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  1. Twas a good time @Zubb but the SDAR Mountain Dash, Night ride, and various other SDAR things I've been to have also been a good time for sure - looking forward to the next ride.
  2. Here is a shot from @Hawkins Skydeo drone. Black mtn wasn't on the ADV rally map or book, but we had a big group, several not-local folks, and it was a big hit. 10 bikes to the top, and back down, varying bikes and experience levels, great group! Bikes: 901 Norden, Honda AT DCT AS, R1200GSA, 500exc, crf300l, 690er, 390 adv, xr650l, 690 rally, 701e. Rest of pics are here.
  3. Would love to participate in the next one 🤙
  4. Pics from our 2023 AVD Rally We tossed one photo up for points at Alamo in Salton, because it lined up that day with the bikes (but that was our total, 3 points), big group, too big to try to fuss points no worries. Good attitudes among riders and folks readily volunteering to help sweep made our second day's riding about the kind of day you want to keep in a bottle, so thanks for being excellent group supports and offering to chase @moto_rph and @Hawkins. @J5ive I wanted to give a shoutout, you did great on the XR650L, and that sand at the Grapevine entrance from banner was no joke! We had folks from Oregon (trailered), and Eric on the Honda CRF 300 L with the Giant loop bags rode that thing to the rally from north of Stockton CA, and wasn't really complaining about - how about that seat concepts advertisement? Anyhoo, good times, always look forward to this event, rides with friends during the day, stories and libations around a campfire at night, sounds good to me. - Nick
  5. If anyone needs to use it ill have a rabaconda, and bike lift/stand, static balancer over at FOB Farkle, I do have an adapter for those that hub mount rears like the bavarian beasts.
  6. @padu you and any of your other highly trained friends could probably give the current champion team a run for their money for sure 💪
  7. Yep, will be the 5th year going. I really really like this event. It blows the Get ON ADV fest out of the water, no comparison. Hopefully the addition of using this new app for the points doesn't harsh the vibes for the pro racers but I'm sure it will be great anyway. Our first year it was me and two other friends i worked with, we had a blast, and collected a few people from the camps around us. A couple of those original collected new friends still show up when they can make it and stay in touch. Over the last 4 years folks have moved, etc, but always end up having a good time with whatever motly crew is present. This year have friends from back home in Oregon bringing their orange bikes down, and friends from here, we should have about 9 folks of various bikes and experience levels, well figure it out and have a good time gents! I've been silent on the motos front for a while, not a lot of riding for me in 2023, gosh the summer was hot and had a lot of random adultings to do - back now, and hoping for a ride packed winter - Nick
  8. shutterrev

    Did the wrecked KTM 690 sell??

    Indeed it did sell to a member of this forum! Thanks! Nick
  9. Last time was a Hoot https://youtube.com/watch?v=nnZr8QMPQ-w&feature=sharec
  10. shutterrev

    Any guitar players in here?

    I looove guitar music, wish I knew how to play, I bought one of those starter n00b Fender Esquire kits with the tiny amp a couple years ago but my stubby wide fingertips and how close those strings were was a losing battle for me, while practicing all the chords. Maybe I'll try an acoustic one day, but the baby Fender went to a new home thanks to offerup and I have gone back to just enjoying listening to real guitar players do their thing Enjoy the new amp.
  11. Fantastic bike, I put 20k on my first F800GS, before getting a F800GSA and putting 40k on that one - low maintenance, extreme dependability and a really great bike on or off road for what it is. And you are right, the first gear on the F800GS is tractor mode! Thanks for sharing 🤙
  12. 500/501 seems like such a great bike.
  13. Very cool, great pics and thanks for sharing 🤙🏻🫡
  14. shutterrev

    JB Kwik weld vs Steel Stick

    Agree, the steel stick in my bag had been in there since at least 2021, and probably was a carry-over from my F800gsa kit. Worked fine! Capped the rest back off in the tube for the next one.

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