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    Riding, been gone awhile but back surgery has made me whole again.

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  1. I would like to do a ride to quartzite to do a little shopping anytime from this wed on if anyone’s interested, go and return same day or I have lodging available if we change out minds to stay, hit me up if your interested, iron metal shop, military surplus, and tool shop are my stops but open to? Figure roll out of borrego 8-10 am and leave quartzite by 5-6pm.
  2. alyeska

    Just getting back on bike

    This time when I leave the pub in St. John’s I’ll remember to remove my front disc lock!
  3. alyeska

    Just getting back on bike

    Yeah getting another klr ready for new foundland again this summer.
  4. alyeska

    Just getting back on bike

    Still in same place and always willing to help fellow sdar members with emergency storage or welding or tools or? Free of course!
  5. After nearly 2 years and 9 surgeries I’m back on bikes but street and mellow trails, but it’s good to be back. If anyone has any klr parts laying around hit me up. Tom
  6. I am so sorry. I have suffered terrible loss and I know the feeling.
  7. I’ll have a 120/90/18 for sale cheap if I get em
  8. I’ll take em, avail mon.?
  9. Stop by I’m getting rid of all of my riding gear and parts since I can no longer ride off road, cheap or free to members. Pm me for address. Sat nov 30 8am-? Sun 8 am to noon.
  10. alyeska

    Exiting dirt riding.

    Going to spend some time in Montana, who knows may take up fly fishing!
  11. alyeska

    Exiting dirt riding.

    I will probably always keep a large adventure bike but the blazing across the desert days are over for me, it was a long run but when I realized even the jarring of flying a sailplane was too much, that crashing dirt bikes in the desert was a bad thing, riding motorcycles will be something I always do even with a handicap placard but I will do it in a way it doesn’t hurt me.
  12. alyeska

    Exiting dirt riding.

    After 2 orthopedic surgeries since Jan and a total of 13 in all it is time to exit the off-road part of my riding and stick to fire roads and cross country. I have enjoyed the 50+ years of dirt biking but it’s time to quit. When it cools down in October I will have a garage sale selling all my tools, parts, helmets and gear and I will post it up on craigslist and the local paper here, have thousands of dollars in gear, parts and more. I have enjoyed riding with a lot of the guys on here even though most of my desert riding was done alone or with one other rider (brother) it has been fun, thanks for the good times.
  13. Bike cannot be repaired new unit will arrive next week, I guess Kawasaki is going to take it apart into little pieces and figure it out! I will be selling the new one with less than 5 miles on it on cL
  14. Bikes been in shop so far it has gotten a new computer, and throttle bodies have been worked on but no resolution yet, bike was operating at 50% power, keep updating as she goes.