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  1. Cool trip grandpa, check out blais racing ecu reflash for the 350. My 450xcf runs perfect with it and cheap option
  2. Bp619

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    I use oxyclean powder and works great but has to be hot water, any bit of cold doesn't do it
  3. Text sent, lost number in new phone. Direct message sent
  4. Bp619

    What size tank?

    Doubt he will ride that on a xt600 should weigh close to 350-400lbs. Do agree depends on what you will use it for. Only 950se stock tank good for 100 miles if I'm lucky other option is 8 gallon safari which I have and good for 200+ but don't use since I don't rode bike that long without fuel
  5. Bp619

    Bridgestone Battlecross E50

    Yup my shinko fatty has 1/3 of side knobs ripped off at 45 hrs but tread still 70% left. But so cheap with mousse almost worth it to relube and stuff with new tire than put on a more $$ golden and reuse
  6. Bp619

    Fire roads in jamul

    Anyone know of fire roads In jamul. I guess steele canyon golf course is doing fireworks on the 3rd trying to find spot with good views.
  7. Bp619

    Bridgestone Battlecross E50

    Looks good more of sand tire tread with wide gaps than dual sport thought wouldn't mind trying, I need a new one for my 450 dual sport.
  8. Bp619

    Riding In Sand

    Pointer is buy orange and be done with it
  9. Bp619

    Welp...that didn't take long...

    Only brembo fan boy now, 15 te310 and 2011 te630 both had magura and clutch and brakes both had problems, all 7 ktms I've had have had zero issues with brembo
  10. Bp619

    New SDAR shirt - Looking for quick input

    Looks good is that the front or back?
  11. Bp619

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    Randy when the farkled one comes up for sale forward listing to here please
  12. Tex were you on your 300? I was at a bday party for one of kids at my daughter's daycare on Saturday and another dad has seen me pull up at her school with bikes in back and talked to me about big bear run, he's done it 3 times bailed all times at 150ish miles and said f that never attempting again. We both laughed and finished our beers.
  13. Share email I'll email tracks also, probably similar to oracles but been day drinking so don't have patience to read his full description
  14. Bp619

    Offroad Birthday Cake

    Pretty cool happy bday kenny