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  1. Riggerdan

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    Covered in Lucky..... more pics please
  2. Cant make this one, would be great to see more rides like this... The folks up north have a great following but the views from Otay & Tecate are pretty awesome. Maybe we can lure them down for a sunset summit gathering
  3. Riggerdan

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Welcome to the club Your already getting the "The Crawdaddy and Oracle show" invite. Next thing the Governor will be giving you a call Lots of good folks here and the tacos taste pretty good down south, the ktm lighting looks more then Baja ready
  4. +1 How were the temps at night? Whens the next one?
  5. Great shots Mule.... Paul who...?
  6. Riggerdan

    KTM 1090r questions

  7. Riggerdan

    Where does the money go?

    Naturally this will generate some variable feedback from the club, any maybe sometimes thats a good thing... I respect Bp619's ability to cut through and play the neutral card, in the same breath recognize the frustration of other members who have received & contributed way more then monetary value to & from this site - me being one of them. At a base level - the few bucks you can donate I firmly believe goes towards the cost, time & administration of keeping this crazy family alive If you can lay down a few thousand for a moto and $4+ a gallon to ride it...I'm certain finding 20 to 50 bucks to donate should not be much of an issue. I'm just a nobody who talks funny and likes to take pictures, though it seems on 6/4/18 you thought we were the BEST, as you were looking for a Joe hauler and many many people came out offering one for you - (someone who nobody knows) that kind of community / camaraderie is worth 20 bucks right there.. Unfortunately for me its more about "Where do all the years go" Can honesty say some of the members I've met in this club - I consider to be very, very good friends - we all know you can't put a price tag on that. This is a pretty loose crowd though if you wanna come in with a few jabs you should be able to absorb some feedback and let the geniality resonate a little. - If you wanna borrow 20 bucks PM me
  8. A clueless day in the desert still beats a day in the office.......
  9. Well done Really great pictures..... Got me craving a much needed adventure
  10. Riggerdan

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Very capable stable Ken I'm a Black Dog fan for protection and Mosko for bags Broke mine in last year on the CDT - truly amazing machine My 990 had the front fender ripped off from Utah mud, I'll wait for that to happen again before I put the raised fender on good luck with it
  11. Cant take these kinda days for granted.... As always - Thank You & Happy Mule Day 2019 Don't let this Gov guy kid you he's a rockstar The privileged few share the same appreciation and energy and somehow you always feel safe when your in proximity to the G Few pics along the way
  12. Riggerdan

    Happy Mule Day

    Before you indulge yourself today on some beautiful desert terrain followed up with cake and beer Wishing you a happy "MULE" day my friend many many more amigo
  13. You "might" be sending the wrong message with all the make up and ice cream If I can get this thing running, I'll drop by to say HB
  14. Work's OK on my end.....good work - great pics