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  1. DSM8

    Cmbthumper 08' KTM 950 SE

    WOW that is huge on the mains. I run 145 F 150 R stock airbox with Uni pre filter and FMF Q's Even with the open intake you have the 2/1 restricts the exhaust so you HAVE to be running super rich. Are the carbs still out of the bike if so give me a call or PM me a number (dunno if you have mine or not)
  2. DSM8

    Cmbthumper 08' KTM 950 SE

    What jetting are you going with rear tends to be richer than front
  3. DSM8

    Cmbthumper 08' KTM 950 SE

    So whats the status on this project?
  4. To clarify based on where and how the metal was spliting the base material was under sized for the application upgrade was the right choice
  5. DSM8

    Phone based offline navigation

    You can also run tue free version GAIA. And there are a few others that work as well but subscribe to one gets you all the features some have a one time fee
  6. I have been wearing this type of armor for years when in Death Valley and other very hot areas with a light colored jersery thrown over the top. That combination have been very good for me riding in up to 117 degrees in Death Valley (that was not a planned ride btw). The trick is NOT to only wear the black armor, but another silver or white mesh layer over that to prevent heat soak from the sun, the wind basically passes right through the armor and whatnot. It works, my problem is finding a new one to replace my current dianese that i have had for almost 8 years now.
  7. I hope you talked with George at Suspension101 @Suspenders is his username here if not do so before you make any decisions to describe his work in a word transformational
  8. @J5ive a drz400 is the exact same thing dime a dozen get anything built after 2004 most like an S model in Ca so it can be street registered Great for a bike that can do freeway speeds (65) and not blow up but have enough grunt to get up most anything. I put 12K miles on mine before I finally sold it. Many advantages and if it fits your frame a very good choice. Example of one that is basically set up for trail riding, little pricy for the mileage. https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/2009-drz-400-suzuki.1601305/
  9. 525 dead 990 no start rode out on 1290 to at least get some miles in then went home and still cant figure out wtf is going on with the 525 Gonna sideline it for two weeks
  10. Your just a pain in the ass thats all ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. I think the 2 bike color rating idea works green yellow black This rating system might simplify it and most people know it from hiking trails and skiing and black could be 1-3 Diamond difficulty
  12. Please I watch you get dizzy reading the Sunday comicโ€™s
  13. A possible maybe on the 990 have to see what happens on Saturday. Location of meetup: Dunkin 1410 Main St, Ramona, CA 92065
  14. two categories ADV BIKE Dual Sport (dirt bike lumps into Dual Sport) This way anything that is low scale on Dual Sport would be easier on dirt bike Since most people are within these two groups it simplifies the message. Specific rides for small bikes can just add more detail like this ride is REALLY oriented to small bike due to deep sand and rock ledges so anything over a 650 would be really hard. Something like that?
  15. DSM8


    @Zubb if we go the wood scale you know the Balsa jokes are gonna fly...you have been warned... @350thumper can you post some route or such none of these areas may be familiar to many people here

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