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  1. dstss

    Any KTM 890 owners?

    Thanks tubebender, just what I was looking for. Never ridden anything bigger than the 450. Looking forward to a new style of riding.
  2. dstss

    Any KTM 890 owners?

    We did a Giant Loop ride in Oregon a couple of years ago. Had to truck the 450s up there. Next time we want to be able to ride the whole way. Socal bcdr has been on our plans for a couple of years. Hopefully get that done this coming year. Lots of long distance riding to come. Pretty sure we will go with the ktm. Now just need to find the best deals. Not a lot of them available at the moment.
  3. dstss

    Any KTM 890 owners?

    My son and I have been talking about getting true adventure bikes for the last few years. Currently both on 450s. Was settled on the Triumph 800 but the newest edition is an 850 that seems to be more heavily oriented to the street side of adventure riding. Now looking at the KTM 890 R. Any owners out there that care to comment on the bike? I'm not expecting to ride it the way I do the 450 but do want to be able to handle more than just the occasional truck trail on it. Also any recommendations on dealers? Willing to go anywhere from Phoenix to San Diego\Riveside or Vegas.
  4. dstss

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    I just sent my $50. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this site and still check it regularly. Sweeping Desert Dash with my son and friends was my can't miss event for several years. I very much hope you can restore this club to its earlier glory. Won't be easy, but what was once built can be built again. Good luck.
  5. dstss

    Plans for New Club Event & Other SDAR Stuff

    Sounds like fun. I'm willing to help if I can.
  6. dstss

    The latest.....

    Thanks for taking on this responsibility. Thanks also to Mike and Randy for all they have done over the years. Looking forward to many more years to come for this group. Donation sent.
  7. Looking forward to seeing updates from your trip. My son and I planned to do this loop last year but covid got in the way. Hoping maybe in the fall or next spring. Safe travels.
  8. dstss

    Looking for a used 500 exc f - questions

    Looking forward to seeing how you like it. I'm planning to buy a bigger, newer bike sometime soon. Right now thinking a tiger 800 for longer adventure rides. But torn about losing dirt capability. Wondering if the 500 would satisfy my need to be able to do longer rides and still do the rougher dirt stuff. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was seriously thinking about going out for a solo ride. It was posts like this one that convinced me to stay home. Riding with the fear of getting hurt front and center in your mind only seems to make it more likely something bad is going to happen. It's scary enough going to work everyday and interacting with customers, and worrying about bringing something home to my wife. Going to the hospital is bad enough in normal times, but it would really suck now. And tougher on your family knowing you would have to be there alone. I'm staying home when not at work until this is over. Thanks for the skiing article. It really drives the message home.
  10. Sounds like another great Dash. Sorry to have missed it after 8 straight years but personal and physical issues got in the way. Hopefully we will be back in the mix next year. Thanks to those posting pics and videos and sharing the experience.
  11. I'm off all next week. Wouldn't mind meeting up for a desert ride anytime next week.
  12. dstss

    Garmin Inreach SE+ going on sale again

    Fyi, this sale started today. Thanks PbdBlue for the original headsup. Been wanting one and this is absolutely the best price i have found. Order placed.
  13. dstss

    New Tiger 800 rider in San Diego

    Hopeing to get a bigger bike one of these days for longer adventure rides. The Tiger is first on my list. Really like the way that bike looks.
  14. Awesome write up and adventure. Going to have to add Utah to my list of rides to do in the next couple of years.