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  1. That makes sense, I did see a couple plated sxs in parker when we went to dinner that looked like they could really make some brown clouds and ruckus if they wanted to any more those things are getting pretty insane.
  2. Cool, I'll ask about it if the event happens next year - as I did not plan the route, or handle the clearances for the group. I saw absolutely zero signage about any of that, but worth looking in to, all bikes were plated though (incase curious) as there was areas where you had to pavement to the next section
  3. Thanks and great question, There was a sandwiches on the side of the road stop before we went to the part where we are along the river, With Highway and paved road to reconnect back to dirt. Everywhere we were riding you could also take your plated 4 x 4 as far as I could tell 🤙🏻
  4. Haha who knows - but I do really like the format of the desert dash type event.
  5. The main route is intermediate there is hard option alternate sections that will extend the ride a few miles but not much, With any of the routing the first day is close to 200 miles and mostly off-road. If you soldier through the second day completely you would hit over 181 miles on the way back, Our fellow rider on the 20 year old stock XR650L had a few offs and a few on Trail break and repair situations So we cut the second day short but man highly recommend this ride super gorgeous endless desert riding.
  6. Our first time at the Parker Dash, my first time at an event like this, event was hosted by GPSKevin Adventures. Basically you meet a group of skinny-bike riders at a TA Travel Center parking lot in Indio CA, and send it through all kinds of desert textures chasing daylight all the way to Parker AZ, and back the next day. 10/10 recommend, can't wait to do it again. I am on my 2018' 690 Enduro R, Scott is on his timeless Husaberg 570, and Perry is on his 1723 Honda XR650L that I believe he is selling as we speak... for a ktm 500. There is Hard section options as well, we will go for some of those next year - this year we stuck to the intermediate main route to feel things out and just had a great time Here is a Youtube Video showing some of the various textures of the desert we rode through, with some... commentary: https://youtu.be/wZWkSW2WaZM And here is a link to the GPS Kevin Adventures site: https://www.gpskevinadventurerides.com/
  7. shutterrev

    Craiglist or?

    About a year ago I sold my main daily driver ADV bike with just under 40,000 miles on it... Craigslist = Got nothing serious other than BS and lowballs for weeks. FaceBook = No buyers, just comments like nice bike, or why are you selling... for weeks. This Forum = Same, just nice bike comments, good luck etc. ADVRider Forum = Had to list 3 times because of their fine print listing requirements, but ultimately was a waste of time, just nice bike and why are you selling comments. CycleTrader = Listed, serious buyer drove 3.5 hours south to see the bike within a week of contact, bike sold that day for asking price. So for a very low fee, Cycle Trader seems to sift out a lot of BS and waiting and puts your bike in front of serious buyers, not peanut galleries, and bike sells. **Edited to add:** Though right now depending on what your selling, inventories are so low, and prices are so high, you might get fast action on any of the options who knows. I know a friend who is waiting for a short list of bikes to be available, and has been waiting a while... Just cant find anywhere right now for non ridiculous prices. Just my .00000002 cents.
  8. shutterrev


    Yeah I've done the same with friend's Spot trackers in the past for Baja, and Ultra4 events (4x4 stuff) - but the team owned those - It's high time I bought my own and for this purpose the InReach Mini by Garmin seems to be the one. I will have it on me for the upcoming Parker Dash
  9. shutterrev


    Great question, I am also curious or if just cell service was avail so called. I will also say though, literally five minutes after reading this post I thought about this, and ordered a Garmin InReach Mini... It's on the way.
  10. shutterrev


    Sorry to hear about your injuries, but glad your still with us 💪
  11. Also saw this hard charger on the 79, sweet bike!
  12. Perry (on the XR) and I had breakfast at Kountry Kitchen in Ramona, and rode around and had a bit of a locked gate tour, so we made a command decision to push out to Lost Valley, and ran that to the DQ in Anza. Great day for a ride 👍
  13. shutterrev

    Ducati DesertX !!!

    I would be interested in that comparison review the 1090 is by all accounts I’ve heard is a pretty excellent ride
  14. shutterrev

    Ducati DesertX !!!

    Introductory MSRP is set to be just below 17k USD, and after they move those units to the gotta have it now crowd will settle down a bit more