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  1. DSM8

    Thin out the herd

    so basically rated for about 165lbs if running stock springs, thanks
  2. DSM8

    Thin out the herd

    on the WR when the forks were serviced what weight is it sprung for?
  3. DSM8

    Thousands of Motorcycle Magazines

    Maybe have a Magazine open house. Let people come and sort of garage sale through the collection that way they can be the ones to do the sorting and searching. They take what they take and leave their donation at the same time. What ever is left over is then dealt with accordingly... Just a thought
  4. @padu Can you give more details, where did you get it from etc?
  5. What is it? Details please, another GPS option?
  6. Zubb you of all people know about the need for good gear, Blue Jeans and Fashion footwear while riding in the snow. Come on you know better and she deserves better when it comes to being protected. <steps off soapbox>
  7. I guess the safety yellow rims makes the bike easy to find when upside down in a ditch.....
  8. wait we were not going to feed you, thought you were paying for the pies? 😁
  9. So far I only have a head count of around 8-9 people. If there is enough interest we can either do a collection for pizza delivery (or someone can pick it up) or We send someone out to get some dogs and buns we throw on the grill. I am not going to buy in advance this time since I got stuck with a lot of food last time and I dont want to have to eat hot dogs for a month again....
  10. Buddy is looking for a set of full length size zipper over pants for commuting to work. Waste is 36-38 32-34" inseam Thought would post here to see if someone has something sitting around they have been thinking of parting with. Not looking for adventure type stuff, means to wear it over jeans for the office commute.
  11. so far it looks like we have about 8 people coming (that I can ID).
  12. DSM8

    Why AI is bad

    When did @KTMrad start modeling? <hide>
  13. Never heard it referred to it that way not from around here

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