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  1. @Zubb may have just rode his GSA all through there
  2. These are still available, just they are back in the owner's garage, if interested let me know and I'll put you in touch with Kyle 🤙
  3. Is this the ADVRIDER event? Cool stuff seen Toms pics, seems they were there too, looks like you all found some interesting sights
  4. I trailered the KLX out to the desert, and met Perry there (he trucked his 500 out), the weather was 'interesting' as it both snowed and rained on us, but it would intermittently be sunny so was somehow just fine
  5. shutterrev

    Plastic Battery Box - Free

  6. I'm Just north of Lakeside off the 67, so Ramona is only 15-20 min away Usually meet for rides in Ramona
  7. Saturday I can probably scrub footage and pull a couple frames with you guys, we saw a lot of packs of ADV's in the desert, Sunday we didn't have all day, so wanted to go have some fun on the Black Mtn Stuff, and Oroscoe, etc but all the gates are shut. Also checked the ranger page and saw High Point, Lost Valley, etc were shut so we just continued on Black Canyon, Mesa Grande, 76 - could smell the fireplace and food getting started at Hideout so we put a pin in that idea for after, ran up Nate which turned out to be a lot of fun right now, down East Grade, back to Hideout for the fire and bbq Yep My 690, Kyle's 701 Glad the shoulder is working out, sucks being injured.
  8. @BigJon01 we also did a bit of a locked gate tour but on Sunday, may have crossed paths with you guys on saturday when I was on the streety bikes with @J5ive though Saturday nice street ride all over with Johnny (I got to ride that Harley for a while, I can see why it's a thing, nice bike!). Sunday Kyle and I made the most of things after finding locked gates, honoring them, and moving elsewhere (Nate Harrison, which is open) , on the big thumpers:
  9. They came off a 2021 Husky 701 Enduro which has 'safety yellow' as part of it's colorway, I agree though, they do look fantastic
  10. Buddy is selling his street wheel set for his 701 Enduro (Which means they also fit KTM 690, GasGas 700, and whatever else they fit). Warp 9 Elite, very nice set of wheels already wrapped in rubber. Kush drive, brakes are same size as enduro (not the specific SM) models. $600 Total . (will also post rear price sheet as that is just for front)
  11. Friend of mine bought two wrong sized rear tires while on deployment. Dunlop TrailMax Mission 150/70/18" (x2). Helping him sell, $300 for both. Never mounted. Pickup in Lakeside. Manufacture Date 11/2023
  12. Wow one of them is over where I live, that would be convenient 🤙🏻
  13. Really cool bike, at a really cool price, good luck with the sale ✌️
  14. shutterrev

    Tech Day Escondido (January 27th 2024)

    I'll miss this one, wife and I will be out on the bikes by then - have a good one 👍

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