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  1. Uncle Champ

    Ride on 08/13...

    The answer they gave me is "the borderpatrol/homeland is in charge of that gate", kitchen creek too. Remember kitchen creek, oh its been closed 7 years now it's no longer a road. Used to be a great place to camp, ride, drive thru the mountains, play in the snow, etc.
  2. Let me see, 1949 -2019+dirt bike riding+6 kids+the 60's-a couple of years on that good diet+liquor+oh yeah that time in mexico, equals only 60?
  3. Uncle Champ


    I want an FJ, if I get one will I be cool? Welcome there's a couple V-Strom guys on here ,you should feel at home.
  4. Uncle Champ

    Folks who have/know about rzr's (or side by side)

    I'm looking a Honda Talon's , way wide.
  5. Uncle Champ

    Tire question-Not what you think!!

    Ray Lube
  6. Good lord, I don't think you are supposed to throw your toys in to the dirt like that. Nice how they left the dozer there. I would have been whupped, big bike, kudos, I didn't hear any crying.
  7. Uncle Champ

    Exiting dirt riding.

    Bummer dude, you still need a helmet for a cage, don't be to hasty. Maybe we should have a leaving riding party at your house
  8. Uncle Champ

    Garage estate sale July 6th

    went OK sold the compressor for $20.00and lots of stuff, turns out antique glass stuff is hard to sell, my sister is going to try the EBAY route, 3 days work , made about $100 a day, but I can see the floor in the shed and barn! Sweet!
  9. Uncle Champ

    Just getting started

    Dang wouldn't you know it, I was just checking out news on ADV Rider and Honda has announced a recall on a bunch of bikes. It appears yours is affected. Welcome.
  10. Uncle Champ

    No Toil Filter Treatment

    Buy the no toil cleaner , it's magic.
  11. Uncle Champ

    Just got a 2007 KTM450exc

    My recent experience entailed horrible chinky chinky noises , changing to clanky grind grind, morphing to grind squeal clunk clunk bang screech. Time to rebuild. Easy and not much diagnosis needed. Walk, whine, recover. Write big check, repeat as needed.
  12. Uncle Champ

    What size tank?

    I've often thought about the weight issue, I'll pay x amount of money for some lighter thingamajig for the bike, and then not look in the mirror. Isn't fat light?
  13. Uncle Champ

    What size tank?

    Wasn't it bikesluts tagline, it may seem like a small amount of gas to you but it represents a long walk to me, or something like that.
  14. Uncle Champ

    Whose Fault Is It?

    Man oh man , been there, in Mexico I missed a motorhome by sliding right going up a slight bank and missed the barb wire. Didn't know I could do it until it was over. Whew. To bad that guy couldn't brake with front and go left or right, or at least get his leg up and away from the bumper. You lead I'll catch up
  15. Uncle Champ

    Garage estate sale July 6th

    what stuff? come buy it cheap cheep