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  1. Bagstr

    KDX 200 Up Date 7-2-20

    That is a Nice start
  2. The sponsoring senator represents Santee. Would “ a person” be in error to think he represents an effort to maintain access, since it is due to Expire in ‘21?
  3. Paul, Hey I am Thankful that I discovered the Large text function. Am I mistaken or What? Do you not use a DOT configuration? Why do you care: Re the Green/ Red crowd? D
  4. “Has met little opposition and passed committees unanimously”
  5. “Kinder ,Gentler; more sedate trail pace” and the XR250R back story inspire me. Glad to hear you are not resting on past achievements and instead searching out all the coyote trails for the hard way. Seriously, enjoy the whole story. B
  6. Outstanding - That the Group hit the road. And Ken, What did you find for Dinner?
  7. The Back Story As many of you know, The Park has been closed to vehicular travel since March. That has been painful; to watch the conditions go from perfect to the dry soft conditions we have now. Because of an ongoing communication Chanel I have with the superintendent ( thanks to the hard work of The Mystery Man in Black ), I knew that the park was due to open last week. Thursday at 6pm the park website updated visitation policy. Dispersed travel OK but no camping. Based on the weather prediction, we committed to Saturday. Because it is the desert, it is not workable to have 19 riders on the trail. The call went out to the regular cast of characters; plus The Kug. The Kug works for a living and can’t ride with us during the week. ( Why he still does that, I have no idea) 😎 Not everyone could make it on short notice, so a solid group of four showed up in Borrego Springs ready to ride at 0700. Well Not everyone! I gave my best effort getting up at 4:15,,,,,still and all arriving at 7:10 to Dark Looks. 😏. 7:35 we finally set out for 4.5 hrs and 74 miles of exclusive use of the facility. Kug, SoCalMule, the Mystery in Black and myself. Solid group of skilled sand riders. Yes Kug , you included. Surprisingly, the desert surface was frozen in time from the March Rains. Flat crusty washes with new cut banks and channels down the old familiar routes. Dry but no tour truck channels. Many familiar routes were all but unrecognizable. Delicious. The best part of the journey was the few stops / breaks when we could catch up on all the personal details of our pals lives. Almost as good as a Texting thread. Ha. The wind blew but that was a help in the dry conditions. Our old friend, the Anza Borrego DSP was rested and welcoming. Thanks to all for the effort necessary to make it happen. I promise to never commit to showing up before 0700 again. Bagstr
  8. Mike, I am ready for you. Dave PS. What is Up with the wait? Is it a 2021?
  9. Bagstr

    Suspension Tuning - Actually - KTM 450 XCW

    Bump Getting ready to do a run in the Sand; After review, my memory is refreshed. Fresh intel from my Dez Contact tells me the sand has dried. 😎 Thinking to run the forks "down" to one ring for the softness of being. My first Repor was in idea conditions, now, no so much. George, word is you are busy with the scofflaws that have been riding through the Virus Pandemic. As you have time, It seems time to have a Suspension Day would benefit understanding. With serious 10ft physical distancing. Looking for absolution, Bagstr
  10. Nice discussion on the compromise of Adventure set-up. 💁‍♂️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHCgMd5ICEW6pHpfR69UrwA
  11. That is some Crazy,,,
  12. Thanks Jim, You are having too much fun.
  13. Bagstr

    quick release fuel line?

    Page 2, January 29. Many voices and sources. The FreshWater place is a good resource.