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  1. Joemerica

    Bow Willow

    I need to start riding Anza Borrego and get to these caves and canyons. Awesome pics/report.
  2. I might be trying to join one of your desert rides soon as long as it's not too high on whatever difficulty scale you're using now. 😆
  3. The Intro: I've been a lurker here for over a year. I found this awesome forum through @tntmo youtube channel. I was searching for fun DS rides near Jacumba/the border and XR carb info and came across @tntmo's youtube, awesome local channel. Anyway, I found a great deal on a plated 96 XR600 last summer that had a seized carb (sitting with old gas for a decade in a garage) otherwise garaged with few original miles. I ended up getting a new carb, rebuilding the rear shock (spung for my 240 lbs at 6'5''), new KK Superpinion front sprocket, chain, new fluids, checked valves, new cables, bar, controls, wiring, NiCd battery, etc. Still need to swap out the fork springs and reinstall the desert tank (installed with rotted petcock when I bought it). To get to the point, this site along with some youtube channels has inspired me to get into dual sporting. I've been riding around east county since I got the bike but have been hesitant to take on anything off-road until the rear shock was done. The Report: The off-road maiden voyage started in Santee/Lakeside through Wildcat Canyon to Ramona and on to Black Mountain TT. Up and down Black Mountain (your photos posted here do not do that view its true justice). An amazing view I'm sure I'll be visiting regularly. I continued on to Santa Ysabel TT, past Sutherland Reservoir, 78, San V, and back on Wildcat for the ride home. 85 miles in 3hrs 20mins and a perma-smile for the rest of the day. Thanks to everyone for your regular content, ride reports, etc. I wanted to make my intro at the noob ride and camp but had plans that weekend. I know the regulars know this, but it begs repeating... This is a great community. I'm sure you guys are motivating other lurkers out there like me. I'll try not to be one anymore. Cheers, Joe

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