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  1. Ill be home about 5ish, what time you going thru, anytime after that sure will ride over with you on the 990
  2. I am going to try and make it to this one its so close I have no excuses unless I decide to wash my hair...
  3. DSM8

    Would you like to know how dumb I am?

    I had the exact same experience at home suddenly the clock radio I put my cell phone on made noise, realized it was the phone transmitting. When riding I have everything segregated on the bike, GPS on bars, tracked in backpack, cellphone turned off and in backpack. That solved my problems
  4. part 1 https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/05849401 part 2 https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/05849500 Just get the brass barbed end at HD this would be your cheapest option.
  5. I ordered mine from beemer boneyard almost 10 years ago. The site you see the business card about.
  6. I have a couple of those very ones they are my go to QD fuel couplings I use on all off road vehicles both 2 and 4 wheeled. I like the fact they are not made out of plastic and have a multi year service life with the o-ring being the only real wear part. Wait this is Basgst we are talking about so prolly the spring is a wear part too. 😂
  7. DSM8

    2005 BMW GS 1200

    hey wanna sell a Stelvio for me? ;)
  8. DSM8

    Check your collets on your Baofengs.

    Well yeah ya do I mean look at all the ones you hang out with on this site (note I too am part of that menagerie of peeps)
  9. DSM8

    2005 BMW GS 1200

    Well two out of three aint bad
  10. DSM8

    2005 BMW GS 1200

    Umm a price otherwise I offer $3.99 in cash. Pennies to be exact and not nice clean ones, but the kind you pull out of a gutter or ditch somewhere.
  11. On bikes like the ktms what happened to me was a breakdown of the hose internally and it started to weep along the cords to the ends Under the top rubber layer. dunno why but the silicon replacement never failed like that in my experience
  12. Hoses just fail over time thermostat is more a bike specific thing imho
  13. If you can get the silicon replacement hoses, I used those on bikes with over 100K miles they are the bomb
  14. DSM8

    Exhaust packing-2007 CRF450

    When running in the desert about 100deg or on single track. Pretty typical, will do it while lane splitting if not moving fast enough, these bikes are notorious for this kind of thing, that why i did the ceramic coat on the headers in addition to the insulation on the inside of the tanks behind the pipes. Depending on the material some pipes when wrapped actually get accelerating aging due to the thermal cycling and become brittle. That happened on a few of the early 950's I know of which is why I did not wrap mine and got it coated inside and out instead.
  15. So was it rings or valves other than the picture not details so what are we talking about here?