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  1. Bp619

    Padres - 5-22 - Wed tickets

    I'll take 2 of then mike
  2. Bp619

    Tecate Ride?

    Yeah think u better dual sport adventure ride around san diego first, Baja roads are not maintained at all and everything not a graded payed toll road is tore up, especially anything dirt after this year's rains
  3. Bp619

    Tecate Ride?

    FYI canyon and mountains have bumpy roads and washboards, it's not in your criteria
  4. Bp619

    Tecate Ride?

    I'm in I was actually talking to a buddy on a 950se and we're gonna dual sport to Puerto Nuevo in next Month or so
  5. Bp619

    Tecate Ride?

    Will be in hills south east of tecate Sunday doing some super gnar stuff, sorry no light dual sport this time. Definitely agree with oracle keep chiming in and look up the lobster ride tracks from like 2 years fun little loop
  6. Bp619

    Current Issues with Site - 5/15/19

    Is this in reference to the error 500 or 505 I was getting?
  7. I don't see his post as a complaint more of an inquiry about the reasoning for a need for contribution since there are free sources. I do agree though with above we'll worth the $20 if you choose to for the benefits I've used and seen
  8. Sold my tig welder sorry Robert, try a radiator repair shop should be quick and cheap
  9. Bp619

    Anyone know how to scale a business?

    Umm interesting position your in Bruce, sounds like at a major pivoting point but don't know the final direction or which road to take at an unseen crossroads. Text or call me if your interested in another partner who can help with southern county day to day along with personal financial backing
  10. Bp619

    Thinking maybe...

    Vfr800!! Bought mine a 08 model in 2012 put 30k miles on it sold in late 2015 for $300 less
  11. Bp619

    braided brake lines local source?

    Yup my experience almost every time used them monthly for years
  12. Bp619

    KTM 1090 Seat

    Yeah bummer about lead time, I miss the days when they were in Hemet and I could ride dual sport up leave bike grab lunch and boom seat installed for cheap cash. Humm maybe a dual sport ride to Idaho is in order
  13. Perfect timing when u texted me this, had an hour to kill while daughter was in class. Love grants commentary on trails,been on some of them so could relate
  14. Bp619

    braided brake lines local source?

    Industrial Rubber Supply 1099 Cuyamaca St, El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 258-8170 https://maps.app.goo.gl/EFCmN4gnGyuQ3iHY8
  15. Bp619

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Humm don't think I can swing a big bike ride on only day available for me Sunday, mother's day. But see ya tomorrow in bb