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    Ride promoting, adventure riding, single track trail riding, fighting to keep our public lands open, exploring, riding, the outdoors, camping, riding, writing, photography, and did I mention riding ?

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  1. KTMrad

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    Remember to bring some cash for stickers, hats, t-shirts....if you want to purchase anything. Discount on stuff for SDAR Supporting Members.
  2. KTMrad

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    2 more days....hope to see some new faces !
  3. KTMrad

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    Hey folks, hope some more people plan on attending. We'd like our guest speakers to see a room full of people, so please come join us. Ed Stovin, President of San Diego Off Road Coalition will also be there to inform us of land use issues, closures, etc.
  4. KTMrad

    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    Hope to get a good turnout....please join us, meet your fellow SDAR riders, and come listen to the informative, fun presentation by Motoventures, Gary La Plante. Would be nice to have at least 20 people show up.
  5. KTMrad

    Dodge Ram truck Brake mechanic?

    Top Value Tire on El Cajon Blvd, La Mesa. Great guys, honest, dependable. Colin the owner is my friend, and long time supporter of SDAR. 619-465-5444 Tell him I sent you.
  6. KTMrad

    Anyone Do Auto Windshield Repair ?

    Thanks...I don't have full coverage insurance. Found a place near my work for $45 to fix a chip.
  7. Got a crack starting, need to repair before it spreads.
  8. Please make sure you record all time spent volunteering on trails, and let us know because we need to let CNF know about ALL hours SDAR puts in as volunteer work....thanks !
  9. Everyone can post photos, one way or another, depends on your status ! You know the rules Darren.
  10. Yeah, if I was on a trip that would be the case. I chose to get it home ....MY choice to familiarize myself with the new chassis at my own home, not in some parking lot at night in Ramona..
  11. Udo, why do you assume ?...... I had my tools...being so close to home it wasn't worth trying to work on it in a parking lot where it would've taken me at least a few hours....it cost me nothing to get it home with AAA., now I can work on it in the comfort of my own driveway, with proper jacks, stands, etc.
  12. Happy Independence Day ! We hung out with our Airheads BMW Club friends, great time as always. I didn't want to go home so decided to head to Ramona to take the rig out for it's first test ride in the dirt....Upper Santa Ysabel Truck Trail , a fairly rough jeep trail, it was first gear most of the way with the rig on this trail. Rig handled it pretty well....found out I have to realign and tighten the pinch bolts and clamps that hold the bike upright. After off-roading, it didn't feel safe to ride home on Route 67, so I called a tow truck...got it home...glad to be a member of AAA. Time to make some adjustments on the rig this weekend. This is what test rides are for ! Doc loves off-roading and backcountry roads !