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  1. I'll let you know if/when I'm going to get out there. I'm pretty unfamiliar with the area though so I'm flying blind.
  2. Yes, this is on the itinerary. I took them for our first time last year and unfortunately we camped right next to blowsand hill and the sand was so deep it was hard for the little ones to have any fun. Dress4Less mentioned further east there is better hard pack for them so I think we'll try further down around Holmes Camp as the wife likes the toilets and some of the images appear to be some open areas of hard pack for the little ones. Those images look beautiful. My SIL doesn't care for the desert so my BIL goes solo when we go. I think she'd love that area and be more likely to camp somewhere like that. It looks really nice. I've filed your recommendations away for our exploration around Ocotillo. Maybe I'll have to go explore without the family in the next couple of weeks to scope out a good spot for them. 😎 Thanks everyone for the input. I didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  3. That place looks awesome. It says you can ride your dirt bikes from the campground to the trails but not within the campground. Are there areas that would be kid friendly with a little 50 and a 110 that could be accessed from the camp sites? The Holcomb Creek Trail that they mention says it's difficult and trafficked by 4x4's. I want my newbie little ones to be able to ride somewhere easy and safe and a base camp would be great.
  4. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    I'm looking forward to it. And I'll post pics on here once we do.
  5. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    Quick update. I met Dress4Less to take a look at his trailer. I came with just enough knowledge to know that the trailer he was offering was pretty much what I was looking for. After some pleasantries and a kind exchange with my two youngest kids, we got to the ever exciting moment of price. He said, "Well, you've been researching these, what do you want to offer?" I wasn't real sure, but thought I had a pretty good idea of what I should offer. I'm pretty straight forward and don't really try to haggle unless it's a part of the fun, so I told him what I'd be happy to pay. A short couple moments of silence and I was wondering if I had shot too low and insulted him. He didn't like my offer. Uh, oh. Not only did he not accept my offer he added, and I hope I'm not giving away too much here, "Well, you're generous, how 'bout we cut that in half." What? In addition I didn't have the hitch ball to pull it and he just said, "Let's make it a package deal and gave me his off of his own truck so I could take it home. He showed me how to use everything, how to maintain it, some ideas for packing it, and even gave my kids some stickers. I was blown away at his honesty and kindness. Dress4Less is a great ambassador of this sport and this forum. I'm glad I got the chance to meet him. He just said he was happy it was going to a new riding family that could put it to use. A serious "Thank you" is in order and I just wanted to share this and what he did for me and my family. You blessed us that day and I'll remember it and pay that blessing forward when my opportunity comes. About a year ago when I joined this site, 350thumper reached out and offered me (a noob) some kind assistance right after I had introduced my myself in the introductions page. He was my first impression of the kindness of those on this site and and it was just reinforced/confirmed with this trailer purchase. I'm impressed by the caliber of folks on here and look forward to finding some time to join on some beginner rides with some of you. No, I'm not usually this sappy and I haven't been drinking, 🤣 just wanted to share an awesome experience and give some credit to a good guy. His only request was when I get it all loaded up and get to our next family outing that I post some pictures on here. So I'll be sure and honor that request, hopefully soon. Thanks again.
  6. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    That's awesome rjg. And actually that helps. I'm a worrier when I dont understand something, but this gives some confidence that I'm overthinking this and will be fine with many options. If I can fit enough of our gear onto a trailer so that my wife, three kids and dog can fit into one car, I should be happy. Dress4Less has been very kind with answering all of my questions and ill be looking at his in the next couple of days. While we'll still be on the ground in tents instead of a nice toy hauler with a kitchen and bathroom, it'll be family time and fun, which is the point. I'm sure I'll be gracing this forum with more noob questions as I venture into this new offroad world. Thanks again for everyone's responses and suggestions.
  7. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    Thanks BP. They look similar to what Tractor Supply carries. A lot of these places seem to reference Carry-on trailers but they only sell through authorized dealers.
  8. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    That's not bad for $1000 and there are a few stores with it in stock. I'm going to check out Dress4Less's trailer to see if it works, but that's looks promising if his doesn't work out. It says it has the 2x3 straight tube tongue. Is that sufficient vs. the "V" shape you typically see? I'm assuming I'll have some bumps, minor off-road with it while loaded.
  9. numpty

    Hand signals for off road riding

    Got it! Thanks.
  10. numpty

    Hand signals for off road riding

    What is that signal? (If it was a joke it went over my head) I had to learn this on my own and probably looked like an idiot at least and made things dangerous at worst. I just thought everyone was waving to me, so I was waving back but only my brother-in-law was behind me. I had some waves and some peace signs thrown my way until I saw someone with a distinct three. That got me to thinking. Is it how many are following only or would you include yourself? Do following riders signal anything? And does sweep signal something like mentioned above? And what if there are like 8 or 9 guys with you? Sorry for the noob questions but I didn't understand this. Also, is there some sort of off-road etiquette guide?
  11. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    Thanks everyone for these good suggestions. I'll look at Ronco and that little orange thing is cool. I need to load mine too though, so its three total bikes. I'm not sure your plastic trailer will cut it. Ha.
  12. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    I like the utility trailer idea which would be less than a van, but that's a really good idea. I have a PW50 and a TTR110 so they'd probably fit into a van without issue. I'll need to explore that some as the wife would like to avoid tents because of desert bears. Lol. For a trailer I guess I need to determine if I can fit a trailer that's large enough for a 500 exc into my driveway. I'm guessing I need a 5x8? I like the sides on it to strap coolers, etc. down and I could probably get all 3 bikes onto it. Now to see if it would fit into my driveway and if there are any available for purchase. This looks promising but not available anywhere. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/carry-on-trailer-5-ft-x-8-ft-open-wood-floor-utility-trailer-model-:-5x8spw-gen This one already has 13" wheels too.
  13. numpty

    Noob trailer question

    Hi all. I'm new to this sport so I'm asking here for some advice. I've been hauling my bike with a hitch hauler on the back of my 4runner lately. It's makes me a little nervous, but so far so good. Well, now our quiver has grown adding a couple of bikes for my kids and I"m trying to figure out how to get all three bikes to our destinations along with gear and everything to camp with as well. 4runners are surprisingly small once you put five people and a dog into it. While a pickup is out of the question right now due to the insane prices, I've started looking into bike trailers. I like the folding ones that fit inside a garage rather than a trailer permanently in my driveway, and Kendon seems to be the one to get. That being said, $3000 isn't chump change for me right now. I've looked on craigslist, etc. and it's slim pickings for these things. Are there any good trailer sites that I'm missing as it seems there would be more used ones available than I'm finding? Even a place I can rent one if I can't get ahold of something decent in time? I can pack my life up for a week in a backpack, but a family camping trip with three dirtbikes, potentially a couple of mountain bikes, gear, camping stuff, pop-ups and a cooler etc. seems darn near impossible. I'm hoping there is some veteran advice as I'm understanding now why toy haulers and 3/4 ton pickups are the way to go. But I need to get that lucky lottery ticket before I go down that road. Thanks for any helpful advice you can throw my way.
  14. numpty

    new guy in chula vista

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'll check out that set-up guide too. Thanks bagstr.
  15. Were one of you coming back from this ride on H street/right on Mt. Miguel Rd. about 10:45 this morning? Nice and dirty 4-stroke whizzed by me as I was bringing my son back from soccer this morning. I couldn't identify the bike, but my son perked up and said, "Dad! Did you hear that?" 👍