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  1. I'm thinking about going this year. Anyone else?
  2. Headed up to big bear tonight and riding in the morning. Anyone want to join?
  3. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Normally I would, but he was going the opposite direction and relatively close to the trailhead. If I see riders stopped or lugging along, I’d stop for a chat.
  4. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Haha yep! That's me!
  5. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Gold, John Bull, Holcomb Creek. Were you on a 2 smoke? Passed someone coming down John Bull on what looked like a KTM 300.
  6. noexcuse4you

    Big Bear Tomorrow 9/6

    Usually get a little studio cabin at Lakewood Cabins.
  7. Good ride on Sunday, Ken! Sorry for distracting you from the paint job. I felt really bad afterward. I’m still available on Friday and want to help out. I’ll carry the paint this time. I plan on being in the cul de sac around 730.
  8. Cleared some bushes today. Am I doing it right?
  9. I was out there today and it looks like there was a little bit of maintenance done on the 1. Someone went in there with hedge trimmers and cleared the first little section of it.
  10. Anyone up for a Big Bear ride? I'll be there Friday and getting an early start. Hardish routes. I'll be on a KTM 500.
  11. noexcuse4you

    Bear Valley

    Yeah it’s pretty boring now. I wish they’d make a single track trail from the cul de sac to the start of kernan.
  12. Any word on when this will be rescheduled? I’d like to help out. Many of the smaller singletrack trails in Corral Canyon are so overgrown right now that they’re nearly unridable.
  13. Headed up to Big Bear on Thursday to explore. Looking for single track, but might end up just being fire roads. Anyone want to join?
  14. noexcuse4you

    5/30 - Big Bear Thursday

    Have any gps tracks? kyle@kyledickerson.com
  15. I’m in, unless my red sticker buddy magically produces a new chain and sprocket, then I’ll be headed to Superstition.
  16. noexcuse4you

    4-27-19 Pine Valley

    I'm in. -Kyle
  17. noexcuse4you

    4/5/19 - Pine Valley Cul-de-sac

    Do you have a time machine? Lol. I’ll give a bit more notice next time. I ride there frequently.
  18. Last minute. Riding Pine Valley tomorrow. 3-4 hour loop. Meet at the cul-de-sac at 8am. Gray Tacoma, KTM 500. Say Hi. -Kyle
  19. Update. My knee is feeling a bit better and I got my suspension back from George at Suspension 101. Hopefully I'll be ready to rip in a week or two. -Kyle
  20. Here's a bit of footage from the ride.
  21. Like I said in the other thread, it was nice meeting you all! I had a blast! My knee is fine. Nothing on the X-ray. Just got a sweet brace and some pain meds. Injury is just an excuse to service my suspension. -Kyle
  22. Nice meeting you all! I had a blast! I'm gonna rest my knee and get back out there. This isn't the last you've seen of me. -Kyle
  23. Ok. Looks like my type of ride. Count me in.