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  1. Uncle Champ

    2019 Ca, Or, Nv

    I like the bottle and the hint of disarray. Sweet.
  2. Uncle Champ

    New SDAR Member from Ramona, CA

    Golden fattie front tire, sand what sand? Well almost. Welcome.
  3. Take a good pad and windbreaker clothes, my socks were not high enough and I was on the rotisserie of pain all night. Beautiful views, cold wind, good road in, well worth the trip.
  4. You can't go to the desert, it's summer. Our group also has shrunk, not this weekend but we do Ocotillo, keep in touch.
  5. Come to the Pine Valley car show when you're done I'll buy you a beverage. That go's for any of ya'll.
  6. I use Kirks Radiator, Ryan is quite good at that stuff. He gets lots of practice. They are by Gillespie field, 619-562 8383
  7. Uncle Champ

    Thinking maybe...

    So lets say your commute was 100 miles a day, almost all freeway, downhill in, uphill out. Lets say you didn't want to burn up your fancy bike with its fancy tires just going up and down the hill. Lets also say you don't want to spend much and don't want to lose bunches of money when the novelty wears off and want to resell the commuter bike. Also lets say you don't have much ego or tattoos and wear a helmet so aren't to easily embarrassed or brand conscious. What would you buy? Uncle C.
  8. Uncle Champ

    Wife's First Bike

    Hmmmm, old heavy but cool, can she touch the ground on both sides at once? Looks like fun. Congrats, Welcome Maxi Overdrive,
  9. Uncle Champ

    KTM 1090 Seat

    I have a Corbin on the 990, don't do it.
  10. Uncle Champ

    Wife's First Bike

    Put a golden fatty front on before she goes in soft stuff, night and day confidence builder, in fact I have a pretty good one that I would consider parting with.
  11. Try Ford truck enthusiasts. com, also I have an electrical meter and wouldn't mind stopping by after work one day.
  12. Whatever happened here?
  13. Uncle Champ

    New ride. My first big bike.

    Mosko Moto is having a meetup this afternoon in north park, you might want to check it out.
  14. Uncle Champ

    Wife's First Bike

    We did the 225 thing, heavy , not great suspension, electric start, wife couldn't pick it up, / then a 230 , better, electric start, suspension goodish, wife couldn't pick it up, / then a KTM 250 pumped up, electric start, fun, pretty, wife can't pick it up. Hmmm. Maybe older would have been a good thing ( bike not wife). If you want try riding a 230 come on by, warn me first I'll get running ( I hope), KTM blew up so it will be a down a while.