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  1. Meet at the AM/PM right off the Nordhall ramp on the 78 at 5pm. LMK if that works for you. @Kuge is going to meet met there as well
  2. @Hawkins I am planning to take the little bike for this ride, want to meet up at my place or the gas station off the 78 enroute to Ramona?
  3. All of the relive videos i post here allow users to download the gpx file from the rides open source
  4. Here are two cleaned up files. GPX and GDB the latter of the two has the maps embedded in it (topo 100K) for those with the garmen software Ramona_2_BigBear.gdb Ramona_2_BigBear.gpx
  5. Yeah I opened it there too was trying to get the details of the file how far etc need mapsource for that
  6. is anyone else able to open this file I get an error after downloading and opening in basecamp
  7. Also post up which campground makes a difference to some people
  8. Oh this is well beyond that, I did that first thing when I got home, doubled the dose just to be safe. This is something new. Someone said Murder Hornet...I wonder
  9. Ao follow up on the sting it has grown to proportions like i have never had before this might be a black widow bit which is possible it was in my gear or??? well had to go to er damn big pill they gave me, if necrosis sets in going right back post haste Res circle is bite mark size of pencil tip swelling is fron wrist to middle of form arm, area is very solid and hurts (edema set it)
  10. https://www.relive.cc/view/v1OwQBDz4Xq
  11. Well my ride report is not as fancy as the others. First one to the gas station so waiting for the riders to show up, we all got together and had the quick rider meeting. X is the lead do not pass him Y is the sweep he is always going to be last Faster riders in the front slower in the rear, ride your own pace and don't worry about slowing down the people behind you they will get around you if needed. Following the guy on the big GS he kept looking back all the time and it was affecting his lines so I pulled up next to him and said just keep looking ahead and stop worrying about the sweep. I think it made his ride easier at that point. My excitement took place right when we left the gas station something stung me on the wrist, kept hurting like hell rest of the day. This morning I now have a swollen forearm never had this reaction to any bee or wasp sting so this one is just weird. Headed back to the starting point area for lunch (Mexican place) then split up for the ride home.
  12. Pm me if you have pics ill give u my cell to send them over to add to my ride video
  13. if you really want to find the leak spray everything down with a good degreaser and get it nice and dry. Ad some UV die to your oil and it will show exactly where it is coming from under a UV lamp. The kits can be had for pretty cheap. That's IF you want to find the oil leak. I just cover mine up with dirt....

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