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  1. Well. I know when I'M not welcome 🙄
  2. paulmbowers

    1992 BMW K75S

    Marin Headlands, circa 1997
  3. paulmbowers

    1992 BMW K75S

    North Park, 1998
  4. paulmbowers

    1992 BMW K75S

    France, 1996
  5. Sorry, I'm conflicted out with work. Have fun, be safe.
  6. paulmbowers

    Daily pics of good times

  7. paulmbowers

    Daily pics of good times

    Factually correct! I was concerned you had a pneumothorax developing from the obvious chest damage and was prepared (but not looking forward to) to help you breathe until the EMS could arrive with the right gear. I was hoping to avoid stabbing your chest with an improvised 2 gauge needle.
  8. paulmbowers

    What's Your Go To Metal Supply Place?

    IMS in Kearny Mesa. Plenty of scraps in the back, - they charge for them, but it's a fraction of the price. It's been years since I was last there, but Handy Metal Mart in National City is closer and MIGHT have something similar.
  9. paulmbowers

    Daily pics of good times

    Aw, shucks...
  10. paulmbowers

    Heavy Bike Carrier

    Not sure if the SantaFe will handle it. It's got a good hitch, but that's a lot of weight.
  11. paulmbowers

    Heavy Bike Carrier

    Do you still have this?
  12. Depends- how thick is the slab, and with what kind of concrete was it poured?
  13. Here's the b/w version- it might be gooder:
  14. Showing off is, fundamentally, my job!