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  1. When is she coming in?
  2. ADV Bum

    SDAR Padres 4-19

    I have 8 tickets to the Padres 4-19. These are front row with aisle as well as 2 in row behind with aisle seats. From the padres these are $60 +. I want to sell them to Dualsport folks at $40 and I will donate half to the SDAR site.
  3. ADV Bum

    Padres tickets

    They get a little chapped when I sit in the dugout!
  4. ADV Bum

    Padres tickets

    I wanted to put this out there for SDAR members. My family has up to 8 season tickets for the padres. If interested in going to a game please let me know.
  5. I wanted to post this as many people use their phones to visit the site so they do not get the whole experience of the website. We have added a featured members photo window at the top of the site. Photos of members rides with links to their write ups will rotate in the window. We have also added a weather update that will alternate in that same window. We are working on something (like a tab) that can be put into members posts so that I can know if the original poster is comfortable with me sharing it with other social media. This is a public forum and people can see anything posted, but I do understand that we are more than social media and that some people like the club atmosphere more than having things posted on other social media outlets. This tab will also help us search photos to be shared in featured windows. More info will be sent when we finalize the process. Finally we are reworking the Home Page. It is being completely revamped and we are trying to bring in some social media windows so that events/ rides / photos can be shared on it as well. I hope everyone enjoy's the upgrades. Thank you
  6. ADV Bum

    Coral Canyon / Campo?

    Are you really not doing this ride? Did you not have people respond to your meet up and departure time? I did read through the FB and it did take a turn and was hard to figure what the ride was. People do not like to be censored, but maybe we should stop ride hijacking on FB as well as we do here?
  7. I am sure I have a tire floating around with better tread than that if you are interested.
  8. ADV Bum

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you all are getting to enjoy and appreciate all that you work for with friends and family.
  9. Your politics stay in your house! Bashing your fellow riders on this site does not go. Please tone down the hostility.
  10. Here is a discount code that Giantloop has given to us. The coupon code is SDAR15 on our site. It will get your member 15% off Giant Loop products(except Gas Bags and Events). Right now we are offering free shipping on every order so you’ll save even more. I would urge you to check out our new product like the Buckin’ Roll tank bag and Pronghorn straps and most popular ones like our Handlebar Bag, lift strap, and Mojavi saddlebags.
  11. I am interested in going. I have to dance around my son playing football in college. I will be watching to see if the two do not interfere with each other.
  12. ADV Bum

    [RIDE] 17th Annual SDAR Desert Dash

    Please come out and join us for our 17th Annual Dualsport ride that takes you through Anza Borrego and Ocotillo Wells. We are staging at a new RV park this year. We have also added an alternate route so that people who do not feel comfortable with the "Squeeze" and " Heart Attack Hill" can circumvent those obstacles. https://dualsport-sd.com/DesertDash2020.pdf
  13. ADV Bum

    Looking for Help with SDAR Website

    I want to say thank you to those who are volunteering to help with the site. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again!
  14. ADV Bum

    Posting rides

    x2 Post what type of ride- Location, Percentage of street vs dirt, Skill level and type of trails - single track or truck trails.
  15. ADV Bum

    Happy Fathers day

    Happy Fathers day! I hope you get to enjoy the day.
  16. ADV Bum

    Need help loading moving truck 06/22

    I am out of town or I would be there. Good luck with the move and I hope it all works out.
  17. ADV Bum

    NEW RULE - Please NO MEMES or GIF's

    Interesting how it is OK for you to throw jabs at people.
  18. ADV Bum

    Memorial Day 2022

    Thank you to all who have served and are serving this great country. Thank you and condolences to those families that have lost anyone while serving this great country. I hope people will remember and appreciate all that has been sacrificed to create the best country in the world. Please take the time to enjoy your friends and family.
  19. Great that you guys helped. What was the original issue that blocked the road?
  20. it was a good event! Thanks to all who helped pull it together and execute the day of. It was nice meeting so many riders and put faces with names. I only have some pics of the destnation to share.
  21. ADV Bum

    Anyone Want to Be On KUSI TV This Sunday ?

    Randy, I would be there if I could but sorry I cannot make it. I hope you have a good turnout with a good variety of bikes.
  22. ADV Bum

    Merry Christmas, SDAR folks!

    +1 Merry Christmas!
  23. ADV Bum

    Deleted Post Today & Brand Bashing

    I also deleted a post today regarding closing the border and covid. It does help when something gets reported.
  24. ADV Bum

    Sunset meet and greet Wed Oct 6 - Canceled

    I am canceling this. No takers at this point, so I will make it a work day. I will do it again in the future.
  25. Throwing this out there to see who would be interested. Just a meet up to watch the sunset and drink a few beers in NCounty Carlsbad. This would be at my timeshare-resort above the flower fields in Carlsbad. I have this night off and just want to drink a few and relax. I figured there are like people here and we can have the opportunity to meet some others in the club. People can have a nice beach cruise on the way or after. I can have a limited amount of people so I would need to know who would be interested. Byob!

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