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  1. Dress4Less

    KDX 200 Up Date 7-2-20

    The new powder coat on the frame looks great ...however, I like the paint scheme on the garage floor even more!
  2. Dress4Less

    How would you handle this?

    Wow! That would be extremely nerve rattling...that's when you need to have LB (Oracle) riding along with you! Glad it did not escalate further...
  3. Nicely done Udo! Your adventures are always impressive! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Dress4Less

    5 Miles of Hell in Utah - Electric KTM

    Rode with my son and one of his friends in the Dez last Sat. am. The friend (Mike) rode that trail on a BMW 650...loaded with camping gear! He had pics to prove it! I could not believe it...
  5. Dress4Less

    4-5 day ride

    Excellent! Post some of those GREAT Udo trip pics when you get a chance!
  6. Dress4Less

    2021 Ktm Line up

    Woo-Hoo! KTM added a skid plate to the 350 & 500 EXC-W's...how generous of them!
  7. That ain't right!
  8. That's what most people thought...except for COOPER WEBB! So cool to see it go down to the last race this Sunday...exciting racing these past three weeks...
  9. So good to see Roczen own the night. He has "battled" through SO much. Webb wants the repeat...Tomac was "cool as a green cucumber..." and Osborne is on a mission. Two nights left. Wed. 6/17 and Sun. 6/21. Check it out! Good luck winning that orange bike Huntndogman...
  10. This event looks to be like a lot of fun! I will not be able to attend but, have a great time! Please share pics and report after you go.
  11. Dress4Less

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    Have you met Paul? Wordsmith and all around great dude he is!
  12. Dress4Less

    New KTM 350 EXC guy in El Cajon

    S101 = Suspension 101. That is George's company name.
  13. Great action in both the 250 and 450 yesterday in "ever changing conditions"...good see some weather roll in...damn, Webb, Tomac, Sexton and McElrath are "on fire"...