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  1. @MitchpulscherADV was hit while making a left turn by an uninsured cager a few months back, and is healing back home. I have his 690 here in CA, and he is ready to sell it since he can't be here to bring it back to life. Ill just put one photo below, and details... And you can find all the other photos AT THIS LINK. Any specific photo or video walk around requests no problem. It's a 2012 KTM 690 Enduro, with 9k miles on it. CLEAN TITLE, NOT SALVAGE TITLE. Mitch is looking to get $3000 for everything. It has the upgraded shift star Additional under seat +1.1 gallon gas tank Brand new Rekluse Torque Drive Clutch pack Newish tires SS mount T-Rex Racing crash bars SM Front fender, and new plastics (some now damaged) Tusk handguards in separate parts bag with OEM parts. FMF Exhaust Just had valves done Aftermarket pegs and other odds and ends. There is also a rear tail cargo rack in the parts bag. Seat concepts seat, but it was damaged underneath Frame, forks, triple clamp, etc seem to be fine. The throttle and clutch cables, along with a lot of the electronics are a bit torn up near the beak, if you make it a rally build and get a rally tower kit that may be a good way to fix a lot of that up front. Anyway, if interested let me know and we can set up a time for you to come see it, bring a mechanic friend, whatever you gotta do! Just trying to help Mitch get this thing sold so he can get another bike where he is now I think the bike falls in to the category of not as bad as it may look, but there is quite a few smaller things to address. Thanks!
  2. shutterrev

    JB Kwik weld vs Steel Stick

    Agree, the steel stick in my bag had been in there since at least 2021, and probably was a carry-over from my F800gsa kit. Worked fine! Capped the rest back off in the tube for the next one.
  3. shutterrev

    JB Kwik weld vs Steel Stick

    @Zubb - I just used the SteelStick on @Hawkins magnesium cover on his AT DCT. The hole was small, but plenty to be spitting oil if upright, I was initially worried about adhering to the magneseum cover because it's shiny, but all three of us gave it a tap about 5 minutes after applying and it was very solid. That was only like the 1st 3rd of the day's riding, and it didn't lose a drop after that. I have also used traditional jbweld from the two tubes, but usually on 4 wheelers. The one stick is easier to carry, i just wrap both ends with E tape to keep it secure. Edited to add: In my experience with the steel sticks, you just need to make sure you do a good job mashing it together to get a good mix, then it will set in that 5 min and be super solid (don't lick your fingers afterwards).
  4. Hawkins sends that big AT over whatever we are headed toward, much respect - it's a big bike and has the scars to show it's being used as intended!
  5. Oh and another funny thing that happened, my first time for this one... Jessi and I recently got the newer Mesh Sena units. So there we were on open mesh chan 1 yakking as we rode to the chairs, @Hawkins was saying something along the lines that I know where some of the trails are, and a random voice pops in and says "I'm not so sure about that" hahaha - as two ADV bikes went by in the other direction. A very quick and clean roast! love it lol.
  6. @Hawkins (AT DCT), Kyle #2 (F800GSA) and I set off to do a ride last weekend. We met at dunkin in Ramona, at 8:30 and set off to do Lost Valley, High Point Truck Trail, and Palomar divide. Nice ride down old Julian, and the usual twists out to just before the Warner Springs Glider Port where Lost Valley Begins. We had a nice ride through there, it's gorgeous, and about half way through there was a group of punk-kid rocks waiting to trip one of us up, Jesse got unlucky and they picked him this time. He had an off, and one of those punk rocks had ninja skills and skipped the skid plate, skipped his bars, and French kissed his side cover, so he was spitting oil pretty bad. Jesse got the AT a couple miles down the road to a nice flat spot, and we got it on it'[s side so we could take a look. Plans for how to handle this were already forming over the Bluetooth, I was pretty sure I had JBWeld, but wanted to wait and make sure before announcing such magical things. I did have JBWeld, Kyle #2 had a Dime, and Jesse cleaned the area really well. Boom, Africa twin back on the road, and it held so he could continue the day as planned! We completed Lost Valley and had some great tacos in Anza. On High Point Truck Trail, Jesse popped out his Skydeo drone. I have never had a follower drone before, that thing is amazing, make sure to activate 4K mode the drone is pretty incredible. We made it to the part where High Point gets to the 3-way, and started heading toward the lookout tower, but my clutch lever was fading really badly. By now I could go flat to the bar and it wouldn't engage, so I recommended we point the nose cones down hill and start heading back. We got to the chairs and my lever was feeling better, at least enough to pull it and have it performing it's duties, but by the time I got home it was not working at all, I was able to be in the right revs and kick the bike up and down a few gears so that wasn't too bad. I checked it out and fluid was almost all gone from clutch res, so I'll be inspecting the M/S cylinders and going through that this weekend... Right now though added fluid and lever is back to normal. Adventures were had, challenges were met and dealt with in stride, all expected from these rides Also got to ride with Kyle (On the right, below, who's screen name I do not know yet) really talented off road rider on the GSA on road tires! Thanks @Hawkins and Kyle for a great ride! - Nick
  7. shutterrev

