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  1. paulmbowers

    6 year Mothballed KTM 990 Turns over but won't fire up

    No smog is required, mate. My first step would be to measure actual fuel pressure.
  2. paulmbowers

    Semi Stripped frame hole

  3. paulmbowers

    Semi Stripped frame hole

    You really don't want to use a tap, you want to use a thread chaser. A tap will cut new threads- not ideal. Here's what I use- very inexpensive. Sure, KTM might have used the right size bolt, but the bike was used and these bolts are often replaced. No, I just used the nut as presented- I want it to protect the bolt. And the top is rounded- almost "crowned" so I'm hoping the chain will bounce off rather than catch. And it's been working for years. I just made sure the bolt did not protrude beyond the top of the nut. I should point out I'm running a 15t front sprocket, which MIGHT provide a bit more clearance up there.
  4. paulmbowers

    Semi Stripped frame hole

    I through-bolt this. It requires trimming a bolt down a little and using a ss nylock nut on the chain side. Be sure to keep the bolt as short as possible, just barely getting through the nylon of the locknut. The chain will eventually beat the crap out of the nut and maybe part of the bolt, but it's easily changed. If left too long, the bolt will be damaged and then require cutting it off before backing it out of the frame to avoid damaging what's left of those threads.
  5. paulmbowers

    SDAR Facebook Group Cover Photo Update

    Based on my research, the primary factor in direction is time of day. If one goes in the morning and heads east, one may have the sun in one's eyes for the duration of the journey. Last time I rode it, I started in the dark (nobody is surprised) and had no problems with the sun. Light traffic, out of the canyon by 1 without any dawdling. I love morning rides.
  6. paulmbowers

    SDAR Facebook Group Cover Photo Update

    That's me, CiD shot the image. Yes, permits are required for white rim, and they can be secured online- I've done it. They have a maximum number of visitors per day.
  7. paulmbowers

    SDAR Facebook Group Cover Photo Update

    Photo: CoveredInDust
  8. paulmbowers

    Motocross vs Adventure Boots

    If I throw a leg over a bike, there's a SIDI Crossfire TA on the end of it.
  9. paulmbowers

    Adventure Bike Truth: Marketing vs Reality

    I agree with this- I had "that kind of relationship" with my 990. But the question in my mind was always: "Is this fun?" because once the heroics wear off, it really is not fun. My conclusion is, for me, if there's any kind of off-road involved, the 500 will always be more fun. Granted- a BDR will be fun on the dirt, and not-as-fun on the pavement return. This year, I'm changing to "ADV tires" and a smaller rear sprocket in an attempt to enhance the pavement capability. I'll report in a few months.
  10. paulmbowers

    Isle of Man TT - Time Magazine

    We flew- I have a great friend who lives on island- it's his bike, and he insisted I take a lap around the course. I don't like to ride borrowed bikes (I crash bikes!) but I's SO glad he insisted and it was the chance of a lifetime. Until I go back, anyway....
  11. paulmbowers

    Isle of Man TT - Time Magazine

    I was riding, not shooting. On an unfamiliar bike, on the wrong side of the road, in gear that did not fit well. But it was damn cool.
  12. paulmbowers

    Isle of Man TT - Time Magazine

    I was not, and yes they have allowed others on the track prior to the races. And hell no, I wouldn't go then.

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