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  1. Dress4Less

    1997 KTM300EXC (overlap project)

    I owned it's biggest brother for several years...94 550 MXC
  2. Dress4Less

    Nice morning ride

    That's why we do it! 😉
  3. Dress4Less

    A bunch of SDAR guys hanging out in Esco

    Zubb...that is both hilarious and brilliant at the same time...you could put a patent on it,,,
  4. Dress4Less

    Nice morning ride

    Looks like fun...a 690 and an 890...great for that area!
  5. Dress4Less

    Looking for Help with SDAR Website

    Kkug...you are the official Website mystery ride master...😉
  6. Cool photo shots Bubster Hamster...using a drone?
  7. Nicely done BJ! Glad you got out. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yo Jim! My son and I did this ride a few years back when he was attending NAU. Great folks and great trails...single track, dual track and fire roads...saw three HUGE bull elk in front of us on a trail...even saw some BBTR folks up there...DO IT!
  9. Dress4Less

    Headin' North!

    Maybe one day that will happen! Gotta convince the wifey that the Dez is every bit as beautiful as the forest...just in different ways...😉 Thanks Zubbster!
  10. Dress4Less

    Headin' North!

    For you KUG! Crank 'er up!
  11. Dress4Less

    Headin' North!

    A few pics of the place...
  12. Dress4Less

    Headin' North!

    Sounds good...I'm sure all 20 of your GS's would love it up here...haha...
  13. Dress4Less

    Headin' North!

    Numpster! Great meeting you and the kids too! Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. Hopefully, your kids will continue the riding and camping legacy as I and my grown kids have done!

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