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  1. To Wrap Up this discussion ( attempt ) : Ask Mr. Piston - We had such a good relationship, Why did you break-up? A. We had been together too long, I just wore down. B. That gas you fed me, made me throw-up C. I left you notes, in the form of oil in the intake tube, You chose not to read them. Remember that Tim Dunaway told me the piston would have passed inspection one hour before failure The gas was probably 3 months old. What an idiot. I now own a bottle of Sta-bil The motor oil in the air filter box was definitely there at the failure. Subsequent Leak Down was Zero pressure. The top of the piston and the valves were very clean, so I am somewhat doubtful that the motor was really pushing oil into the intake before failure. I will definitely be checking this going forward. Thanks to you all for your contributions to this discussion. I am planning on the following the advice of a trusted public servant and " Getting Over It". P.S. copying this last comment to the first post in hope that it may save someone reading all this.
  2. Bagstr

    Had my first flat tire today.

    There are options. People sell metal versions
  3. Air Box Oil Now I am questioning if I ignored oil dripping out of the air filter box. A bit of a mess down to the kick stand spring. I wrote it off to excess No-Toil oil. And the intake tunnel was not “dry”. It is possible I had a warning that I did not recognize . The motor started instantly and idled . I think that is result of good valves.
  4. Yep, That would be a safe choice. Others have made them last longer. How far from the pavement you ride may enter into the decision.
  5. Running the Bike around the mountain, It Feels like there is plenty of Play available in the 450. 👀
  6. Only that technology may solve this issue. If not, I am with you
  7. No, did not split the cases. No idea of the details of inspection. " They were good." Don't think I mentioned the conversation regarding Full Rebuild cost ( splitting the cases ). $3500 - $4500 depending on condition of gear-sets etc. That is the time to seriously think about selling machine and starting over.
  8. Good to Go for another few hundred miles. Cylinder and Piston kit Valve Stem Seals, clean and inspect valves and gap Inspect crank and bearings. Replace water hoses Spark Plug Repack muffler New Air Filter Tim appears to me to be thorough. He had a lot of bikes in the shop when I showed up and I added the water hoses which delayed the issue. If you scheduled work in advance, your timing might improve. That said, he told me that guys should expect a two week turn around for major work. Good News in this failure is that the internals of this motor were immaculate @ 315 hours. Now Back to the Fun Stuff
  9. The Thought of you two enjoying the freedom of the desert during my suffering was Not helpful, but only an extension of my mental dystopia. Sympathetic buddies would have taken a riding hiatus. Unfortunately it will take time to recover our relationship. 😎
  10. Indeed, You might ask who are these members of our little community? Possibly I missed their contributions?? These are probably fine gentlemen. Do they deserve to be remembered on the front page when they have not contributed for who knows how many years. My proposal is that the team scrub Birthday Girls and Boys if they have not contributed content in over one year. Is that unreasonable / hard to program? Scrub me if I am being a doink
  11. Back in business today,,,Finally. Three weeks at the shop. Emptied the fuel tank into a 5 gal jug, installed fresh gas in bike. Thinking of installing new air in the tires as well.
  12. Kug, You ar' telling us this is an un-scripted, un-knowable outcome Event? Wait, our lives are scripted " to the max", Why would we want to step out of bounds? Is there insurance for this event? Do you gaurantee a wonderful?? 👀 👀
  13. Bagstr

    2 stroke jetting.

    https://thumpertalk.com/forums/forum/44-motorcycle-jetting-fuel-injection/ Here is reading while you wait for a body to pitch in.
  14. Apocalypse is slightly diff than axe murder, Keep in mind that from the viewpoint of a young person we may be experiencing the apocalypse. As a survival technique, it could be useful to mock a Dark Age. Speaking as a person of a certain age that came of age in 1968. 👀
  15. AMOC, From experience, State a Start Point and Time - People will adjust to your schedule.