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  1. Speaking of respirators, I have a compressor but don't know what to set the regulator at. Hmmmmmm
  2. Uncle Champ

    Oh the pain!

    Razor please. Call George/Suspenders, Have him massage the bike while your pinky heals. Good lord that looks like it hurts.
  3. Uncle Champ

    Oh the pain!

    It's definitely the bikes fault, it looks like you punished it a little. Good for you. The knee will be fine ,the finger -a paper towel and some duct tape. good thing your'e young.
  4. Uncle Champ

    Splitting 2 piece wheel

    Have you tried long exposure to gas? I know silicone doesn't last long in carburetor repairs.
  5. Nice save in the video, and maniacal laughter. Glad it went well guys.
  6. Uncle Champ

    Where is The Man of Dust?

  7. Uncle Champ

    Tuscon long shot

    Thanks guys, 1950 CJ3a drivers seat, I checked CL now I'll check Greyhound.
  8. Uncle Champ

    Tuscon long shot

    I found a seat for my old willys jeep in Tuscon on CL. The guy only wants $50., I tried to get it shipped, ? $300. plus. well that's out so , anybody coming thru Tuscon, to the San Diego area? Just thought I would try.
  9. Uncle Champ

    Would you like to know how dumb I am?

    I leave my radio at home, no problems at all that way. Uhhh
  10. Uncle Champ

    New Patriotic SDAR Logo

  11. Uncle Champ

    tire changing

    Just ride with someone like Bike slut, he will get tired of watching you and take over and be done in just a minute or two.
  12. Ok , going to Idaho soon and when I get back I'll have my retirement truck and can go riding. First part of February Thanks for the invite..
  13. Uncle Champ

    In Recovery

    Remember it builds character.
  14. Uncle Champ


    They wouldn't let me touch the vette, there were some sweet rides though. OK it's Monday, off in to retirement land ,full steam ahead.