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  1. cowboymike


    It was a great day up there in Otay. i was with a group of 5 in the morning.
  2. What's the details on this? Ill be in Tecate for the endure ride on Saturday, it would be awesome to meet up Sunday for Lobster.
  3. nice video I had to much fun
  4. cowboymike

    New Rider Near SDSU

    welcome. I live out by otay ill ride with ya.
  5. cowboymike

    SDAR Feather flags

    They look great.
  6. I'm all signed up and ready 2 go. My son-in-law and good buddy are going also. See you guys out there if you go.
  7. Mike Marvin AKA cowboymike

    (619)394-0991 - sweeper

    Mike I don't have a GPS..

    1. tntmo


      Thank you.

    2. Mr.JAJA


      Udo = Mr.JAJA 760 315 3592 , GPS down load, Food wristband check, 

    3. tntmo


      Thanks Udo


  8. cowboymike

    For Sale 2005 KTM 450-EXC (Plated)

    My son-in-law had a great time riding it Saturday . just did a little loop so he could get familiar with it. thanks again he almost slept in the garage Friday.
  9. cowboymike

    For Sale 2005 KTM 450-EXC (Plated)

    Just PM you with my cell #. if you could send me you address I would like to look at tomorrow. If your available.
  10. Could I look at your KTM for sale tomorrow? my number is (619)394-0991