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  1. DSM8

    OEM KTM 950 air filter

    Replied Or if you need anything welded like a skidplate or such can do that for ya as well
  2. DSM8

    OEM KTM 950 air filter

    Hey something I can can really use where are you located and by refreshing beverage do you want Tab or Diet Tab or something else
  3. DSM8

    Garmin zūmo® XT anyone using this?

    Ironically I have one for sale in flea market, if you want to try one out to see if this is the right choice for you that can be arranged, i never got to try one so just bought it and never ended up meeting my needs (were are weird but we dont talk about that).
  4. Bought this a few years ago, keep trying to figure out how to use on again, off again. This GPS just pisses me off and I am done trying to make it work to suit my needs. I hate it. Comes with a powered cradle that has been rewired to accept a standard SAE plug. It uses a Ram mount ball to secure to the bike Comes loaded with topo 24 maps, city etc all are from 2019/2018 if I recall correctly. Unit is in like new condition, put a screen protector on it from day one, in total it maybe has 1 weeks worth of riding on it (all street). I see them being sold used/refurbished on ebay for 350+ Mine comes loaded with the maps, the cradles and is honestly in like new condition. So how does $325 no haggling asking price sound.
  5. Want to see if anyone has a teardrop or similar small scale trailer they might be willing to let me borrow or rent for a long weekend. Wife and I have been talking about one as an option for camping just as a place to sleep instead of the tent. The normal rental places have sold out their inventory due to covid and as of right now dont seem to have plans to start up again any time soon in the SD area. Dont want to rent from a stranger off the internet so thought would ask here, we have no definite dates at this time just putting out feelers. Definitely want a hard sided trailer, did the tent popup etc and they are just too damn noisy in the wind etc at night.
  6. DSM8

    Wanted: KTM valve shims, 10mm

    wee bit of a bitch of a job isnt it? Done it twice now on the 990, both times very time consuming to get it right. BTW HD makes shims that will also work and they come in 1/2 size increments the KTM ones do not.
  7. DSM8

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    Similar issues on the 950/990 the other culprit was the spacer between the slave and the motor would distort over time and could put stress on the shaft that passes thru it. My 990 has one of the first oberons made on it and is going on 13 years. Never an issue. Also I replaced the mineral oil with 2.5wt fork oil.
  8. would this be applicable to the 1290 SAR? Might help to know what bike models those forks come on. I have no clue.
  9. DSM8

    SOLD - 14” Bandsaw

    Its in good company the lathe is from 1936 Lathe
  10. DSM8

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    Have an oberon thats been in my 990 for over 12 years no problems flush the fluid bout once a year
  11. DSM8

    Wanted - 3Phase 1-2HP motor

    yeah I already shopped there and have what I need in the shopping cart but always like to try local (friends) first in case someone has something laying around taking up space make it a win win
  12. since this seems to get so much traction thought I would put out here the search for a 3 phase 220 motor in the 1-2hp range. Anyone have one lying around or such please let me know