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  1. Marketplace - 2014 Yamaha FZ | Facebook Hi all, selling my Yamaha FZ 09, $6000, posted on facebook.
  2. papaalex

    Craiglist or?

    Hi all, Is Craigslist still the best place to list your motorcycle for sale? Other free options?
  3. papaalex

    Selling as PNO

    Thanks Tom! So as I understand it is not any different as selling not PNO. Just sign the title off. Is bill of sell needed?
  4. papaalex

    Selling as PNO

    Hey Tom! What are DMV calculations? Can PNO turn away potential buyers? Is asking prize effected?
  5. papaalex

    Selling as PNO

    Hi all, please help me to understand the logistics of selling motorcycle as PNO. Is it harder to sell as PNO?
  6. papaalex

    Need Stucco Professional

    My stucco contractor is VERY GOOD Larry Opodaka Plastering 760-522-0736 Tell him you got his number from Craig, at Hammon Construction on Garfield St. in Carlsbad. Thanks Craig, I'll give him a call
  7. papaalex

    Need Stucco Professional

    Hi all, Can you guys recommend some one to do a stucco job at my house. Thanks Alex.
  8. papaalex

    Mnt Biking Cowles after work?

    I'll go with you and I have light, 6-7 PM will work for me. Warm up ride this weekend?
  9. papaalex

    Urals on Pinyon

    Hi all, Here are some videos...looks ugly...but we will be back to improve. Papa.
  10. papaalex

    Urals on Pinyon

    Yes, we went all the way to split mountain
  11. It was a Ural Desert Dash preride organized by SD BMW last Saturday. Papaalex - Ural Patrol 2007. Advard (from SD BMW) - Gear Up 2011. We made it through and are pleased with the results. We'll do better next time. Here are some action pictures of going over the rock step right after the squeeze. More pictures and vidios to come.
  12. Papa is in. Will they let us park on Banners store parking lot? We parked there few years ago, it was 3 bikes only. See you there.
  13. papaalex

    SDBMW Now a Ural Dealer

    I'll will Thanks Randy

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