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  1. Dress4Less

    ALAMO or bust...

    Sounds good LB.
  2. Nicely done Kelly...looks like fun was had by all!
  3. Dress4Less

    ALAMO or bust...

    LB - did you and your crew stop at the little store on Split Mountain Rd., across from the Iron Door? I saw three DS bikes parked by the mail box when I went by...
  4. Dress4Less

    ALAMO or bust...

    After a SEVERAL month "drought" during the last riding season, they finally got their "adult beverage" license back in March of this year!
  5. Easy-Peasy morning run to The ALAMO in Salton City for Sunday Brunch... Still some standing water in spots from the recent rain out there... Slight breeze...only a hand full of bikes, buggies and jeeps...beauty of a day...
  6. Dress4Less

    Not liking the lithium batteries so far

    Did not know this Paul...I will need to do some homework...
  7. Dress4Less

    Not liking the lithium batteries so far

    I added a kick starter kit to the '17 five-hundo EXC-F...have not had to use it yet(as I knock on wood). Can't bump start the five-hundo because it's running a Recluse.
  8. The "Wood Cutter" trail / loop is a MUST DO up there...
  9. Dress4Less

    Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    Good stuff Jim...thanks for posting!
  10. Governor - that four-fiddy gave you tons of Dez miles & smiles...she'll appreciate all of the attention she'll be getting from Tim in October!
  11. My son did this race and indicated that there were TONS of whoops...but, he "enjoyed" the technical section(s).