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  1. ADV Bum

    Sunset meet and greet Wed Oct 6 - Canceled

    I am canceling this. No takers at this point, so I will make it a work day. I will do it again in the future.
  2. ADV Bum

    Sunset meet and greet Wed Oct 6 - Canceled

    Not fully. I am trying to get my stamina back up. I have not had a beer in a few months. This gives me a good excuse to indulge myself.
  3. Throwing this out there to see who would be interested. Just a meet up to watch the sunset and drink a few beers in NCounty Carlsbad. This would be at my timeshare-resort above the flower fields in Carlsbad. I have this night off and just want to drink a few and relax. I figured there are like people here and we can have the opportunity to meet some others in the club. People can have a nice beach cruise on the way or after. I can have a limited amount of people so I would need to know who would be interested. Byob!
  4. ADV Bum

    The latest.....

    Thank you Mimi for taking the reigns. I am recovering from Covid. When you are in the hospital and they tell you that you have a 50/50 chance of making it, this can be eye opening. I have a family and many things that need to be done with priority. I love SDAR and always will. Not going away, just stepping back a little.
  5. I spoke with the owner. He was a nice guy. He also rides and understood our complaint. He stated he had to gate off the road for liability reasons. I offered to help him in any way to limit the liability and keep it open. If you are out there and by chance run into him and or his family, please be respectful. Easement / road access will probably be the only avenue. If you know someone schooled in easement law please contact them.
  6. That is not good! Now what is the legality of closing a public road? Easement rights?
  7. ADV Bum

    Ramona - Stolen Bike

    https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10106136247712463&set=a.751598134423&__cft__[0]=AZWoQkwinoWYVAt4szw-65eBuyGkJe2e6ZDUBqcnGtVBs400xh-NGy7rqlQbyAAo4dmvOOeVD_eFqlzeMtnOB1_uaPRopQRdSHSIjnaWOt-TjhmP0joaUmqVUDXpi6lvUik&__tn__=EH-R Nathan Kyle aht2Slponsorehd · **Stolen bike last night from my garage in Ramona. Any information will help, reward available! 
  8. If you can please call me. I hope you can make it. In person seems like the only way. 760 814 4297
  9. ADV Bum

    New member from Eastlake

    Thanks for posting. Glad we got it all squared away. Welcome!
  10. Nice job. Looked liked fun.
  11. I put in a call and left a message a couple days ago. I have not heard back. I will try to go up the ladder and see if we can get some answers. Please send in emails so we can keep some pressure on the situation.
  12. was looking to go. Family has a bug. Not covid, but I dont want to pass anything along with fears being what they are. Glad to hear Udo is going to make it.
  13. If you can please help Christi out. Christi needs some help after losing John. John and Christi are the owners of Applied Racing. They have been part of this group and hosted track days at Duffy land. Thank you https://gofund.me/42f01bf3
  14. No takers so my duties got changed to my daughter Volleyball workout chauffeur.