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  1. Bp619

    T700 Yamaha Adventure

    Then why did the ktm 950 and 990 adventure bikes come with two disk?
  2. Like this guy bolted to the big aluminum pan. If so I would just replaced the small steel pan with new one and be done with it. Seen it could times at old shop where we would do someone's oil change for first time and it would spin not coming out. Surprised didn't leak but don't trust it .
  3. Stripped, probably threadsonpan. Remind me but is it a steel small pan bolted to the big aluminum one?
  4. Ive never applied for it or been questioned, been twice threw tecate in 2019 alone.
  5. Sorry to hear buddy, Christoph told me like two weeks ago I tried to text but dunno if I have your new number saved. Heal up and keep in touch when ur ready
  6. Bp619

    Husky 901 Concept Adventure Bike

    Umm ktm 1090,1190 and 1290
  7. Bp619

    Sicass in ABSP

    Do park rangers believe in chicken shiot stops? They seem to be on a whole other level
  8. Bp619

    Sicass in ABSP

    Wow that's crazy almost standard on all dual sports I ride with are those style plates
  9. Ditto last trip down there 10 Miles north of lake I almost got hit twice, side by side hogging road and going way to fast in corners
  10. Bp619

    Big bike off road training.

    Nicely done also look at motoventures at their small bike classes, skill transfer from small bikes to big is huge
  11. Bp619

    950 SE

    That means you should buy mine for slightly higher miles but also $2k less
  12. Bp619

    950 SE

    Interesting bidding platform haven't seen it before
  13. https://sites.google.com/site/gpskevin/san-diego-county-adventure-motorcycle-gps-map
  14. https://www.imsproducts.com/Products/index.cfm?ManufacturerSet=KTM&maD=true&modD=true&TypeSet=Coolant Recovery Tank&SeriesSet=&sed=true&tyd=true Look at the ims one here. I put the ims one in my 17 450xcf works like a charm