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  1. DSM8

    Let’s eat, … but where?

    Just came back from there will make sure to tell the locals in my neck of the woods, so if they see you in the area they will know what do.
  2. DSM8

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    jsut keep the half sizes in mind are at your local harley dealers
  3. DSM8

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    On a side note the shims for a harley vrod are the same size but come in 1/2 size increments if needed to get the right clearance.
  4. DSM8

    LC8 Maintenance Day in my garage 26 June

    Heck I could make use of that, need any vstrom parts? where is lakeside? I have my 990 (carbed now) since 07, lost track the # of times I have gone into that motor for one thing or another. Valves are the hardest thing to do on that bike, made the water pump seem easy. I assume you have the locking bolt, if not I can bring one up (Ill have to find it)
  5. we had an agenda and stuck to it, the # miles per day were purely decided upon as we rode, we just enjoyed the pace and stopped when we got tired. Only time we have a destination was the first 2 nights cause we had reservations, after that it was just figured out along the way. Even the long days were easy rides due to the scenery and fact it was all secondary roads.
  6. No you can't borrow it. 🤣
  7. Actually the only planned locations were on the first two nights, Flagstaff and Montrose. Other than that we simple rode till tired and found a place on the road. Very little planning beyond the route we chose and even that changed due to weather and closures in the Rockies. (e.g. riding thru Vail for example) Actually both of the bikes were mine at one point. The AT just lacked what I wanted powerwise in the bike so my buddy bought it knowing the kind of work I put into my bikes. The 1290 was loaded with enough gear for two full weeks. I am just able to pack light after doing it for so many years with the camping gear etc. Everything fit into the saddle bags, top case was just for stuff used while riding during the day, gloves, layers etc.
  8. Took a two week trip covering a bit over 4200 miles, crossed 11 states and did this all in the western part of the US. Below are links to videos by day that show the route we took and pictures along the way. This is the best way to describe the event, some commentary will be added as this goes along. Sal was the other rider that went along with me on this trip, between the two of us we pretty much knew people along the route and were able to find a place to stay when there were no room available due to the holiday weekend. Day 1 - this was just to get the hell out of dodge. We basically got to Flaggstaff,AZ via Prescott. Left early to beat the heat. 345 miles https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-JwmBC2W/A Day 2 - Flaggstaff to Montrose,CO 438 miles Got to meet up with Wayne, long time family friend, for dinner. The sneaky bloke paid for dinner, very unexpected but much appreciated. Ride was very scenic, we were unable to get into Monument Valley since it was closed, so we made do with what we could see from the road. https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-BKNfm42/A Day 3 - Montrose to Vernal Utah 280 miles https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-Pn2gZtk/A Day 4 - Vernal UT to Cody Wy. 388 Miles this is where Sal's sister lives and we spent 2 days here, she was able to get us into the museum and got a private tour of the archives/vault. Saw a lot of very historic and special items while we were down there. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you don't live in Cody, Wy. https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-XNLBLCr/A Day 5 - Cody Wy to Eureka MT (the cabin) 566 miles https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-N368t5k/A Day 6 - Eureka, MT to Okanogan 397 Miles https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-nBhss5t/A Day 7 - Okanogan to Vancouver, WA 401 Miles Stayed with a long time friend in Vancouver. They had a hankering for German food so we went to some Bavarian place for dinner. https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-d3bcV6f/A Day 8 - Vancouver, WA to Crescent City, Ca 367 Miles This is where a mutual friend of Sal and I was working on his new property. We got a tour in the van of roads that basically emulated what you would see on avenue of the giants. It was already getting dark so we drove instead of riding since we were getting dinner afterwards. Very small town. No pictures from the drive unfortunately. https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-KZBg2Wv/A Day 9 - Crescent City, Ca to Red Bluff, Ca 241 Miles This day got cut short, we had a route that was over 120 miles of constant twisty road from the coast to the 5 freeway *(hwy 38). Soon as we crested the mountains we were riding in triple digit heat for the remainder of the route which was bout 70 miles but took a couple hours. Had a brief delay waiting for the construction crew to clear the road from the slide debris. That added an hour to the trip just waiting in the heat. Which sucked. https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-gJ64Ncj/A Day 10 - Red Bluff, Ca to Lone Pine, CA 439 Miles https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-Kn5r8s3/A Day 11 - Lone Pine, CA to Escondido (Last Day) 268 Miles https://dsm8.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Street-Rides/202105-roadtrip/i-4VbWXTt/A
  9. Yeah given the critical nature of the join would not recommend. But knock youself out, if it fails while riding you might actually knock yourself out Sumtin to think about. If you strip it all the way down that kind of repair I can do in a couple hours with the tig welder easy enough
  10. ^^ What he just said that is the proper repair for this kind of a crack in a frame.
  11. Thats a serious enough crack might want to see if you can sleeve the tube (tube inside the frame) or at least get some sort of gusset on there to help reinforce the weld and HAZ (heat affected zone). Tig weld would be the best course of action. Your going to want to remove everything from the surrounding area and all the electronic bits to protect them from the welding current (Batt, CDI and such). what kind of bike it is, cant tell from the pics.
  12. My shock wont fit your bike bummer look for a rear of a first gen dk1k
  13. The 1st dl1k shock is a direct bolt it for the 650 very common mod what year is the bike you have now you didnt give any details give me yhe following year model 650 wire wheels or cast etc does it have abs or just ride the damn thing over to my house already