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  1. Hola Was able to download the Baja Almanac today, seems like a pretty valuable resource now available. Always seemed concerned about carrying around the original in my backpack in fear of it getting damaged or unreadable. I know its an everchanging environment down there but a solid backup. The links below should work if not - https://download2388.mediafire.com/8vi4ptqbv47g/ige9x1nhvoeded1/Baja-Alamanac-2015-Edition-flattened-150ppi.pdf The new Baja California Almanac map book and the new detailed topographic map are now available. Landon died, and although he had completed the new maps in early 2015 he did not get the chance to publish the maps. I have posted a digital copy of the updated book and fold-out map here on the Baja-Almanac website free to download, for personal, non-commercial use. The book was assembled from the files Landon was drawing and editing. These maps were not proofread and may contain mistakes. The fold-out map has visible notes still visible to update certain items. There will not be another printed copy of the map book or fold-out maps printed. Please visit the website http://www.baja-almanac.com/
  2. Riggerdan

    Fly and ride

    Now that's an adventure...
  3. Riggerdan

    Happy Birthday Mr. Jaja!

    Happy Birthday Udo Like your signature says.... You don't stop riding when you get OLD, you get OLD when you stop riding
  4. Riggerdan

    questions about hitch mounted bike carrier?

    I've got a Joe Hauler that has been upgraded with a little more structural integrity for abusive and unpredictable driving conditions Its just sitting there in the yard, though for some reason I'm not ready to part with it... you are welcome to check it out and or use it a few time to see if you like it before making the jump Ping me if your interested - In Jamul - Are the secure to drive without the bike mounted? - Yes - do the make your headlights point at the sky? - Maybe... like Goofy asked what kind of vehicle? maybe some airbags or slight HL adjustment - how is handling on curvy roads? - No issues providing its secured properly and your suspension is accommodating
  5. I knew it was a longshot and last minute… Had the place to myself, most of it’s open Spur Meadows one of my faves was still closed ranger was in good shape back safe
  6. Wednesday 2/24 Nimble jaunt through the CC trails KSU 0700 (sharp) cul-de-sac Pine Valley exit off the 8 No plates for me all dirt - quick pace nothing crazy, shooting for 3hrs or less feel free to show up
  7. Riggerdan

    Decisions and looking for input

    Beautiful - congrats...
  8. Riggerdan

    2004 DR400sm - Help

    Thanks Tom I'll send you a DM and look for a convenient time to drop off -
  9. Got a (non-member) buddy Charlie here in Jamul who needs some help with his 2004 DR400 Dropped it off at Motorworld for him, there was some discussion about a new carb, low compression etc. (not fully in the loop) I know the older the bike the harder to find the love The money was starting to add up in labor & parts so he pulled the MW plug - wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone would be willing to take this on as a project or offer some advice Charlie is moto knowledgeable, just think a fresh perspective and some help might regain the passion and interest for an older guy who's let a few years slide without riding thanks
  10. Riggerdan

    Happy Birthday CID

    Happy Birthday Mad Dog.......
  11. Riggerdan

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    Sent Thank You
  12. Riggerdan

    Decisions and looking for input

    Pokey Why limit yourself to the street for 2 up...? Cant say enough GOOD things about the KTM1090R Tackled the COBDR 2/up in 2019 and broke the bike in with a 7000 mile run from Jamul to Jasper via the CDT in 2018 - also a very strong magnet to Baja I know I don't ride this machine like Roberts crew but its sure fun trying...... Its a great example of how much potential these bikes have if you have some skill, confidence and a little luck at times - A BIG thanks to Suspension 101for setting it up properly
  13. If theres a way to suspend it...? we could put a wireless loadcell on it