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  1. numpty

    new guy in chula vista

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'll check out that set-up guide too. Thanks bagstr.
  2. Were one of you coming back from this ride on H street/right on Mt. Miguel Rd. about 10:45 this morning? Nice and dirty 4-stroke whizzed by me as I was bringing my son back from soccer this morning. I couldn't identify the bike, but my son perked up and said, "Dad! Did you hear that?" 👍
  3. numpty

    new guy in chula vista

    I forgot I had it there...and I wrote it. My screen name says it all. 🤓
  4. numpty

    new guy in chula vista

    Thanks simicrintz. I'm in Chula Vista.
  5. Oh man. I just got activated on this forum today and just saw this. I've never been, but have dreamt about this ride for a long time and I'm close. Just got my bike and am wanting to get to know it, and this would be perfect. I can't do it tomorrow though. I hope another one of these happens again. I'm looking to gain some experience as I am a Noob for sure, but can't wait to meet some of you and learn.
  6. numpty

    new guy in chula vista

    Thanks dirt dame! I can't wait.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Dave and I'm 47. I've ridden friend's dirtbikes since I was young but still consider myself a new rider. I've never owned my own. I almost bought a used KTM 450exc right before I got married (11 years ago) and was promised, "Oh yeah, you can still get a dirtbike." Ha! Well, 11 years later she finally "encouraged" me to get one, so I just picked up a 2016 KTM 500exc. I'm still working on getting my street license so I'm stuck to offroad right now, but hope to rectify that soon. I'd love to meet some new folks and do some leisurely trails as I don't heal as quick these days and this thing is quite a lot of bike for me. I'm really enjoying it, but I'm learning my limits...quickly. I am looking to learn how to maintain/work on it as well and figured this might be a good place to learn from some of you knowledgeable folks. Anyway, hope to meet some of you soon and get some riding/maintenance tips so I can stay safe and have fun.