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  1. paulmbowers

    That darn zipper

    I'd start here: http://www.factoryresole.com He's done a few resoles for me and likely has the equipment for heavy duty sewing. He's a rider as well.
  2. paulmbowers

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    I considered mentioning I was not under any form of arrest, the land was free, and "I believe I woke up in a Free Country" until I saw the firepower they had thoughtfully stowed yet immediately available. I then reconsidered and shut my piehole.
  3. paulmbowers

    KTM head work rec sought

    I recently used Racers Machine for my 500, and found them to be nice folks and did decent work.
  4. paulmbowers

    Military plane crashes in Ocotillo

    Which reminds me of this woman I dated in college.
  5. paulmbowers

    Xplor Forks - DIY 15min revalve ! Testers needed.

    I suspect you’ll have installation instructions, complete with images, in a week or so 😉
  6. FYI: Tried to ride Thing a few weeks ago, just before the fires. It was completely fenced off at the Sunrise Highway side. Some sort of construction or something, but an admirable job in securing the trail- there was just no way around it without a complete and ugly bushwhack.

    And- honestly, I wouldn't ride anywhere in the area- way too much fire danger, either getting trapped or having a fire start in the area and getting blamed for it.

    1. Zubb


      Good intel Paul.  Thanks a ton for sharing.  Yeh . . . . getting blamed for fires could be very very ugly.  

      I'm looking for a good 50/50 route (paved/dirt) from Borrego to the Border and Thing/Fred was a real nice big bike route.

      Maybe the CA Hike/Ride Trail heading south east from the bottom of Banner Grade would be a good option,  to Ocotillo Wells, maybe a shot around Valley of the Moon (haven't ridden that yet) then Inkopah /80 towards Campo on the border.  Something like that maybe.  

      I'm open to suggestions if you have any.

    2. paulmbowers


      I got nuthin. 

      It’s so damn hot out there I stay off the bike. It’d be just my luck to bust a tib/fib and roast out there. 

      That typed... one USED to be able to ride from Banner up to Sunrise Highway via Mason Valley Truck Trail. 

      But no longer. 

  7. paulmbowers

    KTM Ground wire issue

    During my recent bike refresh, I was able to relocate the grounding point by drilling and tapping a hole on the front side of the subframe crossbar. That accommodates the stock (modified- soldered and heat shrink) grounding strap and another ground for both a charging pigtail and accessory circuit. I reused the original location by approaching from the underside with a secondary ground wire that runs to the starter mounting bolt. That leaves the crossbar completely clear for the seat to rest on.
  8. paulmbowers

    07 KTM 450 EXC (SOLD)

  9. paulmbowers

    SB1024 advances to Assembly

    I understand it won't be difficult to acquire a competition card (whatever that is) but I expect soon there will be a requirement to be operating the machine in a competition- THAT'S where this is going. They're going to say "OK you can have your "competition only vehicles". We won't stop you. As long as you're operating in a competition. Might be a few years. But watch- they're changing the language.
  10. paulmbowers

    SB1024 advances to Assembly

    Ain't no skin off my ass, I am 87% street legal. But I recognize euphemisms when I read them. When they say "it would simply be replaced by [this new program]" I call BS and look into the finer print. If one follows this link that is contained in the previous article, you'll find at the bottom the basis for the [new program]. First, that area has been hosting off-road riders since Ms Schaeffer was a twinkle in the eye of her daddy. That Ms Schaeffer chose (a willful act) to live next door to a public land off-road area is Ms Schaeffer's problem, not the State of California's. Further, whenever anyone claims to speak on behalf of their own private army ("so many others are for it too") the hair on the back of my neck raises. How many others, Ms Schaeffer? 2? (because the plural) 200, 2000? Can you name them? Can you demonstrate with a petition of property owners? And if there are "so many others" what are they not signing such petitions? Claiming to have a private army does not give you special magical powers, not can you assert your private army counts as more than one vote. And, Ms Schaeffer, who do you mean by these "kids"? If the individuals are over 18, does that mean they're not as offensive? So, Ms Schaefer's (and her private army the SoManyOthers) objections appear to be that of a particular age group. And who decided that the hike, picnics or what-have-yous cannot happen on other public lands? There are plenty of lands set aside for the what-have-you goings-on. Instead Ms Schaefer has problems with minors interfering with her what-have-you, which sounds a little distasteful.
  11. paulmbowers

    SB1024 advances to Assembly

    Well...ehhh. It's nice that some off-road folks support this, but the subtext is (at least to me) very clear. Here's a sentence: I can't seem to find anything about what a "competition card" is. The DMV has a competition card provision that covers those bikes on loan from a manufacturer for racing purposes. But other than that, I can't find a definition of one, nor the existence of any program by that name. My suspicion is they are trying to offer a competition use for those bikes, and that's fine. But in turn, I think they're trying to ELIMINATE NON-COMPETITION USE. And that's not a good sign. In other words, I predict a situation where authorities will stop "Competition Sticker" bikes and ask the simple question: "Where's the competition card?" And then; "OK, where is the race?" For the record, I'm a fan of spark arrestors, mufflers and silencers to limit noise. Less sound, more ground.
  12. paulmbowers

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    I don't. I know I'm a handsome, strapping older gentleman and the grey one is a little small on me. So it could be a good fit for you. I'm happy to leave it out for contactless delivery, (I'm in Mission Hills) and if it fits, you can send me PayPal or whatever.
  13. paulmbowers

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    See? That's GOOD!