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  1. Stopped by today to see Joe Desrosiers at "Joe Hauler", he's going to help me fix a few issues with our rig. Met Rix also, from SoCal Trike and Sidecar, who's right around the corner from Joe Hauler. Support your local businesses, these guys are great. If you need a hitch mounted motorcycle carrier for your vehicle, support Joe Hauler, locally made in San Marcos, CA. He also does custom fabrication. SoCal Trike builds trikes and sidecars also.
  2. KTMrad

    New Triumph Tiger in Rancho San Diego

    Welcome Bub ! Hope to meet you on the trails soon. Randy L. - SDAR Founder
  3. Took my visitor from "Bunk a Biker" facebook group out for a ride to the mountains with Doc Holliday today, to show her the country roads of San Diego County. We did Harbison Canyon to Dehesa to Japatul, Pine Valley, Mt. Laguna, Julian Brewing Company for lunch, then Wynola to Mesa Grande to Josie's Hideout, then Black Canyon dirt to Ramona and home. She and Doc were both tired out after 7 hours of fun. She's the first passenger I've ridden with the hack
  4. KTMrad

    5 Miles of Hell in Utah - Electric KTM

    I agree, not a fan of electric bikes or vehicles period.
  5. Awesome video ! Always wanted to try that trail...looks gnarly !
  6. Looks like a good ride !
  7. Guys, this threaded started about a weekday ride...if you're going riding another day, please start a new thread.
  8. With the fires ? If anyone needs help, let us know !
  9. Hey Randy

    Questions about 950.  I'm looking at picking up a 2005 950.  17k and change and all of the known update have been done.  He's asking 6k which is kinda high in my mind but dunno.   Can you tell me your likes and dislikes on that bike ?   I know its super capable and honestly i like the carbs over the fuel injection.  tell me all there is to know

  10. KTMrad

    Has anyone ridden here? Carrizo truck trail

    East of Julian across from Banner Store on Hwy 78, is the turnoff for Oriflamme Canyon...it's a great dirt road, drops you down to desert floor on Hwy S2. There's a gate, but it's never locked.
  11. KTMrad

    Has anyone ridden here? Carrizo truck trail

    What's 54 ? Did you mean S2 ? I think I know the dirt road...it goes through the reservation, they don't approve of people crossing their res, even though I know people who've done it. There is no legal way through from Santa Ysabel to RD's Log Cabin on S2, I've explored it.
  12. Here are a few of my pix....
  13. If you went on this ride and have photos, please start a new ride reoprt in the 1 to 3 days ride report section. Thanks !
  14. Last call, hope to see you there !
  15. KTMrad

    Dirt Road Condition Palomar Divide ?

    Thanks all !