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  1. Bagstr

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Hey George, Congrats on your " New " partnership. Secure your seatbelt, be prepare for a rocket ride. Dave
  2. HBD, We are all Wishing you another year of Success. Bagstr
  3. Bagstr

    SOLD - 14” Bandsaw

    Oh My! I wish there was room in my garage for this. A beautiful piece of American history. You transformed me back to a 12 year old walking through grandpa Virgil’s shop. 👀
  4. Mimi, Where do you get off having a perfect riding day? You are the cleverest person on this blog. Dave
  5. Bagstr

    KTM Ground wire issue

    Mr. Amgems, May I suggest a threaded hole and machine screw. That aluminum is soft. Good item for periodic check. Mr. Bagstr
  6. Always an excellent report. Thank you Mimi
  7. Bagstr

    Wanted: Trail 90 seat

    Whoa, That is a Mash-Up. Must be Fun to ride.
  8. I suppose this is a good time to remodel with a Spring Opening. Your Moto Centric buddy has a good deal of optimism. Best of Luck, see you in March
  9. Bagstr

    Zenosan - Birthday

    Yah, Dude is riding a Harley up San Pasquale Valley. Keep O Keepin’ On. 😎
  10. Bagstr

    Zenosan - Birthday

    HBD Z,,, I am hoping the Exploration is continuing... Bagstr
  11. Bagstr

    KDX 200 Up Date Progress 7-18-20

    That is a Nice start
  12. The sponsoring senator represents Santee. Would “ a person” be in error to think he represents an effort to maintain access, since it is due to Expire in ‘21?
  13. Paul, Hey I am Thankful that I discovered the Large text function. Am I mistaken or What? Do you not use a DOT configuration? Why do you care: Re the Green/ Red crowd? D
  14. “Has met little opposition and passed committees unanimously”
  15. “Kinder ,Gentler; more sedate trail pace” and the XR250R back story inspire me. Glad to hear you are not resting on past achievements and instead searching out all the coyote trails for the hard way. Seriously, enjoy the whole story. B