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  1. I could put the stock pipe back on the 690, I am pretty sure that thing gets so hot you could weld other metals together by holding them near it.
  2. Depart Ramona, make way to Pamo Rd, forest route 12S07, black canyon, Mesa grande to 76, to 79, 79 to Lost Valley / California riding and hiking trail, thomas mtn, rouse truck trail, bee canyon, and forest rte 4S05. This will pop you out on the 243 south of Banning. Reference
  3. @padu I put this leaflet together, and add things as I ride them - https://shutterrev.com/sdadvmap/
  4. Looks like a good mix of bikes, and some glorious KLR's
  5. shutterrev

    Total noob!

    Welcome, that is really exciting, there is just something about those Himalayans that really makes them a cool bike. You also are getting to learn from a really talented road rider, Saibeth is awesome.
  6. I change the tires on the 690 by hand anyway, when teaching people how to swap tires/tubes manually, it also makes a nice stable platform, using the lever is optional The rabaconda really makes it's money with the newer style ADV Bike rims, just makes a process already known... faster... The tubed rims with center spokes (ex: Did DirtStar tubed wheels) are a lot faster and easier by hand than the outer-spoked rims the newer tubeless offerings have (ex: 1250gsa rims) since the bead-wall is more involved, spokes go to edge, tire has more to get around. Anyway..... the thing paid it's self off when I had a GS in like 3 tire changes, now it's just a really nice tool to have when needed Fun Fact: Rabaconda won't work well for wheels that hub mount (like the 1200/1250 GS rear wheel) without an adapter. Funner fact: I recently mounted a Tusk D-Sport tire by hand, and sweet baby Jesus those things are made out of solid Nylon. If you really want to get the 'full experience' don't use any lube, and mount a set of those puppies to some tubeless spoke-out wheels on a hot summer afternoon. As Hawkins said, if anyone wants a class, or some help changing their tires, I am in east county - and have a stack of used tires in the back yard that I use to address Husky-Holes on my fenceline
  7. shutterrev

    Tech Day - Saturday July 23rd

    I won't be able to make it - but have a great time
  8. shutterrev

    Tech Day - Saturday July 23rd

    I might ride up there and help/hang out for that depending on my availability. The last one was nice to put names to faces. I need to check valve clearance on my 690, I do most all the other service no problem, just have never checked or adjusted valves before - would love to be shown how to do that correctly sometime - I could also potentially hold a tech-day at my place in East County (Lakeside area), sometime this summer as well… have the space, garage and tools for it.
  9. @Hawkins this one didn't get tagged for export - my bad - here you go! Ill also add to the G-Drive.
  10. Good ride and Happy 4th to all! We rode Grapevine, and Old Culp, then after having some lunch at Red Ocotillo, reversed tracks. A friend Scott, on his 690 joined us for the ride out, and Max joined us as Red Ocotillo for the reverse track.
  11. shutterrev

    New Member from Pine Valley

    Have a good ride guys 🤘maybe i'll join the next time
  12. shutterrev

    Alpinestars T6

    Ill hit you up in messages thanks!
  13. shutterrev

    Alpinestars T6

    I'm interested if they are size 12, but have hit my gear buying limit this month lol ... I can instead offer a Nikon 1 J1 Mirrorless camera with 2 lenses, 2 batteries + case, or, dji osmo 1 (gyro stabilized 4k camera) with case, charger, filter, and 3-4 batteries if you want to make a trade for camera things If not no worries worth a shot 👍
  14. shutterrev

    New Member from Pine Valley

    Welcome, and same here - rode street bikes, track days etc..... till I tried dirt and now I can't get enough I'm in Lakeside, ride a 690. Rubber side down. Nick
  15. shutterrev

    2014 KTM 350EXC - $5200

    I'll make you a sweet deal on my Built 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4-door, if interested, for partial trade...

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