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Uncle Champ

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  1. Uncle Champ

    16' Box Trailer, w shower,toilet , etc

    Still for sale, 2005, Carson. Obviously a price reduction is in order here. Offers before I figure out Face Book for sale or CL? Thanks,
  2. Uncle Champ

    Safety thought

    Hello, Just a thought, with the solo rider debate lately, I wonder how many of you carry Medical Info, medications, maybe even ID. I write my info on the back of my helmet down by the neck. Name, blood type, allergies, medical coverage company. (It's less scary coming back to consciousness when people know your name.) Just a thought, Happy Memorial Day, thank you to those who make it possible to say so. Unc C.
  3. Uncle Champ

    16' Box Trailer, w shower,toilet , etc

    Thank you sir.
  4. Uncle Champ

    Looking for a used 500 exc f - questions

    I'll watch this with interest, my 06 carburated Husky wont run forever.
  5. Uncle Champ

    1989 Honda XR250 -Bone Stock

    It ain't usually the bike, hey TNTMO I brought down the helmet that matches that concours and I might have a little work for you. Interested?
  6. Uncle Champ

    Saturday's street ride 05/09/20

    Dirt Dame , they let a girl ride a bike like that? Holy cow, did you skip bicycles and all that sissy crap and just jump on a bike? Sweet.
  7. Uncle Champ

    16' Box Trailer, w shower,toilet , etc

    Sorry guys , laptop froze just as I was leaving Idaho. Back in Cali now. I can text pics or bring it in to the big city, whatevers good for you. PM me your #
  8. Hello, I have for sale a 16 foot box trailer set up sneaky inside with a shower, toilet, ( no tanks- well roll around tanks), hot water heater (on demand), propane and battery, 30 gallon water tank, fold down bed (real queen size bed) or take out mattress and use couch. There is a metal table/cabinet mounted in the front for a camp stove, no sink, cabinets down both sides up high with speakers. Tiedowns throughout on walls and floor, almost new tires, good roof vent, no windows. Drop down rear ramp door and a walk door, oh yeah and a cool catalytic heater that is bolted to the floor and uses the onboard propane tank (keeps the trailer warm no matter what). Pulls great. $4346.00 or best. White, double axle, good shape.
  9. Uncle Champ

    KKug Happy Birthday

    Hey young man I hope to take one of your stickers for a ride today. Happy Birthday.
  10. Uncle Champ

    How to Wire a Motorcycle

    Wow, all that info in one place. I remember when I was changing my 450x to street legal I found an older Honda that was on a front bumper rack of a pickup in a wrecking yard. The bike was the first vehicle to the wreck. Anyway I painstakingly took the bike apart labeling the wires and making a hardcopy of what wires went where. It turned out that actually it is all pretty simple when all laid out on paper. There were things like LED lights don't blink right with regular flashers etc. But even things like horn wiring is fairly strange the first time around. Don't be afraid, if I can do it so can you. Cheers,
  11. Uncle Champ

    Ducati King size bedding NIB

    Doesn't Mimi have one of them fancy bikes?
  12. Speaking of respirators, I have a compressor but don't know what to set the regulator at. Hmmmmmm
  13. Uncle Champ

    Oh the pain!

    Razor please. Call George/Suspenders, Have him massage the bike while your pinky heals. Good lord that looks like it hurts.
  14. Uncle Champ

    Boston Whaler for sale

    sold, not sold?