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  1. ADV Bum

    Moto Magazines

    I am sure he would love that. Can you send me his info. Thank you
  2. Sorry I missed this. I planned to go but had to stay in the mountains an extra day.
  3. ADV Bum

    Schwinn Pic...Anyone Know Where This Is ?

    That would be a nice escape for a couple of days
  4. ADV Bum

    Schwinn Pic...Anyone Know Where This Is ?

    Looking at pictures of Stonewall Peak it seems to match.
  5. Crap! I am glad you are ok and are healing well. Good thing having your phone/ emergency device on you and not the bike. Dont rush the PT and make a full recovery..
  6. ADV Bum


    I have some large 8' galvanized poles if you need one. Let me know and I can bring it back from the mountains. Can this be accessed by vehicle?
  7. I like the sign that has a picture of a chicken and an arrow pointing to the alternate route.
  8. Unfortunately I have to drop out of this as well. I am battling a stubborn Kidney stone. Sorry, I would rather be going!
  9. ADV Bum

    If a fella wanted to buy some land.....

    I dont know how much you are looking for but if you have a 401k you can borrow up to $50k against it and pay yourself back. disclosure - I am not a fiduciary or financial adviser.
  10. ADV Bum

    Swapping plates?

    There is no mix up of plates. He DOES NOT HAVE A PLATE on the dirt only bike. He will be taking one from a legal bike and putting it on the dirt only. I am not a big fan of this discussion on the site. Blatantly breaking the law and posting it here is not good for our image or the DS community.
  11. ADV Bum

    In need of a Divorce Lawyer/ Lawyer help!

    I do understand Paul, but it takes two to mediate. My brother has some demons and has lost the house. He has abandoned the wife and kids. She needs to try to get half of the assets that are left before they are gone. Like I said, way to many details to get into here. She is now broke single mom working 6 days a week trying to support 3 kids. She needs help and I am hoping someone here would know where she could go that would not cost a fortune.
  12. My sister in law is in need of a Divorce Lawyer. Unfortunately my brother has left her and the kids down and out. To many details to go into here. If anyone knows a lawyer that can help please send me their contact info. Thank you!
  13. ADV Bum

    Bike Tech - Maintenance Day Sat Aug 24

    Thanks to DSM8 for hosting this event again. We had about 8 people show. Bikes got worked on with plenty of good conversation and lunch. Not a bad way to spend part of a Sat. Thanks to all who showed. If there is someone down south that would be interested in hosting a bike maintenance day, please let me know. Thanks again.
  14. ADV Bum

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    If any of you that wanted shirts are going to the maintenance day, please let me know so I can bring them. I also just received some new hats.