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  1. Dont think so, was at ocotillo wells over weekend with group of 8 kids and then must have grabbed and held dozens of them with no bites
  2. Kenny u can borrow my 950 super enduro and roost George.
  3. Haha yup, i was at blakes compound over the weekend and saw tons of people 15feet off road taking selfies with flowers and had tons of incomings with butterflies
  4. Bp619


    Thanks for tip on cryotherapy i have been wanting to go
  5. Bp619


    Only things i saw in whole post
  6. Bp619


    150 miles in desert vs 2 round trips on ranger black diamond trail(18miles total) and same soreness, crazy how different it is for me. Ice, heat, anti inflammatory meds. foam rollers on muscles is #1 even though night of riding doesnt seem to hurt, roller are amazing the difference after for next couple days. And ipa beers probably help more than anything else
  7. Im out, did a splits in a rocky waterfall section trying to push bike around on sunday didnt think much of it then but wow is it painful now must have pulled something.
  8. Cool stuff randy and yeah i get you with the big dog stuff. I got 2 male 100lb pitbulls and everyone is terrified but they are big babies and always cave into little dogs and kids.
  9. Im a maybe did big baja ride yesterday so little sore but should be good by Wednesday. What time for start
  10. Ranger is the main black diamond dirt bike only. Some of the jeep trails are fun depending on line selection can either go around alot of obstacles or right threw. Broncos peak trail 3 and 3a, sidewinder sodbuster trails 8 and 9. Trail 7 is also pretty tricky especially wet its bad.
  11. Cool stuff and yeah corral is really amazing, but yeah weekends are a disaster for heads ons i avoid at all cost, or only stick to the black diamonds never a sole on them
  12. Bummer cant make it, i actually was on basecamp looking over these track of the last one and wanted to go again