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  1. It is up there with stuff like AmsOil and such. I have run it in the past, but use AmsOil exclusively after having two cases of water pump failures in KTM 950's dumping coolant into the oil and it not turning into a milkshake. Happened to me in the bay area, rode back to LA, adding nearly 4 liters of water to the coolant on the trip home, the oil was able to burn off the water instead of turning into a milk shake. That's why I became a dealer to get it at cost for myself and members of this forum.
  2. DSM8

    Upcoming First Aid Class

    If the camper project is done and no other option welcome to use the shop space later in year is better timing wise fyi
  3. DSM8

    04-06 KTM exc owners

    So it is not the emissions sticker you need, then I am a little confused what this sticker is that's damaged. Typically the emissions is all they want to see if it can be plated, that and the vin# determine if green/red/plateable
  4. DSM8

    PC problem, can someone help?

    if that drive has valuable stuff on it your continued trying might cause irreparable data loss.
  5. DSM8

    PC problem, can someone help?

    This ever get resolved?
  6. DSM8

    04-06 KTM exc owners

  7. When you gonna bring that by to show it? also got new toy in shop 🤷‍♂️
  8. just looked and do not see it Where and when for meeting place
  9. DSM8

    SOLD - Scott's damper

    you can drop it off at my place as well if needed he might stop by on Tuesday.
  10. DSM8

    New (old) trailer fix

  11. DSM8

    New (old) trailer fix

    ooo that is gonna be expensive, might be worth looking for a new motor that runs vs full rebuild, if you dig into it make sure to check for crankshaft spreading.
  12. you're just gonna piss of everyone at camp when you come riding in after dark with that thing..... 😂
  13. had one of those converted to HID, Was the hand of god at night.....
  14. DSM8

    PC problem, can someone help?

    Ahh if it comes to it I do have a friend that specializes in recovery of data from hard drives, he is in N Az but lmk if it becomes that level of bad. At least there is a resource that might be able to help worse case, beyond that I am not much help.....

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