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    Free to SDAR Member

    I can take the rugs and golf clubs. Rugs are the wife's colors and my youngest wants to start playing golf. Good timing. Thanks
  2. Bumping this. Please chime in if you plan on attending. Would be nice to have an accurate head count for tables, chairs and food. Thanks Dave, Dan
  3. I have been looking at property in different states. Latest is Louisiana. To register my Dodge 3500 Diesel in LA would be around $50 a year. Amazing the price differences for the same services from one state to another.
  4. ADV Bum

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site. You guys are why and how we keep this site going. Thanks again!
  5. ADV Bum

    Pio Pico fatalities

    Looked like an incredibly violent collision. Very tragic. RIP to those involved.
  6. Yes I am running the 130 rear. Different tire on the front, burning up some old stock.
  7. Merry Christmas. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday.
  8. ADV Bum

    Wolfman closeout sale

  9. Just got word, Corral Canyon OHV is OPEN! Good afternoon, I want to let everyone know that Corral Canyon OHV Area is open again! While we still have work going on in the burned area, the main trail system and most of the roads in the OHV area have been certified as safe for recreation. Skye Valley Road from the junction with 17S04 (Stokes/Morena Rd.), Corte Madera Road, Espinosa trail west starting at the Corte Madera saddle, and Spur Meadow trail remain temporarily closed. Repair work in the area damaged by the Valley Fire is proceeding and we expect those routes to be open in the near future. Stay tuned for updates! Reminder to please stay on designated routes and respect the OHV area and any current closures. COVID-19 remains a major public health threat and emergency measures recommended by the CDC and direction from State and Federal Authorities will still be followed. Corral Canyon and Bobcat campgrounds remain closed at this time due to the CA regional stay at home order. Thank you and have a great holiday season!
  10. ADV Bum

    Happy Thanksgiving 2020

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. There is a lot going on in the world right now so I hope everyone is able to enjoy family and friends during this Thanksgiving 2020. Be safe and enjoy. Mike
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    May be a dumb question

    That function was held for supporting members.
  12. ADV Bum

    May be a dumb question

    Do you see the heart on the bottom right hand side of the post? Use it to like the post.
  13. Thank you to those that are coming forward with donations. All donations and help are greatly appreciated. We are getting close and the adv/ds response has still not had the impact we thought it would. Still time to get your donations in. I do not like to push, but it is a great cause and I need to keep this in on the radar. I have gotten a few checks and you guys / gals are awesome! Thanks again Mike
  14. Here is a list of things still needed looking to be donated for event. Adv/ DS groups are still way behind on donations and riders. Please let me know if you are planning on riding in. We are trying to stagger large groups. This is a list that can be dispersed to the groups and I will be doing a public ask in a few days for anything not accounted for. All items needed on-site for set up shift by 8am with the exception of pizza, photog, etc. I may be adding items to the list as we get closer - and let me know if I'm missing something you think the volunteers would find helpful Thanks! Any donations for items or volunteers looking to help can contact me directly at 1advbum@gmail.com 760 814 4297 I'll be amending and updating the list for both donated goods and volunteer spreadsheet as fast as possible. 5 Pop Ups (Adv Mike committed to 2 of 5) 3 large coolers with ice - Adv Mike 1 tables - Adv Mike Chairs - Adv Mike Caution style roll tape any color Cash Box envelopes pens, sharpie calculators rubber bands Note paper Fat blue painters tape 10 white foam core poster boards NOT Floppy paper ones- 99 cent store) extra fat black markers Photographer drone operator videography Someone willing to cut a short video post event 50 pieces of fruit (bananas apples orange etc) 3 dozen donuts 8 cases of cosco water bottle 3 cases mixed soda Case of Gatorade Large Coffee caraff donated from a local Starbucks Or multiple Starbucks Joe to goes Volunteer to pick up above items. 60 assorted granola or protein snack bars (Costco sale ) 5 Costco pizzas dedicated volunteer to pick up and deliver OR - Any $ donations to cover above and we can do the shopping. Potential- 400 plastic bags for give away (large enough to hold 8x10 flyer) See below VOLUNTEER SHIFTS as Follows 8- 11 am 5 more needed 9a- 3pm 20 needed 2p- 5 pm 10 needed >>>Do you or someone you know provide goods or services they would like to give us a coupon / discount flyer for ? Looking for 400 count from any restaurants or businesses that wants their special offer to be put in our goodies bag. I already have a local burger diner giving me discount or free drink coupons ! Lots of folks looking to do something after they drop off toys - Let's see if we can give them great options to support local San Diego County businesses! THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED!
  15. BUMPING THIS! WE still need volunteers, riders, and donations. I was asked to lead a the ride from "Ride Now" in Vista to the Del Mar track for the motorcycles that will be gathering there. Group ride to the track to drop off their donations to Toys for Tots. I cannot as I will be dropping off and setting up at the Track. Randy cannot because of his eye surgery. We may need someone to do this as well. We have not had many donations from the ADV/ DS community. PLEASE DONATE TO A GOOD CAUSE AND HELP OUT THE KIDS! RideNow Powersports SoCal 1725 Hacienda Dr STE C, Vista, CA 92081 To Donate: This is the first year that Adv/ Dualsport bikes have been included in this event and we have been challenged to beat the donations from the Jeep and Harley groups. You can make donations in several ways. If you wish to make monetary Donations by personal or cashiers check directly to Toys for Tots you can. Please mention you are sending from the Adv/ Dualsport group in support of the El Cajon HOG Toys for Tots event. Personal checks have the additional benefit of enabling the donor to receive the necessary charitable donation receipt from the TFT Foundation To Donate before the event- All checks should me made out to "Toys for Tots Foundation" To send direct please send to You can also send the checks to me and it will be presented at the event to Toys for Tots event San Diego Adventure Riders 725 Clark Ave Encinitas CA. 92024 If you wish to Donate toys prior to the event, I can accept them and deliver them the day of the event. Please contact MIKE Advbum@gmail.com and we can arrange pick up. Volunteers: We need volunteers. We need 20 volunteers to help set up, direct vehicles, collect donations, take down, at the event. Volunteers will be split up in shifts. Please contact me by message or email Advbum@gmail.com to volunteer.