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  1. paulmbowers

    Sunset meet and greet Wed Oct 6 - Canceled

    Traveling that week.
  2. paulmbowers

    The latest.....

    This is great news, thanks Mimi and congratulations to SDAR! Donation inbound.
  3. Even Pipey your pet mouse enjoyed the ride.
  4. https://www.sandiegobeer.news/blog/beer-news/craftbeercomingtocuyamaca?fbclid=IwAR0KJcd5HbijkQ1iMmFOT9i18JUxo35VkL73psmbDbwIIeZBWTM4Y841-M8
  5. paulmbowers

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    Yeah. Before I got old ; )
  6. paulmbowers

    Kernan on a Big Bike...

    I've forgotten who it was that was chasing me through Kernan when I was on the 990. That was fun.
  7. paulmbowers

    Happy Birthday PMB!!!

    Thanks guys!
  8. paulmbowers

    Looking for an Electrician

    Thank you.
  9. paulmbowers

    Looking for an Electrician

    Yes- I have a kitchen remod coming up in a few months and will need a sparky.
  10. paulmbowers

    Looking for an Electrician

    Contact info? Or can I google "simicrintz's son" ??
  11. paulmbowers

    A 2 bike wander in Colorado

    Well done sir.
  12. Is Thing open to Sunrise now?
  13. paulmbowers

    Garmin Montana with an Apple Computer ?

    The late model phones can get damaged- the magnets in the camera's stabilization unit can get scrambled. But other than that, the environment is no different for a Montana, which is designed for hiking, not motorsports. Ruggedized phones are cheap when compared to single-purpose GPS units, and the phones offer a wide range of other functions. Were I to go on a long trip with my dog, I'd buy and equip two phones, one as a backup. Should one phone get damaged, swap the sim card and you're up and running. Yes, it's important to get a solid mount and charging system- lots of ADVrider upgrade pathways for that. There's a learning curve to all these devices, and if I were to invest what little time I have on the planet to learn one system or the other, I'd go with the phones.
  14. paulmbowers

    Garmin Montana with an Apple Computer ?

    No problems here- Basecamp is Garmin's software and it's not the best, but that's not a Mac limitation. I've been connecting my Montana to my Macs for years. HOWEVER. I'd still be investigating using an Android-based as well- lots being done on that platform and that's the future of GPS navigation.