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  1. paulmbowers

    Tire suggestions

    My heart aches for these days.
  2. paulmbowers

    Tire suggestions

    I like the Desert Maxxis IT as well, but be aware it's not DOT approved. Usually not a big deal, but not legal in the Anza Borrego State Park, and I HAVE been checked. They seem less enthusiastic about checking in the last few years, but I'd hate to give them a reason to send me home. And I like Rotella in the big bike. I still use the expensive stuff in the 500.
  3. paulmbowers

    Hello whats new?

    Well it certainly slows us down.😀
  4. < Looks to the sky, rain pouring down, lighting dramatic, right fist raised in rage, screaming at the sky > "With nonspecifichigherpower as my witness, I shall never take another picture on a ride again! I've been shamed, shamed, I tell you! I'm going to smash all my cameras and will live without jpegs forever!" paulmbowers
  5. Nice. That's a lot of rope.
  6. Yup. I'm not worthy.
  7. paulmbowers

    Hello whats new?

    Well let's not get carried away.
  8. paulmbowers

    Hello whats new?

  9. paulmbowers

    Hog Electrics - New York Times Moto Intro

    We have an electric car in our family, and I really, really like it. Not necessarily from the eco-green standpoint, but from the performance. It's FUN as hell. Looking forward to electric bikes.
  10. paulmbowers

    Props to Suspension 101

    I'm such a fanboi I have a Suspension 101 bumper sticker. And I do not like bumper stickers.
  11. paulmbowers

    Valve Check

  12. paulmbowers

    Valve Check

    And when you wash your bike- the single most effective cleanser I've used comes from the airport. Go down and ask them for a bucket of Prop Wash. Awesome stuff, and cheap.
  13. paulmbowers

    Valve Check

    Annd change the in-tank filter. Annd check the tiny screen int he quick release. Annd clean the air filter. Annd change oil and filter. Annd take the forks to George. Annd take the shock to George. Annd change the air in the tires. Annd adjust the steering head bearings.