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  1. Work's OK on my end.....good work - great pics
  2. Finding small windows to explore what's left of the green hills of Jamul Really is a great time of the year, wish it could stay this green a little longer... This picture is my fav....there really is a single track in there somewhere
  3. Riggerdan

    Easter Sunday Ride

    Great pics guys.... Beautiful time of the year
  4. Riggerdan

    Serious discussion... get in here

    Sounds like maybe....... a quick moto trip into Baja for some tacos and discussing this in person is in order..?
  5. Riggerdan

    HBD KKug - No Way, another Birthday

    Happy Bday KUG Brapp Brapp / Pedal Pedal
  6. Thanks LB The weather was little more accommodating this trip, that blue sky was a real treat....and the dogs are always a blast. Wanted to stick that little white puppy in my tank bag
  7. Riggerdan

    Baja no pinch

    Seems like a handy piece of Hardware How much? Where do you get?
  8. Day 2 One of the more well rounded days - pretty much captured it all Quality Baja breakfast with some Bob Marley and warm sun - it would have been real easy to kick it all day and soak in the solitude - but Baja was calling Classic Gonzaga Bay - a SUP or some kiteboarding would have been a nice addition Really really good to see Coco, his place seemed pretty clean with a few lingering toilet bowls and empty Pacifico cans swinging in the breeze And then we were off....in search of BIG cacti and deep rocky double track And we found some... The picture doesn't capture the scale of this massive cactaceae A view from the cockpit A beautiful machine in its natural environment Can you find the C-Daddy - This was the last segment of the cacti wrinkle, very rocky slippery downhill - glad your back brake was working and it wasn't raining... He's down there somewhere..... This was a pretty awesome spot - spent a few minutes here reflecting on life - as C-daddy descended to level ground From there we rolled into San Quintin just in time for sunset and quick hello to an old amigo and his new puppy Few "well needed" cold ones and chatted it up at Cielito Lindo, my personal fav Usually roll the bikes right into the room but the BIG boys needed to spend the night outside Had enough beverages for the rib pain to subside and get a good nights sleep It might have been the margarita chaser that had me on the ground for minutes gaining the trust of this Baja animal Woke up a little dehydrated and this strange pulsating feeling in my temples...? Took a few minutes to come around but eventually got rolling waved through all the check points and enjoyed a nice cruise up the 1 in the greenest of green Baja hills I know Baja is not for everyone, though it's true desolate beauty and elevated awareness of adventure is what keeps me coming back for more. Great ride Crawdaddy mi buen amigo - looping forward to mucho mucho mas
  9. Wow just recovering from a culture shock Monday Its getting harder to switch frequencies on the fly, one minute your hanging with your bud drinking Pacifico's and communicating with Baja dogs, the next min your dealing with the harsh realities of the JOB Kinda like the responsibility of providing pictures and letting others describe the experience I will say, it was an awesome well needed Baja get away, the dry lake bed was definitely a turning point, the sand got a little gnarly at the end but well worth the effort SF was a full of 250 energy and definitely not what we were looking for on this trip, walked into Alfonsinas right at dinner time, it was bit earth shattering to find they had no rooms available as amazing plates of food get carried by ok been down this road before - 2 cold beers to go and we'll role with plan B, all in all the lemonade we made was pretty darn good Few pics from along the way D1 Took a little digger in the sand here, good spot to drink some water and regroup
  10. Crawdaddy and his new machine.... Another authentic Baja experience with lots of good vibes, more pics to come.
  11. The story of my life.... Way more to this story, long cliff notes dropped the big girl literally for the first time some where in New Mexico on the CDT right at sunrise, after getting crushed by the elements all night and the mud won...all I wanted to do was get to higher and drier ground, make some coffee and reevaluate my days approach with no traction or strength to right the bike even with all luggage removed - due to slippery mud and a weak back - the situation was looking a little grim With no civilization within any reasonable walking distance and realizing the bike would not stand up on its own - I headed out on a walk about to generate some clarity. aimlessly walking through the beautiful desert in search of anything - I came across what appeared to be (something) an old fender that had grown roots from 50 years ago. quite the anomaly in the desert landscape, instinctively it initiated some kind of mental ballast vision dragging it back to the bike proved to be quite the challenge as milage was involved great here it is next to the bike - now what....? doing the math in my head I needed a LOT of rocks to defy the law of physics, that proved to be more of a challenge and more mileage finished product was an old wheel well / fender filled with large boulders and secured with ropes and tent spikes etc. Application: ratchet strapped the handle bars to secure them dead tied one end of the rope to the back of the bike, ran it through a pulley attached to rock pile then through a pulley attached to handle bars then to me, creating a mechanical advantage - it all sounded great in my mind - it was either going to work or NOT the first few pulls on the rope generated a lot of tension it was the moment of truth.. does the rope just slip right out shock load the system and fail - and I just accept the last few hours were for zen purposes or will it hold and allow the bike to slowly rise out of the mud it was a pretty awesome sight to see the bike slowly lift off the ground, once at 80 degrees or so I was able to run the rope through the carabiner at the rock pile generating resistance and tie off at the pulley at handlebars with cool knots like clove hitches and bowlines Took a deep, deep breath and told myself I will always carry rope and 2 pulleys, the pictures don't really give the situation justice but it was pretty legit. it was shortly after I was packed up, fully dressed and ready to conquer the new day when I saw something way off in the distance yup - it was a pick up truck.... held my ground within 10 minutes he rolled up and looked at me and said "you ok" Guess I could say at that point was "yes BUT could have used some help a few hours ago" the rest is history thanks Bags for posting, brought a BIG smile to my face - rigger
  12. Small bike: Pretty much to the end of the driveway Big Bike: What ever it takes