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  1. Tntmo A man with skills and tools is an amazing thing to watch. Bags
  2. Bagstr

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Map Manager loads into BaseCamp. Per CTM 1. Garmin MapManager is used to load map into your Mac. BaseCamp is used to view the map in BaseCamp. A. Download and install MapInstall and MapManager for Mac B Download the Mac version of the CTM C. Double click on the downloaded map file CalifTrailMap.gmapi D. MapManager launches and the map installation box appears. E. Click Install F. Repeat steps 5 thru 7 for CalTM Topo.gmapi. G. The maps are now installed on your Mac for use with MapInstall or BaseCamp.
  3. Bagstr

    California Trail Maps install trouble

    Hey Zubb Did you download Mapinstall and Map manager For Mac? Your file list shows only Mapinstall. The Garmin site warns that the software does not work unless you own a version of Garmin maps. Also, did you select a version of CalTrail before trying to load? Instructions suggest you load maps one at a time. I just loaded to a Windows 10 unit and I believe it automatically dumped into BaseCamp. I don’t remember any issues with my Mac, but that was years ago. I believe CTM automatically finds BC. Good Luck.
  4. 97xr You could make a living doing this. 😎
  5. Bagstr

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    You may have inadvertently changed something in settings on the device. Don’t plug it in and rummage around in the setting folder to go back to Default. Keep at. Take a rest, then keep at it.
  6. Bagstr

    Kug! Happy B-Day!

    What ah Whimp. Kug you are an example to us all. 👏 We thought about trying to find you, then realized we wouldn’t be able to keep up.
  7. Bagstr

    Garmin Montana 680t won't load past 'Loading Maps'

    Try performing other operations that communicate between BC and the device. Try transferring waypoints back and force. That may clean up a broken link. Have you used Web Updater to update the device software? Be patient, it will clear up as you keep at it.
  8. Bagstr

    Anyone Familiar with REVER GPS Software ?

    Rumor https://advrider.com/f/threads/garmin-zumo-xt-better-then-montana-for-off-road-use.1448160/page-2. ( on the internet ) is that the XT uses an Android bases system that does not do tracks well. Zubb , you may have an opinion on this. My. Experience on the TopoActive. Software is that it is just colorized City Nav.
  9. CaptnCham, Hay Buddy, Hope you are well. Send me a PM to give me an up date. Heck, you posted the number. I will send a text. P.S. The Captain helped get me started in the Dez and Big Bear. Bagstr
  10. KoonZee, Sorrento Valley, Friend, you are a local Serrento Valley Guy? Normally I would reach out to walk you around. Tied up with wife knee surgery, so out for awhile. Big Question, How are you with Deeep Sand? I can give you routes.
  11. Bagstr

    Perseverance Mars Rover landing

    Indeed,, What a validation of American potential for excellence. 👀
  12. Bagstr

    Why it's best to run DOT tires

    FaceBook = ,,,, Edited / Worthless
  13. Bagstr

    Keep an eye out pls

    Everyone Knows,,,there is more to the story. PMB, Glad to be Trusted. By the way, What is that InReach address again? 🚶‍♂️
  14. Bagstr

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    Working On It.