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  1. Bagstr

    The People You Meet

    Ran into one of the Former owners of South Bay Motorsports today in the parking lot of Home Depot. He and his son were sizing up my Ridgeline truck and after the owner review of how it is the best truck in the county we moved on to motorcycles. I mentioned how the truck carries the motor receiver for my moto well and etc., etc. Talked some about the SDAR crowd and style of riding from Adventure to Single Track. He knows Mr. H from NCY and Robert from Veys obviously. Well, my point is just another gentlemen with his son in the parking lot. He is enjoying retirement! I found Jim to be cut from the same cloth. Good people are everywhere and I am learning that not every successful business person is a narcissist. Possibly folks are successful because they are People people. What do you think Mr. CID? P.S. Finished my window project
  2. https://dirtbiketest.com/fresh-dirt/letter-of-the-week-dual-sport-disappointment/ Follow-On discussion on the subject of Dualsport Bikes and what it takes to be legal, plus what we really need.
  3. +1 On MotoBike Jack for Crawdaddy 👀
  4. Bagstr

    Destination questions

    You guys like beating your bikes up on Railroad Ties. Personally, riding a trestle standing up with a 36 inch wire rail is not my cup of tea. A helicopter is the best way to see the area. 👀
  5. Bagstr


    This is the List of Supported radios for CHIRP Software - The FT-270R is missing in action. Buying the ADMS-270 Software and see where that leads.
  6. CDy, Sure Looks like the kickstand is short on your bike. Longer could help with the mount? B
  7. I can't even get through the video; So I think I'll pass on the event.
  8. Bagstr


    Sure, Blame it on yourself! http://www.gpsxchange.com/ Working Monday morning. EDIT: Index Function - Don't know about that On another subject, Slaven's has some interesting maps for Utah and Colorado - Latitude 40degree Maps
  9. Note: 200 kilometer equals about 124 miles. 100km = 62 mies
  10. Bagstr

    RIP Schwinn

    O' Man! What a pain in the butt is mortality. Schwinn is the perfect nickname, A Cruiser, a stunt performer. Our world is diminished without Steve.
  11. Amgems, Thank You! Capturing the Flow. Crazy how it take a few minutes to locate trails we have done 50 times. That Paradise stuff is Beautiful. The Restrictive Force of Anza Borrego, AKA Bags
  12. Bagstr

    1927 farm truck project

    Oh Man! Are you looking for parts or another full on restore.
  13. Bagstr

    2 WD

    You can take the Man out of manual, but then you are left with Ual.
  14. Bagstr

    Programming Radios

    Great, I bought a quality cabe (RT at HRO ) As I understand, it will Not work with Chirp. Talking to the clerk, I told him I was using Chirp and he did not say the cable would not work. Could buy the RT Programming software and re-create Jim's document. This would establish a system for the Yaesu environment. I will try the Chirp software first. Could
  15. Will there be an Extraction Effort once the tank is found. The pop up is a little fussy.