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    Ride promoting, adventure riding, single track trail riding, fighting to keep our public lands open, exploring, riding, the outdoors, camping, riding, writing, photography, and did I mention riding ?

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  1. Mr. JaJa, was good seeing you there...too bad we didn't have time to hang out more !
  2. Did you try posting in the Good Karma, Free Gear Section or post ?
  3. KTMrad

    Toyhauler 22 ft

    Damn, I could live in that thing.
  4. Just a quick, short response...more to come later. First, we don't ask for a mandatory membership fee. Second, how many people do you think contribute here ? We're lucky if it's 100, and I assure you it's more like 50 people...@ 100 people, it means revenue would be $2000...that's not even close to what it costs to run and maintain this website. Third, we just started getting advertisers and we don't charge them much compared to the work involved. You shouldn't compare us to D37 or ADVrider, we are much smaller, and I'm sure they generate a lot more revenue than we do. Thanks...
  5. Read "Embed a Video ?" in the Website Info Section...now, all you gotta do is copy and paste the video url link into your post.
  6. KTMrad

    KTM 1090 Seat

    I have a Corbin on my 950 and love it !
  7. I'll tell you what you might what to see in Tombstone if you want.
  8. KTMrad

    New ride. My first big bike.

    2108 models ? I have yet to see those....do they fly ?🤣🤣
  9. KTMrad

    New ride. My first big bike.

    I agree with you George.
  10. KTMrad

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Really ? In my opinion, the 950 is perfect. Just curious why you'd want to move up ?
  11. Well, I doubt we'll be going...don't think we'll have the sidecar back in time. Plus, Schwinn's Celebration of Life is the 17th.
  12. Oh yeah, great riding in that area, I've explored up there a few times. Have fun !
  13. KTMrad

    MX Boot Resole and Repair

    Yes, I used the guys in Encinitas also, was very happy. They fixed my hiking boots also...they'll repair almost all shoes.
  14. KTMrad

    Looking for Room to Rent

    Sharing once again.
  15. KTMrad

    Celebration of Life for Schwinn 5/17

    Here are the details... Please join the Heavirland family in Celebrating the life of Steve, aka “Schwinn”, Heavirland Friday, May 17th 11:00-2:00 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1444 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024 Attending by motorcycle is encouraged !