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  1. Bp619

    Street Tires for a 450 ???

    True but a 450 and 500 is pretty close in power
  2. Bp619

    Street Tires for a 450 ???

    Watch out with those my husaberg 570 ripped knobs off alot of them on a three day 600mile trip, no crazy speeds either
  3. Two buddies I know got turned around on main road by rangers yesterday
  4. Yup love the pirelli front on my 950se rear switched from motoz desert ht to the golden 723 when they were discontinued a couple years ago bought 4 of them for 50% off on my last one now
  5. Bp619

    Phone based gps help!

    Gaia pro
  6. Bp619

    Phone based gps help!

    Good to hear lb I got mine in and setup as well but trip to Baja last weekend got cancelled so didn't end up using, will have to practice new tracks for now walking around house
  7. Anyone see Rottweiler racing 790r got 4th in Sonora rally the other day, competing against 450class bikes
  8. Seen him out on trails before he can hold his own but zero chance he will finish hard ways on a 790
  9. Bp619

    Props to SDAR member tntmo

    Haha awesome, my 300 rips after top end, proper break in fyi soboba trail ride at my full Sprint pace for 3 hrs straight, whoops thanks for help tom
  10. AGREE, my sister lives in madrid spain and this is their current lockdown for next two weeks.
  11. Wow crazy definitely Diablo drop off now, I bet they will grade it with a tractor soon
  12. Good to know about ve33s and softie mousse have brand new ve33s in garage and was gonna out on 300, remove tubliss and go rear soft mousse might keep tubliss or go to standard mousse. Today had 450xcf setup for next week's 5 day Baja trip gear with rear golden 333 and standard mousse. Definitely not a gummy was a little slippery but is a longevity setup gotta switch mentality when riding compared to 300
  13. Nice yeah oran came back from your guys warm up lap and was all: umm I'm gonna ride with you guys (me and Blake)Those old guys are wild and fast
  14. Bp619

    In Recovery

    Wow progress but that's crazy, hope for the best