    Favorite Piston?

    I believe Isiah Thomas, historically, is still considered the best piston in the franchise history 🤪
  8. shutterrev

    SDAR First Aid Training

    Free Breakfast Pizza is always welcome - Especially when it's BBQ Chicken Pizza!
  9. @tntmo friend of mine has one of them hussybergs and it's a super sweet ride. Feels like it has 690 power, but packed in to a bike the same size and weight as a 500.
  10. shutterrev

    SDAR First Aid Training May 31st

    +1 With WintyFresh sentiments above, very good training, and great job - Thanks for setting this up @KTMrad. I also think that's a new record for vehicles parked at the top of my driveway, nice job with the vehicular Tetris everyone Here is a happy snap from the back row, couple more folks watching from outside. I think @moto_rph said he counted 21 folks present!
  11. shutterrev

    SDAR First Aid Training

    Just to give folks a visual as you approach, it's the darker driveway on the right (of the two) chain-link fence around yard: It is an "ADV driveway", once you start up it you are committed, so please come up and turn to the right at the top and pull all the way through where there is a big flat paved area plenty of space, to leave it clear for the others. Edited to add: I have a Garage TV on the wall if the instructor wants to show any videos, it has YouTube, etc. There is a Garage Mini Fridge with Coors light, and a few other fine beverages and space for some of your own. I will have farmers market tables, and a couple tv-dinner tables set up. Please continue to pull to the right at the top of the driveway so folks behind you won't be blocked.
  12. shutterrev

    New member from Menifee.

  13. shutterrev

    Horsepower vs Torque - Explained Using Lego

    Der glorreiche 690 hat genug Leistung, dass versehentliche Wheelies sehr häufig vorkommen
  14. shutterrev

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    Funny story about siphoning gas from a bike. Wade and I were at the XLADV High sierra event (my wife was with us on her old F650GS, along with our mutual friends Erin and Edward), we had ridden in to Benton hot springs for lunch. He was on the Big GSA. A car pulls in and a very lost soul emerged. Dressed in fringe leather, beads, some sort of leather hip strap system with fringe bag, just a whole look. He came in to the diner which was all of us dirty from riding, and a intoxicated local laughing at everything in the corner. He was out of gas. Well not a great place to be out of gas, the pumps outside are decorative LOL. So there we were. Standing around that guys car, learning he was on his way home from Burning Man, hence the attire, and he was nervous but grateful as wade siphoned from his GSA to that car and sent the young man on his way. I would love to hear the same story from the guy in the car's point of view haha.
  15. shutterrev

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    Also those mosko blue rubber straps, whatever they call them, the rubber ones... two of them on a bottle and its not going anywhere.

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