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  1. Bagstr

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    CDaddy, Are you saying the section you went down on has been graded? As in, if you rode this weekend you would not be banged up. Bstr 👀💡
  2. Bagstr

    Tire suggestions

    183 Pages, These questions are asking for Editor's Opinion
  3. Bagstr

    Tire suggestions

    Although I really like the Wet Tire presentation,,,,, Desert Intermediate Maxxis P.S. Those Will Be the Days
  4. I disagree, that guy will still be digging out the drift. Count on it. 👀
  5. https://advrider.com/f/threads/taylor-park-summer-18.1327937/ ADVrider - Good music, spectacular view. Caution, marmots Scroll down to #19
  6. Bagstr

    Hello whats new?

    Brad, We all have issues. That doesn't stop us. Dave
  7. Bagstr

    Just one bolt

    In any electrical or electronic circuit, the return path ( ground or Neutral ) is just as important as the hot side. Plus the grounds are much easier to trace. 💡
  8. Bagstr

    Just a heads up on Crawdaddy

    Well, at least we have video coverage. No jokes around the Crawdaddy for awhile.
  9. Can't Image why you would any problem in the rocks. This Meadow two track reminds me of the route north-east of Salida
  10. Bagstr

    Peter Fonda - Easy Rider 1940-2019

    For Me, the sorrow is about the lost culture, not necessarily the actor. I will be scarred for life; attempting to live up to the Bravado of Dennis, Jack and Peter. The guys I ride with have achieved that level of indifference went they Roll into a new town. Me, just a shallow imitator. 👀 Bagstr
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/16/arts/peter-fonda-dead.html?login=email&auth=login-email NYT
  12. Bagstr

    Hello whats new?

    Brad, Lots of moto diversity here at San Diego Adventure Riders. From what I can tell a steady stream of new folks adding to the civil culture that Randy and Mike keep maintaining, Imagine that on the internet. Cross Country trips, crazy single track explorations and sedate cruises; all answering the call to be out in the country. We all miss that extra bit of Adventure you and Brianna bring to the group. The art of moto exploration continues unabated. About November find a way to join us for a desert breakfast and cruise. We could even schedule a weekend option. All my best to the four of you on your mountain paradise. Dave
  13. Bagstr

    Valve Check

    After adjusting the Power Band, I went ahead and did the Valve Check and Injector Clean. The valve gap was in range @ 310 hrs. I had made one small shim change at 70hrs. Can't say I saw any dif after the injector process. The spray looked good as I ran contact cleaner through. Flushed the injector both directions.
  14. The article refers to a thumping device under the seat.
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/08/business/harley-davidson-livewire.html?login=email&auth=login-email Coming to a Harley dealer near you.. 95 miles of quiet Harley for a new generation.