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  1. paulmbowers


    500 or 950?
  2. paulmbowers


    That's the spirit!
  3. paulmbowers

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Before spending $, I would wait a few weeks to be sure AAA doesn't receive a kickback from DMV. Happened to me on a car once. We were "free and clear" until AAA called.
  4. paulmbowers

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    I sit corrected.
  5. paulmbowers

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Wow. First that AAA handled an out-of-state transfer (they always refused me) and they allowed that bike to have a plate? AHHHmazing. (I'm pretty sure the Desert ITs are not DOT. Great bike!)
  6. Yes- I'm surprised YouTube has not yet pulled it off the internet. They'll get around to it though.
  7. paulmbowers

    Tuning 15 exc

    Yup, understood.I suspect you'll be fine.
  8. paulmbowers

    Tuning 15 exc

    Back in 2014 I swore a solemn oath against disclosing any modification made by any dealer from which my bike may, or may not, have been purchased. I’ve never had popping on deceleration nor flameouts.
  9. paulmbowers

    Tuning 15 exc

    I have the TPS tool, courtesy of The Bagster, and I’m happy to make it available. But it’s not going to make the changes you need. The $245 is worth it. I believe the ecus to which Blais is referring are the later models. But I could be wrong.
  10. paulmbowers

    Tuning 15 exc

    I believe 2015 is within the year range that allows for a KTM Euro map swap. I'd contact Munn Racing or Slavens- there are other places that can do it. You'll likely need to send them the ECU briefly. I've not heard good stories about the JD tuner for these years. The flameouts and popping are fairly typical of lean condition. And congratulations- it's almost the finest motorcycle ever conceived and created by nonspecifichigherpower.
  11. Deep, Ujjayi Breath Ujjayi breathing can be defined as victorious breathing, where breath is inhaled through ones nose whilst the mouth remains shut. A technique I find very helpful to promote and encourage correct ujjayi breathing takes place, is by imagining with your mouth closed you’re swallowing or drinking air through the mouth. As described in the literature too.. It really works. This technique is used to heat the body and keep the mind focused as we advance into asana practice. And by allowing breath to flow freely throughout our body we can start to purify the physical body ultimately purifying and calming the mind and the nervous system. And by breathing ever deeper and louder we aim to focus our attention internally freeing ourselves of external stimulus and distractions. With effective sounds produced from ujjayi breathing and executing fully it can really support the minds concentration and prohibit the mind wandering. This keeps bringing you back inline with your purpose and intention of practice. It is one the most important aspects of practising well, as the breath is the link between body and mind.
  12. paulmbowers

    Help! Radio Y-Cord took a ride in the rear wheel...

    I'd love to help, but I'm not that good...
  13. paulmbowers

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    1) I do not. For one thing, I ride the street to be there, and I ride the street to get home. And even if I were inclined to lower tire pressure, I'm WAY too lazy to lower/raise it. 2) I do not. I'm a big guy, and the bike is big. And I hate flats, and yes, I use UHD tubes. 2a) Yes, I believe there is a balance. And yes, there is some traction to be gained by reducing pressure. And yes, I have successfully bent both rims by reducing pressure (and too-soft of springs)- the front requiring replacement. I won't throw insults by saying "Anybody that would xyz thisorthat"- I don't consider myself to be such an authority, and in the end we all take our best shot at what works best for our situation and beliefs. 3) Tubeless or Tubliss? Very different setups. I wouldn't use Tubliss on the big bike- too may road miles, heat, etc, etc. Might be fine, but I'm not gonna chance it. I've never had a tubeless bike for off-road, so I can't help here. Were I riding truly off-road (not fire roads) all day, I might cheat the pressure down a bit. But then again, if I were to ride truly off-road all day, I'd be on my 500.
  14. paulmbowers

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    Agreed- for me, big bike is VERY different. It's possible others have a different opinion, and if I were to be riding slower dirt for long periods, I MIGHT be tempted to lower a bit. But that's a LOT of weight on those tires (myself included) and I really hate flats.
  15. paulmbowers

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    I run about 32/32.