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  1. Thanks for the story,,,Drama and frolic. Sorry for your family loss. That kind of experience brings sadness and perspective.
  2. Bagstr

    Up The 395

    Beautiful work. Nice composition.
  3. Bagstr

    I’ve never liked ktm...

    Thanks for letting us know how far we can go with Blowing the case apart. πŸ’₯
  4. Bagstr

    Daily pics of good times

    The Hidden Campsite.
  5. Bagstr

    Daily pics of good times

    Oh, The Stories You Tell,,, Thanks for the memories Chris.
  6. Is it legal to ride out there on Fridays? Say hello to Ranger Derek for us. 😎
  7. Agreed, That is some dynamic composition. Maintaining sharpness foreground and background on top of shooting into the sun. Toyota should be using the shot. We Done
  8. The conditions in the sky were matched by Good to Excellent sand on the ground. Down by the Water tower, there was standing water and soaked but not sloppy ground. Amazing how much your skills improve on days like this. It has been a long wait. Christmas Morning with lots of presents
  9. Clouds-Wind-Rain-Sun No Snow Two Brave Souls + Myself arrived 0730ish, 56F breezy; Not Raining. 1300hrs, 68F Having rained, winded, Clouds and sun-ed. Thanks for making it happen. Bags
  10. No, molecular peeling. Also called eye pucker. a film over the rear eye surface. Two sirgeries 1 year apart/ two successful results. I hope you had a good result.
  11. Day Ride after the latest storm in San Diego. Three guys hitting the floor (of the Dez) after a big Blow and a spritz of rain. Wind graded trails with a moist dot tenth of an inch. Epic is an over used term, so I will call it cipe. 72 miles/ 4 hours including a few chats. 50f-70f. Just recovering from macular eye surgery and happy to enjoy a cruise. Thanks Derecho and Beezzz.
  12. Mmm, I need to think about that. Can the towed vehicle release as needed?
  13. https://slavensracing.com/shop/the-tugger-tow-line-by-highline-recreation/ Safer system, In my opinion. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ
  14. D-R-D, Drive - Ride - Drop Drive the graded roads. Ride the surfaces where you need to pay attention, If you think you are about to Drop the bike, You are on the wrong trail. Anecdote - Having learned to ride the Anza Borrego on my 990 ( picking it up 2 or 3 times a day in the sand), I was riding the next great thing a 690 set up for the dez only dropping it once in awhile. Riding with my pal Todd and his Husky 310, he says take the Husky for a ride. this is in San Felipe wash. After 10 minutes, I ask myself " this is soo easy, why have I been punishing myself? Sold the 690 and have been happily cruising since. ( 350/450 ) Yes I need a receiver Joe Hauler to arrive at the trail, but I am perfectly happy to drive home in air conditioned comfort. I guess the Honda difficulty would be zero. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