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  1. I'm a maybe/hopefully for this one. What time are you thinking for KSU out of Pine Valley?
  2. I enjoyed the ride as well. Thanks for putting it together John!
  3. You in for this one, Jim? I'll be on my 690. The Post on Lyons Valley at 10:00?
  4. I may be in for this one. It'll be a morning decision. Mike
  5. I should be able to make this one. I assume a 690 is big bike enough for this ride?
  6. I have no recent deep sand experience, but used to ride my XR350 in the sand back in the 80's (With no claim of expertise back then either). So a little rusty, to say the least.
  7. I’m thinking about joining in on this if my schedule permits. I’m a n00b on a KTM 690 and haven’t made it out to Anza Borrego yet. Looks like a fun ride, but the “Heart Attack Hill” and “The Squeeze” parts have me a little intimidated.
  8. I gonna try to make it. I'll be on a KTM 690.
  9. SANRider

    Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    I'm probably going to try a MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR DESERT H/T rear on my KTM 690 when my MT21 wears out in another ride or two. The reviews (and price) at Rocky Mountain ATV looked pretty good to me.
  10. SANRider

    Palomar Divide 9-2

    All I'm getting is the audio. Which is good, because I'm sure my approach sounded better than it looked.
  11. SANRider

    Tools, tubes and water

    Best to have your tools and parts in a tank, saddle, or tail bag, but keep your phone, ID, wallet, some water and first aid items on your person in case you happen to crash and your bike gets launched off the side of some exposed trail.
  12. Sunday. We've moved over to a new thread.
  13. My vote is for 8:00am at the Hideout
  14. If Sunday, I can probably make it. Maybe for those coming from the south, cut through Ramona to Orosco and Black Mountain TT's, then Mesa Grande Road to the 76?
  15. Hey all, I got through the registration process and am now a member. That was a great ride and I really enjoyed meeting and riding with you all. Looking forward to doing it again. Mike (Noob on the 690)