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  1. Bp619

    Picked up a new leftover 19 CRF450L

    I made switch to plastic and haven't looked back but having said that not all plastic is created equal looks like axp is available for the crf they are bulletproof
  2. Kato chill out, hey let's braap, got a Baja adventure perfect for you in the fall planned hit me up if u want in
  3. Dunno what day u mean but here's a Saturday ride
  4. sent you email in response to a pm i sent you and randy couple weeks ago and got no response
  5. did you guys try tapiado or seco del diablo> trying to get to diablo drop off will be there tomorrow am
  6. After that 1st time on track ever, I realized I better stick to rocks and technical
  7. 950super Enduro at 212 land
  8. they work good what ive used for 2.5 yrs now
  9. Bp619

    Hand guards

    Pm sent
  10. Bp619

    Hand guards

    Assuming you mean flag style and not full wrap? Don't think I have any left I'll check
  11. Bp619

    Tip of the hat to O'REILLY auto parts

    Wow I'm surprised they installed the cabin filter, I worked at pepboys for 2 years during high school and it was policy to install wipers. Hated last minute customers who all of a sudden needed wipers during a downpour
  12. Agreed the only time in last 5 years I didn't wear braces of guards for knees I blew up my quadriceps tendons in inspiration wash from handle bar impact couldn't walk for 6 weeks now wear full braces every ride even dual sport stuff
  13. Bp619

    Dual sporting on Goldwings

    That's crazy that mud was no joke people getting stuck in the parking lot