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  1. numpty

    Otay Truck Trail / Pink Gate Ride - Noob Friendly

    Dang, I'll miss this one due to a soccer tournament. I'll watch for the next one.
  2. Is this ride for the 28th? Depending on son's soccer schedule and my front brake condition I might like to tag along...noob level. Can I hitch carry my bike out to where the access point is and leave a car? I've ridden from pio pico to the top a couple of times but haven't seen what else is out there. edit: Just saw the invite for the 29th. edit #2: Found it on unread content, came back to edit this and now I can't even find the invite.
  3. I have that tent and love it. It's been to Glacier Bay on a two week kayak trip to keep me housed and dry. Those little windows have failed on mine and caused me some heartache though. I need to repair them though, because even though I've since replaced the tent, I'm not ready to let her go.
  4. Yes, this has been my plan for about a year and a half now. With three kid's active schedules, DMV/covid nonsense, etc. it just hasn't happened yet. I tried to convince myself I could at least get the the permit for this trip until I realized I have family coming into town that weekend, four soccer games, a water polo tournament, a trail meeting...and probably a couple of birthday parties...that I decided I'll just skip the stress of making this one happen and focus on a prerequisite. Ha! I have the 500 exc that I'd like to make sure is road worthy and learn how to pack up for this sort of outing, but I also have the stock 2 gallon tank so trucking it might be the way to go for me. At least for now anyway.
  5. Correct. Dates and I still have to get around to getting my license, so that's kind of important too.
  6. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.
  7. numpty

    Headin' North!

    Dang Dress4Less, another one escapes. Appreciate meeting you and how you treated myself and my kids. You're a good guy, so wherever your dirt, tall trees and almost zero-peeps are, they will be blessed to have you there. Best to you!
  8. Lol. Yeah Padu, that looks like a fricken advertisement for Ducati, or Italy for that matter. All matching jerseys and pants, gourmet snacks, beautiful countryside and architecture. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to do one of these with KTM, but I wouldn't feel comfortable riding in Lederhosen and singing Do Re Mi.
  9. numpty

    Up The 395

    My spirited riding is probably closer to other's exploratory rides on this forum. That is a road that just looks fun to me. Not scary or even challenging, I just want to ride it to see where it goes. So cool, thanks for sharing. Now I gotta figure out where that is. [wink, wink]
  10. numpty

    Up The 395

    OMG, that is an amazing shot. I want to go there. Actually, they're all great shots, but this one does something to me.
  11. numpty

    iPhones for the win!

    I had my DSLR on a kayak trip to Alaska and my buddy (retired professional photographer) had his Samsung phone. Needless to say I was ready to toss the DSLR in the trash because it ain't the camera that makes the photo. Awesome shot! Congrats.
  12. Awesome! Looks like a good time with the new couple-to-be. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  13. numpty

    The Geysers

    Nice photos. I have a friend that stole a concrete garden gnome (about 30 lbs) from his neighbor like 25 years ago. He carried that thing all over the world for at least a decade and would anonymously send photos to his neighbor of that gnome in various places. I personally was involved with photos of it in London and the Dominican Republic. His family was very unique in their humor.
  14. Yep! Thanks man. Our first trip with the trailer went without a hitch (not literally). 😄 The 4runner certainly isn't a strong vehicle to tow with but it did pretty well despite the trailer, four humans, our oversized golden retriever and way too much gear. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to arrange everything and secure it, but got the pewter, teeter and the 5-hundo as well as my big cooler and camp box all secured onto the trailer. We made it out and back without event. It also turned out to be one of the most fun trips we've taken as a family despite my oldest having to stay home for a prior engagement, so I'll have to thin the load in order to fit her in next time. Ha. All in all, I wish I had done this years ago but am already planning our next trip. My two littles keep asking, "Daddy, when can we go to the desert again?" It was a hit! Thanks again for the killer deal and all of your advice. We ended up at the hidden valley campground east of where we went last time and the ground was perfect for the two little ones to be able to play around all day on their little bikes. We also did Sunday through Tuesday in lieu of the weekend and there was only one other campsite taken. It felt like we had the entire desert to ourselves. Can't wait for the next one!

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