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  1. All the stuff has found new homes. Mic drop
  2. Its not a bother when it takes 5 minutes of my time to save you hours of frustration and lost entertainment for us
  3. Wish I had seen this could of tig welded an aluminum bar to that nut for leverage and gotten it off real quick for ya, and I'm nearby too oh well the Kug method always works too
  4. DSM8

    2011 KTM 990 *Withdrawn from sale*

    Maybe i missed it but why are you selling it?
  5. And very very disturbing
  6. What happened you made me promise to hold them for you something about hallowheeeen
  7. Bumping this once more before just doing a mass gear dump elsewhere want to give sdar first shot before anyone else one last time
  8. Thank you for the info turns out i have friends affected by the fire in la so looks like im out for this weekend staying on standby for them
  9. DSM8

    Just bought a plated xr650r

    You know how to tig or looking to have it tiged?
  10. Can you post an address since I have no clue where any of these places your talking about meeting are
  11. Everything is gone thanks for playing
  12. Something to be careful of is the subframe material make sure it is stout enough to support the racks and load you plannto put on it I did something similar for a dr650 just ended up fabbingna custom rack they were riding two up to tip of SA and had huge bags with them only had few hrs to replace what the guy originally built and that didnt even make it from SF to LA
  13. You really need to txt me i am off for two more weeks but having drywall put up due to water leak this week
  14. DSM8

    Tire air thread !

    Physics not math much much harder what your looking is the mole weight of each gas (molecules OD) against one another. Actually its the molecule thats why they use nitrogen for tires bigger molecule. Quickly comparing collision* v kinetic** diameter (in Å) for the molecules of atmospheric gases of interest to paleo-climatologists, N2 (3.8 v 3.6), O2 (3.5 v 3.5), Ne (2.8 v 2., CO2 (3.9 v 3.3), CO (3.7 v 3., CH4 (3.8 v 3. Ar (3.5 v 3.4), He (2.6 v 2.6), Kr (3.7 v 3.6), Xe (4.0 v 4.0)