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  1. Apple

    Corral Canyon Trail Maintenance / Ride day

    I plan on being there Saturday. I camped there once a long time ago and it was a good location, but gonna pass on the Friday camping.
  2. I plan on leaving early Friday. This will be my first time with the group so it will be nice to meet some new folks. Since I never camped at the Cove before and don't know how popular it is, should I can take a look to see if a spot with a cabana is available and grab it? f that's something everyone thinks is a good idea I can try it.
  3. Apple

    New Member from Pine Valley

    Absolutely. Riding solo for the last year or so and it's getting old. Enough of that!
  4. Apple

    New Member from Pine Valley

    Would love to go but since it's anniversary weekend for me I gotta pass. I always wanted to do that run.
  5. If anyone is going to McCain Valley this Saturday I'll be there in the AM. Not too early but by 10AM. I'm riding a KTM and the truck is a white Chevy stepside pickup with a couple of job boxes on it. Looking to do an easy ride and learn my way around McCain. The weather is looking good, 80 for the high on Saturday. Hope it isn't too crowded out there due to the mountain bike race at Coral Canyon possibly chasing riders away but that's not a deal killer for me.
  6. Apple

    New Member from East County

    Thanks everyone. It'll be great to get out and not ride solo so I'll keep my eyes open on the forums. I will probably post a ride up to McCain Valley in the next few weeks or? I just discovered it few month's ago and love it. Just got to work on getting back into shape and riding's the only way I can think of to do it!
  7. Hello all. I'm new to the site but been riding for many years. Took a long break and started getting back into it a few years ago. Got a plated KTM 500 so looking forward to meeting new folks and doing some good rides. Still working now but will retire before the end of the year. I see a few familiar names here so it'll be good to reconnect. Jack

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