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  1. If you're looking for a new pair of dual-sport boots and happen to wear a size 8.5, here's a killer deal https://www.ironpony.com/ipd/pi.asp/ImageName/426-17942.jpg/Brand/TCX/c2/Boots-and-Footwear/c3/Offroad-Boots/c1/ATV-Products/KitKey2/BAJA-GTX-BOOT They also have other stuff on close-out
  2. Probably not , I'm having trouble finding knobbies for it.
  3. SANRider

    Hard Enduro

    Did the oil pump itself fail or the much maligned plastic drive gears?
  4. SANRider

    Spring Cleaning

    Hey Dan, I'll take the tire.
  5. SANRider

    New member Point loma

    Welcome! It seems you have both ends of the dual sport world covered with those two bikes.
  6. The Lusardi, Orosco, Santa Ysabel and Black Mountain gates were closed. Black Canyon Road and Southerland Dam Road were still open. Strangly the hiking and mountain bike trails near Orosco were still open. On a side note, I rode by the Hideout, it looks like it had just finally reopened prior to the COVID-19 shutdown.
  7. As of this afternoon, Otay Mountain Truck Trail gate was still open at Pio Pico. I passed a Sheriff parked about a mile up and he just waved. Does anyone know if the gates are closed up in the Ramona area? (Lusardi, Orosco, Santa Ysabel ,etc.)
  8. SANRider

    COVID - Picture Contest

  9. I Rode by The Pine Valley cul de sac this afternoon. The gate was open and lots of trucks parked there. IDK if it'll change tomorrow.
  10. I'm probable. Either on my 690 or new (to me) Beta 500. Mike
  11. SANRider

    Wolfman Beta Plus On Sale

    They have quite a few of their bags on sale, close-outs I think. I just picked up an Enduro Tool bag and a Blackhawk tank bag. Free shipping over $134.99 https://wolfmanluggage.com/
  12. SANRider

    noob noob

    Hmmm, maybe. I'll have to see how tonight goes. The Ameri-Mex gas station?
  13. SANRider

    Blu inn - Sun 15th

    I'm in. What's the fuel range requirement? I'm at about 150 on my 690.
  14. I'm a maybe/hopefully for this one. What time are you thinking for KSU out of Pine Valley?