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  1. While I never posted the last few weeks of our travels in 2018 yet (I will do soon, I promise), many of you know we had some setbacks with more mods to the sidecar rig to get it right and I decided to postpone the trip and continue working to recoup some of my losses. Then, Doc had to have knee surgery to repair his torn CCL which was another unexpected expense and 6 months of rehab, so we delayed our departure another year. Plan was and still is to move forward with our trip January of 2021 to continue to Mexico and South America. Well, we just had another major setback, I almost lost Doc due to Spontaneous Pneumothorax, where his lungs had 2 "bulla" pop on his lung lobes and air leaked into his chest cavity and luckily I got him to emergency surgery with only a few minutes left to spare, he almost died on the way to VCA Animal Hospital in Kearny Mesa where they saved his life. We're still planning on leaving in January of 2021...here is what happened, and a couple of photos from the hospital where he is recovering from this life threatening incident...he is doing well and I hope to have him home tomorrow or Sunday.... Doc Holliday Update evening of 4/2 ...he continues on his way to recovery, all is well, the hospital staff all love him, I'm sure he is getting plenty of love.. Peace, out. 4/2 UPDATE: Just talked to his surgeon, she’s happy with how Doc is doing, no air leakage today, he still has tubes in his chest to relieve air just in case, she hopes to take one of them out today, if all goes well she’ll take the other out tomorrow. He’s already walked outside to go pee, and she said he’s resting comfortably…and everyone loves him there. She’s going to reduce his pain meds a bit and try to get him to eat today. He’ll probably be there a minimum of 2 more nights, once they take the second tube out they have to monitor him to make sure he does well after that and has no more air leakage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/1 UPDATE: Doc is out of surgery and surgeon found 2 "bulla" on his lung and had to remove them and staple the holes shut. His chest cavity pressure is now negative which means no more leakage from his lungs. Barring any further complications, prognosis is good, but next couple days are crucial. I originally thought he was getting stomach bloat, which can also be deadly and has similar symptoms. Please Google "Bulla in dog's lungs", and "Spontaneous Pneumothorax" and read the symptoms and possible causes and be aware, it might just save your pet's life (applies to cats too)...time is of the essence in diagnosis and treatment...it could even be caused by Grass awn migration and or foxtails...surgeon did not see that, biopsy MIGHT explain possible cause, but then again it sometimes just happens. Doc is gonna pull through this, everybody loves Doc. ‐‐---------------------------------------- Original Post: Please send some positive energy, vibes, prayers, whatever it is you like to do...for Doc, he is in critical condition right now at the emergency vet, his lungs are leaking air into his chest cavity, they don't know why yet. He is currently stabilized, got him here just in time...more testing needed to find out what's wrong. UPDATE: CT scan done, they think he had a lung lobe pop which then causes the lung to leak, they can't see it in scan, so they have to open up his chest, pry open his ribs to try to find the leak, then remove piece of lung...hopefully they can find leak. He's in surgery now, he's not out of the woods yet. I almost lost him in the car ride from one vet to emergency, that was horrible seeing him like that, I kept telling him to hang on and he'd be getting help soon....got there in the nick of time to save him. He's gonna get through this.
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    COVID - Picture Contest

    Folks, if you post more than 1 photo and don't adhere to the criteria, your posts will be deleted...thanks.
  3. Kieth got his 2nd test results back, negative for coronavirus...glad to hear. Now he's gotta get over the pneumonia.
  4. They are sending him home to Self quarantine, even though they said he has pneumonia.
  5. Stay healthy and safe out there ! From SD County health officials..... "The passing of the young man in his 20s, who had no known preexisting health conditions, is evidence that COVID-19 affects all age groups and even the healthy, noted Dr. Wooten".
  6. Just sharing info (not fear ! ) I'm getting via text messages...From County Health officials.... https://www.countynewscenter.com/second-local-covid-19-death-reported/
  7. I'm just sharing info from the latest officials, take it or leave it. I'd like to keep posting REAL information from local officials, not media BS.
  8. Just another update, please read the entire post, some positive stuff they're doing for people in distress... https://www.countynewscenter.com/second-local-covid-19-death-reported/
  9. Zubb, I agree with you on all points about the TKC-80...I have had no desire to try other tires, because these work so good at speed in the twisties, and also in the dirt. Your mileage for both is spot on for my 950 Adventure!
  10. Just sharing info...and this is in response to the crowds at all the beaches yesterday...people were not maintaining the minimum 6' rule, and were congregating in large groups. What a shame, the few ruined it for the many, once again. We went to our local park outside SD city limits twice on weekend, no large groups, everyone was abiding by the 6' minimum rule...I hope that jurisdiction doesn't close that park. https://www.sandiegoville.com/2020/03/san-diego-mayor-announces-closure-of-parks-beaches.html?m=1
  11. And please sign the petition.... From: Chris Horgan-Stewards of the Sequoia <chris@stewardsofthesequoia.org> Subject: Forest Service TERMINATES Stewards of the Sequoia Volunteers Dear Randy, Sadly, Sequoia Kern River District Ranger Al Watson just cancelled Stewards of the Sequoia volunteer trail maintenance agreement of 15 years. Per his termination letter Ranger Watson has no issue with any of Stewards trail work and thanks Stewards for their service, but he feels we are not good partners because Stewards object to the PCT Corridor and question the validity of the 2010 Piute Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). These are freedom of speech issues, totally unrelated to volunteer trail maintenance. Ranger Watson should not be allowed to terminate our volunteer trail maintenance program based on anything other than our trail work. Stewards have not violated any law or regulation, we just do tons of hard trail work. As a Forest partner, Stewards of the Sequoia volunteers have performed so much valuable work to prevent erosion and keep trails enjoyable for everyone including clearing over 10,000 downed trees, maintaining over 5000 water bars and brushing hundreds of miles of trails. Without Stewards work, many trails would be impassable which would harm tourism and concentrate use. The Forest Service is unable to perform this work. The Forest Service needs to renew the partnership to allow Stewards to continue maintaining Sequoia trails. The real losers here are the trails and the public. We hope everyone will sign the petition now urging the Forest Service to let Stewards volunteers continue to maintain Sequoia trails so they can be enjoyed by everyone. We need thousands of signatures showing overwhelming support for Stewards volunteerism, and objecting to this unjustified termination. CLICK HERE TO SIGN PETITION TO REINSTATE STEWARDS VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT Please ask everyone you know to sign the petition. Feel free to forward this email to your friends and family. Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed to maintain Sequoia Trails in Sequoia National Forest The Forest Service is supposed to encourage volunteerism, not turn away willing and able partners like Stewards of the Sequoia with a proven track record of maintaining over 300 miles of trails each year You can read our letter to Supervisor Benson asking to be reinstated HERE, as well as Ranger Al's termination letter HERE Be sure to sign the petition NOW Thanks for standing up for volunteerism and for the right to free speech. Together we can keep our trails open Chris Horgan Executive Director Stewards of the Sequoia To Unsubscribe from this email list Click Here and send
  12. KTMrad

    Helping Others During This Madness

    Delivering TP to an elderly friend/neighbor who has nobody and no car...and she's always happy to see Doc.
  13. I think he could.
  14. Good rider, great video !