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  1. Sorry to hear about the crash! I was hit on the road in May and activated the trauma unit at Palomar. With my PPO, that maxed my out of pocket pretty quick. Hope you have a quick recovery!
  2. I really need to get some crash bars on my X and get in the dirt. 100 miles a day commuting on it then watching your series makes me overly aware of the disservice I'm providing this bike.
  3. cmayer31

    ADV Tire Review

    Lots of good info here. Will be getting tires on my 1200gs within the next few months. I like to think it'll be a 50/50 adventure bike, but truth is I do 100 miles of slab a day on it commuting now. Trailmax mission makes the most sense, but will take a good look at the offerings from Motoz now as well.
  4. cmayer31

    It's baaaaaaaaaaack....!

    Congrats on getting the bike back! Huge props to Ken and the team that assembled to help make the recovery.
  5. cmayer31

    Been here since Aug.

    Welcome to the board! Was out in Ocotillo Wells and Anza Borrego last week and love the riding/camping out there. Do you have a number for the off road recovery service? Would be a good number to store in the phone or tape inside the glove box
  6. Don't know if this is part of the New Omnibus Public Lands Bill, but I just saw a news article on this and it doesn't sound good. Here's a summary: The new policy creates a management category called "Wild Lands". BLM Director Bob Abbey said it hasn't been decided how many acres are expected be designated as "Wild Lands" and whether those acres will be off-limits to motorized recreation or commercial development while under congressional review. It's also unclear whether there will be a time limit on how long acres can be managed as "Wild Lands" before a decision is made on their future. Sounds like BLM field staff can close down BLM land until it goes through an official review. From MSNBC
  7. Randy, I have not signed up on the volunteer list, but I do have a 2m and license. If you need more licensed people for the permit let me know, and I'll sign up for radio duty.
  8. cmayer31

    Interesting SPOT thread

    I've been following that thread as well and it is a very enlightening read. It is pretty remarkable the series of small errors that turned into a life threatening event. I'm most disappointed in the actions of the BLM guy, but he also isn't part of the thread so we don't hear his side of the story. Either way, I've asked for a SPOT 2 for Xmas.
  9. One of my favorite areas to camp and fish. One of these days I'll have to take the bike along! Looks like it was a great trip.
  10. cmayer31

    Redline Electrics

    Good to know! There's no lack of electrical gremlins around
  11. Been watching the feed and tracker while listening to weatherman. Too bad some fool has his mic open so the weatherman feed is kind of useless right now
  12. Looks like fun; fishing and riding! Good to know fishing is free on the north end of the lake. I might have to check that area out. Is fishing from the shore there a practice of thumb twiddling more often than not? Great pictures, would much rather be out there than locked up in this office!
  13. cmayer31

    Lake Elsinore Grand Prix - Nov 6-7, 2010

    Found out kind of late that one of my friends was racing in the money race on Sunday, so we went out to cheer him on. Was a difficult course to spectate, so we hung out near the pits where his wife was. Had a good time and hope the turnout was enough to have the Storm stadium step up and host it again. Too bad they can't run through the town, but still fun being out there hanging out. Anyone from here run on Sat. or Sun.?
  14. cmayer31

    Happy birthday KTM momma

    Happy Birthday!

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