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  1. Front and rear set came off a 690 I purchased and not aggressive enough for me has couple hundred miles on them still 90%+ left 90/90-21 140/80-18 Make an offer don't feel like dealing with marketplace or Craigslist
  2. https://aomc.mx/SS-D1-0019.html Specs in link on fitment For free pickup in la mesa Pm for address
  3. I remember an ad about a month or so ago of a collision damaged KTM 690 for sale Did it already sell? I can't find ad anymore under search Possibly in market for KTM 690 enduro if that one sold and anyone has one
  4. Bp619

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    I've Carried fuel in msr bladders dozens of times zero issues besides you can smell the gas so don't put into a backpack Just did 3 Days in az on rzrs with the giantloop 3 gallon bladder worked well
  5. Done it multiple times if you know the right trail it's not bad but it's a one way. 100% illegal and I have been stopped by a ranger before there so don't do it it's heavily patrolled especially in a certain mating season
  6. Bp619

    Knee braces or guards?

    Mobius are too bulky and the hinge pivot after 2 years started to wear out. Been clunking for last year. Choose asterisk just to try out I like the way it forms around leg and cause already know couple people with pods
  7. Bp619

    Knee braces or guards?

    I'm getting the same done in 2 weeks been with my orthopedic surgeon appt. Been using Mobius x8 for last 3 year but they are destroyed now. Either gonna get custom fitted for some cto braces or go with asterisk 4.0 off the shelf. Couple buddy's have the leatt I would skip and do pods or Mobius instead
  8. Did it last year was epic conditions zero dust or bottlenecks but was a little short for us only took couple hours
  9. Bp619

    KTM Freeride E Moto

    They can't and sorry he already has a built jk crawler
  10. Bp619

    KTM Freeride E Moto

    Buddy has one for sale locally, cool bike especially if you have property https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/581588226739730/
  11. Bp619

    I need a truck.

    I just sold my ram ecodiesel worst vehicle I have ever owned had $28k in warranty work plus all the recalls done to it before I sold. New f150 are awesome I went with f250 diesel for towing reason
  12. Bp619

    McCain trail system and map

    Yeah maps are worthless there just get lost and use the windmills to get you back to truck hard to get lost there it's like a big rectangle with a road or fence on east and west
  13. So stoked excited to get a 60mile range trail bike soon
  14. Bp619

    Cabin Fever

    Wow sounds awesome
  15. Bummer can't make it, need to get up there again in spring

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