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  1. ADV Bum

    RIP Schwinn

    BBQ, Frosty Beer and a cold Ne-Mo's. Replaying the Dash's and good times with Steve.
  2. ADV Bum

    RIP Schwinn

    Damn it! Very sad to hear he lost the battle. Yes, Schwinn will be missed. I will have to take the kids out and get some Nemo's cakes for dessert. Condolences to his family. If anyone knows of the funeral plans please post up or let me know. RIP Schwinn!
  3. ADV Bum

    Baja no pinch

    I agree with Paul. I may try to contact original maker and see if they are still in business.
  4. ADV Bum

    Moto Forza Social Event

  5. Thanks Mikki and welcome to the group. I did hear from many that this might of been their best weekend riding in the desert. As Mikki stated, he turned in a fender bag with tools. If this is belongs to you then please message me.
  6. Sorry for delay. I got home with not Internet. New lines being installed due to development across the street. Huge thanks to all our volunteers. Sweep teams, Support Vehicles and camp volunteers did a great job. Pre registration was really light, probably due to weather concerns, but lots of walk ins. Conditions turned out to be FANTASTIC! Food was amazing. Our sponsors gave us great support providing us with nice raffle prizes. Escondido BMW, Moto Forza, San Diego BMW, Veys Powersports, Motoworld of El Cajon, GP motorcycles, Temecula Motorsports, Rocky Mountain ATV, Cycle Gear, Escondido Cycle Center and Top Value Tire. People who decided not to show really did miss out. Everyone I talked to said the conditions made for the best riding they had done in the desert ever. They experienced light snow to amazing sand conditions. I myself was very jealous as I was driving my truck down fish creek. Thank you to all my volunteers and to all who participated. The businesses I visited commented that it must of been Dualsport day. They commented on how great the Dualsport people are I really hope to see everyone next year as we plan to dial it up and make more improvements. Thanks again.
  7. https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24851-moto-forza-triumph-unveiling-sat-feb-23/ https://t.e2ma.net/click/b4sktb/f7tm3n/fvsh1u
  8. https://t.e2ma.net/click/b4sktb/f7tm3n/fvsh1u
  9. More than welcome to show up FRI evening. I feel that many people were holding off to see what the weather was going to do. I have ordered plenty of extra just in case we get slammed with walk ups. Thanks for coming out!
  10. It should not impact the ride on Sat. Should be sunny Fri, Sat and Sun. I can only imagine that IF there is snow on WED/ Thurs morning it will be gone on FRI. I try not to go through Julian. I go out the 79 to the S2 as it is an easier route with the toyhauler.
  11. Mike, if you are taking shirt orders for the volunteers, my crew needs 2 large LS, 1 large SS and 1 medium LS.




  12. ADV Bum

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    Huge thanks to Huntndogs, his wife and the instructor Phil. Huntndogs and his wife for doing so much in hosting this event and making it so nice. Phil did a great job as the instructor and I learned a lot. Thank you to the volunteers who showed up. Knowing most of our crew is certified and up to date with basic cpr/ first aid is a good feeling. Phil told me that our group was a great group and really paid attention. Even my son who bitched and moaned because I "Made Him" go was happy he went and thanked me for taking him. We even made his Basketball tryouts after. We will try to do this as an annual event. Thanks again to everyone!
  13. http://www.roadrunner.travel/2019/02/08/motorcycling-makes-you-happier-healthier-and-smarter/0r5a0019/
  14. ADV Bum

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    To make it easy I will write the instructor a check. Those who need to pay can pay me. Address of the event is given in the confirmation registration.
  15. ADV Bum

    SD BMW Adventure Bike Night

    FEB27 ADVENTURE Bike Night Public · Hosted by Torque Moto Cafe InterestedGoing Share clock Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 5 PM – 8 PM pin Torque Moto Cafe 3604 30th Street, San Diego, California 92104