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  1. DSM8

    Offline Satellite Maps

    No it does not have satellite maps I don't know of any offline program that does without paying money for it but the offline topo maps should be good enough for what you want your other option is to have offline maps on Google maps but those to might also not give you the satellite view that you're looking for
  2. DSM8

    Offline Satellite Maps

    Locus Maps with brouter for offline maps.
  3. DSM8

    Offline Satellite Maps

    the combination or Locus Maps and Router on an android phone has worked very well for me. Need to know few things like: What OS are you wanting the app to run on Is this going to be a smart phone dedicated to GPS use or used both as a phone and GPS e.g. will it be connected to a cellular network Or are you looking to run something else?
  4. DSM8

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    I can say without a shadow of a doubt they have definitely been experiences... 🤣
  5. Still planning to meet at your place 530 will txt you to confirm today at work is turning into a shitshow....
  6. DSM8

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    Yes I have on more that one occasion.
  7. DSM8

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    Have you met me? Wordsmith I am not
  8. DSM8

    New KTM 350 EXC guy in El Cajon

    Oh and we occasionally do tech days but you can PM if you need help getting suspension dialed or whatnot always in the shop on the weekends (at least one of the days)
  9. DSM8

    New KTM 350 EXC guy in El Cajon

    George has now done 3 of my bikes. The KTM 990 was done by a company called SuperPlush back in 08 when it was new and at the time they were the premier go to place for the bike bikes. I rode it that way for over 12 years then George got his hands on it. Simply put it is a totally different bike, I wish it rode like this when i was 10 years younger would of made me an even better rider. Cant say enough about his work and attention to detail. It may cost more than others but you get EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAY FOR I can not same the same for others I have had do suspension for me on other KTMs. Just my .02
  10. DSM8

    Dainese Body Armor "Safety Jacket"

    I have the same thing been using it for better part of almost 10 years now. Best protection I can think of for upper body And those prices are stupid cheap compared to what it costs new, if you need armor and this fits jump on it
  11. Did the hump ride last night with the Monkeys out of Temecula, was around 150 miles in total for me left the house bout 430 and got home about 10pm. Only one Oh ---- moment when riding the single track along the ridge the 990 stalled right when I crested the top because of a hard right turn. If I failed to make the save the bike would still be down the bottom of the ravine on the right, only way to get that out of there would have been by helicopter. Route Video Don't ask where I went I have no freaking clue but the video should tell you the details if you know the area, which I do not...
  12. DSM8

    They cut off my pants!

    why not hit up any cycle gear you can get their Built line pretty reasonably priced
  13. DSM8

    quick release fuel line?

    You could do it with two disconnects, One on the cross over tube the other before the filter. That way same filter is used for any tank you put on and the removal of the tank with the cross over would be a snap. Also if you get an extra fitting on the outlet side you could disconnect at the filter, plug it in and have easy dispensing of gas for someone if needed. I use motion pro fuel lines the hard purple stuff is a huge PITA to work with. https://www.motionpro.com/c/motion-pro-premium-fuel-line I also use the stainless steel disconnects when I put them on the BMW 1150 GS because of the fuel injection. Carbed bikes can prolly use the plastic ones with little worry and easy enough to carry a spare if needed. https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-Quick-Disconnect-Couplings/dp/B000N5QIE4
  14. Please PM me the details will see depending on the When might be going out to AZ for a last time before it gets to Fing hot ride in the Sawtooth mountains area
  15. Did a quick day ride on most of the more scenic fire roads around Big Bear. Last road down out of the mountains was super rocky glad had full knobbies but still lots of sliding around Video