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  1. DSM8

    They cut off my pants!

    why not hit up any cycle gear you can get their Built line pretty reasonably priced
  2. Did a quick day ride on most of the more scenic fire roads around Big Bear. Last road down out of the mountains was super rocky glad had full knobbies but still lots of sliding around Video
  3. DSM8

    quick release fuel line?

    You could do it with two disconnects, One on the cross over tube the other before the filter. That way same filter is used for any tank you put on and the removal of the tank with the cross over would be a snap. Also if you get an extra fitting on the outlet side you could disconnect at the filter, plug it in and have easy dispensing of gas for someone if needed. I use motion pro fuel lines the hard purple stuff is a huge PITA to work with. https://www.motionpro.com/c/motion-pro-premium-fuel-line I also use the stainless steel disconnects when I put them on the BMW 1150 GS because of the fuel injection. Carbed bikes can prolly use the plastic ones with little worry and easy enough to carry a spare if needed. https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-Quick-Disconnect-Couplings/dp/B000N5QIE4
  4. Please PM me the details will see depending on the When might be going out to AZ for a last time before it gets to Fing hot ride in the Sawtooth mountains area
  5. DSM8

    Truck tires

    Is there anyone here that gets discounted pricing on tires? used to have a contact but they have since retired
  6. Yes start at 800 will take all day
  7. DSM8

    Rent a room

    Does anyone have a possible room to rent, female professional working in Carlsbad so looking for something within the Escondido or reasonable close proximity.
  8. MIght drag the wife out on this one if she is willing can you please provide a address and time for the meeting place?
  9. Want to get the AT out for the first time in weeks have not ridden it since redoing the front suspension. Street tires so no dirt for this ride looking for some peeps that might want to get out as well, wife wants to sleep in that day which is no bueno for me (I don't sleep in) 🙉
  10. Honestly I have no idea since typical would be mnts and big bear for me so i am totally open to suggestions that to involve riding along the boarder fence or miles of freeway if avoidable what are your thoughts?
  11. DSM8

    Dr650 tank

    Looking to see if anyone has an aftermarket tank laying around for a dr650 2017 model year if that makes any difference
  12. DSM8

    Dr650 tank

    Found a tank basically brand new condition with petcock so next weekend will be putting together a DR650 for a new rider. Garage day!!
  13. That does not help me on Sunday now does it 😉 lol
  14. DSM8

    Dr650 tank

    Yeah saw a few of those CL is a last resort thought would try here first before going shark fishing...
  15. DSM8

    BaseCamp + Satellite Imagery?

    https://mapstogpx.com/ your welcome, and it works
  16. DSM8

    Have to Share for All You Pet Owners

    I am shocked to hear this but really glad he got the treatment so quickly that was needed.
  17. DSM8

    RV hitch/bike mount recommendation.

    Ive got one sitting at the house yours for the taking pm me
  18. DSM8

    Phone based gps help!

    If you saw the design of that case/holder it would move pretty quickly under impact, it is not that sturdy but more than enough to hold a phone. We tested one thru Baja and Death Valley with drops. It held up. I always have my phone low on the bars in the event of a crash it is not in my flight path. Like I said I looked and invested in a number of options and out of all that is best bang for the buck by design, the one I got with the charger despite the price is the ultimate in usability and compatibility phone wise. It works both with the Iphone 8+ and my Kyocera.
  19. DSM8

    Phone based gps help!

    yes the oring is just an additional safety measure you can use to keep it in place
  20. DSM8

    Phone based gps help!

    I have one of each size and since going to the Hondo mount will not be using either one of them. That said if someone wants to try them out you are welcome to come by and pick it up, they do work well Dan Diego used his off road thru baja with the Kyocera fone and had no issues, but you should use an oring at the top to help secure it in place. PM me if interested, not for sale, and no I won't ship you will have to come, knock on my door, wait at the curb while I place it on the bench and walk up the driveway to pick up. Social distancing and all.. 😁