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  1. Bp619

    I need a truck.

    I just sold my ram ecodiesel worst vehicle I have ever owned had $28k in warranty work plus all the recalls done to it before I sold. New f150 are awesome I went with f250 diesel for towing reason
  2. Bp619

    McCain trail system and map

    Yeah maps are worthless there just get lost and use the windmills to get you back to truck hard to get lost there it's like a big rectangle with a road or fence on east and west
  3. So stoked excited to get a 60mile range trail bike soon
  4. Bp619

    Cabin Fever

    Wow sounds awesome
  5. For the voyager display
  6. Bummer can't make it, need to get up there again in spring
  7. I was at the Baja hard Enduro otherwise would have been there. Put in about 4 hrs couple months ago on ranger doing some light pruning work and rock moving
  8. Bp619

    Trails bike as a training tool

    It take more dedication and coriders than you would thin. On my 3rd one and have barely put any hours it. But it's a great learning tool if doing more Enduro/ hard trail riding. Lessons and easy trail seat time is almost more valuable
  9. Bp619

    Husaberg FE570-450-390

    Yeah if you couldn't get to terms on a 19 500 you will hate a 570. Maybe the 390 and 450 might be different never rode one.
  10. Bp619

    Husaberg FE570-450-390

    Sold my 2011 570 to a close friend a while ago in non op status. They are awesome and unique bikes but honestly I wouldn't get one again get a ktm 500. Parts are getting hard to get for it. Plastic subframe and fuel capacity sucks and they feel way heavier when riding than you think. But it was the best all around dual sport I've owned, would do 80+ on highway then smash the desert. Happy hunting they are rare especially for a low miles bike, and check countershaft splines when you buy I didn't and needed a new countershaft when I got it home.
  11. Bp619

    Noob trailer question

    Lowes in Santee also has trailers for sale
  12. Nice input yeah been deer hunting and riding in some remote areas in San Diego and according to my GPS maps fair game but have come across more than a couple weird gates or fence lines way off course. Fyi I think I've been to that property and meet that guy in jamul, bought trailer frame off a guy out there a decade ago that was a massive junk hoarder who's neighbors were forcing him to get rid of acres of junk
  13. Bp619

    Las Vegas ideas ?

    Sounds like a personal problem
  14. Sweet, yeah up there that fine dust over the compacted roads can get slippery, great place to ride
  15. Nice last time I took my 950se on an overnighter was that same area. **** 4 years ago I should probably sell it or ride it more

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