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  1. I've got the Dirt Napper self lift. I've used it twice, once on my 1290 and once on a friend's bike. Although I don't know if they're still made, the link to their website is dead. I can still lift my 1290, but if I'm injured or the bike is at a bad angle a lift device is nice to have. Just make sure it's in your top bag, not inaccessible in a side bag.
  2. SANRider

    Rotopax vs Armadillo

    I've got a couple 1L and a 2L FuelFriend fuel containers. They are very solid and the 1L size has the strap mounting option. http://690enduror.blogspot.com/2014/06/carrying-extra-fuel-on-ktm-690-enduro-r.html
  3. SANRider

    Check out Black mountain right now

    Not so black today. All the gates closed up there I assume?
  4. SANRider

    Valve Stem Puller - Useful or Fluff ?

    If needed, I just use a length of safety wire attached to an extra valve core and fish it through that way
  5. SANRider

    Breakfast at Majors & ADV ride

    I should be in for this, but may meet up at Majors or along the way. You're going via Honey Springs to Lyons Valley etc?
  6. We're in spot 58 with @Goofy Footer , right next to @PaulyPickles
  7. SANRider

    ADV Tire Review

  8. Great info and map. I'm thinking if I'm trucking in I'll bring both the Beta and 1290.
  9. I registered and think I'm in site 58 with you guys. That's assuming my new handle is the SANDMAN 🤷‍♂️
  10. Did you all request camping spots together or is it just random assignment?
  11. Are you riding the 690 out there or trucking/trailering?
  12. So who's going to the Noob's Rally? Are you riding or driving up? Once there, is it better to have a 1290ish bike, a 690ish bike or a 500ish bike?
  13. SANRider


    Sounds good, meet at the coffee shop formerly known as Packard's at 9:00
  14. SANRider


    I may be in for this. Meet in Ramona? Dave, you riding the 701?

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