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  1. SANRider

    Selling Numerous Items

    Maybe try contacting him through his craigslist ad https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/mpo/d/jamul-wolfman-tail-bag/7330393768.html
  2. Gotta love the left foot kick start!
  3. SANRider

    Bike is ready to Ride......But🥺

    At least pre-COVID, AAA would do it. The exception was if you bought the vehicle out of state from a dealer , then you had to go to the DMV.
  4. SANRider

    Bike is ready to Ride......But🥺

    Are you a AAA member? They can do it there and they're generally a little more accommodating.
  5. That was a fun ride! Something new and challenging (for me at least). 😂
  6. Sounds good. I'm planning on making it.
  7. What's the recommended skill level for this ride?
  8. SANRider


    This one? It sold. https://dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26392-sold/&tab=comments#comment-254878
  9. SANRider

    Sycamore Valley

    I think he was right about here https://www.google.com/maps/@32.6421514,-116.80006,322m/data=!3m1!1e3
  10. SANRider

    Sycamore Valley

    I know that exact spot. I've had my share of trouble there as well. Prior to the rains those ruts were there, but filed with fine silty dirt. Would have been a perfect time for the Dirt Napper. https://www.keithproducts.us/product/dirt-napper-adventure-bike-spill-recovery-jack
  11. Great ride, food and company! Thanks everyone! It was around 250 miles for me.
  12. Where is everyone coming from? Maybe meet up at the gas station in Santa Ysabel or the Hideout instead?
  13. I enjoyed it as well. Great day of riding!
  14. We could meet in Descanso if we want to go via Boulder Creek or in Vey's parking lot if we are going to slab it to Ramona. What do you say @Jlburgess ?