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  1. Nicely done Jim! Looks like ya'll had a great day!
  2. Dress4Less

    Snow to desert dash

    Most excellent pics and RR! Thanks for sharing the adventure! A+!
  3. Dress4Less

    Super Cross at PETCO

    Roczen was quoted as saying, "that lime burnt my nipples off!"
  4. Dress4Less

    Super Cross at PETCO

    There was not a speck of dust in the air...but, there was plenty of rain, mud and axle deep ruts! Green dominated the event going 1-2 in the two-fiddy main and 1st in the four-fiddy main...fun time!
  5. Great pics! The Dez should be incredible this spring...
  6. Dress4Less

    Malcolm Smith

    Speeding recovery Malcolm..."THE MAN!"
  7. How was Bradshaw? Was it total washboard?
  8. Dress4Less

    BOX Canyon

  9. Dress4Less

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    Few things more refreshing! However, my thighs and hips were talking to me all weekend afterwards...
  10. Dress4Less

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    I think it's great...they make their own salsas...green & red...something on the menu for everyone...
  11. Dress4Less

    "Off Work" Ride 1/25

    That's right! 👍
  12. Took advantage of an "off work Friday" for an easy, peasy Fri. ride in the Dez. Staged north of the Blue Inn, rode west to Borrego Springs via Coyote Wash and reversed back to Split Mtn. Road for some well deserved adult beverage(s) at the little store across from the Iron Door. Off to Fish Creek, west to the drop-off and back to the store for more adult beverage(s). Back to the truck by the Blue Inn, then off to the Alamo for a Burrito in Saltin City. Back to the truck via the Pole Line to head home afterwards. Not many pics... Graded roads? What?! State Park $ at work. Stopped by the mud domes...really quiet...but, the Dez is blooming in spots...thought I landing on the Moon at one point in the day but, then I ran into these Hooligans at the Alamo...great day!
  13. Dress4Less

    Early Dakar = WOW

    Incredible! Thanks Kugster...
  14. Dress4Less

    A bit of help unloading my bike in North Park?

    Dang Carl...sad to hear that you broke your leg...but, happy to hear about the support from Erik and his son...lucky that you got the bike loaded in Borrego to get it home. I was riding Borrego, Ocotillo and Saltin City yesterday also. Heal well and soon!