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  1. Riggerdan

    BMW 1150 GSA 2004

    Quite the inspiration to see all those miles, looks really clean... Good luck with the sale
  2. I'll shake down with you...if it's a dawn patrol
  3. I need more of this......... When the comfort level reaches an acceptable level - there will be a well needed Baja trip put on the radar.
  4. Nice easy ride up Otay last night 2 BP + 2 MTB + 1 Jeep = pretty quiet The fire down south putting a little haze into the sky
  5. Riggerdan

    Otay Sunset

    Not sure but plan on being pretty chill Yesterdays hike looking southeast at Otay
  6. Contemplating a brief run up Otay tonight and catch the sunset & enjoy a cold beverage - pico pico around 6:45pm If theres any interest...
  7. Riggerdan

    New Triumph Tiger in Rancho San Diego

    Nice looking ride... Over here in Jamul - we could hit a few (easy) dirt roads in the hood, help you acclimate a bit Good luck and welcome
  8. Riggerdan

    Everyone OK Out There in Jamul ?

  9. Riggerdan

    New KTM 350 EXC guy in El Cajon

    Welcome to the group Mike I'm over here in Jamul if you wanna get a few miles of dirt in
  10. Riggerdan

    Everyone OK Out There in Jamul ?

    Thanks for checking It flared up a couple miles from the house in-between Skyline and Lyons Valley, not sure of the cause and or damages yet. Lots of respect (and thanks) for the fire crews, we would be lost without the air support grabbing water from Loveland, Barret and maybe a few swimming pools Another reminder of living in a rural wildfire prone environment - talking with a buddy yesterday I was telling him for 350 days Jamul is pretty amazing, the other 15 days you spend hoping your house doesn't burn down Thanks again Thanks Darren for calling for support as well
  11. Looks like you timed that just right.... really beautiful up there
  12. Looks like a good time - sorry I missed it Great to see a positive turnout, ride / guide....:)