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  1. Uncle Champ


    Not wells, just Ocotillo. Think Lazy Lizard after riding , yummm cold beer.
  2. Uncle Champ


    12, anybody going to Ocotillo weekend after this? We will have a small group out there.
  3. Uncle Champ

    Motorcycle hauling truck for sale

    Oppps that should have been in the for sale area.
  4. Feel free to delete and slap me if need be. 2002 Dodge Ram 2500, 4x4, 6 speed manual, Diesel, xtra cab (little back doors), almost new tires, new $2500 clutch, new $800. AC Compressor, new starter, custom rear bumper with 15,000 lb. hitch, body very straight, paint OK, upholstery all good, 200,000 miles, everything works, all maintenance kept up, oil changes at 3000 or close etc., always. I've had it since 2003 but I bought my retirement truck so this one has to go. CL says $16,000. seems high to me but... offers?
  5. Uncle Champ


  6. Uncle Champ


    13 and a half
  7. Uncle Champ


    You can't live at the river, it's to hot/desolate/windy/lonely or something.
  8. Uncle Champ


    15, feeling kinda sick , cough, cough
  9. Uncle Champ

    Early planing phase

    I'll be retired, what to do what to do
  10. Uncle Champ

    So Happy

    I love the 230 platform, Had Suspension done "as much as possible", put a Golden Fattie on the front, she'll float.
  11. Uncle Champ


    16 , Just turned in the letter to my bosses. Anybody need a job as a Transportation Director for a school district?
  12. Uncle Champ


    17, Happy Thanks giving
  13. Uncle Champ


    18, I have heard every day is Saturday.
  14. Uncle Champ


    That's 19 work days till retirement. Of coarse I still don't have an orange bike, unless I ride the wife's bike. Are there midweek rides? Can I please go to Borrego? Nah I don't want to wear out my old Husky. Just warning you I might have some free time after Jan. 2nd, scary but exciting at the same time. signed: almost on an FI, (fixed income)
  15. Uncle Champ

    Fabrizio Meoni gets a tribute statue

    That's cool, if that was here someone would be offended, think of the lizards and weeds and pollution and whatever else that was impacted by his motorcycles. Oh the horror. Cool name too.