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  1. paulmbowers

    Assorted riding gear

    You're after those chaps, aren't you? 😎
  2. Interesting point- I had a conversation with another engine builder this week- Allen Fox at Allen Fox Engine Works who may end up doing mine. He suggested the catastrophic piston smear is pretty rare- most failures are far more gradual. Does it start well? Make good power? Ok, then, keep riding it. I agree the failure in BFE is my worst scenario- and I've had that happen. There are pics around of me riding a KLR for my sins.
  3. Yikes! I was thinking about that yesterday (you know, while riding 100 miles in the desert) and I'm not sure I agree with you. The latest I've been reading about the latest bikes- fueling/tuning issues- for me, I'm not seeing any advantage to getting a later model bike. What might I be overlooking?
  4. Well, other than the melted piston smearing itself on the cylinder. "Inspect crank and bearings"- what exactly did they do there? They didn't split the cases, right?
  5. To what do you attribute the delay in completion of the job? Did you order additional work or parts outside the original scope of the work?
  6. Yes, 100 miles of grooming just yesterday. All for you, Bags.
  7. Hey. How’d I get under this bus?
  8. What about your cuff rotator thing?
  9. paulmbowers

    Ever seen a street legal DS ridden by a pro?

    I'm that skinny if I'm not wearing my body armor.
  10. paulmbowers

    Ever seen a street legal DS ridden by a pro?

    You like my new white/orange ensemble?
  11. paulmbowers

    Greetings from Chula Vista

    Welcome, Frank, and don't ride like SoCalMule!
  12. paulmbowers

    2011 KTM 990 $7829.27

    Hmmmm. Maybe.