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  1. paulmbowers

    New Patriotic SDAR Logo

  2. I'm out of town that weekend- sorry.
  3. paulmbowers


    Flagg on the way or returning from Cortez.
  4. paulmbowers

    Would you like to know how dumb I am?

    I line my helmet with tinfoil, and ground it to the bike.
  5. paulmbowers

    Would you like to know how dumb I am?

    But they're blue. I don't do color.
  6. So would you say riding was responsible, at least in part, for your successful performance? Because that'd make the expenses associated with riding would then be deductible. Check with your tax advisor before investing.
  7. I've been an electronics geek since childhood. I dug in the walls of my parent's home to locate unused phone wires to extend stereo speakers. I installed car stereos for the cool guys in the neighborhood when I was 13. I was a HAM radio guy in high school, CB radios, and a lot of auto electronics stuff. I have satellite radio on both my bikes, and a precious 60's vintage analog hi-fi system at home, linked to a digital connect unit, of course. I had business phone systems in my home, I've run Appletalk networks in the 80s and Cat-6 Ethernet all through my home and studios. But sometimes I amaze myself with stupid. I've been having terrible problems with interference on our radios. Mostly clear, but periodic nasty loud k-k-k-k-k-k- sounds that drive me crazy. I tried different radios, different antennas etc. In fact, I returned one radio to the Amazon seller due to terrible interference- and the replacement was not much better. And it was particularly annoying because it was not consistent- just periodic. And then, for some reason just the other day I came to my senses. It was not just my radio in my backpack. Immediately adjacent to my radio was my mobile phone, which is a radio transceiver, that often "checks in" with local cell towers (or tries to in remote areas) to up/download data. DUH. I also carry an InReach and a SPOT device (radio transceivers) that use tracking features that check in periodically with their respective satellites. DUH. This week, I moved all three to different places on my person and on the bike- and guess what? Yup. MUCH better. I still got some, and I suspect the culprit is the mobile phone. The interference was generally worse when I was in remote areas, and it's transmitting power increased to find a connection. I still had a couple instances of k-k-k-k-k-, but much, much better. So, don't be as dumb as PMB. Check the proximity of your radio to your other devices.
  8. https://video.relive.cc/00990121001_relive_1580503017961.mp4?x-ref=site
  9. I'll be watching. Certainly the Golan has significant cool factor- looks like a nice piece of kit. One would think 5/16 is the same as 5/16- people have been substituting the NAPA filter for years. One of my concerns would be the coating on the Earl's- is it paint, powder coat or anodized?
  10. Why would you prefer a $57 10 micron over a $14 10 micron?
  11. paulmbowers

    Mitas E09 / E10 tires

    Yup- been running them happily for years. A good compromise, lots of miles.
  12. Specifically: https://www.freshwatersystems.com/products/lcd17005v-valved-in-line-hose-barb-coupling-body-5-16-id-barb-fkm-viton-o-ring https://www.freshwatersystems.com/products/lcd22005v-valved-in-line-hose-barb-coupling-insert-5-16-id-barb-fkm-viton-o-rings
  13. I suspect it's no coincidence the BestDualSport AND the Earl's are both 10 micron.
  14. Nope. There are threaded options available, like the fine example of photography demonstrates. But our application uses the barbed type like the image with the business card. And one can buy the 90-degree male version separately- you don't need to buy the whole kit. On my bike the 90 degree male is on the bike itself, and the female part (with the thumb-lever-thing) is on the tank side. I have three tanks, so it was not an inexpensive proposition. There was a post here (or KTM talk) where one could buy these CPC fittings from an aquarium supply or somewhere MUCH cheaper. But I can't find that post.
  15. Yes, the CPC's all interfit- I have a fuel transfer hose hat uses the cheapest aquarium fittings, and they fit right into my metal ones. To be clear- the metal fittings are FAR more robust on the outside, but I'm not sure they're stronger in the valve portion inside. They both use identical orings.