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  1. Been “on the fence” on the CT for awhile now. I have a 4” scar inside my knee from ‘65. It was yellow. Decided to go with a new set of wheels and streetish tires on the 450 as a City Moto. Will continue to watch the “Fun Zone”
  2. Big Jon, Really Creative thinking and execution. Well Done
  3. 27May24 Memorial Day Sale $150 ATR-2 Open Face, Clean, Barely Used, Determined I wanted a shield helmet. The Best Protection Available and It Looks Good! Size XL - I fit a Shoei Large. Originally ordered a large from Rocky Mtn. Exchanged for the XL, and it fits fine. Try it on,,,
  4. Bagstr

    Resistance was futile...

    Zubb, Your surfing skills will serve you well. Enjoy the drop.
  5. Please don’t take my comment as criticism. We are all looking for our place in the sun. 🌞
  6. Some one thinks he is an artist,,,
  7. Currently Bicycle Touring Argentina. 👀
  8. Bagstr

    Ride overdue

    Kelly, Great to see you having fun. Appears you have the ‘23/24 frame. Great confidence builder. With the low gearing, All Things are Possible. 💪. Bags
  9. No need to feed me,,, The social will be enough for me. 😎
  10. Another valuable discussion with George today regarding the 2024 KTM evolution. There are variations from the Owners Manual. George has field data from many riders that can help you achieve the ride you are searching for. Carried my shock and front legs up to Alpine for a change of break-in oil. Invaluable set-up instructions. If you want to fly level and straight, check in with George. Good Luck out there, Bags
  11. Bagstr

    Please No Memes or GIF's

    Thanks CID, That is a Clean site. Lead me to another 4Runner site.
  12. Anza Borrego Desert State Park in January: It does not get any better. 45F when we showed up. Led to good conversation while we waited for the sun to expose itself over the ridge. Although we were late to follow last weeks rain, the moisture had soaked in, firming the base of the desert floor. The top couple of inches was dry. The plant life is showing color, although the Ocotillo has yet to bloom. Passed several 4 wheeled campers and explores on our 60 miles route. Typically, we see no one. The cotton sky provided a luxurious bandwidth of color. Skilled and reliable riding partner, excellent bikes, diverse park. IMG_6555.mov
  13. Bags to attend.. Let’s talk ABDSP 💁‍♂️

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