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  1. Uncle Champ


    Greetings from the great white north. As most of you know I'm splitting my time between the north and south casas. We bought a Kawasaki Concours up here last spring to check out the surrounding country. Great bike ,big motor, lots of storage room, windshield etc. It's a 94 , 27000 miles and in very nice shape. The problem is it's a little to tight in the legroom for me and I'm to stupid to resist dirt roads and this bike doesn't like dirt roads. So I brought the 990 up here and its sitting because of ice and snow (aforementioned white stuff). We spent $300 bucks on the concours to get the carbs demucked and all the fluids changed etc rode it for a couple weekend jaunts and now its back in the barn and the carbs are gunked up again, Yes I put in super with no additives gas and gas treatment and it still acts like it got gunk again. We paid 2800 0r 2500 plus the repairs, I'm thinking of bringing this bike to the warm south around the first of the month and either fixing it to sell or selling as is for 2000 or 1800 or..., any interest? Its a cranberryish color has all the luggage, runs and drives great ( when carbs are cleaned), its just to tight for me and is not an offroader. Any interest let me know, by the way anybody need anything brought down from the Post Falls/Spokane area? By the way slipping on concrete steps in the ice will hurt you worse than Heart Attack hill ever thought of. Ask me how I know.
  2. Uncle Champ

    tire changing

    Just ride with someone like Bike slut, he will get tired of watching you and take over and be done in just a minute or two.
  3. Ok , going to Idaho soon and when I get back I'll have my retirement truck and can go riding. First part of February Thanks for the invite..
  4. Uncle Champ

    In Recovery

    Remember it builds character.
  5. Uncle Champ


    They wouldn't let me touch the vette, there were some sweet rides though. OK it's Monday, off in to retirement land ,full steam ahead.
  6. Uncle Champ


    1 and done, 1st day of retirement. Coffees done sun has been up a while, now what? Think I'll go to the auto show today.
  7. Uncle Champ

    04 KTM low brake pedal

    Thanks, turns out I have power to one side of the switch and when I power up the other wire the light gets real bright. So what I thought was brake light on was tailight and no brake light at all from front or rear brake, I'll order a new switch , of coarse I'll try brick and mortar stores locally first. It just gets me when they say we will happily order it and you can come back in a couple of days.
  8. Uncle Champ

    noob noob

    Somebody just went by a bit ago on a dual sport headed south, have fun in Mex.
  9. Uncle Champ

    04 KTM low brake pedal

    OK so I took the advice ,ordered parts, checked with their tech dept all good for part numbers matching. Tackled the job and the parts weren't the same, no worries they are real similar, on the 4th attempt I took the rubber bits off the new Master Cylinder rebuild plunger and rerebuilt the old plunger. Works great ...except now the brake light is on all the time. I adjusted the rod that goes to the foot brake lever a couple of times and even took it out and brake light still on, hummm. released the pressure by loosening the brake switch and then rebled the system. I have play at the brake lever, removed the rod, so pressure isn't coming from there, unscrewed brake switch to release pressure ( which had no residual pressure) only when I pushed brake lever down. Maybe I broke the switch somehow? maybe it is in the closed position somehow? I did not remove the switch from the bike, maybe I broke a wire, they look good. Where does it plug in , maybe replace the switch? Happy New Year.
  10. Soon, thats my last day of WORK though.
  11. Uncle Champ


    Somebody beat you to it, it's amazing what people take without permission.
  12. Uncle Champ


    2 counting today, taking down pictures etc.
  13. Uncle Champ


    Yep had an exit interview at 2, then out. Thanks friends.
  14. Uncle Champ


  15. Uncle Champ


    Nice! 2 more days with all my drivers and office staff, 2 mop up days over Christmas break ( I can say Christmas now ). 4!!!