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  1. Bp619

    Lower Profile Rear Tire

    Just rode like 10hrs on kenda used to be a go-to years ago but have been on maxxis desert it and golden 333 for couple years and prefer them better
  2. Nice looks like a blast
  3. Bp619

    Lower Profile Rear Tire

    Shinko 525 120. 5"x 25.5 tall Kenda parker dt 120 5"x 26.5tall Kenda definitely looks alot bigger and maybe wider too but just looks
  4. Bp619

    Lower Profile Rear Tire

    Totally forgot I'll get it today
  5. Bp619

    Why it's best to run DOT tires

    Nice yeah I heard about the 333 gummy looks good, liked the 333 on 450 for all around
  6. Bp619

    Lower Profile Rear Tire

    I'll try and get a pic later don't currently have a shinko on that bike have a shinko 525 in 120 I believe on a buddies bike in garage I'll try and snap a pic
  7. Bp619

    Lower Profile Rear Tire

    Run it 3 times on my 300. But if it's used like the other tires were assuming for distance and tough, shinko is ok and last long for a single track gunmyish tire but I wouldn't use to replace a desert or dual sport tire. I have a second wheel setup for my desert riding with a parker dt on it. They wear great for price with dot and hooks up with softer knobs than desert it
  8. Bp619

    Decisions and looking for input

    Agree on choices go lighter adv bike and trail bike, current bike setup is 300tpi ca plated and 950 super enduro, and for sale soon is 450xcf plated.
  9. Bp619

    I know it's not a motorcycle but ......

    Nice we rode noble on last Sunday was awesome
  10. Bp619

    Local Fatties

    Dunno about the current shinko supposively better but two years ago shinko was bad chunking side knobs like the really old golden
  11. Bp619

    2020 KTM 500 exc tuning

    Or a new throttle tube on the right grip side normally ktm supplies different cams with tubes or replacement tubes. Also keep in mind ur riding a 500 on single track it makes torque
  12. Sounds good I can drop off at pops if thats easier for pickup
  13. My dad is done riding and getting rid of some like new or new stuff send pm or text 619-504-9874 Ogio hauler 9400 has handle and wheels used couple times looks great $50 sdar donation at it's yours Wolfman xl waterproof bag. Fyi it's big $30 sdar donation good condition Wolfman peak rail bag brand new $40 sdar donation