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  1. Uncle Champ

    Aluminum Burnishing

    Quick question, I am redoing my old pontoon boat, new seats , carpet, etc. An old boy stopped by the little warehouse I rented and said you need a burnishing wheel, so I called my Snap-on guy, he didn't know where to get em, went to the parts store, no info. Anybody have the hot tip on buffing up old aluminum pontoons, not super shiny just less rough. Thank You, Uncle C.
  2. Uncle Champ

    Decisions and looking for input

    450L for sale yet? Congrats on the new bike, awful purdy though.
  3. Uncle Champ

    Keep an eye out pls

    "so far, hmmm..."
  4. Uncle Champ

    Covid, my experience,

    I wasn't certain but I was not scared to contract it. In turns out it is quite infectious, the entire household and the neighbors got it to various degrees.
  5. Uncle Champ

    Covid, my experience,

    Thanks for your support, quick update . One thing they don't tell you is your teeth hurt as if you have a bunch of cavities or bad gum infections. 3 out of us 5 that just had it were in pain like that. Mine settled in my upper rear right molar, like a wisdom tooth coming in. It still aches. All good just weird. Cheers, I'm going back to physical outdoor labor today ( unless it snows to hard, dang Idaho) Unc C.
  6. Uncle Champ

    Covid, my experience,

    Yep, as did the wife, daughter and brother-in-law (he happens to be a neighbor)
  7. Uncle Champ

    Covid, my experience,

    Hey friends, I just thought I would share my experience to allay some fears that some of you may have. While I am a fatalist about whether I would get Covid and stated often that I was either going to get it or get a vaccine eventually. Well Sunday before last it was my turn, High fever while freezing for about 16 hours, couldn't warm up and no energy for 2 days after that, appetite was ok, no nausea, lots of muscle aches. Very similar to a flu/hangover/malaria. Lots of fun. Anyway 9 days in and I'm just about back to 90% good. By the way I'm 63 and have a history of asthma. I must admit I was spooked at first, now I'm glad I was careful but not crazy worried for months. A funny note, I tried a microbrew yesterday and it tasted like pickle juice, yum. While this post isn't really ride related I thought I could give back a little to this community by allaying some fears of fellow members, this is in no way meant to minimize anyone elses experience or make light of the illness. Just carry on, you most probably won't die from it and most likely can't avoid it, so ride on and be careful. Your friend, Uncle C.
  8. Uncle Champ

    Nice trailside repair by TacoMoto

    Nice tools, I want to ride with that guy. My bike would still be there.
  9. Wow, speaka de english good.
  10. Uncle Champ

    Sunday Funday

    VERY nice helmet, I love mine ( bought it from Oracle ), where did you get yours, the wife wants one now. Also just for fun my stepmom was a lookout for years at Boucher, in the late 70's.
  11. Uncle Champ

    Predator 8750 Watt generator - Sold!

    I have 2 do I need a 3rd? Nooooo
  12. Uncle Champ

    1999 Husqvarna TE610 (DS)

    My TE510 still has the stock plate mounted vertically, supposedly illegal. My argument it is stock and legal since 06, take me to court, let's go.
  13. Uncle Champ

    Any welder/fabricators here?

    Hey Huntin, If nobody volunteers go see Ryan at Kirks radiator just south of the airport. Good welder, good guy and always willing to help.
  14. Uncle Champ

    16' Box Trailer, w shower,toilet , etc

    Still for sale, 2005, Carson. Obviously a price reduction is in order here. Offers before I figure out Face Book for sale or CL? Thanks,
  15. Uncle Champ

    Safety thought

    Hello, Just a thought, with the solo rider debate lately, I wonder how many of you carry Medical Info, medications, maybe even ID. I write my info on the back of my helmet down by the neck. Name, blood type, allergies, medical coverage company. (It's less scary coming back to consciousness when people know your name.) Just a thought, Happy Memorial Day, thank you to those who make it possible to say so. Unc C.