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  1. Thanks for the update.
  2. Was looking forward to checking out Coyote and Sheep Canyons after the rain, only to find that access was closed at the end of Di Giorgio Rd because of flooding. In the spirit of avoiding trouble I decided to ride elsewhere and instead rode some badland washes and a quick run out to Fonts Point. Sand conditions were near perfect, what a blast!. Anyway, anyone have an idea when Coyote Canyon will be open again?
  3. 116 miles per GPS. Shane, I and a couple of us took a detour on the way back to the staging area. Wanted to take more pics but it was too windy in the open desert.
  4. My first ride in Lark Canyon / McCain Valley in quite a while, since long before the wind turbines were there. Man has that place changed! Looked for the ridgeline trail, couldn't find it. Looks like there may now be a gravel access road where that trail used to be? Every trail I followed, direction I went seemed to bring me to this fence line: Is the ridgeline no longer there or are my memory and navigation skills just lacking?
  5. The south side of Superstition had a nice bloom last weekend.
  6. Like to join in, but tied up on Tuesday. Post up again if you'll do anything similar in the near future. My son & I rode Plaster City & Superstition all weekend. Conditions were perfect, had a blast.
  7. Didn't go to Sandstone this time. Rode there about a month ago; yeah, you'd need a pretty adventurous truck to get back in there.
  8. Had a nice hardy ride through Fish Creek this morning. Weather conditions were primo, not too hot at all, but it was windy out over the open desert. The weather forecasts predicted windy conditions over the local desert areas. They were spot on… Stopped near Elephant trees for a lunch break. I noticed what looked like a good size dust storm brewing off in the distance to the east, toward Brawley. When I realized it was getting closer, I decided that it was time to head back to the barn. Got back to Ocotillo Wells and loaded my bike onto the truck in record time, noticing the whole time that the dust cloud was quickly getting closer. The wind gusts were really starting to rip. When I rolled out at about 12:30, the cloud was getting close and approaching quickly. I could see it in my rearview mirror as I headed west down the 78.
  9. Here's a few at the overlook, though I didn't get a group pic. Tom, thanks again for hosting and letting us park at your place. That was an awesome ride. Gotta get back out there again before it gets too hot. I'd say you gave that DRZ a good break in.
  10. I'll be at the circle at 8 to join you. Blue Tacoma with WR250R mounted on back. This ride sounds like it could be good therapy. Dave
  11. If you decide to go, I'd be interested in tagging along. I'll truck it to Borrego, park and stage there.
  12. I'll be there. Riding a WR250R, driving a blue Tacoma.
  13. Will you be doing any similar local rides again anytime soon?