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  1. Have fun bummed cant make it on kid duty sunday
  2. View from my back yard last night of jamul getting dumped on
  3. Bp619

    Changing a tire

    Whats does the plate mean. "Dadsbe4"
  4. Bp619

    Changing a tire

    Small bites and sink the bead when you got like 3/4 of the 2nd bead on. Also some sort of lube helps
  5. Bp619

    Bought a new (to me) KTM from a sketchy dude...

    Weird a 13 450xcw shouldnt be able to do a direct transfer to California plates. For the pump yes its in the tank, aftermarket tanks require different fittings than stock if you want to constantly swap from small to big tank i would do another pump and get fitting for quick disconnect so would be a 2minute sway or just buy the 3.1 gallon size and leave it
  6. Humm ive been thinking about doing some 2 smoker exploring out there!! Quick drive from my house getting burnt driving to mccain every week
  7. I have 4 ktms but why do i still want a tw200 in the stable!!
  8. Ohh is someone testing new suspension settings, i saw your bike there other day with george. Watch out for a couple of us heading back by time your getting started
  9. Bp619

    New member-N. San Diego

    Yeah dont overthink the overnight camping, im way overdue for 1 or 2 night camping trip. Post up a upcoming ride even if you dont know where to just available dates and enough of us will chime in. I have all my tools, tube and camping stuff in a 40litre saddlebag pretty small but have learned to not cook off bike, eat when i stop for gas, and only bring tent when rainy conditions. Best purchases are sleeping bag and pad
  10. Bp619

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    I typically run 28psi front and rear and dont air down for dirt
  11. Bp619

    Oh no, a big bike tire thread

    I just out the rear 723 on 950 havent ridden it yet though. Watch out for fattys on 950se will hit the oil tank on compression. I like the pirelli scorpion rally front
  12. Bp619

    Remembering Afry (Arnie Fry)

    Seems like a well sorted bike and yes george did do the forks and shock i remember the bike in his "shop" and couple months later he did my 950se exact specs as arnies. I bet just carb needs cleaning, also i had to balance the carbs on mine, made a diy vacuum tester with vacuum hose and mason jars worked great, ran alot smoother after
  13. Bp619

    Mosko Saddle Bags

    I have the 40s located in la mesa
  14. Bp619

    Remembering Afry (Arnie Fry)

    So rad but so sad, welcome to the club