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  1. https://www.bikeexif.com/motorcycle-wiring My son sent a Link from this E-Magazine. Interesting topics. This one is on How your motorcycle electrics works. Who Knew?
  2. Bagstr

    Street Tires for a 450 ???

    Thanks, I will take it. I will PM to arrange a pick-up. Thank You
  3. Bagstr

    Phone based gps help!

    Watching the RockMount vs QuadLock comparison, shows that the Quad is a case around the phone and that is clicks into place. The review mentions that the side buttons dont function well with the case. The Rock is $150 tho which is a deal breaker for most. I wish these phone cases had a tether loop for back-up. I think I might try this QuadLock if I get a mapping phone. That metal slip-in case you guys are looking at, appears to me a hazard during a crash. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Bagstr

    Street Tires for a 450 ???

    Thanks Guys, I will look into those new take offs.
  5. Bagstr

    COVID - Picture Contest

    Camp Verde +1
  6. In for the Long Haul: Thinking of installing street tires on the 450. What Up/ recommend ?? Come May 1st, Back on the Sand. 👨‍🔬
  7. Thumper Bob has my vote - If I Turn Out the Lights; Why not on a RT-1?
  8. Bagstr

    Phone based gps help!

    Thanks LB, By the time I get around to buying a unit you guys will have the mount and power sorted.
  9. Bagstr

    If I had the $ .........

    We Swear at that tire on our rides. 🎇
  10. Bagstr

    Phone based gps help!

    LB So, without BaseCamp, how do you draw a route from scratch before you have ridden the route? DL
  11. Bagstr


    Interesting business strategy; to rent the electronics @ $12 a month Wondering if software is optimized between off-road and road.
  12. Project 3. The Perfect Moto Camp Tent - Here is a link to an interesting vestibule tent https://www.rei.com/product/143382/msr-hubba-tour-1-tent I know 4 lbs. but man,,, Look at the room for your gear. How many nights have you fought in vain to keep your gear and supplies dry? You Adventure Guys have room for this thing. What do you think? Edit: Watching the video, it looks like the rain fly is permanently attached. Suggesting a hot box in the summer.
  13. Went out and pushed the throttle bar toward the kickstand. Decided the short piece should be longer. Pieces 10" and 7". Over-all about 17.5". You need to work with the axle as the wheel is turned left. It does work