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  1. What I would do to have a cholla stuck in my hand.......
  2. Something makes me think this is NOT rigger approved....?
  3. Riggerdan

    tire changing

    When you become good at it....I've got a couple that need some changing
  4. Riggerdan


    Done.. Happy Safe 2020
  5. Out Wrapping up the year healing some bulging discs - followed up with a white sandy beach somewhere far away PMB lmk if you want me to drop off the radio / cable you let me borrow last time
  6. How could you not enjoy watching a video like this... The view from the cockpit looks amazing - do you think the high desert will have enough snow this year? https://youtu.be/A4v-U2HT9JQ
  7. unfortunately the stars are out of alignment for this weekend - fortunately Baja is still there... Looking to reschedule for early Jan
  8. Riggerdan

    The Lucky 7

    How many riding groups can one man manage... One would think governing the crowd that shows up for breakfast is a full time gig.
  9. Riggerdan

    The Lucky 7

    Yeah it's no joke behind the Mule... I saw a few baseball sized boulders flying passed me as we were flaunting our horsepower, my neck was feeling very vulnerable.
  10. This Lucky 7 explored the Anza Borrego Desert today... Good times were had by all Thanks for the therapy Admiring the mighty 500... #breakfastclub #10mm
  11. If your willing to have a newb follow you around the desert - I'll plan on being in AB for Bfast
  12. Riggerdan

    KTM Adventure

    I'm still trying to reduce my U turn to 50' diameter or less....
  13. Happy Birthday buddy - 

    1. CVRick



      I hope things are going good with you.

  14. Looking to ride Baja before end of year... 4 Days - December 12-15 Keeping it very simple, further details will develop accordingly. Intermediately experienced and Baja savvy riders welcome - No big bikes .