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  1. This is a good small tent for riding, only thing is the pegs are a bit weak, I upgraded the pegs. https://www.hykeandbyke.com/products/yosemite-2p-backpacking-tent
  2. October 2, 2022 I must say we have fallen in love with Colorado... Our time exploring Colorado is coming to an end. We've been here just over 2 months, put on about 2800 miles (4506 km) just in Colorado, saw many spectacular sights, rode so many mountain passes both paved and unpaved that I lost track, crossed the Continental Divide numerous times, miles of awesome twisty roads, met tons of people, stayed with some old friends and made many new friends, stayed with a few Bunk a Biker hosts and other hosts who we met thru mutual friends and became friends with every single one of our hosts. We did 15 of the 24 best routes of Colorado shown on the Butler Maps Colorado road map, and some of the mountain passes we did, many were from 10,000 to over 12,000 feet in elevation (3048 to over 3658 meters). It has been an amazing time here exploring this beautiful state, it's hard to leave but winter is coming and we have more adventures ahead of us as we head to warmer climates in Mexico and continue working our way thru Central America on the way to tip of South America and back, which should be about a 2 year round trip. Please check out our trip report on SDAR (which is currently a few months behind) or my page Randy Lazar or our Rad 'n Doc Travel the World page on Facebook for upcoming and recent updates. I will save the photos for later.
  3. UPDATE ! Subject: SDORC October meeting UPDATE! This just in! We just got word that Ocotillo Wells senior staff will be speaking at our meeting this Tuesday October 4. If you have any questions or concerns about the park and the way it is managed, this is your chance to ask. Don't miss it! Keep up to date on issues of importance to the OHV community. Sign up for our free e-mail list here! Join our mailing list
  4. Maybe some of you can show up ? Subject: SDORC October meeting Tuesday! / President's Message SDORC October meeting Tuesday! Just a reminder the October SDORC general membership meeting will be Tuesday the 4th. It will be held at Ranch House Restaurant in Santee at 7:00 p.m. We will be discussing topics of interest to all off-roaders. Everyone is welcome! We encourage you to support the restaurant. Many come early for dinner, bench racing and socializing. For directions go to www.sdorc.org/meetings. Don't forget the Smuggler's Glutch clean-up October 15, and the clean-up Valley of the Moon October 16. Details can be found on the SDORC website calendar *********************************************************** President's Message Since this was written, Governor Newsom vetoed bill SB894, the bill to allow former red sticker motorcycles to obtain titles from the DMV. Short items The Mojave Trails National Monument (MTNM) planning process has begun and we are participating with a keen eye on preserving the maximum route network for OHV. We participated in a meeting recently where we discussed the process. Routes will be decided by the BLM Western Mojave and Desert Renewable Conservation Plans in conjunction with MTNM. The Blu In Café will be having a swap meet October 22 with spaces only $20. The Cleveland National Forest has asked for help lining the kids practice area with hay bales (really rice bales that don't introduce invasive species). The area is at the back or northwest side of the Corral Canyon campground. If you have a kid with a small ATV or motorcycle, you might want to spend some time there. Silverwood Lake is just east of I-15 along Cajon Pass in San Bernardino National Forest. There are lots of forest routes around it, but for street legal vehicles only. There have been reports of side-by-sides driving around the area and there was a recent planned police action that resulted in over 100 tickets being written. If you operate a side-by-side, make sure you do it in an area not requiring a street legal vehicle; authorities are paying closer attention. There is a travel management project going on now in a BLM-managed an area of Moab known as Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges. If you know the area and wish to comment, get your comments in by October 7 here. Observed Trials I was recently invited to a meeting with the San Diego Trials Riders. The club had been in decline and is being resurrected. I rode trials for years and always enjoyed the friendship and riding. Trials is the friendliest form of motorcycle competition I have ever experienced. With my agency experience I offered to help the club with permits for events they host. For more information, look here. Lost Lizard We are getting a ton of pre-entries for the 2022 Lost Lizard Fun Run (https://sdorc.org/fun-run-2022). Now is a great time to enter. Pre-entries get quick signup, a discount and your shirt right there. Pre-entry ends October 14. Our base camp will be right off Huff Road just north of Wheeler Road at The Dip. No driving down the long dirt road. This is our big fundraiser that gets us through the year, so please join this super fun event. ROV Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROV) is a term used to describe side-by-side vehicles, also known as Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUV), or Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV). There has been some trouble with them lately; so much so that California State Parks held an ROV safety summit to work on solutions. The problems are irresponsible driving and some tragic accidents. An extensive group of leaders convened in Sacramento to work on solutions. Our VP Audrey and I flew up for the day to help out. We just happened to travel with Steve Quartieri from Ocotillo Wells and talked about the park. At the summit we found people from Parks, BLM, National Forests, CHP, manufacturers and nonprofits. This was the first time a lot of us have seen each other in a while. We discussed the issues and a variety of solutions. I honestly thought we would get farther than we did. I was hoping we would hone in on items that could be put in a state bill next year, but I don't really see that happening now. We will stay engaged in this important subject and when I'm on my motorcycle, I will be extra careful. Bills The good news is both bills we are interested in have passed out of both houses and are with the governor now and likely to be signed. The bad news is that SB894 was amended at the last minute. This is the bill that would allow what were formerly red sticker dirt bikes to get pink slips. The bad part is enactment was pushed out to the year 2027. This is because the DMV says they are getting a new computer system and it will take that long to set up the new program. It stinks, but we will have to live with it. Miscellaneous We have narrowed our search for a lobbyist down to one person and we are working out a contract. We will announce soon who we will be with. I went riding in the desert the day after that huge monsoon came through. We had wet sand and no dust at all on Superstition Mountain. This was my first late summer monsoon ride and I hope to have more in the future. Enjoy the upcoming desert season and hope to see you at Lost Lizard. Ed Stovin
  5. KTMrad

