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  1. Yeah I've done the same think in that area preride seen stuff I wanted to try then got there in person and was amazed at the steepness.
  2. Bp619

    Honda Goldwing Rental

    I won't how many Honda trail bikes does it take to fill the spot of one gold wing sq ft wise
  3. Bp619

    If a fella wanted to buy some land.....

    I'll beat Tom and only take one knee cap for a personal loan, bidding is in
  4. Bp619

    Tire air thread !

    Yup I use a power tank branded one for co2 and when fill up the bikes or trucks definitely have to refill with air when u get home. Fyi bonus of co2 tank makes an awesome air source for a 18gauge trim nailer around the house think I've used mine more for that than vehicles
  5. Bp619

    If a fella wanted to buy some land.....

    I looked into this also out near jacumba and easiest for our situation was to do home equity loan but ultimately decided not too. Our bank was very hesitant to lend on land and didn't want to take out of solid investment accounts to pay cash.
  6. Such a shame, yeah buddies boss lives in Puerto neuvo and said alot of single track getting blocked coming from the east
  7. Sorry wifey doesn't approve of carseats attached to my 950se
  8. Guys join in on this one, fun route. Big bike doable with skills. I already have plans this weekend or would totally be in
  9. Hopefully McCain gets more, be nuts to dust cobwebs off the 300 for weekend
  10. Bp619

    New DOT tire from Rocky Mountain

    Look super agressive for adventure I look, match up well to the 950se other options $110 + and only get 1500 miles out of any rear, hopefully come with a 140 rear, 130s are right. I have a feeling a big bike adventure will be out very soon if not week or two
  11. I bet will be nuts up there, was there 3 weeks ago campground full but once you got 5 miles down trail and on black diamonds no one. Fyi trails are pretty beat up withing a mile or two of camp and there's a big fire north of there that I guess is covering area in smoke
  12. Bp619

    Tire suggestions

    Maybe that's a way of saying would it be easier to use search button and find the other 10 preferred desert tire threads rather than starting a new one
  13. Bp619

    Tire suggestions

    Kenda Parker dt if you want dot or if you don't care about dot maxxis desert it, front tire always use golden 216 fatty