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  1. Bp619

    Fire in Japatul / Alpine area.

    Horrible to hear definitely able to help with recovery,
  2. Thanks for update was planning on doing early Sunday am shake down at corral canyon
  3. Only if u stay within half mile of camp, been out there all time when crowded and never see a sole
  4. Bp619

    How to bleed brakes on a Dirt Bike

    Back bleed is my go to
  5. Ride from pio pico, amphitheater is all " shut down" unless you get creative
  6. Agreed no ease access from the west anymore. Rick need a good weekend early am rips again when cools down.
  7. Can't go but feel you on decisions,300 vs 450
  8. Did you show her your sweet pivot 180 turns
  9. Don't tell @tntmo that he rides a supermoto up there and a Chinese scooter on slicks. And still has a smile on his face
  10. Piutes are calling for the fall John let's do it
  11. Good read I remember maybe 7 years ago first bike I had was a drz400 and someone on advrider said to run 28psi f+r so I did it for 1 year. Wow my next bike was a 300 ktm and owner said run 10psi front and rear what a difference so much traction I looped bike twice and sold it scared ---- out of me. Man that red pv spring for a newbie on a 300 is life changing