    Your Next Big Ride

    You may probably know this already, but we're heading back to Mexico to continue our journey to Central and South America for a couple years. Currently exploring Colorado where it's cooler, until the temperatures cool down in Mexico.....gotta take care of my boy as we travel. KTMrad SDAR President and Founder
  6. SDORC Monthly Meetings are held at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of each month, unless that falls on Election Day or a holiday. In that case the meeting will generally be held on the following Thursday. Check our Web site to confirm. Our meetings are open to the public. Come out and join us for an interesting evening, filled with information that concerns all off-roaders and everyone who wants to see public lands kept open to the public. The meetings are held at the Ranch House Restaurant in Santee. Address: Ranch House Restaurant 11510 Woodside Avenue Santee, CA 92071 619.448.2087 Dirctions: Driving north on Hwy 67, take the Riverford exit and turn right on Woodside Ave. Driving south on Hwy 67, take the Riverford exit, turn left on Riverford, and then right on Woodside. The restaurant is down about one-half block on the right.
  7. Sad news...Gary LaPlante of Motoventures passed away on Sunday....I believe it was from cancer.
  8.   Adventure Motorcycle Training at MotoVentures! Do you have an Adventure Motorcycle? Do you want to get better at riding it Off-Road? MotoVentures has the class for you! MotoVentures Adventure 101 Saturday August 27th & Sunday August 28th, 2022 Class is 8am to 1pm Come for one day, or two days Adventure bike specific training at MotoVentures! Camping is available or stay at one of the local hotels. Adventure Motorcycle specific drills and exercises. Body Positioning and Foundation Building. How to ride standing up, hills, turns, ruts, sand, etc. Sign up today by calling MotoVentures at 951-956-0976 Sign up Today
  9. Ed Stovin of San Diego Off Road Coalition paid for 1 full year of our website Linode server hosting costs. This cost was actually a little more than half of the profit we were to receive from the ride. Many thanks to Ed Stovin and SDORC !
  10. Hawkins, thanks for all you are doing. Many of you know my dog and I are on the road for the next couple of years and I don't have time or internet access to constantly monitor what's going on here. And for those who don't know me, I am the owner and founder of SDAR. Jesse Hawkins contacts me sometimes when he wants my input and opinion on certain issues. He is doing A LOT behind the scenes that you all don't know about. I trust Hawkins is doing his very best in the interest of our community here and to do what's right to fix many problems we've had over the years, we've never had anyone dig deep into the forum software like Jesse has. Again, many thanks and Jesse is spot on about his evaluations and limitations on posting photos. KTMrad - President and Founder
  11. Hope someone can attend to represent SDAR.....we'll be in Colorado. SDORC August meeting this Tuesday! The August SDORC general membership meeting will be this Tuesday the 2nd. It will be held at Ranch House Restaurant in Santee at 7:00 p.m. We will be discussing UTV ("side by side") safety and etiquette. Due to some recent accidents, the state will be hosting a UTV safety summit with an eye on making new legislation. If you have experience or ideas on making UTVs safer, we would love to hear from you, either in person or at info@sdorc.org. Everyone is welcome! We encourage you to support the restaurant. Many come early for dinner, bench racing and socializing. For directions go to www.sdorc.org/meetings. *********************************************************** From SDORC VP Audrey Mason: Along with Treadlightly, TDS 4X4, and San Diego 4Wheelers, I will be attending a BLM meeting August 17 to discuss plans for the upcoming desert season, as well as a new 4x4 interpretive event Neil hopes to introduce next March on the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail. If anyone is interested in attending or volunteering please let us know. I will also attend the August 23 Sacramento OHMVR Commission SXS Safety meeting, which I am positive will result in new 2023 legislation. If you would like to share opinions and provide feedback we would sincerely appreciate a letter we can present. This is an essential meeting that I am sure will affect future usage.
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    Angela, thanks for you and your hot hubby 🤪 for joining. Good luck with your bike and riding.

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