns that the software does not work unless you own a version of Garmin maps. Also, did you select a version of CalTrail before trying to load? Instructions suggest you load maps one at a time. I just loaded to a Windows 10 unit and I believe it automatically dumped into BaseCamp. I don’t remember any issues with my Mac, but that was years ago. I believe CTM automatically finds BC. Good Luck.