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  1. Just got back from an Annual week long Moab trip. If you've considered Moab in the past ... GO. It's absolutley epic. Camped at Ledge E in Kane Creek valley. Some of the rides were Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corner, Hey Joe Bottom, Corral Springs, La Sal Mtn to Gateway CO via John Brown Rd, and Onion Creek. More Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TcKxKNzrHFwyiiRU6
  2. EddieEarl

    Breakfast Club 3/28

    Is this the route they took in the Desert Dash? If any of you guys have the GPS track for that I would love it.
  3. Looks like a blast! Super bummed I missed it. Does anybody have the GPS track they can share with me?
  4. The flowers are blooming and the desert floor is one big carpet of green! I had an incredible ride today with a buddy. TH at Culp Valley off Montezuma Valley just after Ranchita. Rode up and over to Tamarisk CG via Grapevine Trail. Along the 78 to Cactus Valley (pole line). Rode thru Borrego Air Ranch past San Gregorio Monument, out to the little dunes and had a blast. Headed back to Borrego and then back up to TH at Culp Valley. We were going to stop at Kesling's for lunch but Borrego was PACKED with tourists. Christmas circle probably had 250 people just playing / hanging out in the grass. Other than that, we didn't see a soul on the trail. EPIC DAY. Check out the track on ViewRanger (great app for $14): https://my.viewranger.com/track/details/OTk1NDA1OA== I highly recommend ViewRanger. It's not Garmin, but the functionality is incredible and more than I've ever needed. I use it in combo with Locus Map and the data feed from CA Trail Map. Pics are attached in the ViewRanger GPS loop with a FLICKER logo, but I attached here to this post as well. Also check out the "VIEW IN 3D" on the ViewRanger link. It's just like the helicopter view in Google Earth, but it's automatically created in ViewRanger when you record your ride. Pretty cool. Huge shout out to BAGS for showing me ABDSP ropes a few years back via the Breakfast Club. I got to pass it on today to a buddy. We were both like little kids in a candy store ... on Christmas morning. BRAAAAAP!
  5. EddieEarl

    Borrego Springs is experiencing a "Flowergeddon"

    Headed out 2 weeks ago with the wife and not many flowers. Lots of green but not many flowers. Headed out to ride today with a buddy. Going to head up and over grapevine. We'll let everyone know. Also heard fish Creek has quite a few so may try and check that out.
  6. EddieEarl

    Time for new tread

    Went with Fatty front and GT333 rear. Burly! Headed out to the superbloom this coming week to break 'em in. Thx again for the review.
  7. EddieEarl

    Time for new tread

    Great info - thanks a million. I'm picking up the GT333 / Fatty combo from my local shop tomorrow (Poway Powersports).
  8. EddieEarl

    Time for new tread

    Great info - thanks a million. I'm picking up the GT333 / Fatty combo from my local shop tomorrow (Poway Powersports).
  9. For those interested, on my '13 500 EXC I ran the Sedona MX907 HP (rear) and Maxxis IT SI (front) for the last couple years. Total miles 1472. Total hours 48. 70% riding off road; higher speed 2 track dez type riding. Avg mph 31. Neither tire "chunked". Both held up really well and the tread wore evenly. Traction was excellent for both. The side / edge grip of the Sedona especially seemed great and help up really well. Here is the Sedona MX907 after 1472 miles: And here is the Maxxis IT front after 1472 miles:
  10. EddieEarl

    Time for new tread

    I need some new tread for my '13 500 EXC. I ride 70% off road ... higher speed 2-track / dez type terrain. 30% street. No single track. For the rear, I'm considering Goldentyre's 333 vs a MotoZ tire vs Maxxis Dez IT. Any thoughts on these three? Any other tires to consider? For the front, I'd like to run a fatty from either Goldentyre or Shinko. I know Shinko's is less expensive, but does anyone have a mileage or tread breakdown comparison between the two?
  11. EddieEarl


    You guys rock. God bless America. Can't wait to hear the ride report on this one. Would love to make it with you but already have a week long trip to central OR on the books for APR this year. Have a blast! And thanks for the link to the "Upshift" magazine. Great stuff.
  12. Drove the wifey out to Kesling's today and butterflies were EVERYWHERE. Sucks to hear about Majors. Hopefully it was just an off day for them. Great flower pics Dave ... beautiful. We are incredibly blessed to have this desert as our playground.
  13. EddieEarl

    Looking for Bike to Rent

    Ok, very VERY interested. Will DM you.
  14. EddieEarl

    Looking for Bike to Rent

    Thx, brother. Let me pass that on to my buddy, but it might be a little smaller than he was hoping for.
  15. EddieEarl

    Looking for Bike to Rent

    I've got a veteran rider buddy from Portland coming to town in January and he's looking for a bike to rent. He currently owns a 2017 Husky 501 but isn't able to haul it down for this trip. If you or anyone you know would be willing to rent out a plated 350 to 500 dirtbike please DM me or text me on my cell 858.531.FOUR SIX 63 . He's looking for something like a CRF450X, KTM 350/450/500 EXC, Husky 501, etc. We are looking to ride the ABDSP area for a few days.

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