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  1. alyeska

    WTB 235/75-15 tire just one

    Got one thanks
  2. alyeska

    2022 klr

    When I get tired of the super ten I’ll give you first crack at it!
  3. alyeska

    2022 klr

    I’m sorry I just got back from selling in Bozeman. Took $5800 but it was winter in Bozeman!
  4. 1st or second week in dec ride to Nashville, lodging covered in Nashville and bentonville Arkansas hotel rest of way maybe 2 nights hotel each way. Fun as hell and will ride at your pace when needed, I’ve done this 6x in snow and never had a problem.
  5. alyeska

    WTB 235/75-15 tire just one

    Any tread pattern it’s only a spare
  6. Anybody got one of these laying around in very good shape tread can be 1/2 or less but sidewalks got to be good, pay up to $40 for the right tire. Just thought I’d throw it out there plus it would give me a reason to ride into town. Thanks.
  7. alyeska

    New venom wheel stands & chock

    I’ll give you a bunch of gear also I’m not using for free. Off road stuff
  8. alyeska

    New venom wheel stands & chock

    Contacted ja ja sorry was away, $20 for the man!
  9. alyeska

    2022 klr

    Bone stock 900 miles, bringing down from montana in truck if I don’t sell it there by dec 1st, first service done, didn’t meet my expectations, member price $6500 otd I’ll have my daughter send me pics and I’ll get them up in a few days, clean clear title no lie holder, montana title.
  10. alyeska

    New venom wheel stands & chock

    $25 for all of it need gone, no I won’t not hold for 2 weeks, I learned my lesson on here with that, first come.
  11. alyeska

    New venom wheel stands & chock

    Can’t get pic loaded, wheel chock is heavy duty harbor freight one and includes front and rear wheel stands black and yellow anodized with black spools.
  12. New with spools selling all 3 together $40 won’t split em up. Pickup in borrego or members can meet me anywhere along my route to Otay Mesa tomorrow or sat in San Marcos
  13. alyeska

    Looking for scooter

    I have a lot of friends that commute to Ucsd up to 15 miles on those damn amazon electric scoots
  14. alyeska

    Looking for scooter

    Marine? Hell if I had one I’d give it to him. Semper fi brother.