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  1. Bagstr

    What is up with this?

    Must be the front end open OR packing is too fine and migrating thru screen. Second install is always better.
  2. Bagstr

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    " Until AAA Called " 🕺
  3. Bagstr

    Changing a tire

    Three irons; Get the opposite bead down in the valley of the spokes; I just use Windex as it evaporates; hold the tire with your knees and work the other side. Lay down some cardboard or plywood on the floor to protect the bearing; put it on the desert floor! For the trail, get three aluminum spoons, i.e. Motion Pro. If it is hard, you do not have the tire in position.
  4. Bagstr

    Joe Hauler JH19 Model

    Boy, That looks like a clean set-up. Right at the edge of loading a 500cc. You know they build these things to 200% of rated. Has me thinkin'. My big rail is Heavy!
  5. Bagstr

    Helmet rack

    Lookin' Good. Who gave you those open face models? Do you still have the CR250? https://motocrossactionmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/hondacr250elsi.jpg
  6. Bagstr

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    Ha! We saved many but sadly,,,
  7. Bagstr

    BOX Canyon

    Are You parking on the Highway again?? I like the color version.
  8. Bagstr

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    EMS Team - What is the best way to pay our fee? Bring cash or charge online? I am planning to bring a Box of Starbucks best. 96 oz. evidently. Bags P.S. Is it OK to park on the lawn?
  9. And as a backup, You can give it to me and I will have back to you in a week!
  10. It's just electrons; think how proud of you we all will be.
  11. Yes But / I can talk you through this project. 1. Solder Pencil 2. Solder flux 3. Electrical solder 4. 3M 33 Electrical tape 5. Razor knife 6. Scissors 7. Wire strippers - 22 gauge or so. 8. Shrink tube assortment Your local Hardware Store should have this gear; you will prepared next time. Ask me why I have two sets of Spare radio cable sets. Cut the last coil off the Y side. Strip jacket back about 1.5 inches. Slide on shrink tube. Twist like colors together with flux. Lightly solder. Slide shrink tube over and heat with hair dryer. Repeat trying to match lengths. Test functionality. Liberally tape group overlapping ends about 1.5". 🛵 P.S. Ask me why I tuck my loose cable in my backpack belt when we stop
  12. Bagstr

    Happy Birthday CID

    HBD Rider CID. May your explorations live up to your imagination. Bags
  13. Bagstr

    ABDSP ride

    Healing is slow at this point of our maturity. The Days of throwing the body into a job can easily lead to injury. Personally realized this at about age 58. Call me next time you want to move a plasma screen and we will do the heavy work together. Bagstr - Taking it easy