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  1. Dress4Less

    David Knight: look what HE does to a new 500 Exc!

    ...and he can do it at 2:30 am!
  2. Dress4Less

    June Lake

    Nice pics...incredible viddy! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Gave me flashbacks to an '86 XR250R that I had. She was fully built, front to back, top to bottom and inside to out by XR's Only. I can attest to the prowess and durability (even fully built out) of those bikes. Riding with guys on larger cc machines at the time couldn't believe what they were witnessing. Fun times!
  4. Dress4Less

    Frame painting in San Diego?

    Love the color Udo...
  5. Dress4Less

    Side panel repair

    This was quite informative and entertaining all in one!
  6. Looks like Big Mikey was modeling a new riding boot in the pic there...is that a Gaerne, Fox, O'Neal, Thor, Fly, Alpinestars, Sidi or Leatt model boot? Hope the foot heals fully and quickly...
  7. What a GREAT viddy...worth watching every minute! Thanks for sharing...dude can flat out ride...
  8. Dress4Less

    2002 YZ250 (X) build up almost done

    Haha...and thanks for sharing the link. I've heard that FahQ word used many times over the years...I believe I may have even used it a time or two when my bikes were not "cooperating" the way I wanted them to...
  9. Dress4Less

    2002 YZ250 (X) build up almost done

    Lookin' fast and lookin' light...I'll bet it doesn't tip the scale over ~220 lbs.? Rear fender does need more stickers though...
  10. ...sending positive vibes your way for the issue to heal fully and quickly...
  11. U R correct Thumper...my bad...HAHAHA...got my front brake and throttle cable wires tangled up there for a bit...hurting any of those "M" bones can not be fun. U must be referring to videos produced from a prior life (the one's with the 3X's associated with them?). I may or may not claim personal connection to them. Must have required younger energy, stamina and a particular mind and skill set... No play for me on Sunday...already booked...have fun and stay hydrated!
  12. ...could be the Menopausal bone... As long as Doc and the bike are ok...
  13. Dress4Less

    1999 Husqvarna redo

  14. Dress4Less

    1999 Husqvarna redo

    Looks like she could use a little TLC...
  15. Broc "Golden" Glover would be a great name for a boxer...dude was lightning fast...