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  1. Uncle Champ

    Had my first flat tire today.

    Well dressed homeless people, looks like a riding gear explosion happened too. Flats are a PIA, good job getting going again.
  2. Uncle Champ

    Western States Historical Locations and Stuffs

    Hmmmmm, years ago we used to go up there in firetrucks, then a few years ago the indian tribe said no go, then I heard you could pay and go, street legal only. Could be a fun trial.
  3. Uncle Champ

    Somewhere beachy

    Ok kids, I have been tasked with finding a beachy resort to go to in Feb , march or so, a pool would be nice, a beach would be great, good food and drink is a must. A resort full of tourist kids screaming in the pool is not cool. Mexico is good , further OK, don't want to look at old naked people ( I see one every day) briefly. Sportfishing would be cool. Scuba/snorkel also cool. Have passport, will fly etc. Any good tips? PM OK
  4. I'll bet that trailer is happy, good job. Safe travels, if you need anything let me know.
  5. Uncle Champ

    Tire air thread !

    OK I'm hijacking this thread, I could use the CO2 in my kegerator that I don't know how to set up. Its a used reefer unit with all new hoses etc. Any professional beer drinkers here that can clue me in how to set it up?
  6. Thru hell and highwater with a pistol in their hand. I liked the water crossing instruction, keep throttle at full and use the clutch to control speed. Boy what a dream it would be to find one of those bikes.
  7. Me too. Places I could go as a kid that were public land are all closed, and being forgotten. More taxes and fees just pay for more people to tell us no.
  8. Uncle Champ

    That Tunnel

    I walked all the way thru Saturday, there was a ceiling collapse on the Mex side, would be rough to ride over but could be done.
  9. Uncle Champ

    KTM Waterproof Tool Bag

    Try Mosko, they are making lots of new straps, and field tested.
  10. Uncle Champ

    Tire air thread !

    Sorry, I think this was mostly tongue in cheek, sure lets go riding, stop by first and let me check your tire pressures, I have some extra tire filler stuff.
  11. Good Lord, Wheres that ; but did you die chart? You didn't tell your wife this story did you?
  12. Uncle Champ

    That Tunnel

    Oppps your picture finally loaded, I'm suprised the BP didn't hassle you for going in there.
  13. Uncle Champ

    That Tunnel

    Thats the trestle at Dogpatch, there used to be a fun bar and other distractions right there along the highway, anyway I used to ride over the trestle and on to Tecate for tacos etc. So Dogpatch tunnel, there is a white line on the wall about half way thru denoting the border.
  14. Uncle Champ

    Your Buddies Are Your Salvation

    For sale: CLEAN KTM ! Full disclosure dropped once, slight damage, fluids just changed.