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  1. Can’t get the virus if you’re sucking dust.
  2. First time riding there. Holy mother of God this place is awesome!! Pine Valley/Corral Canyon used to be my favorite place to ride, but this place is now on top. Good mix of flowwy single track, rock climbing, etc. Anyone know of a way to drop down into Carrizo Creek wash from up there? Looks like it’s possible. Asking for a friend...
  3. noexcuse4you

    1/17/20 - Friday. Desert anyone?

    Ah sorry meant tomorrow, Friday. Changed the title.
  4. Sorry for the last minute post. Anyone hitting the desert tomorrow? I'm thinking the usual loop out of Borrego Springs or maybe something different.
  5. The desert dried up pretty quickly. No power washing required after New Year’s Eve ride.
  6. noexcuse4you

    Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    Ah. I’ll have to do some experimenting. I did a static test using it to transmit from my baofeng and receiving on my yaesu. Haven’t tried at speed yet. If it turns out to be too noisy, I’ll buy the mic a la cart from rugged radios and solder it on. It’s only $30 https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=211
  7. noexcuse4you

    Latest Comms Update But wait... there's more!

    I picked one of these up to use with my Baofeng. https://ebay.us/kaOq5n Doesn't sound that bad from the QSO's I've made. I haven't figured out a way to mount the PTT in a way that I feel comfortable during a get-off. I'm thinking of just putting it to my backpack strap since my hydration pack mouthpiece is there anyway. I've convinced other riders in my group to snag their ham radio license and join in on the fun! K6KDC aka Kyle aka Kilé
  8. Desert is perfect right now. Could be a little drier, but the washes aren't terribly muddy. Just ride in the tracks that have already been ridden and don't gas it too hard. Plan on spending an hour or two power washing your bike afterwards.
  9. I'll be riding New Year's eve if anyone wants to join. Route will be similar to the one I did yesterday. Conditions are perfect! Meet at the mall at 10am.
  10. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Normally I would, but he was going the opposite direction and relatively close to the trailhead. If I see riders stopped or lugging along, I’d stop for a chat.
  11. I'm thinking about going this year. Anyone else?
  12. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Haha yep! That's me!
  13. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Gold, John Bull, Holcomb Creek. Were you on a 2 smoke? Passed someone coming down John Bull on what looked like a KTM 300.
  14. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Usually get a little studio cabin at Lakewood Cabins.

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