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  1. Dress4Less

    Where is The Man of Dust?

  2. Dress4Less

    Happy B-Day CID!

    Oops...just noticed that Bags already covered this topic...
  3. "3 old FAST guys ride..."
  4. Dress4Less

    Picked up a new leftover 19 CRF450L

    Congrats on the new bike! Enjoy!
  5. Paul! That was very cool...
  6. Dress4Less

    Happy Birthday Rigger!

    Have a great B-day. Hope you get to do a little "roosting!" Don't forget the supply of "load towels" if you do!
  7. Haha...cool, thanks for the feedback! Any plans you've heard of for an after market, larger fuel tank for it?
  8. Dress4Less

    Dadodirts Camp Set-up

    Cool little table...
  9. Ken - what were the driving factors that sold you on the switch from the KTM to the Beta?
  10. Hope the bike didn't get scratched...
  11. Dress4Less

    Check your collets on your Baofengs.

    My wife hates it when my collets loosen around my antenna...
  12. Cool....sounds like you were "lugging" right along!