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  1. Riggerdan

    Padres tickets

    Hmmm do you have anything closer to the field.....?
  2. Riggerdan

    Trusted Local Suspension shop?

    +1 George is a great guy and does FANTASTIC work...
  3. Riggerdan

    Yamaha TW200 by cmbthumper

    Looking good How do you like the Tusk rack?
  4. Riggerdan

    Ktm Exc supermoto

    Covered in Wheels Those should work well in the South Carizzo area
  5. Happy birthday BS


    Its been a while - hope your world is good :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Friend.....


    Many Many More

    1. Wierdrider


      Thanks Dan, 😁

  7. Sorry to miss this one... and you too tnt-bro- I'll be running entertainment support for a BDR that week. Excellent job Tom taking the lead on this. It's an amazing feeling camping off your motorcycle. Surrounding yourself with like-minded moto-campers really expedites the process.
  8. Riggerdan

    Your Next Big Ride

    BAJA for sure Might have to ping these party animals and get the band back together...
  9. Riggerdan

    New Member from Pine Valley

    Hi from Jamul PV is an excellent spot to work out of for sure I frequent laguna on the MTB, one of my fav's Looking to get a few MTB rides in as the temps drop a little in the next few days. If you are interested lmk. Great place to ride in the PM if you have some lights.. We all have our vortexes. I'm a little out of shape on the bike but snap back pretty quick Welcome to the site
  10. Riggerdan

    What's Your Go To Metal Supply Place?

    +1 I have endless 1.5'' OD steel if you could use that?
  11. Riggerdan

    Daily pics of good times

    BIG SMILE Each one of those very memorable moments, I wouldn't trade for anything... The first pic has always been my fav 2000K + miles off-road with that tub strapped to the bike 🤣
  12. Riggerdan

    COBDR 2021

    Love this rare picture The KUG looking into the Cumberland mirror

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