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  1. ADV Bum

    Adventure bike tent

    I hope they refund my money!
  2. ADV Bum

    Motorcycle Luggage Rally - Meet up Mid May

    If you want to bring your gear to sell or giveaway, that would be great. We could set up a used section with a few tables.
  3. I did not know exactly what would be a good name to call this. Since we have time I felt it would be good to put this out there so that we could get as much gear to compare as possible. We would be getting together in Mid May after the shelter in place rules are lifted. A good excuse to get together and share our freedom. I wanted to create a meet up / event where DS/ ADV riders could get together and compare the different manufacturers and models of luggage that are available for our bikes. This would be good for all riders who are either looking to buy their first set of bags or compare what they have to what other manufacturers offer in a hands on comparison so that they can make an educated decision in their future purchasing. We will also have a BBQ and refreshments. It will take place in Escondido. If you have a set up that you would like to show please chime in and I will add them to the list This is what I have as of now. Tusk Highland Rackless Luggage System w/ Medium Dry Duffel/ Accessory Bags Tusk Pilot Pannier Bags MoskoMoto Reckless 40l v2 with 8l stinger bag MoskoMoto Reckless 80 v2 with 22l stinger bag Giant Loop Mojave bags Giant Loop Coyote - Zipper version - would be nice to show the roll top if someone would bring it Giant Loop Great Basin - Zipper version - would be nice to show the roll top if someone would bring it Giant Loop Fandango tank bag. Wolfman E-12 saddlebags Wolfman Rolie bag
  4. I agree with Tom's line of thinking. Air cooled with a kick start. If we can choose a modified bike, then I would go with a xr650l with a kickstart. Need something that would have a ton of parts out there and be simple to fix.
  5. ADV Bum

    Phone based gps help!

    Dave, did you try bending the tab on the top?
  6. ADV Bum

    Phone based gps help!

    It really seems to be the wave of the future. The price of entry is what makes it reasonable to try.
  7. ADV Bum

    COVID - Picture Contest

    People can not work and people need something to do. We are going to have a picture contest. Please submit one picture relating to the acronym COVID - COUNTRYSIDE, OUTDOORS, VIEWS, ISOLATION, DISTANCING Needs to be a recent picture. Only one picture per entrant. Keep it clean. If inappropriate or you don't follow the criteria, it will be deleted. Please submit picture in this thread. Best if it applies to DS - ADV We will run the picture collection for 30 days and then judges will condense the selections down to be put into a poll for you to vote on. 1st prize - $100 Cyclegear gift card 2nd prize - New pair of goggles Thank you and have fun!
  8. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/cleveland/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5340229
  9. ADV Bum

    Phone based gps help!

    It looks nice but hard to beat $30 delivered.
  10. ADV Bum

    Phone based gps help!

    The Mob Armor mount came today. First impressions are light and heavy duty. When I mounted the phone in the mount is was good, but I could move the phone in the top of the mount with some force. There was no button interference. In the original design the metal tab on top is just bent with a 45 deg angle. I did not like it. I took it to the vise and straightened and put a small bend like the lower mounting tabs. Rock solid! It does not move. A little velcro like Loren suggests just for peace of mind and good to go.
  11. Sorry Mimi, the day use parking areas are closed. I did ask if we DS/ ADV bikes could ride in. He went back to the day use areas are closed. I will call tomorrow and get some more clarity.
  12. The Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner of the BLM asked me to pass this on. https://www.blm.gov/site-page/blm-california-covid-19-updates Thank you
  13. Here is a discount code that Giantloop has given to us. The coupon code is SDAR15 on our site. It will get your member 15% off Giant Loop products(except Gas Bags and Events). Right now we are offering free shipping on every order so you’ll save even more. I would urge you to check out our new product like the Buckin’ Roll tank bag and Pronghorn straps and most popular ones like our Handlebar Bag, lift strap, and Mojavi saddlebags.