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  1. I think you are closer then I actually know.... What caught my attention was the little cluster of civilization, aka Pico Pico You can see the beginning of the road up to Otay
  2. Yeah its good times out here... Caught this shot from the plane yesterday... With a brief patch of sunshine, anyone from (south east county) know where this is?
  3. Days like this I wonder why I would go anywhere else..... Great ride and hike in the local hills #fortunate
  4. Riggerdan

    BOX Canyon

    Slight exploration through Box Canyon the other day, coming home from Vegas through Mojave and JTree They seem to be working on it, though don't see it being real for quite some time It's a no brainer for 2 wheels - easy for truck - maybe not so much for the Prius Flowers were really nice back there
  5. Need a quick jaunt through the trails - working on limited time KSU @ 0700 KSD @ 1100 I know it will be cold and muddy parking at the sac any takers ..? Tubastraea Coccinea
  6. Riggerdan

    Happy Birthday CID

    May you have many many more my friend........
  7. Riggerdan

    Remembering Afry (Arnie Fry)

    Sacrilegious PMB..... Get that baby fired up Daddy and lets grab some tacos.
  8. Missing all the fun.....:(
  9. Not sure thats rigger approved....:) Sorry I missed this one, looked like a great time...Glad it was safe, successful and adventurous. Good job Jim
  10. Was trying to beat the rains this morning, but it's just nasty out.. maybe a good day to work Saw this sign yesterday at the entrance of CC The cul de sac was business as usual, though no 4X4's
  11. Looking to beat the rains with a 3 hour-ish ride Contemplating "cross roads" starting location, with KSU @ 0800 or cul de sac @ 0730 Any interest feel free to join cold start - small bikes, single track will commit to start location tonight
  12. Cold, quiet and beautiful.... Conditions were beyond amazing, great day of riding.
  13. Always wait for you P Gives us time to change the air filter & rotate the tires.. Think my pass is still good?
  14. My Name is Rigger and (it's a tough call) though I support this resolution - second offense, the radio privileges get compromised..
  15. In an effort to get back in shape and ride more in 2019 Parking at the cul de sac in Pine Valley for a run up Bear Valley to 4 corners ride some single track and head back. welcome to join if interested KSU @ 0730 Non Plated / small bike for me 3 hours-ish can do B-fast in PV