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  1. DSM8

    Gortex Jacket or Cordura with Rain Suit

    Put simply. Gotex jacket the liner will eventually wear out and be less water proof over time. Requires treament and maint to get the most out of it. One good crash can damage the liner to the point it not longer works as designed and you have $700 jacket that is not what it once was but still good enough to use. I use the revit rain gear, and have it large enough to wear over my riding gear. Packs down to the size of a soda can and also can be put on as a layer when cold out. Cheap to replace and can be repaired with seam tape if needed. Mine has lasted me for thousands of miles of use. I gave up on the gortext and other waterproof jackets, they always ended up being too hot/heavy for many times of the year. Only exception is my Aerostich, I use that to commute to work. Would not want to wear that on a multi day off road ride. My.02 I use this in the oh what the **** is that Yellow XXL size to fit over all my gear and easy to get in and out of
  2. DSM8

    going tubless

    There is a lot of conflicting info on this whole setup. I have heard of failures but between 3 bikes and almost 75K miles of riding no issues with how I do it so...... take what I do with a grain of salt. My plan is just to do it on the rear wheel of the 990, I am running a narrower rear rim than factory, and excel made by woodys in CO. It is just a PITA to do the tube on the rear of the big bike so it makes sense to do it there, I will stick with tubes for the front since I do ride this mostly off road.
  3. I have done this now on several bikes. Africa Twin Sport Stelvio KTM 1290 All have been street bikes, all have done thousands of miles on the conversion, I have decided going to be doing it on the 990. I use the 3M extreme sealing tape in every case. Worth googling if this is something you want to try without spending the money on the tubliss conversion or such.
  4. DSM8

    Free hammock

    I would be interested in the hammok, lmk if still available, and if tom comes down for boots or such can just throw this at him I can always get it from him as well. @Tntmo
  5. DSM8

    Ear Plug Recomendations

    the sample pack is a great idea that was how I found the extra soft ones. https://www.earplugstore.com/unfoamtrialp.html
  6. DSM8

    Ear Plug Recomendations

    They also make extra soft one good for 32db
  7. I have three tanks. The exc tank has it's own seat The Acerbis and Safari use the same seat. Difference is in the spacing and the pan of the exc has a more material and seems to be at a different angle on the front slope vs. the others but it can be make to work, your just deforming the seat pan more than some would like, and dealing with the gap you see in the above pic at the front part of the seat
  8. This guy know his ---- stuff
  9. Check fuel pump filter can be gummed up with fuel residue run through the basics air - filter box is clear and not a mouse nest spark are you getting any fuel pump first lines second injectors 3rd where is bike located?
  10. I see that as a fine option and should be pursued for a number of security ventures.
  11. What’ happened to the first post
  12. DSM8

    An (un)holy union

    It looks like on the 525 they are just slightly recessed in the bottom of the fork, not a whole lot of space but a cover that went over the bottom of the fork would be good enough for protecting it
  13. DSM8

    An (un)holy union

    I will have to take a look at mine I dont know if they are recessed, flush or proud of the tub surface.

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