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  1. Uncle Champ

    Anza Borrego 1/15/22

    Is that my old xray? Do what they say, hopefully no surgery. When I did it I thought my shifter was broken, Duh. Heal quick.
  2. Uncle Champ

    Fallen riders post

    Good guys both. Sad.
  3. Cool pics, glad you get out so much.
  4. Ive carried a small piece of chamois for the outside, and crack the visor
  5. 22 bullets work as fuses in old VWs, just for reference.
  6. Uncle Champ

    Broken Ribs -Repair -Not me

    Comedy films, joke books, sneezing! Oh sneezing is really good therapy. Poor guy, he must have been out of practice riding... or his bike was jealous of the other bike. Best wishes, quick healing.
  7. Uncle Champ

    Deleted Post Today & Brand Bashing

    Uh oh , smartass not appreciated, dang, I won't know how to comment anymore. Is there a filter device like spellcheck for dummies like me?
  8. 1 as in January? Last I checked thats WINTER, we could start a collection to fly you out there. At least have heated grips, oh and don't wear vented clothes. Ask me how I know.
  9. Uncle Champ

    Cabin Fever

    I will be down the last weekend in February and just happen to have 2.1 fenced acres in campo, its not Ocotillo Wells but is a good jumping off point. If I can get the wifes KTM clutch bled (again), we could ride from there. Maybe we could plan plan something, I can't bring a spare Honda because we are flying in.
  10. Uncle Champ

    Cabin Fever

    Hey Goofy, I spend a lot of time in Post Falls Idaho, Wildwood moved here too. He is 7 minutes away by trail 20 minutes by road. Didn't you move too? Endless logging road riding around here.
  11. Uncle Champ

    Electric: Maybe they've finally figured it out

    No gas, nearly no noise, well as much noise as my kids Barbie jeep ( long ago). Buuuut I don't know, I remember my points screwing up so I'll probably never figure all that mapping stuff out.
  12. Hey ladies and gentlemen,, Hello from the great white north. We had a little snow and it was chilly for a couple of days, so what better time to ride. Suffice it to say that 22 degrees is to chilly to carry any speed for long. I got some pics though, imagine a frozen pond, also an ancient wizened apple tree full of frozen apples. I must admit a twinge of jealousy reading your warm riding reports, get out there, even for a short ride, you never know , you might have fun. In my case I was hoping to see deer, elk etc. Cheers and Merry Christmas. Uncle Champ
  13. Good job, my kid at 26 still says "Dad do you remember that time in the desert when..., believe it was all worth it. Thanks for the smile.
  14. Brrrrrrrr, I'm still thawing from my last "warm" ride. Have fun.