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  1. shutterrev

    Ducati Desert X Review

    I'll bring beer and pizza for us to enjoy while we hand him tools.
  2. shutterrev

    Ducati Desert X Review

    I agree, each brand has their own various pro and con flavors. I remember when I was on BMW's the Ducati folks would say how expensive they are. But then I bought a Ducati and realized the ONLY reason the bike's msrp may be a dollar less than a BMW, is because some things do not comes standard on the Ducati, that is just expected standard on the bmw (ex: hand warmers, shop stand, etc). I have owned Suzuki's, KTM's, BMW's, and now Ducatis - I can't say I have a favorite brand of all, but I have favorite things about each. Suzuki = value, easy to get parts, dependable. BMW = most amazing dealer support and service I believe you will find of all brands, and the bikes are quite tough and dependable never one single issue with mine in 60k miles. Ducati = Sexy, Fast, Sexy, service can take weeks if not done diy. KTM = Zero dealer support, high performance so needs attention, must be own mechanic because there is no service center that will look at your KTM soon as they have 500 dirt bikes in line first... but g'dang this thing rocks my socks and I would buy it again. In summary, I love them all - all the brands all the bikes, they all bring their own flave to the potluck.
  3. shutterrev

    Ducati Desert X Review

    I have not seen any, also of all the brands I have owned over the years, Ducati is the most like this. So with ours (wife and I both have multipastas) I just take care of the shorter service to-do's (every 9k miles), and then the service light gets cleared when I take it in for the big ones (18k miles). I do like Moto Forza service staff, and the parts counter folks are friendly so I don't mind making the haul from lakeside at all when needed. My wife is considering selling her White 950 Multi (2018), and getting a Supersport 950S, but they have such low inventory you can't do test rides or make demo bikes. This is a conundrum because I wouldn't buy without the try. So I guess they can sell us a bike whenever they can do test rides again
  4. shutterrev

    Ducati Desert X Review

    It's the same with my 2018 Multipasta (950) I also can't reset the service warning after changing my own oil, without a dealer
  5. shutterrev

    Ducati Desert X Review

    Desert X does seem like a crackin bike.
  6. shutterrev

    Phone based offline navigation

    Been using Gaia for a few years now, it’s also nice to be able to easily send track and points to other nearby devices, easily sharing data while on the ride. Also very easy to go in and pre-download maps and imagery of whatever areas you may ride.
  7. shutterrev

    Motorcycle bumper carrier - MotoTote Sport

    Very nice hitch hailer @moto_rph
  8. Sounds like a hoot. Glad to hear it, I do love that ride and I chose the crepes at packards over anything else in Ramona for breakfast / lunch 🤙🏻🫡 I’m in a sleeper car on the Amtrak to Vancouver with my wife, just riding through Gilroy now. Have a great thanksgiving 🤠
  9. shutterrev


    i think the wood scale should be what we go with from now on lol
  10. shutterrev


    @350thumper thanks for posting what's involved in the route, that is going to be one great ride - sorry to miss it!
  11. shutterrev

    BMW Rallye3 Jacket

    All true, I really wish it fit me well
  12. shutterrev

    BMW Rallye3 Jacket

    A while ago I got this jacket from a buddy for helping him out with his bike: BMW Rallye3 EURO size 66: Really a fabulous jacket, sleeves come off, great armor and also great airflow. My issue is it’s a bit too big for me, I am US size XXL this is probably closer to 3-4XL. These things are wicked expensive, SO HERE IS THE OFFER: Show me your XXL Sized moto jackets that don’t quite fit, that you’d want to trade for this … and maybe we can make a deal if EURO 66 is your size! Or make an offer if you really want it. I don’t even own a bmw any more but if I was made of benjamin’s I would buy a full Rallye suit and ride with it, really great gear. more pics:
  13. shutterrev

    New Rider

  14. true (4k is processing check back in a few for that)

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