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  1. paulmbowers

    Allen Fox In Alpine

    I had a phone call with him a few months ago about my top end- nice guy. He was really busy, so I did it myself.
  2. paulmbowers

    Reunited with Motorcycle After 60 Years

    Mine is good for two out of the four.
  3. paulmbowers

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    Dunno who the other Wile E one might be, but I have been enjoying the benefits of the Gobbler system on my bike. I spent some this with these, including a few hours running up and down the identical trail many, many times. To be fair, I also had a new spring on the shock about the same time, but give it enough time to figure out the effect of the gobblers. In short, much more "planted" a bit more confidence in the bike (wish I could state the same for the rider) and better steering. Yeah, I know, how does this make the steering better? I'm sure there's some explanation for it, and I don't have a clue what that might be. I'll never go back. Cold, dead hands, etc.
  4. I wouldn’t call it knarly. Unless I was on a 1200GS or some other phenomenally heavy whale.
  5. Did you ride the ASCENT portion from the highway back up to the top? And yes, I think my skull has thinned in my olde age.
  6. Also interesting about that geography- all the Colorado River water is delivered to us in San Diego via Los Angeles. There's water in Imperial Valley- it also goes to LA first. There's talk about bringing a water pipeline (desperately needed to diversify our sources) over the hill from Imperial Valley, but it's a HUGE project and the environmentalists are already putting up a fight. Understandable, as it will have a big effect on the immediate area around such a project. Just about anything that can be done on a small bike can be done on a properly outfitted big bike with the right rider. But that don't mean it's fun. The bragging rights become less important over time. PS- Where id you pull that historical information? Interesting...
  7. paulmbowers

    That darn zipper

    I'd start here: http://www.factoryresole.com He's done a few resoles for me and likely has the equipment for heavy duty sewing. He's a rider as well.
  8. paulmbowers

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    I considered mentioning I was not under any form of arrest, the land was free, and "I believe I woke up in a Free Country" until I saw the firepower they had thoughtfully stowed yet immediately available. I then reconsidered and shut my piehole.
  9. paulmbowers

    KTM head work rec sought

    I recently used Racers Machine for my 500, and found them to be nice folks and did decent work.
  10. paulmbowers

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    Which reminds me of this woman I dated in college.