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  1. Bagstr

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    June 13, 2013 Mmmm
  2. MauleR, I hope you see these responses as an explanation not a rebuke of your comment. We are invested in this community and something like a family (evidently we marry one another). Like a family, we do not agree on everything but still strive to function in a positive direction. And this is a business that has bills to pay. If the team makes a dollar here or there along the way, that is an incentive to provide a room where the family can meet for dinner. In addition, I prefer a site where my personal data is not monetized to the ridiculous levels found elsewhere. I don't know of an easier place to announce a ride at a remote location and have 4 or 5 guys show up ready to ride across the wilderness. Or have a discussion about lousy kick stands, There are " Big " sites yes , but having actually met most of these people face to face makes for a different conversation. $30 divided by 365 days 🤷‍♂️
  3. Bagstr

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    Looks like more of those tracks heading to Denio and Fields. Lousy photos as usual. Glad you all made it back with a smile on your face.
  4. Ferried by the Edez Hook station on the ferry to Victoria. That is a 1/4 mile into the strait. Some think what we do on the bikes is dangerous; nothing compared to the risks of our career.
  5. With Summer the mind turns to planning vs riding so much; at least that is my mode. With that in mind, I thought to look at motorcycle weights and how they impact where I might use all these motos. These weights are from Total Motorcycle.com which are with no fuel. Super Adventure R 1290 470 pounds Super Adventure R 1090 456 Adventure 790R 416 Enduro 690R 322 EXC 500 240 Honda CBX 500 402 I don't plan on giving up on the 450 platform but wonder if a second light road bike would be entertaining for exploring remote highway stuff. There is always the problem of getting to the remote start point. My freeway days are finished, never to be repeated.
  6. i talked to several people here who said the town is still recovering from your posting. 👀 You must have done a fair bit of Zero Visibility flying in the strait.
  7. If I could only remember where the bike would be ridden, I would be incentivized. Just had an insight for an aftermarket opportunity : Plug and Play Offroad gauge and headlight assembly. Picture the above image with off-road lighting. PMB, Can you help us?
  8. Nice Edit AmG Those hard and slick sweepers are a challenge. Tough when the moisture disappears . Thanks to all for the photo reports. It all looks so easy viewed on camera. Add 35 lb to the rear,,,,keep an eye on that front wheel. 👀 Bags
  9. So,,,, Yamaha wouldn't let them be ridden Offroad. Are second gear wheelies a design spec?
  10. Bagstr

    Chix dug me.

    Dang, You guys were playing when I was working. Was I misguided or what?
  11. Bagstr

    Tools, Tools

    Two Nice Tools, found useful https://slavensracing.com/how-to-stop-spoke-wheel-damage/ https://slavensracing.com/shop/battery-tracker-by-antigravity/ You Guys are on your own for awhile,,
  12. Bagstr

    Chix dug me.

    A sign of how far Evolution can go. I.E. not the man I know. 😎
  13. Bagstr

    XC4 fuel pumps- what I've discovered

    But,, but, your EJOT screws are off course approved for Acerbis and Clark fuel tanks. Not to press a point, these Quick Disconnect O-Ring couplers are " Not approved for fuel injections systems. " Motion Pro website. Man, That just makes me want to stay at home and not risk the wilderness. What is an Adventurer to do?