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  1. DSM8

    SOLD - 14” Bandsaw

    Its in good company the lathe is from 1936 Lathe
  2. DSM8

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    Have an oberon thats been in my 990 for over 12 years no problems flush the fluid bout once a year
  3. DSM8

    Wanted - 3Phase 1-2HP motor

    yeah I already shopped there and have what I need in the shopping cart but always like to try local (friends) first in case someone has something laying around taking up space make it a win win
  4. since this seems to get so much traction thought I would put out here the search for a 3 phase 220 motor in the 1-2hp range. Anyone have one lying around or such please let me know
  5. Yup but since the site changed owners flea market is more a scam these days
  6. I really hate dealing with people selling a bike
  7. So i got a preliminary trade in offer of 2500 from dealer will let bike go here for same amount if anyone is interested bike goes away next Saturday
  8. DSM8

    Electrician needed

    Its already been rewired to work with single phase I just want an expert to look at it before i put power to it
  9. DSM8

    Electrician needed

    Specifically I am restoring a 1936 lathe and the motor appears to be 220 3 phase but has been wired for 220 single phase I don’t know jack ---- about wiring and if I do it myself I will either set myself on fire blow up my house or caused the rotation of the earth to change directions is there anyone on this forum that knows enough about electrical wiring and electrical motors that I could con you to come over and take a look and give me some idea what the hell is going on with this
  10. DSM8

    Paul aka Shooby

    Next tech day might be more interesting I am adding to the workshop inventory. details later
  11. We will be in the truck so ready to run over stuff if needed, I don’t expect to be leading the pack in this thing