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  1. Cool. We'd like to use Deer Park on the next Mountain Dash.
  2. KTMrad

    SDAR FB Group June Cover Photo Contest

    Just one entry from y'all ? Anybody got some good action shots from the Mountain Dash ?
  3. That would make good riding attire ! Kinda sorta like Schwinn in his Tutu.
  4. KTMrad

    Hello from Tecate, Baja

    Was good seeing you at the Mountain Dash, and welcome to our dualsport community ! KTMrad - SDAR Founder
  5. Welcome Jesse, was good meeting you on the Mountain Dash. Look forward to having you on board with the website stuff.
  6. Cool vid, love the sound of the Duc !
  7. This is a good thing ! https://blog.motorcycle.com/2022/05/11/motorcycle-news/motorcycle-safety-foundation-launches-course-for-adventure-riders/
  8. Please post your photos and comments from the ride here.... Our first time putting on this event turned out to be a success. Since this ride was geared for larger adventure bikes and/or newer riders on any bikes and had quite a bit of pavement, we had no idea what type of turnout we would get. Well we had around 50 riders show up, a few from the LA area and one from as far as Ventura, and one from Tecate. We were pretty happy with the turnout and hope to make this into a bigger, better yearly event with some possible changes to the format and hope it will grow and attract more riders. I'd like to thank Ed Stovin of San Diego Off Road Road Coalition for coming up with the idea for this event and partnering with SDAR to make it happen. Also, many thanks to all the volunteers for all your hard work, and to Mike (ADV Bum) for bringing out the SDAR Banners, pop up canopy, tables and chairs, etc. Another huge thank you to Moto Forza for opening up their shop on a Sunday to allow us to do registration and stage the ride from there, and thanks to all the shops who donated raffle merchandise. And more thanks to those who donated extra to SDORC to help keep our public lands open ! I rode with my boy Doc Holliday in the sidecar and with my good friend Mike Miani on his F800 GS, he is one of the original founding members of SDAR. Mike and I hadn't ridden together for a few years so was great to have him along. Feel free to share your photos, comments, etc. here....thanks to all who showed up to support SDAR and SDORC ! Here are some of my photos from sign-up at Moto Forza.
  9. I'd like to close this thread and start a NEW thread in the Ride Reports section where everyone can please post your photos and comments there....thanks !
  10. Dinner will start around 4pm.
  11. Cool, thanks for joining our community and Welcome ! See you Sunday, my dog and I will be with the yellow sidecar rig. Randy L. - SDAR Founder
  12. See you all at Moto Forza, we'll be doing the ride with Doc Holliday in the sidehack and camping overnight at Pio Pico. Party on !!!
  13. KTMrad


    A couple of minor changes added to the Forum Terms and Rules. Thanks. KTMrad - SDAR Founder