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  1. thanks for posting this, Dan! We still need to go fishing!
  2. Bodie

    Spring Cleaning

    Dan, I will take the longer of the two ramps and a couple of ratchet straps please. Thanks!
  3. Sorry Fargoin, I don’t know what the moto gate is. I had just pulled up and two rangers arrived. I spoke with one of them and he advised that it was closed for riding and they were about to close the gate.
  4. Bodie

    COVID - Picture Contest

    That kind of talent can’t be taught, Simicrintz. You either have it or you don’t. This was on a shakedown cruise just after a full upgrade by Suspension 101. George can fix any suspension problem but he can’t fix stupidity!
  5. Gate to Pine Valley cul de sac closed as of 915 am
  6. So if I’m reading this correctly, the only place to ride off road is AB? We can still ride there right? I was going to hit Corral tomorrow morning but that looks like a no go...
  7. Now they are calling for high winds on Wednesday. A bit too nautical for my taste. I’m going to go on Friday instead if anyone is interested...
  8. Any interest in cruising around Corral Canyon on Wednesday? KSU at 9. I will be on my WR250R. Tentative plan is Skye Valley-Corte Madera-Espinosa although I am up for whatever. Nothing too crazy, just want to get out in the dirt for a few hours- would consider myself an intermediate rider. Dan