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  1. Uncle Champ

    Fly and ride

    Well we rode around one of the local lakes today, she only dropped it once at an intersection, grrrrrr. As to the route I came north on it was up out of LA to Bishop, then NE on 6, lots of 6000 foot peaks, stark and far between gas stops, to Boise North on the 95. I thought I would avoid frying and boredom going thru Vegas and Salt Lake. Accomplished that allright.
  2. Uncle Champ

    Fly and ride

    Only if you duct tape one on And I tryed thrift stores none were open, I should have bought insulated Carharts somewhere. Live and learn, well sometimes that doesn't work for me. Anyway, wife loves it , dressing warm and going riding today.
  3. Uncle Champ

    Fly and ride

    Well I made it here Thursday afternoon. I wore the right gear for the first day, except the Klim helmet is way noisy. Made it to Bishop, for the first night. It was hot with horrendous cross winds all day. Second day my vented riding gear was a poor choice, I was freezing all day and by dark it started raining, found a hotel by 9 and was so cold I couldn't shift or think. The hotel staff filled out my registration slip for me and ordered me food to go and helped me to my room. I couldn't dial a phone and stuttered so bad I had to show them my I.D. because they couldn't understand me. The next morning I bought duct tape and taped my extra clothes to me as layers and taped a broken bike windshield I found to the front of the bike, I had it stuffed in under my coat the night before and had 5 shirts on. Third day started at 34 degrees, cold all day till I got to Lewiston about one, and started to warm up a little. Made it here by 5:30, I'm still stiff and chilly. Lessons learned: Err on the side of warmth, always have a windshield, wear a quieter helmet, check the bike out closer and take tools in case you can't fit your foot under the shifter, ask for help before you can't. I saw some beautiful country, met some really nice people, I will revisit some of the places I went by again, awesome adventure, just wish I could get warm. Wierdrider would you post the pic I sent you please. Cheers, from a chilly Uncle Champ.
  4. Uncle Champ

    2000 Ducati Monster750

    Pelaton? How many gears do's it have and what oil do's it take?
  5. Uncle Champ

    Fly and ride

    Thanks, heck it's only a 1000 miles
  6. Uncle Champ

    Fly and ride

    I'm flying to Orange County, sorry for the confusion.
  7. Well, Here goes stupidity at its finest. A while ago the wife saw a CB500x a lady was riding when we were at Lolo Hot Springs Montana , and that led to "lets look for one of those". Long story short I posted up here , Wierdrider found one in Orange County. I called, a deal was struck, a buddy of mine went and looked but did not ride it. In the morning I am leaving with a disposable suitcase, full of riding gear, to Orange County hitching or ubering , getting on this bike, and going north. Its only 1400 miles or so. It will be an adventure, and it's all Wierdriders Fault Uncle C.
  8. Uncle Champ

    04 450EXC (for sale), seeking CB500X

    Putting FB market today, text you pics?
  9. Uncle Champ

    04 450EXC (for sale), seeking CB500X

    OK, I'll hit him up. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I would like to sell my spare Idaho bike, it's clean I just don't ride it, new tires just tuned, steering stabilizer, clean, plated. Don't know how much to ask. Also the wife threw a leg over a CB500x when were offroading in Montana last weekend, it was all setup for off roading. Anybody know anything about these bikes? Oh yeah I want to sell my 1950 Willys, V6, custom steering, runs and drive, body a bit rough.
  11. Uncle Champ

    Let’s eat, … but where?

    Where you gunna be young man? I can see Montana and I think Canada from here.
  12. My X used to do that no start then fine, whew! went back to a juice battery no more issues. Hmmm.
  13. Uncle Champ

    Cabo or Pound Sand...April 1-2-? 2021

    I'll be darned, Walker, haven't seen you since the root got you. Have a blast, and the wife is letting you back on a bike? About time. Cheers and welcome back.
  14. Uncle Champ

    BMW F650 GS (Blue)

    Hello, The wife thinks she wants to quit riding two up and we have been researching good low bikes capable of offroading and on. Through research it seems BMW made a 650 GS that was actually a detuned 800 from 09 to 13. Anybody have one for sale, any experience with them, any comments? Thank You. Uncle C.
  15. Uncle Champ

    seat upholstery in San Diego

    Go see Mike at El Cajon Auto Trim, he can fix you up.