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  1. If you can please help Christi out. Christi needs some help after losing John. John and Christi are the owners of Applied Racing. They have been part of this group and hosted track days at Duffy land. Thank you https://gofund.me/42f01bf3
  2. No takers so my duties got changed to my daughter Volleyball workout chauffeur.
  3. Would you guys like to spend a night at my place in Crestline? I have some work to do up there and be up next weekend.
  4. No they dont have to be local as we have had a couple people from Russia that said they could do it!
  5. ADV Bum

    4th of July

    I hope every one is enjoying the 4th. Be safe. I get to enjoy the freedom to do some concrete stain.
  6. ADV Bum

    Iron Butt Rally

    Is not the 300 a detuned 500? Would that make it more durable?
  7. ADV Bum

    Motorcycle Luggage Rally - Meet up Mid May

    Now that CA is relaxing the rules I think we should revive this. Dave, are you still willing to have this at your place?
  8. ADV Bum

    Memorial Day 2021

    There are many veterans and active service members in this club. I wanted to say Thank you for your service. Please take time to remember those in the military that have made sacrifice's to afford us with the freedoms we enjoy today.
  9. ADV Bum

    Breakfast with My Riding Buds

    Nice. Where did you meet up? Ride there?
  10. ADV Bum

    Free to SDAR Member

    I can take the rugs and golf clubs. Rugs are the wife's colors and my youngest wants to start playing golf. Good timing. Thanks
  11. Bumping this. Please chime in if you plan on attending. Would be nice to have an accurate head count for tables, chairs and food. Thanks Dave, Dan
  12. I have been looking at property in different states. Latest is Louisiana. To register my Dodge 3500 Diesel in LA would be around $50 a year. Amazing the price differences for the same services from one state to another.
  13. ADV Bum

    Supporting Member SDAR Donations

    Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site. You guys are why and how we keep this site going. Thanks again!
  14. ADV Bum

    Pio Pico fatalities

    Looked like an incredibly violent collision. Very tragic. RIP to those involved.
  15. Yes I am running the 130 rear. Different tire on the front, burning up some old stock.